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Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews

Brand: Elie Saab / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Contents/Size: 90ml / Gender: for Women

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    2 Reviews
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      26.03.2012 20:26
      Very helpful



      I love it!

      I got a sample vial of the Elie Saab perfume 'Le Parfum' a few months ago. I was immediately excited to try this as I had only just watched a beauty blog on it a few days prior to receiving it.

      For those who don't know, Elie Saab is a fashion designer. He made that stunning blue dress Katy Perry wore for the Grammy's recently. Le Parfum is his first and only fragrance.

      Released in 2011, La Parfum comes in a simple, yet striking bottle. I can't comment too much, as currently I only have a sample vial, but I do think the unusual cut of the plain glass bottle makes it noticeable, and I love the soft peachy pink of the liquid inside shining through.

      The top note of La Parfum is apparently African orange flower. I am not familiar with the scent of African orange flowers, although I am familiar with the scent of orange blossom, and that is what this fragrance smells like to me, when initially applied.

      This orange blossom type fragrance lingers for perhaps a minute or two after application. After this time, a softer more floral fragrance begins to emerge. The middle note is jasmine, but it is a fairly soft jasmine scent and nowhere near as strong as I usually expect jasmine to be. The fragrance has a powdery-ness to it - and although I would usually view that as a negative, I actually think it suits the fragrance well. It's difficult to put into words really, but I feel it is classic and vintage, yet not old fashioned.

      The base notes are patchouli, cedar, rose and white honey. I cannot smell patchouli in it at all, which for me is a good thing as I am not a fan of it. The rose can be smelled quite clearly and there is a sweetness to it which I assume to be the honey. Cedar only becomes apparent after a good while on the skin and is faint, yet noticeable.

      On the whole I really like this scent. It smells gorgeous, very feminine, sweet and classic. It's a nice strength - strong enough so that I can smell it when I'm wearing it, but not so strong that it becomes overpowering or heady. I don't normally go for floral scents, preferring fruity ones, but this is an exception, as I love it. If I had to compare it to another perfume, I'd say it's vaguely similar to Versace's baby rose jeans, so if you like that one, this one could be worth a try.

      The staying power of this fragrance is fairly good. It will last a good eight hours - if it gets into your clothes, then it lasts for even longer.

      This is definitely a daytime scent in my opinion. The softness lends itself well to daytime wear, I prefer something a little stronger for evening wear. I'd also say this is more suitable for spring/summer, being so light it lends itself well to warmer weather. I think this would be suitable for most age ranges, it's light enough for younger women, yet the fragrance is almost timeless so I could imagine an older lady liking it just as much.

      The perfume is available in three sizes. The following prices are taken from the Boots website, but prices will vary depending on where you shop.

      30ml - £38
      50ml - £55
      90ml - £71.50

      A matching shower cream and body lotion are also available. I don't think those prices are too bad, although I would be tempted to hold out for special offers, as I am sure I saw this as part of a gift set near Christmas for around the £30 mark.

      Overall, I think this is a lovely fragrance. If I didn't already own so many perfumes I would have definitely bought this in full size by now. If you like light, floral fragrances then this is one I would recommend giving a try.


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      25.03.2012 23:47
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous perfume in every way

      I received the Elie Saab Le Parfum for Christmas. I had seen it online and instantly liked the box, bottle and description of the perfume. As it was a little out of my price range I didn't feel I could treat myself but when asked what I wanted for Christmas I knew exactly what to suggest.

      The box is very pale pink with dark brown lettering. It is simple, elegant and looks expensive. It looks like the perfect gift and I was very excited to open it on Christmas day. The clear glass bottle is almost square in design but cut to look like it is made of crystal. The lid follows this design. The overall look is similar to a crystal wine decanter but not quite so fussy. It looks very pretty, classic and expensive. The perfume is a light peachy pink colour which you can clearly see through the bottle. This makes the bottle look very feminine. It is handy to be able to see the perfume so clearly through the bottle because you know how much you have left to use.

      The pump delivers a decent squirt of the perfume which I fell in love with as soon as I smelt it. The tag line for this perfume is "Radiant, voluptuous, addictive" and it really is. When I wear it I can't stop sniffing my wrists! The top note instantly hits you with a waft of radiant sweet orange blossom. The heart note develops into elegant and voluptuous jasmine and patchouli. Finally the base note unfolds into a deep cedar wood and honey rose which leaves you addicted. The way I would describe this perfume is light and fresh but with deeper rich undertones. It is elegant, classic and smells expensive, in my opinion the three most important qualities for a perfume. I only use this perfume for special occasions as it is one of the favourites of my vast collection, therefore it seems to be lasting me well.

      This perfume is simply exquisite, which if you know anything about Elie Saab is exactly what you would expect. He creates absolutely gorgeous wedding and evening dresses full of amazingly delicate details. He has been described as being from another time, which I think is reflected in this perfume.

      I think this perfume is a quite pricey but not outrageously. A 30ml bottle is £38, 50ml is £55 and 90ml is £71.50, available from most department stores and Boots. It is perhaps quite expensive to buy for yourself as a treat but it is definitely worth putting on your wish list, eventually someone will want a present idea to buy for you! I might look out for it at Duty Free when I next go away to see if I can pick up a bargain there. I would definitely buy this as a gift for someone and as it has a timeless, classic quality to it I think it would be a great present for my mother. I thoroughly recommend this perfume.


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  • Product Details

    Elie Saab Le Parfum; is an invitation to all women to slip a touch of magic and absolute femininity into their lives / True jewel of glass and light, the bottle mirrors to infinity the honeyed tones of the perfume / Composed as an ode to light, Elie Saab Le Parfum celebrates the splendor and the brilliance of radiant femininity with a floral solar woody theme / Orange blossom, Jasmine absolute and cedar woody notes unveil an elegant, enveloping trail like the train of a Haute Couture dress / Elie Saab Le Parfum, a new way of wearing the Exceptional / Eau de Parfum available in 30ml, 50ml and 90ml.;

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