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Donna Karan Red Delicious Men Eau de Toilette

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2 Reviews

Brand: Donna Karan / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men

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    2 Reviews
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      13.12.2010 14:37
      Very helpful



      could be better

      I think the dkny bottle the red delicious for men comes in is pretty damn cool. The bottle looks like a juicy red apple and it is easy to use and looks great too. The bottle is short and not very tall because apples are that kinda shape of course and I think the effect is good.

      The name of the fragrance is reflected in the bottle design and I do think of juicy sweet red apples when I see the bottle in front of me. The red glass is very cool but you can still see the fragrance inside the bottle and keep and eye on how much you have left in it. I like that because its a handy way of keeping a check on the amount of fragrance you have to use.

      The top of the bottle is plastic and has a bit of a cheapo fell about it but it works to do what is should when I use it. To get a bit of the fragrance out a quick push down on the lid will send out a decent squirt of fragrance but the spray is not very fine and more of a splash than a mist kinda thing. I don't mind but it does all go in one area and needs a bit of rubbing on my skin when I wear it.

      Funny thing with this one is that women like this a lot and I have had some of the fragrance borrowed because women do like the smell of it on themselves as well as on guys. I think the fragrance could have been unisex but I know there is a womans version as well. I think it is just about manly enough to get away with not being unisex but it is pretty close to that.

      The smell of the fragrance is red and juicy and has a strong red apple an alcohol smell about it when you first put it on. The mix of ingredients in the fragrance make a good fragrance but I don't ever think it stays on me for very long and that is the downside of this one.

      After about 2 hours I don't smell all that much of the fragrance and can't tell if I am wearing it or not. I think that is a bit poor for a well known brand like this one that is not cheap to buy. I do like the smell but to make it last I need to put more on to know its there and that means faffing about with the bottle when away from home.

      I think the cognac, vodka, apple and coffee in the red apple fragrance do go together well and I like the warm spiced but fruity alcohol smell I get. I think it is a bit of a let down when it lasts for such a short period and that is my only problem with the fragrance. I would like it more if it stayed put better.

      I would recommend the fragrance because it does smell good but only if you can pick it up for a bit less than the £34 for 50mls you most often find it for. I think for that money it should last a lot longer and because it doesn't I cant say it is really worth that much. The look is great and the aroma is good but with it going so quickly I think it could be better.


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      16.11.2010 08:54
      Very helpful



      Donna Karan DKNY Red Delicious - Eau de Toilette

      The bottle of this fragrance really got my attention the first time I saw it! It bottle has a round oval
      shape and looked like a squashed ball! The bottom has the colour delicious red and the top is silver.
      I think it's a unique looking bottle and if you have put as much effort in the fragrance itself as the
      bottle then this might become my favourite fragrance! You can get the Donna Karan DKNY Red
      Delicious - Eau de Toilette 50ml bottle for 26 pounds.

      Now the bottle may look impressive unfortunate the smell is a bit different story. At first I did like
      it but think I was a little bit overwhelmed by the bottle or I simply mixed up the fragrance with a
      few others when I was trying some out. Well I smell it now first a alcohol rum smell hits you in the
      face and stays there for a few minutes. Luckily it settles down and it becomes less strong. After the
      alcohol scent is gone you can notice a more fruity scent. I think I smelled grapefruit and apples. You
      can also notice a bit of sweetness and that must be a big of cinnamon and brown sugar. For some
      reason it didn't appeal to me anymore and reminded me of some bad memories with some bad

      Although I might become a little bit dramatic, for people who like a fruity scent it's not all bad. For
      me it was a bit overwhelming especially in the beginning. When it settles down it becomes less
      strong. The scent does stay with you for a long time and I would say about a good 5 hours. Not a bad
      time for a eau de toilette.

      Would I buy it again? No it's just not for me and it gives me a bit of a bad head. I like a fragrance
      that's more oriental and spicy so I suppose I should have looked at the description first before I
      bought it but sometimes you just want to try something new and different. A shame because the
      bottle looks great!


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