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Elixir des Merveilles Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews

Brand: HermÌs / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    2 Reviews
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      09.01.2012 22:35
      Very helpful



      Lovely Elixir!

      As you probably can tell by many of my reviews, I am quite the enthusiast when it comes to fragrances and perfumes, over the years having gathered many favorites, this perfume without doubt one of the top five! I think the reason I love this fragrance so much, is its combination of something playful and fresh and elegance and a classic feel, it`s somehow all gathered in one amazing looking bottle! Because yes, the bottle looks stunning, as if you have paid several hundred pounds for it, which luckily, you won`t have to!

      For a 50 ml bottle, you can find this perfume costing about 49.99, which I find a pretty reasonable cost, as you won`t have to use a lot of the perfume every time you`re wearing it, and the scent is very original and lovely on your skin.

      This fragrance has a very warm and sensual smell to it, it mixes combinations that makes this a very deep and interesting smell, and hey, I do believe many men will find this perfume very attractice on a woman, just to mention it... I have still not been able to detect all of the different smells in this perfume, but these are the ones I have noticed and come to love so far:

      Oak, Caramel ( very sweet), Vanilla, Orange and Cedar.
      I am sure there are more scents hiding under the surface of this perfume, but these are the ones that are most easy to detect, at least for my little nose. I will however point out that this fragrance smells differently on different types of skin, as it gives off a slight different smell on me, my best friend and my aunt. We all however agree that this is a very nice perfume, and he have all fallen in love with the elegant bottle as well! Looking for a gift for a special woman? This might be the one!


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      04.11.2011 13:22
      Very helpful



      A mysterious oriental perfume ideal for daytime wear.

      Elixir Des Merveilles Eau De Parfum by Hermes

      I used to change my perfumes as often as I changed outfits! Therefore, I have tried many types of fragrances but I was never completely happy with them. Some were too sweet, too floral, too fruity, too green, and I must say that there were times that I was confused about what I really like. I believe that all of you have occasionally tried many types of fragrances to finally discover the ideal perfume that represents you and suits your personality.
      I tried Elixir Des Merveilles as soon as it came out and since then it's in my top 3 fragrances. I would describe it as a sweet and light perfume with deep oriental scents that make it irresistible.

      "The perfume"

      Elixir des Merveilles means the elixir of wonders. It was my first Hermès, launched in 2006 from the French high fashion house of luxury perfumes. Its sophisticated and refined fragrance suggests that everything is possible. The notes' composition is unique, Orange Peel and aromatic Resin are the dominant odors, while Peru balsam, Caramel, Patchouli and Oak wood come underneath. Cedar, Tonka Bean that takes the edge off the sweetness, Amber and Sandalwood with Vanilla Sugar are the undertones that give a warm and deep side to the perfume.

      The costly essences that are used in the fragrance make it one of the most expensive perfumes.


      The official notes include: Orange Peel, Caramel, Biscuit Accord (Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Creamy Milk), Sandalwood, Incense, Resins: Peru Balsam and Balsam of Siam, Oak, Patchouli, Cedar and Ambergris.

      Orange peel: Orange gives a sweet and fresh odor. It's lively and energetic with bright and sparkling smell, ideal component for daytime fragrances.
      Sandalwood: It gives a striking woody base note to perfumes with a bright and fresh edge. The fragrance has relaxing properties and reduces stress.
      Patchouli: The patchouli scent is heavy and it is used in oriental perfumes. The strong, spicy, earthy nuance makes it dark and mysterious.
      Caramel: It gives a sweet, candy and sensual essence.
      Amber: It has a delicate, sweet, characteristic smell and it has the effect of making the fragrances last longer.
      Oak wood: Woody scent usually built the base notes and makes the fragrances more unisex.
      Tonka bean: It smells like vanilla with strong hints of cinnamon, cloves and almonds. With a light and sweet scent.
      Resins: Highly fragrant and antiseptic, natural components like the aromatic resin Peru Balsam are used in perfumery. Peru Balsam has a light scent of vanilla and cinnamon.

      It has almost no floral notes, which is unusual for a feminine perfume.

      "My experience"

      I have received a lot of compliments from wearing this scent. It has a bold, mysterious effect and becomes noticeable. The lasting power on me is very good. It stays on for the whole day but I usually refresh it once during the day. Because it's a bit strong, just one spray is enough in the morning for light, fresh and delicate scent. If I have a meeting and I don't want to make a "big entrance", I spray a small amount of perfume in the air like a cloud and I go through it, just before leaving home. In the evening, I usually spray again my neck and wrists to make it more intense.

      When I wear it, it becomes dark, mysterious and earthy. The first thing that I get from it on application is the sparkling and a bit bitter citrus, with the spicy resin. There is a sensual sweetness from caramel together with dark patchouli and delicate earthy wood notes underneath. Finally, as it dries down vanilla and tonka bean are revealed, without losing the orange essence that remains throughout the life of the scent.

      "Packaging & Bottle"

      Eau des Merveilles' outer square box is created at Hermès. The front and back is silver and the orange sides open like a theater showcase to reveal the wonderful bottle.
      Hermès presents the perfume in a fabulous orange bottle designed by Serge Mansau. It is rounded with two flat planes at the base, smartly designed to support the bottle in two different angles. You can set it down slanting slightly right or left, for about 15 degrees. "Elixir Des Merveilles" is written in the front following the spherical shape and through the transparent bottle you can see the House's name "Hermès Paris" written backwards at the back side, in order to be visible from the front. The back is also flat and if you lay the bottle down it can be used as a magnifying glass. I'm not sure how this can be useful, but it's cool!

      "Price and Availability"

      It is available in 50ml and 100ml bottles.
      50ml (1.6 oz) - £49.31 discount price (from £65.54)
      100ml (3.3 oz) - £101.80
      These are indicative prices from amazon.co.uk

      "My Conclusion"

      Elixir Des Merveilles is a warm, deep and a bit bitter fragrance. A long-lasting signature scent that I would recommend for daytime wear.
      I would say it is one of the perfumes that either you will love from the first day or you will dislike.
      The only drawback to me is the price. Overall, it is very wearable and well worth trying.

      This review also appears at ciao under the name "sweetybi"


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