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Elizabeth Arden Beauty Eau de Parfum

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Brand: Elizabeth Arden / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      25.06.2011 13:21
      Very helpful



      Beauty Must Have

      *Please note my review discusses my use of the 100ml spray bottle and also the 10ml miniature bottle*

      Elizabeth Arden is a premium beauty brand offering fragrance, cosmetics and skincare.

      *~*Arden Beauty*~*

      Arden Beauty (hereafter known as Beauty) is one of the fragrances from Elizabath Arden and one that has stood the test of time. The Arden website describes Beauty as being "spirited, captivating, sensual, ardenbeauty is a fresh, green floral fragrance with an inviting prescence". Beauty is an Eau de Parfum


      Regardless of which size your opt for, the bottle design remains the same. There is nothing fancy about the bottle which is surprising for a title such as Beauty, but Ardens bottles have never been able to compete with the likes of Dior and Estee Lauder. What we have, is a tall, slim glass bottle which is rectangular is shape. It is tinted red around the sides and base which reflects into the clear fragrance within. A click on curvy lid sits on top of the sprayer and gold band around the neck of the bottle, confirms the scent name.


      Like any other fragrance, Beauty has been created using 3 sets of scent notes which develop as the fragrance settles on the skin.

      *Top notes offer the opening scent which is generally short lived - living rice flower, Italian bergamot and dewy green accord

      *Heart notes create the main body of the scent and last for several hours - blue lotus flower, living gingerlily, golden sunset orchid and rubrum lily

      *Base notes create the lingering scent on the skin - white amber, sensual musk and Indian sandalwood complete the ensemble.

      *~*Availability and Price*~*

      Arden Beauty is very available and very cheap. It is stocked in stores such as Semi Chem and Savers but for a real bargain, go online. I recommend www.fragrancedirect.co.uk for the following prices :

      *30ml - £7.50
      *100ml - £12.50
      *4 x 10ml gift set - £6.99 (ideal gift idea)

      *~*My Thoughts*~*

      I love perfume and where it everyday. I own everything from fresh floral scents to sweet and creamy scents and generally have one for every occasion. I do have my favourites and one of them, strangely enough, is Arden Beauty. I am fond of Elizabeth Arden as a brand and appreciate that some of their more established fragrances, can be picked up very cheap.

      I first became acquainted with Beauty around 6years ago when I was given a big 100ml bottle as a gift. At the time, it was a bit more expensive than you can purchase it for now but by all rights, its a bargain EDP. My bottle finished a few years ago but I never forgot about it and happened to mention about it to my wee Granny a few months back. She had received the miniature gift set containing 4 x 10ml bottles and offered me 2 of them and I happily accepted!

      *~*Beauty Shines Through*~*

      I actually adore the bottle as its so basic that its classy and could potentially get overlooked. The 100ml was one I could rarely carry about as it was too heavy but the 10ml ones are conveniently handbag sized and fit into any available pocket or corner. My current bottle is a dab bottle but past experience with the bigger bottle, confirms that the spray top offers a fine, even mist of scent onto the skin.

      *~*Fresh and Floral*~*

      Although I much prefer sweet or fruity scents, I can handly florals is small doses and generally prefer them to be light and fresh. I suppose this is why I appreciate Beauty so much as it fits in with my needs. Only a tiny amount of this EDP is required to be applied as its quite concentrated. On applying, there is a strong hit of alcohol which quickly evaporates leaving the delicious top notes to make themselves known.

      Its quite an unique, understated scent. It isn't one that screams out anything in particular but it is favourable and appreciated. The top notes are incredibly fresh and almost leafy. Italian bergamot is present in many scents I wear and I feel it adds a clean, citrussy touch to any scent and completely change the where it would be perceived. It is a gorgeous opening which lasts around 1hour before the heart is bestowed upon us.

      The intensity of the heart is quite powerful and there is a lot going on at first but it soon calms down and the different notes can be picked out as opposed to being muddled up! It isn't too floral which I like but offers a light burst of freshness with undertones of lily and a very slight hint of spiciness adding a new dimension to the scent. Its strength lessens over the course of 4-5hours and then a completely different scent comes alive through the base notes.

      What a perfect note combo to end Beauty and one which I adore and Arden has pulled it offer whilst adding a tiny bit of class to the overall scent. The freshness has gone and been replaced by a comforting, deep base which sits reasonably close to the skin for me to appreciate. The sandalwood is probably the strongest note pushing through with a creamy, sweetness to a deep, enchanting amber. The musk hides itself which is ideal as musk can often make a scent too mature and cloying. The base remains put for a further 3-4hours.

      *~*Who Could I Be A Beauty?*~*

      Beauty is a scent I have worn since I was a teenager and my Mum and Gran wear it regularly so it isn't one thats too young or too mature..its an in the middle type scent. It isn't all the strong so perhaps, day to day would be suitable and although it lasts well, if you have a smaller bottle, you can top up on the go without it taking up precious space in the handbag.

      *~*Beauty On The Cheap?*~*

      This is a bargain perfume which is so versatile and cheap that anyone can pull it off. It doesn't look or smell cheap and lasts well. I like wearing Beauty when I don't want to wear a scent thats too fancy or OTT..just something nice and light so that I know I am wearing something as I feel naked with it! It allows me to feel confident within myself.

      It comes with a 5star recommendation from me :)


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        18.01.2010 15:52



        Not for me

        I've just read JennBee's very comprehensive review of this perfume and agree with much of what she says. I'm much less well informed than JennBee is about the subtleties and vocabularly of perfumery, but to add my twopenneth, here's what I think of Ardenbeauty.

        First up, the honest truth is that I won this perfume in a tombola. It wasn't a bad prize - a nice big bottle of branded perfume (could have been a lot worse). However, I have to admit I hardly use this perfume.

        I find it has a peppery beginning followed by a nondescript scent that, as JennBee points out, is not easy to get rid of - it hangs around for hours. This might be a positive for some people, but since I am not a fan of the scent itself it's quite unfortunate.

        I enjoy the packaging and the Elizabeth Arden brand (I'm a big fan of the 8 hour cream) but I think they've got an undistinguished scent here, with a distracting peppery overtone that destroys any subtlety in its bouquet.


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        19.07.2009 18:09
        Very helpful



        Nasty, nasty perfume.

        Background. Generally enthusiastic about perfume, and also worked at a perfume counter. I enjoy a lot of scents from greens, to florals, to true aldehydes. I'm not biased by price or designer, and working at a counter for a while removed a lot of the perfume brand glamour for me.

        I received this perfume as a gift; I would never have bought it for myself.

        Elizabeth Arden hasn't been going through the best time. It's been a while since they've had a 'big' product on their hands (i.e. - like YSL's Touche Eclat), and you may have noticed that they now allow their products to be sold over the counter in normal chemists and discount shops. This is a good indicator of how this type of company is doing. A lot of beauty companies rely on the 'mystique' of an exclusive counter to make you feel the product is special. Once the product can be bought in your local Semi-Chem, it loses a lot of the 'glamour' which encourages you to pay the inflated prices for their products.

        If Ardenbeauty is an indicator of the general quality of their scents, then the decline is well-deserved. The scent is absolutely vile. It is described as having top notes of Italian Bermgamot and Rice Flower, middle notes of Blue Lotus, Ginger Lily, Rubrum Lily and Orchid, and base notes of Sandalwood and Amber. The only scent I could pick up, however, was an intensely sharp, overwhelmingly peppery watermelon smell. I can usually put up with a perfume that isn't quite 'me' for one day - but this was positively offensive. I actually dived back inside the house to scrub my neck and wrists to get the stuff off.

        It's not even like it just had your average 'cheap perfume' smell. There are £1.00 bodysprays out there that are significantly nicer than this stuff.

        It's to be had cheap just now, and I saw one site selling 30ml of eau de parfum for £4.50.

        The only positive point I can think of is that the parfum has good staying power. It took a *lot* of scrubbing to get the scent off me.

        Perfume scents do not remain constant when they are on your skin. The topnotes (your initial impression of the scent) dissipate fairly fast to reveal the middlenotes, then the drydown takes place - revealing the basenotes of the scent. The whole process can take about an hour and a half. I'd say I lasted until the middle notes of Ardenbeauty, and then just couldn't take anymore.

        Perfume can be a very subjective thing, what one person likes another won't. However, I just found this stuff rancid. Try it for £4.50 if you're feeling brave - but I don't think you'll like it.


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    • Product Details

      Created by Elizabeth Arden in 2002. Beauty is a refreshing, crystalline, oriental, woody fragrance suitable for office wear and every day occasions. Top notes of iris, bergamot, and rice flower. Middle notes of orchid, ginger, rhubarb, lotus and lily. Base notes of sandalwood, amber and musk.

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