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Yves Rocher Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2011 11:07
      Very helpful



      A lovely, light airy EDT that retains it's fragrance and is perfect for general day to day use

      I am a big fan of Yves Rocher products as any regular readers of my reviews will no doubt be aware by now. I try to limit myself to ordering from them just every 4 to 5 months though as there are always so many tempting items each month I could easily get carried away.
      On my last recent purchase from them I stocked up on some of their 'cheaper' items such as this "Eau De Toilette Blackberry" which my review will now focus on..

      *~*Price, packaging & Availability*~*

      As this is an Yves Rocher product it is available either directly from the company via their mail order leaflets through the post, online @ www.yves-rocher.co.uk or by calling 0870 049 22 22. Alternatively they have several shops dotted up and down the country and there is always my favourite option of checking on Ebay.

      The packaging is in the quite basic form of a cylindrically shaped bottle that is made from transparent glass (the bottle is recyclable, as are all YR products). The contents are clearly visible and we can see that the liquid is in a lovely shade of mauve to represent the blackberries.

      To access the EDT there is a simple to use nozzle which is situated directly on top of the bottle and is protected by a plastic cylinder lid which is in a darker shade of purple. There is a simple sticker placed on the the front of the bottle directly in the centre stating the logo, name and featuring a picture of some blackberries, but apart from that the bottle is very unembellished making it perfect for throwing in my bag for everyday use.

      This currently comes in one size which is a 100 ml and the price tends to be around the £9 mark (£8.90 at Sept 11') though as usual I did not pay full price for this and purchased it along with some different fragrances for the low price of just £3.90 a few months ago. Yves Rocher regularly have offers on so it's always worth checking before committing to buy at full price.

      *~*The Fragrance*~*

      Eau De Toilette Blackberry (yes that is the full title actually) is part of the Plaisirs Nature collection which not only features fragrances but also a whole plethora of beauty products including body lotions, shower gels, bath creams, soaps, hand washes etc some are matching products and can be used to build up the fragrance, so it's worth looking at what other similar fragranced products are available in the range.

      As this is a Blackberrry scented EDT this is the main fragrance used here and is made up by using wild blackberries. Yves Rocher describe it as "...an EDT with the intense and delicate aroma of wild blackberries that wraps you in a luscious fragrance. Irresistible, crunchy, bursting with delicious juice, the wild blackberry is an invitation to enjoyment. Its unique taste, sparkling and fresh, sums up its natural charm. Its delicate fragrance softens the skin and leaves a mellow note.."

      Sounds good so far but how do I rate wearing it?

      *~*My experience of using this*~*

      On removing the lid (which was very easy to do compared to certain other YR products where the lids seem to be superglued down!) I was presented with a small, but adequate, nozzle to which I would access the spray.
      On holding at a reasonable distance and spritzing randomly at my body and neck I found the EDT emitted in a generous mist despite being watery in consistency. The fragrance is absolutely mouthwatering - that is presuming you like blackberries of course - and has such an intense and crisp bouquet that if you closed your eyes you would swear you were inhaling a bowl of freshly picked blackberries.

      I found on first applying to my skin the blackberry scent came across as very strong and slightly overpowering at first but this soon starts to fade when the EDT starts to 'settle' on the skin. The overall effect I am left with when wearing this is one of a delicate and softly scented berry fragrance that lasts an impressive few hours (in my experience around 4 to 5 hours).

      *~*Would I recommend this?*~*

      What I love about Yves Rocher is that their products are all 'natural' and are plant based which really comes across in a pure and uncontrived way. This particular EDT leaves such a natural aromatic scent on my skin and doesn't have one hint of anything artificial that even if you aren't a fan of blackberries you would be quite impressed with this. When I mentioned I'd bought this to my mum (who isn't a fan of anything berry scented) and described it it piqued her interest and she tried a spritz of mine and admitted it was indeed beautiful.

      I would highly recommend this for wearing on a casual day to day basis as it leaves a soft and light berry fragrance on the skin making it an ideal 'daytime' fragrance. I would say this is best for wearing during the day as it just isn't heavy enough to carry off as an evening scent and personally I prefer something a little muskier/oriental for going out or special occasions anyway so wouldn't consider it for then.

      This is just the right balance of crisp freshness with an added sweetness that really makes it perfect wearing as it has an initial hit of coolness on applying that evolves over the duration of wearing it into something warm and comforting.

      Because the bottle is made from a thick and quite sturdy glass as mentioned it really is ideal for slinging in my bag without worrying about it breaking, and is compact enough for even small bags for topping up when out and about. It's not the most attractive bottle in the world but its simplicity adds to the whole 'natural vibe' and at the end of the day it's how the EDT smells on my skin I'm concerned about.

      For the bargain price I paid I am very impressed with this but then again it is rare I am disappointed with any purchase from my beloved YR. At one point their fragrances often came across as overpowering initially then faded fast to the point of having to keep reapplying and when paying the equivalent of premium brand prices this wasn't good. Recently though all of the perfumes/EDT's I have had from them have noticeably lasted far longer than previously and have retained their original scent for hours without the need for topping up - this one included.

      Because I am really taken with this unique and beautiful fragrance I am awarding it the full 5 stars and will definitely be buying this again in the future.


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