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Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau de Toilette

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4 Reviews
  • Beautiful bottle design
  • Good staying power
  • None that I have found
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    4 Reviews
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      15.02.2015 10:50
      Very helpful


      • "Good staying power"
      • "Beautiful bottle design"
      • "Feminine scent"


      • "None that I have found"

      A Beautifully Feminine Scent!

      I was very fortunate last Christmas to receive a number of new bottles of perfume, one of which was this Elie Saab Le Parfum. I am a sucker for pretty bottles of perfume and like to display them around my bedroom therefore I was very pleased with the look of this perfume bottle before I had even had the chance to sample its scent.

      ~Presentation and Packaging~

      When packaged this perfume looks very feminine and classic in my opinion. The box which this perfume bottle is presented in is a rectangular shape coloured a soft peach. On the front of the bottle is the Elie Saab logo and this is highlighted in a gold outlined cream box with black font which looks classic and simple against the soft blush of the box. Opening the box, the bottle of perfume is beautifully cushioned within the box in its cardboard ‘bed’ and slides easily out of the box opening to display a classic and very tasteful perfume bottle.

      ~The All Important Bottle~

      Second to the fragrance of this perfume, the bottle is really my favourite feature of this product having a whimsical and vintage look in my opinion. The bottle is built on a square base and this gives it a square shape with tapered corners and edges which give the glass an almost crystal glass finish. The bottle is constructed in a heavy duty glass and this gives it a heavy feel and means that it sits solidly on my chest of drawers between uses and reflects the light beautifully when the sun sinks low enough in the sky to cast its rays through my bedroom window. Adorning the top of my perfume bottle is a square lid which pulls off to allow you to spray the perfume. This lid is chiselled in much the same way as the main bottle however it is made in a heavy duty Perspex rather than glass which I assume is to ensure that it doesn’t crack with regular use. On the front of this perfume bottle is the ‘ELIE SAAB’ logo and this limited amount of lettering is simple and yet gives the look of quality in my opinion and ensures that my perfume bottle is always facing the correct way when it is sat in my room.

      ~Pinpointing the notes of the lovely scent~

      Upon receiving this perfume I was very keen to sample its scent and I did so by spraying a small amount of the light amber liquid out of the rose gold press down dispenser at the top of the bottle. The perfume sprays easily out of the nozzle in a clear yet fragrant spray and the fragrance is immediately noticeable with its feminine charm.

      The top note of this perfume in my opinion is the orange blossom and this gives this fragrance a sunny and fresh scent which is beautifully sweet and delicate on my skin. Once this smell has settled on my skin I find that I begin to get hints of the floral notes of this perfume with the jasmine giving a floral and feminine scent which is not too heady and yet noticeably there. The combination of these two scents results in a smell that it beautiful and sweet in my opinion with it retaining a classic scent as oppose to smelling cheap as some other fragrances can so easily do. Amongst the jasmine and orange blossom there are also notes of patchouli and honey rose and these only add to the gentle yet feminine smell in my opinion.

      ~How well does the smell last?~

      In terms of staying power, this perfume is very good with the orange blossom tang giving way to the soft floral scent which linger on my skin for hours after application. In fact the soft scent is so good that it stays on my clothing in between washes giving me a burst of fragrance when I wear the previously worn jacket or jumper again days later.

      ~How much and where to buy~

      This perfume can be purchased through a number of online and high-street stores including Feel Unique where it is currently priced at £54 for 50ml. It is well worth shopping around for the best deal in my opinion and yet at full price this perfume is still similarly priced to some of the better known competitors making it good value in my experience.

      ~My overall opinion and recommendations~

      The combination of sweet and floral notes gives this perfume a soft and very womanly smell in my opinion and one which would suit users from a range of ages. In fact I like this one so much that I have since bought it as a present for my Mum and it smells slightly different on her skin although still beautifully floral and fragrant. The presentation is every bit as good as the smell of the perfume itself and for this reason I would struggle to fault this perfume. As a result Elie Saab Le Parfum scores an excellent five stars from me and I would highly recommend it.

      I hope this review has been of some help and thanks for reading! x


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      08.04.2013 16:03
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A lovely light refreshing floral

      Ellie Saab - Le Parfum

      I spend a lot of to time on the internet applying for samples and buying mini bottle of perfumes from Ebay. This was one of these but I cannot remember where I tracked this one down but it is on my wish list now as I absolutely love it.

      The bottle is a classic looking glass bottle in a sort of baroque diamond cut on the sides but kind of rectangular otherwise and was designed by Syvie de France. The stopper is large and clear with a spray under this transparent large lift off stopper. It looks classy and unstated in my view and of course comes in box which is similarly understated but a very pale pink color.

      The name they obviously have not gone to any great lengths thinking up and the scent is the creation of the perfumier Francis Kurkdjan for the Lebanese haute couture designer Ellie Saab and is rather boringly just called ' Le Parfum'. I can't say I know much about Ellie Saab as I am not in the market for expensive designer wear but if the perfume and the adverts campaign are anything to go by wish I was.

      The model Anja Rubik is the face or body or this creation and in the adverts she looks just stunning with legs up to her armpits wearing a gold evening dress that would be anyone's idea of romantic, classy elegance. Le Parfum was launched in 2011 so is a pretty recent addition to the perfume shelves.
      The perfume itself is so beautifully feminine and gorgeous. It does remind me a bit of Estee lauder's 'Beautiful' but it is a little lighter to me.

      It opens with notes of orange blossom and has a lovely gentle floral jasmine as its the heart with a base of cedar, patchouli and rose honey accord and in my opinion the last of the base notes is predominant in this as it has very little earthiness in it.

      The main top note is African Orange flower, the middle note is jasmine and then the base notes are patchouli, Virginia cedar, rose and white honey. In my opinion the top not blends very quickly with the jasmine and rose to give a fresh truly feminine floral that is not at all heavy, a whiff or a hint as you pass by rather than a bowling over by' your nose in stuck in jasmine' sort of floral. It is not cloying, but more light and fleeting as though being blown on an evening breeze.

      The base notes just provide depth here and I can only really detect the rose and honey as the normal depth and earthiness or patchouli is not here at all and the cedar I cannot detect either.

      The only downside I find is that it doesn't really last that long on me and if I apply it in the morning I would have to reapply a few hours later if I wanted to know I smelled nice. It is noticeable on my clothes if I smell them at the end of the day and it does have good sillage as I have got compliments every time I have worn it so that is a plus too.

      I usually like musky earthy perfumes but I am also a fan of light feminine ones sometimes and this one I do like as it is very natural, it is sweet but not in anyway sickly or popcorn candy- like. The honey works well with the jasmine and makes it much sweeter and less heavy than some of Lush's jasmine creations. I love the way the three florals work together with the honey and the other base notes brings it down to a deeper note rather than dominating it.

      Le Parfum is available as 30ml, 50ml and 90 ml Eau de Parfum and also you can buy a perfumed deodorant, body lotion, body cream and shower gel in the same fragrance.

      The price for this rather gorgeous feminine fragrance varies, as it always seem to, so it pays to shop around. On Amazon for 30ml it costs £32.30 while 50ml is £47.50. The body lotion is £29for 200ml so I don't think I will be rushing to buy that one. They also have a 3 Piece Fragrance Gift Set: 90ml EDT +10ml Purse Spray + 30ml Body Lotion for £78.99 which I think would be a very nice present but probably not one I will be receiving any time soon!

      If you get the chance to try this then I urge you to give it a spray. Sometimes you get little flat sample patches in magazines which give a good feel for the scent too. I really love this for its light floral aroma and to me this makes a real summery scent and one that would be wonderful for a bride to wear as it is really feminine and classy.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.

      © Catsholiday


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        01.04.2013 10:55
        Very helpful



        A lovely summer fragrance which is light and sweet

        I always buy a new fragrance whenever I go to the airport because I love it when an aroma reminds me of a certain place and brings back all my lovely memories. On my way back from my most recent holiday, I bought the Elie Saab perfume which has been created by, strangely enough, Elie Saab.

        About the fragrance
        The fragrance is described as being addictive, radiant and voluptuous. The fragrance has top notes of sun kissed orange blossoms. At the heart of the perfume you will find the more floral note of sweet jasmine as well as patchouli. The base of the fragrance is warm and woody using cedar wood and the deliciously sweet honey rose. It comes with the promise of adding some magic and femininity into your life. The accompanying advert is of a model walking down the street which a beautiful floating and golden gown on.

        Packaging and Price
        The product comes contained within a heavy glass bottle which has been cut at angles which gives it a sparkling crystal effect. It is transparent so you can see the pale pink/yellow liquid inside. The lid has been cut in the same way as the bottle and it sits on the top like a square diamond. When it is removed you can see the gold dispenser which you push down on in order to spray the perfume. The fragrance will cost you £37 for 30ml or you can buy the larger 50ml bottle which will cost you around £55. It can be bought from shop such as Boots and Debenhams, perfumes shops and also from a range of online websites.

        My experience
        The design of the bottle is lovely. It looks both classy and elegant, and it is one that I am proud to have on display in my bathroom. The bottle is easy to grip because of the way it has been shaped and it is easy to push down on the dispenser. The perfume is released well and it comes out as a good mist so it would target your skin or clothes in one small area. The fragrance is not an overpowering one and it is quite gentle and subtle. The initial aroma is one that I can only describe as a bouquet of flowers. It smells really lovely and it is very classy. It smells like roses but there is a distinct aroma of honey there too and it has a sweet edge.

        Once this dies down, it leaves a sweet freshness on your skin which is really nice. It is one of those fragrance which almost become a part of you rather than being an obvious added perfume. It is quite summery and makes me think of sunny days and of being outdoors. It isn't a sickly aroma and you don't need to spray much of it to get the desired effects. It isn't old fashioned and it isn't unusual enough to be to many peoples disliking. The fragrance has long lasting results and it can still be smelt after quite a few hours. It hasn't irritated my skin or caused me to experience any discomfort.

        All in all, although this isn't the type of fragrance that I usually go for, I really like it. It is floral without being heavy or old fashioned and it still has a certain sweetness to it. It is long lasting yet gentle and delicate and leaves you smelling fresh and sweet all day. It is a summery aroma that will make you think of sunny days and I would happily recommend this perfume.


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        28.12.2012 21:52
        Very helpful




        This is something I received as a Christmas present from my Father and have been using ever since. I love getting perfume as a gift because it is always exciting trying something new that someone else has picked out for you.

        The perfume comes in a cut glass bottle which creates and unusual and rather beautiful shape against the light. There are so many facets of this glass bottle that it not only looks expensive but glimmers in the light like a diamond. There is a gold/bronzey coloured pump at the top which compliments the pinky/orange coloured fragrance inside. My only slight criticism is that the lid is made from plastic and this slightly cheapens the whole feel of the bottle which is otherwise very luxurious.

        The perfume itself has a wonderful scent. Just like the bottle the fragrance is fresh, clean, modern and yet has a really classic and timeless quality to it which evokes a bygone era like the glamour of the 50s. I feel like this is a really lovely modern interpretation of a classic scent, I just can't quite put my finger on what it is.

        The top notes in this perfume is a beautiful orange blossom scent which smells delicious and compliments the design of the bottle and the colour of the perfume. It has a real freshness and slightly citrus smell to it which makes it feel very clean and vibrant.

        The middle note is jasmine which is such an evocative smell. It gives the perfume a real elegance but also adds an air of mystery to the perfume. For me the smell of jasmine is reminiscent of heady hot nights in a foreign clime. I love the idea of sitting until a jasmine plant, looking at the sky and falling in love. As the perfume mellows there is also a hint of patchouli which is really beautiful and adds another layer in this sumptuous and sensual perfume.

        The base notes in this perfume are more woody and natural. It adds a real ethereal feel to this scent as I imagine nymphs and elves running through a woody forest in search of magic. This level has notes of cedarwood, honey and rose which combine beautifully to give a sweet earthy scent which will have you coming back for more.

        If it isn't already clear I love this perfume. It absolutely transports me to another place, another time. I don't know if it is just memories of wearing this on a trip to Dubai but it always has me hankering for sunshine. I love the combination of smells in this as it somehow manages to be both timeless and elegant whilst also being uncompromisingly modern and sensual.

        This perfume retails at around £45 for a 30ml bottle and then upwards if you go for a large bottle. I honestly think this is a stunning perfume, and the perfect gift for your wife/daughter/mother. I just don't know if I could feel comfortable shelling out this much for a perfume...perhaps next time I am going through duty free.

        Overall, this is a beautiful fragrance that will take you away to another place.


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    • Product Details

      Airy, luminous, addictive / The fragrance opens with a soaring harmony of delicately acidulated Mandarin blossoms / The heart unfolds into a veil of radiant crystalline white flowers, supported by Gardenia and Orange blossom / The delicious Rose Honey softness of the base envelops the skin like precious chiffon / Olfactory family: A Floral, Solar, Fresh Eau de Toilette / Top notes: Mandarin Blossom / Middle notes: Gardenia, Orange Blossom, Jasmine / Base notes: Vetiver, Rose Honey /

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