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Yves Rocher Marvellous Fruits Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      28.03.2012 15:51
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      A beautiful EDT by Yves Rocher

      I have been buying Yves Rocher products since I was around 18 years old but have been aware of them all of my life as my mum has always used certain items and was the one who introduced me to the company in the first place. I like to order every few months but always look forward to around October time when their festive products are launched. The Christmas collections differ in fragrance, theme and design each year and Christmas 2011's theme was 'Marvelous Fruits'.

      Having purchased several items from the Marvelous Fruits range (this is the way the bottle spells it) my review will now focus entirely on Marvelous Fruits EDT though there may be references to other items from the collection.

      Marvelous Fruits EDT is part of the Winter Christmas collection from Yves Rocher for 2011 and features shower gels, body lotions, hand soaps, candles etc as well as this EDT. The EDT comes in one size which is a reasonable 50 ml and comes housed in a cylinder shaped bottle which is made from a very thick and sturdy glass. The glass is completely clear so the contents are clearly visible and we can see that the fragrance is a rich and warm looking orange with a slight pinky hue.

      The bottle slightly veers in towards the neck and where it is topped off with a shiny golden lid which lies flush with the bottle itself and protects the small nozzle underneath. The golden lid perfectly matches the picturesque sketch on the front of the bottle which depicts a shimmering tree with golden fruits and looks, well, marvelous!

      This is available around the Christmas period and though is sometimes out of stock from January onwards it is still sporadically available throughout the year so it's worth checking their website to check if interested.

      As usual this an be purchased via their website @www.yves-rocher.co.uk, by phoning 0870 049 22 22, by ordering from their mailing lists via the post, in store or by checking good old Ebay.

      The actual fragrance is simply stunning and is very appropriate as a seasonal scent though I am still wearing now the weather has warmed up substantially and am finding it versatile enough to wear any season. Marvelous Fruits kicks off with a sumptuous orange based aroma that oozes zest from every drop. This is mainly orange based but don't be fooled into thinking that it is simply a plain old orange scented fragrance because you would be very wrong..

      On removing the lid the aroma starts to waft gently out and smells very festive with a hint of cinnamon and orange escaping from the bottle. On actually spritzing this onto my skin I can detect individual notes almost instantly and though the orange probably domineers the most none are fully drowned out.

      Once the fragrance starts to settle onto my skin it has a warming feel that is reminiscent in aroma of the oranges with cloves stuck in at Christmas time and really smells delicious.
      What I really like about this is even though it's an obvious festive edition it has a real hint of sweetness about it that makes it perfect all year round wearing and isn't just resigned for December onwards. Though there is no actual mention of ginger there seems to be a definite hint as there is a spiciness to this that mingles perfectly with the zesty orange and I feel it suits my skin perfectly as it is the sort of scent that I would normally go for anyway.

      The EDT ends on the sweet note of almond, and again, this could be misconstrued as being a perfume sorely for Christmas but strangely it seems to suit the mood of Summery weather as well as the zesty zing of the orange seems more intensified in warmer weather.

      Would I recommend this? I love this EDT and have worn it on numerous occasions since buying it back in late October. It is fair to say that yes I did wear it more over the holiday period as I had also bought matching toiletries of shower gel and body lotion so wanted to layer the scent by using all 3 to make the fragrance last longer.
      I have since worn this sporadically since Christmas, but the past 2 weeks I have used it more as mentioned it seems to suit the warmer weather and have been complemented on several occasions by the mums at school.

      I'm not a massive fan of orange scented toiletries so was dubious when I ordered this blindly before testing but when I arrived I was extremely pleased with my purchase. The 50 ml is a decent size and even whilst I have been quite liberal in applying it there is still 3/4 of the contents remaining and for the price I paid (£5.45 half price though normally retails at £11.90) I think it's been very good value.
      Marvelous Fruits comes across as slightly overpowering on first applying so a little is all that is needed as the strength is very apparent at first. This EDT does have very impressive lasting power though and even though it fades slightly after about 20 minutes, it then retains the same level of strength for at least 6 hours which is fantastic in my opinion.

      There is nothing about this stunning EDT that I don't like as everything from the fragrance, the longevity, the bottle to even the packaging is beautiful and very impressive and if I hadn't have wanted to keep it for myself I think it would make a lovely gift for someone.

      Highly recommended by me as this is a deliciously scented EDT that isn't just for Christmas. The only downside is it's availability may be limited as Yves Rocher sporadically stock this, but I have since seen it to buy on Ebay so if interested it's worth trying to hunt a bottle down.

      This is a beautiful fragrance with very good staying power enough to rival an Eau de Parfum - stunning.


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