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Dolce & Gabbana Sicily Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews

Brand: Dolce & Gabbana / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      08.06.2011 21:15
      Very helpful



      not my fave

      Dolce and Gabbana (D&G) is a fashion and beauty brand.


      Sicily is one of the ladies fragrances available from D&G. It bases its appeal on the Italian Island of Sicily and is described as being "the perfume of passion". It claims to offer a Mediterranean vibrancy. It is available as an Eau de Parfum and also a matching body lotion, deodorant and shower gel allowing to enhance the scent on your skin by layering the products together.


      The bottle itself is rather plain but solid and well designed to be weighty and sophisticated. A rectangular, thick glassed and clear bottle clearly shows the gold tinted perfume within. It is topped with a tiered gold sprayer and black lid. Sicily is clearly written in gold writing along the front of the bottle.


      3 sets of fragrance notes create the Sicily scent and work in stages changing as the perfume wears on the skin.

      *Top notes - honeysuckle and Sicilian bergamot
      *Heart notes - black rose, hibiscus and jasmine
      *Base notes - musk, heliotrope and sandalwood

      ~~Availability and Price~~

      This isn't widely available but can be picked up online. Amazon stock plenty of it in various sizes and priced as below :

      *4ml - £8.70
      *30ml - £27.99
      *30ml EDP + 50ml body lotion/shower gel - £37.32

      ~~My Thoughts~~

      I am quite fond of D&G perfumes but don't have them in my collection often. I'm not sure how I ended up with this bottle of Sicily..I can only assume it was given to be by my sister or Mum as I've had it for a year at least. It isn't one I wear often as it's not my favourite and I favour different scents over this one..thats not to say it isn't pleasant.

      Now, I favour bottles with a bit more character and colour about them and find this one rather boring. I have a 50ml sized bottle which is very chunky and heavy so carting it about isn't ideal. Anyway, it is pretty classy and rather Chanel like with his basic, sophisticated design. The gold tinted perfume adds a further, expensive aspect to it which I love.

      ~~Dreaming Of The Med~~

      Spritzing this onto my wrist and neck, I feel its extremely overpowering to the point that it sort of catches in my throat. It has a strong alcohol aroma which lingers for a short while before offering an upbeat and full bodied scent which is extremely fresh and citrussy with a slight floral undertone to it. It is very Mediterranean. I've never visited Sicily but I could imagine this being the way I would feel sipping on a cocktail in Sicily. There is something comforting and refreshing about the scent but its strength limits the amount I can spray as it becomes cloying and too heavy.

      The citrussy tone envelopes itself into the heart of Sicily and acts as an undertone to a floral combo with a deep, radiant edge and a hint of spiciness about it which is incredibly appealing. It is certainly an unusual scent which remains concentrated and noticeable to myself and others closeby. Within 4-5hrs of application, Sicily is ready to take its final steps across my skin in the form of the base notes.

      The base of Sicily isn't as vibrant as the rest of the scent. It reduces to a delicate, warming scent which is gently accented by little kicks of fresh citrussiness. This allows the scent to keep its Mediterranean feel but perhaps as the sun settles and everything is more relaxed and chilled out. The scent is gone from my skin around 7hrs from first application.

      ~~Shall I Kick It Into The Mediterranean Sea?~~

      Hmm this is a vibrant little number which due to the strength would perhaps suit someone a little older with fine tastes...its a little classy in that way. Ideal for wearing on holiday for a pick me up. For me, its not a favourite but one I wear occasionally when I fancy something different..away from my sweet perfumes. It wears nicely on the skin and for the price, it is worth it.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        15.02.2008 14:09
        Very helpful



        see review

        Dolce&Gabbana is a high-end fashion house started by the Italian designers Domenico Dolce, and Stefano Gabbana. Dolce and Gabbanna are popular designers, also with alot of hollywood stars and popstars such as Madonna, and Kylie Minogue, along with alot more famous people.

        The company is based in Milan. Even though Dolce and Gabbana, seperated in 2005, the company will not change, and they will still design together.
        Dolce and Gabbana is organised into two seperate names, one being Dolce and Gabbana, the other being D&G. They both offer products such as:
        Eyewear and

        D&G also offer jewelry and timepieces.

        The bottle is of white in colour, with the words sicily, wrote in big letters at the bottom of the bottle, below that, is Dolce and Gabbana in smaller letters. The bottle does actually look more creamy, due to the colour of perfume, but does turn white when the perfume has emptied some out.
        The lid is pure black, with no design on it. The lid is very easy to remove and replace, which is good, unless your kids get near it. Ithink lids of perfumes do need securing more, as withmedicine, as i do belive perfume could be dangerous, should a child get into it. SO PLEASE KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN!!!!!!

        The box, is quite different to normal boxes, as most actually match the perfume. Whereas this one is pure black, with gold writing, as it is on the bottle. At the top of the box also it has a few details like how much perfume is in the box, Like mine was 50mls.
        The box is also well cellophaned, so that you can assure no-one else has been spraying the perfume.


        25mls - £12.50
        50mls - £17.50
        Gift set including - 50mls perfume, 50mls bodylotion, 50mls, shower gel - £19.99
        This is actually where i bought my perfume for, and it came fully boxed brand new. I purchased the 50ml bottle for £17.50, and thats what i call a bargain for a brand name.

        100mls - £21.54
        50mls - £17.30

        As you can see very similar in price, so either shop would be great to purchase from, and at half the recommended retail price.
        The bottles come in the following sizes:

        Although i think some of the larger sizes and smaller sizes you may have to shop around for. The main ones that are easy to find are the 25mls, 50mls and 100mls.
        THE SMELL

        Siciliy has note of bergamot, jasmine, hibiscus and musk. The smell is quite strong, and it reminds me slightly of Chanel5. The smell is a sort of honey and musk smell. The smell is very strong, so a few squirts is more than enough.
        Although Eau De Parfum normally lasts a long time, i felt this one does not last as long, mainly because i never put as much of this on, as the smell was so strong and sweet. Though that does not make a difference, as cos when you touch up your perfume through the night, its only what you would have normally put on at the beginning of it.

        Too much of this perfume, would definatly be overbearing. So you need to use it wisely. The smell is so sweet, but what can you expect off a perfume that smells a honey smell, and musk.
        I do like the smell of this, but there again i do like a sweet smelling perfume. The only problem these days is , there is far too many big companies, that do perfume, so they have always got good competition. Although i do like my perfume, it will not be at the top of my list to buy again, as i prefer my Calvin Klein and Burberry. I am not saying i would not buy it again, when i fancy a change again i will.

        As i said i do like this perfume, but i do think it is very over powering, and i prefer perfumes that i do not have to take out with me, because they last all night.

        Maybe if the smell was toned down abit, and not as strong then this perfume would be alot better, and you would be able to spray more at one time, so that you did not have to keep topping it up every 3-4 hours.
        I must say though i think the differences between the bottle and the box are nice, normally the box matches the perfume bottle. Whereas this box matches the lid.

        Its cheap
        The smell is nice if used sparingly
        Nice packaging

        Too overpowering, if too much sprayed
        Slightly too sweet
        Would not wear this through the day

        As you can see there is positive which is also a negative, so you do have to take care on how much you use at once, which is where the positive becomes the negative.
        I certainly would not buy this if you want to go out all night, and not have to top up your perfume every now and again.

        Also if you do not like really sweet perfume, then this would not be for you. The perfume, i would also say is not suitable for day time wear, as even when used sparingly the smell is still sweet and strong. I would recoomend this only for when going for a night out. I will put a recommend on this, as i am very undecided lol, i suppose it depends on each individual.

        Also Kineticspade on ciao


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