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DKNY Sweet Delicious Tart Key Lime Eau de Parfum

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Brand: DKNY / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    2 Reviews
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      12.04.2015 15:51
      Very helpful



      Luscious Lime!

      I bought this in August last year when it came up on allbeauty.com for just £29.95 (RRP £36.00) for 50ml.

      The bottle is much like all of the other bottles in the DKNY Delicious range. It is rounded, but not spherical. The bottle sits quite low.
      The bottom of the bottle is made from frosted glass, but the top of the bottle is made from pastel green coloured plastic.

      The scent of this fragrance is amazing. As the name suggests this has a strong scent of lime. It is really intense and sharp, but in a good way. There is a sweetness behind it, but it is quite subtle so I don’t think anyone would find it too sweet.
      I love the intensity of this fragrance and it sticks around on my skin for about 8 hours before fading away, which is something I am impressed with.

      The top notes are listed as orange, bergamot and mandarin.
      The heart notes are neroli, ginger and basil.
      The base note is violet leaf.

      It must be the bergamot that gives this fragrance its zesty lime scent.
      I was surprised to read that ginger and basil are listed as notes in this fragrance and I can’t smell them in this at all. To be totally honest, I can’t smell anything in it, but the lovely, bold lime scent. There is a hint of sweetness, but even when the fragrance dies down and fades away it seems to keep the exact same lime scent as it has when it is first sprayed.
      It is fair to say it is a pretty one dimensional fragrance, but I think it has been well created. It doesn’t smell particularly cheap like some fragrances that are supposed to only smell of one thing do.
      I have to say out of all of the Be Delicious fragrances I've tried this is my favourite. I have never tried a fragrance similar to it and it is so summery and uplifting.
      I think the fragrance would appeal to women of all ages. I wouldn’t say it is a particularly young scent. I would recommend this fragrance and would definitely buy it again.


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      10.11.2012 11:36
      Very helpful



      A really nice fruity fresh perfume by DKNY

      I recently went on the hunt for a new perfume. I am quite fussy when it comes to perfumes and it's gotten the point where I just stick to what I already know I like meaning I've constantly got the same couple of fragrances and I just fancied a change. The Debenhams in my local shopping centre has an absolutely massive perfume section and there seems to be a tester in there for near enough every perfume on the market so I got my nose ready and headed off to do some good sniffing!

      I lost count the number of different perfumes I smelt in store and I did actually find a fair few I liked which I shall keep in mind for future reference but this DKNY Sweet Delicious Tart Key Lime really stood out for me and this is the bottle I left the shop with.

      The perfume, launched earlier this year, is part of the limited edition DKNY Sweet Delicious perfume range and is only available in a 50ml bottle. I have noticed that the Sweet Delicious range in general isn't as widely available as other DKNY perfumes, I've never found this in a Boots store and only found it one Superdrug store but the likes of The Perfume Shop, The Fragrance Shop, Debenhams and House of Frazier usually stock it and it's been £36 for 50ml everywhere I've saw it. Even Ebay doesn't seem to offer any cheaper prices!

      The perfume comes in a squashed circler bottle which is easy to hold in the palm of my hand and a convenient size for putting in my bag if I require top ups during the day. The bottom half of the bottle is see through and allows me to see how much of the lime green coloured perfume I have left which is handy whilst the top is a pale matte green colour which contains a little sticker with the name of the perfume on it. At the front of this top bit of the bottle is a little spray nozzle and on the top is rounded triangular button which is pressed to release the perfume. Each squirt releases a decent burst of perfume and I only feel the need to spray this once onto each body part. All in all I do quite like the bottle. It's pretty plain and simple but, as the saying goes, less is more! It certainly doesn't look cheap or tacky and it functions perfectly fine whilst being a convenient size and shape.

      The scent of this is gorgeous although very sweet so won't be for everybody. When first applied you get a really fruity and zesty burst of fragrance with easily detectable notes of lime and orange. It's a very crisp and fresh scent and, although really sweet, not over powering. The perfume is really strong so you do only need to apply a little bit at one time otherwise you may smell a little headache inducing! This does of course make the bottle last longer though.

      I can't find any official notes anywhere but most websites say this contains scents of orange zest, bergamot, mandarin and neroli which I do think are all detectable making this a very fruity scent. I don't find the scent changes much with this perfume over time either. The initial sweetness does 'calm down' after an hour or so bust still leaves a fresh and fragrant zesty orange scent on the skin which remains for the duration of the perfumes life. Whilst lime is very detectable at first, overall the orange and mandarin scents are the dominant ones and I do think the name of the perfume should reflect this.

      Staying power is pretty good although not as good as I imagined it would be going off the strength of the perfume when I first sprayed it. I do find this lasts a good six hours before it becomes barely noticeable which I do think is adequate but on the first spray this does smell like one of those perfumes which will still be going strong ten hours later which did leave me a little disappointed at first.

      All in all, if you like fruity and sweet fragrances then I would highly recommend this one to you. I think it's a reasonable price for a decent 50ml bottle of perfume and I absolutely love the scent. I do think it's more orange than lime but I think it's great regardless and I can happily wear this scent just to go shopping or to work or on a night out, it's great for any occasion really. Although it doesn't last as long as I first expected it to the perfume does still offer decent staying power so I've no real complaints there either.


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