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Escada Escada Magnetism Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews

Brand: Escada / Eau de Parfum / For women

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    2 Reviews
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      17.07.2008 00:22
      Very helpful



      A complex, warm and comforting, fruity and modern oriental scent.

      Launched: 2003
      Group: Floral Oriental

      ~ Introduction ~

      I have blind-bought Escada Magnetism when I was browsing online for Escada perfumes in a quest to get to know the fragrances of an undoubtedly high-end fashion house. Though the name 'Magnetism' sounded out of context for the notes describing the perfume, the bottle looked evocative of the multitude of sour, sweet and spicy flavours promised in the description. I've been lucky as the fragrance is rich, sophisticated and delivers much more than its look made me believe.

      ~ The fashion house ~

      ESCADA is a German venture and was founded in 1978 by entrepreneur couple Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley. The fashion house has now gone global and is a luxury fashion designer brand often worn by celebrities.

      The fur trade

      Sadly, as I was to learn, the design company is heavily involved in various activities in fur trade. The most notorious of these activities is of course fur sales which they - being extremely lucrative for them - desperately cling to. They aren't the only fashion designer house though to do this - Burberry, Fendi, Gucci, Versace, Armani, Dolce and Gabanna tag along as well just to mention a few.

      ~ The packaging ~

      The gradually coloured semi-transparent hot-pink going deep purple bottle is tall and slender and from halfway upwards it gently tilts to one side like the curve of the Kenzo Flower bottles. The bottle itself is surprisingly simple and has square edges on all sides which I like a lot. A frilly, girly bottle would destroy the contract with the complex fragrance held within. There is a glass top that fits tightly around the atomizer. The commercial packaging has a similar gradual dark pink -purple colour together with some aubergine purple added as the flask. The small Escada logo appears discreetly on the lower half of the bottle.

      ~ The fragrance ~

      Top notes: blackcurrant, melon, red berries

      Initially the notes are somewhat sharp and tangy and give the impression of sour red berries. Only a few minutes later, and the composition develops its sweeter, fruitier and increasingly complex. Magnetism is now warm, fruity with heavy rosy and floral tones over smooth berry ones which cannot be distinguished from one another. This mixture is soft, rich and sweet though somehow subtle. There is quite a lot of sillage that gives out much of its strength in the first half an hour or so.

      Middle notes: magnolia, iris, freesia, basil, caraway, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, rose

      1 ½ hours later and most of the sweet, sheer and fruity feel has died down and leaves a surprisingly herbal residue. The herbal nuances do not remind me of any particular green or herbal note, only something I would describe as slightly savoury and peppery. It is also enveloped by a thin veil of white florals that are deliciously sensual but not overpowering. The greenish herbal notes can only be smelled close to the skin and the little sillage left is mainly floral. I would have liked to experience a bolder, spicier, 'curry' kick as in Bvlgari Omnia but this isn't the case. The herby, spicy notes are extremely refined and subtle like the green grape notes in Echo by Davidoff. The main difference is that here the smooth, creamy and feminine floral notes give a lot more some substance to the composition.

      Base notes: sandalwood, amber, musk, patchouli, benzoin, vetiver, caramel, vanilla

      I start making out the base notes first after about 3 hours on my skin and in the sillage as well. The green, herbal notes having disappeared, a certain spiciness still linger on, however this is now mixed with a rich, deeper ambery feel and characteristic vanilla-tinged patchouli. The most dominant note of Magnetism however is the warm, long-lasting berry aroma that is going strong even in the drydown and makes it different from other fragrances which only contain the 'classic' elements usually employed as base notes in oriental fragrances such as sandalwood, amber, musk and patchouli. In fact, all the notes in the dry down act as supporting notes holding this red berry sorbet on top. To sum up, Magnetism has such a complex blend that it surely tricks your nose and creates a unique, surprising and at the same time comforting scent of, well Magnetism.

      ~ Conclusion ~

      Thumbs up

      Being one of my favourite fruity oriental perfumes I find Magnetism an excellent and versatile, gourmand type of scent. Owing to its complex and skillful blend, it is able to retain its freshness and gourmandize all day round. It's rare to find such a hard to place oriental that isn't too sweet. Magnetism may well suit any skin type or age and is recommended for all seasons.

      Thumbs down

      The company that makes the fragrance is involved in fur trade and clinging to it by its jaws.

      ~ Price / where to buy ~

      Prices start at £15 - £20 on Ebay or escentual.com for Escada Magnetism Eau de Parfum 50ml. The retail price is around £35 / 50ml and £45 / 75ml. I haven't seen Magnetism in high street shops though.

      ~ Additional rating ~

      Originality: 4 / 5
      Composition: 5 / 5
      Staying power: 5 / 5
      Value for money: 4 / 5

      Thanks for reading.

      ©powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao! UK


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        07.05.2008 17:54
        Very helpful



        A scent that goes well for just about any occasion, soft, sweet, and comforting

        This perfume is great for young women who live with the motto "work hard, play hard". Escada Magnetism is a perfume which whisks me to a field full of sweet-smelling flowers at first whiff, then as the scent mellows out, the scene fades away to sitting in front of a fireplace with snow swirling outside, curled up with a nice hot mug of hot chocolate infused with vanilla.

        That could be because I bought this perfume during an Austrian winter, but regardless, it's a fresh smell which gradually mellows out to a soft, sweet vanilla base note at the end of the day, layered with a bit of floral scents for complexity. It's more of a comforting perfume for me than anything; if you're looking for a really fresh, tangy perfume, this isn't for you. It's decadent and rich and makes you want to sigh with happiness.

        Escada's description:
        "A charming fragrance of leafy greens, freesia and black currant drawn to the musky energy of amber, sandalwood and vanilla. At its magnetic fore is a bloom of jasmine, iris, muget and almond blossom."

        It's warm, perfect for a casual day out to work or school that doesn't really need touching up for the night. Since it mellows out to a nice base note of floral-ly vanilla, you might be able to layer it with another scent for the night, but I just leave it on. It has incredible staying power for me; I can spray it on in the day when I wake up for school and I'll still smell traces of it on me when I go out for dinner. Absolutely gorgeous.


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