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Escada Especially Escada Eau de Parfum

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5 Reviews

Brand: Escada / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Contents/Size: 75ml / Gender: for Women

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    5 Reviews
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      03.09.2013 01:11
      Very helpful
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      Sweet floral fragrance, light spray.

      My daughter bought me this spray as a gift last Christmas and it came in a box with a tube of body lotion. I hadn't tried this before so my daughter thought I would probably like it because the bottle looked very pretty inside the box.

      The bottle is a transparent glass and it has a gold metallic top. The top has a nice design and it is a gold metallic plastic oblong shape with what looks like 2 letter C's, one facing the correct way and the other one backwards. Kind of like ) ( but the C letters. Looks an attractive design in my opinion.

      When I first took it out of the box and tried to take the top off the bottle to use it for the first time I couldn't pull the top from the bottle. I wasn't sure if it was then a twist off top, so I tried to twist it but couldn't twist it either. So I continued to pull the top but found it extremely difficult to take the top from the bottle but I didn't want to break the top by forcing it etc. I persevered with it and in the end it pulled from the bottle. After the first couple of times it then became much easier to take off the top and now I don't have any problems with the top at all.

      The spray is a nice pretty baby pink colour and looks beautiful inside the bottle. when I place it on my dresser and the sunlight shines in my bedroom, it looks really nice and a fresh look. The pink colour shines beautifully inside the bottle and looks extremely pretty in my opinion.

      It sprays a really nice even mist onto the skin. It falls nicely and doesn't feel too heavy. Just a light mist but the fragrance is amazing and I love the scent. It is really strong so you don't need to spray too much because it can be too overpowering, a little goes a very long way with this one that's for sure. In my opinion it has a strong kind of sweet, Rose floral fragrance with a really beautiful feminine scent. The fragrance lasts a very long time and the scent is apparent for almost all day without having to top up. I wear this spray when I am going out somewhere special or if I am going out for the evening or going into town to shop but I don't wear it as a day time spray when I am staying indoors because I only like to wear my more expensive sprays for evenings out etc.

      I think this one is a good one for women of all ages to wear, I am in my 50's and it is more than suitable for my age group. My daughter had a quick spray when she visited just to test the spray she had bought me, she loved the scent and she told me that she would also like this one too. So it may be one I will buy her as a gift this coming Christmas instead of the usual brand I buy for her. She is in her 30's so it is suitable for younger women to wear too from my own daughter's experience of trying this spray.

      If you like a feminine fragrance, I think you would love this one and one which I think will make you feel really special. Certainly makes me feel very special and very feminine when I wear this one. I am a girlie girl anyway and very feminine and I love the colour pink as it is my favourite colour so anything pink usually suits me very well and this one certainly suits my lifestyle.

      The bottle size is 30ml, I don't actually know how much it costs because as I said earlier in my review it was a gift from my daughter. But I have checked Boots website and for this size bottle it costs £32 and it is available in 3 different sized bottles. 50ml for £45 and 75ml for £57. So if you are wanting to buy a larger bottle it is available in larger bottles.

      I am really pleased with my Christmas gift and I highly do recommend it for anyone wanting to buy a feminine spray for yourself or for a loved one. I think it would be an ideal one to buy for Mother's day or for Valentine's day to help make to receiver feel special and loved. Certainly made me feel loved and special when I received it from my lovely daughter and I am over the moon with the look of the bottle and the way it has a nice feminine fragrance and staying power.

      Also appears on Ciao under my username pink50.

      I give this one 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        20.03.2013 19:13
        Very helpful



        Especially Escada

        Especially for you.

        A while ago my husband bought a new mens perfume/aftershave in Debenhams and they were giving away lots of free samples of perfume in with the purchase. I'm not sure if I got them because I am a Debenhams Beauty card holder or just because they were giving it out to everyone who made a fragrance purchase but it was a welcome freebie as this is the way I like to try new perfumes to decide if they are for me or not.

        One of the samples that I received in the bundle was this perfume, Especially by Escada. It was launched in 2011 so its still quite a new perfume in terms of others on the market so I think this is maybe why they were giving it out as a free sample, to let people try it and get to know it.

        According to the information, "Especially Escada is a new women's fragrance from the design house of Escada, described as delicious, luxurious and purely feminine, designed for playful, spontaneous and glamorous women of today. The perfume was conceived as an ode to good mood, joy, positive vibrations and strength.

        The sophisticated and velvety soft compositions is built around sparkling rose agreement. Rose, dewy and fresh, occupies the heart of the fragrance, mixed with watery accords of morning dew and sensual ylang-ylang flowers. Top notes of pear and ambrette seed also contribute to its freshness, while developing into the background of light musky tones."

        I get quite a powdery floral smell from this perfume when I apply it and it is quite heavy but that's not to say its overpowering, its actually quite a nice floral smell, I just find it lasts for a really long time. Its definitely suited for day time wear I think as I think its too floral for evening and I prefer something a bit cleaner for evening wear but for the day its lovely and fresh.

        I've only got the sample bottle but the real bottle is really pretty and I'm looking forward to purchasing a bottle soon when my sample has run out. I guess the free sample worked on this consumer as its a perfume I might not have tried if I didn't get it free. The real bottle has a nice gold stopper at the top and then a rectangle glass bottle with the perfume in which has a pink look to it. In actual fact, I think the perfume has a pink tinge to it when I look at it in the bottle.

        According to the information the bottle is described as a, "luxurious balance of contemporary and classical elements, characterized by clean lines and forms, gold stopper with the logo and deep pink colours.

        A really nice day time perfume.


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        08.03.2013 23:39
        Very helpful
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        Lovely pink scent!

        Especially by Escada is another of my recent perfume purchases.

        I have a 30ml bottle of the eau de parfum.
        The perfume was released in 2011.

        ~ Price and availability ~
        The perfume is available in 30ml, 50ml and 75ml bottles.
        The 50ml perfume is available for £34.50 (RRP £45.00) at cheapsmells.com.
        The 75ml perfume is available for £42.50 (RRP £56.00) at cheapsmells.com.
        The perfume is also available at Debenhams and House of Fraser as well as most other department stores.

        ~ Bottle ~
        My 30ml bottle is just over an inch tall, almost two inches from left to right and almost two inches from front to back.
        The bottle is rectangular and made from clear glass. It has 'Escada' in gold lettering on the front.
        The perfume itself is a light pink colour.
        The bottom of the perfume bottle has the Escada logo imprinted into it.
        The logo is two large letter 'E's facing each other.
        The lid of the bottle is gold coloured and it is wide and rectangular, although it has a curve to it. The large gold lid has the logo cut out of it.
        The lid clicks into place and it does not come off easily on its own, but the lid does spin around very easily once it has clicked into place, which I find irritating.

        ~ Scent ~
        This is a lovely perfume.
        It smells sweet and pink.
        The top notes are pear and ambrette seed. The heart notes are rose and ylang-ylang and the base consists of light musky tones.
        It is light, fresh and floral. It has that pink scent to it and it is very sweet. I think it smells expensive and elegant.
        The scent is very feminine.
        To be honest, I can't pick out any of the individual notes in the fragrance.
        I have found the fragrance lasts around 6 hours on my skin before fading away and I was surprised to regularly get a whiff of this scent throughout the day.
        Being light, fresh and floral I think this perfume is more of a day time fragrance.

        ~ Conclusion ~
        This is a lovely fragrance. It is light, fresh, floral, soft and pink.
        I also like the design of the bottle although I think the lid is a bit overcomplicated with the cut out double E Escada logo. I also don't like that the lid spins around so easily once it has clicked into place.
        It is also quite reasonably priced and impressively long lasting.
        I would recommend this perfume, although I think it may be too sweet for some people's tastes so maybe try before you buy.


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          06.08.2012 15:37
          Very helpful



          A really lovely , long lasting girly smell!

          The first time I heard of Escada was when receiving a perfume sample of Especially Escada in my free goody bag from the Debenhams Beauty Giveaway night I attended a month or two ago. I'm not much interested in perfumes and have only ever owned three of them but was happy to get lots of samples as they all had a good amount to last me awhile. The Escada one stood out most as the cardboard it was kept in was bright pink and gold and was the first one I chose. I have since seen the advert on TV many times and would be tempted to smell it because of the advert as it's very pretty and girls, pink dresses and lots of flowers!

          I can't do a full review of the bottle as I have not seen it in person but it looks very nice, from the angle it is often photographed it looks a bit like a gold and glass treasure chest but other angles show it to be a simple glass square that shows the pink perfume inside with a gold decorative lid. The lid is square and the same size as the bottle, it seems to be the Escada logo which is two E's facing into each other. At first I did mistake this for an X on the lid as I was looking at the gold more than the parts missing. The packaging is fairly boring compared to most perfumes on the market these days such as the Marc Jacobs perfumes and many others. On the other hand it's a timeless shape that has taken modern twist on luxuriousness that can is suitable for any age range and I would be happy to show it off on display in my room.

          Escadas own description of the perfume is 'a luxurious and feminine scent inspired by the spirit of today's joyful, spontaneous and glamorous woman who likes to let her emotions run wild! Her attitude is positive, she loves to have fun and her happiness is her strength, but she always remains true to herself.' I really agree with this statement as the scent is very feminine! I'm not great at identifying smells but I'm pretty sure roses is it and the perfume is a pink colour, I definitely feel girly and glamorous wearing it too!

          The smell of the perfume is lovely! I'm not big on the smell of roses but this is quite subtle in this perfume and not too overpoweringly floral. The notes used are Pear, Rose, Ambrette Seeds, Ylang Ylang, Musky Notes. I'm not sure what Ambrette seeds or Ylang Ylang Ylang is or what they smell of but they must obviously smell nice! The overall smell of this perfume is really light, fresh and girly. I've been wearing it a few times over the last few weeks and put it on in the morning and can still smell it on my wrists several hours later. To be fair though I have to apply it differently to the usual perfume spray as mine is a sample tube so I have to tip and hold it against my skin so I'm likely to use more than usual, however I'd be fairly confident in saying it would last just as long with spraying application.

          I really love wearing this perfume as the smell doesn't get overpowering or stick in the back of my throat like many perfumes can, I am going to be sad when my sample runs out as I really do like it. I am considering asking for a bottle for Christmas but I am stuck between choosing this or the new Marc Jacobs 'Dot' perfume though! The price is slightly more expensive than some but still affordable at £30 for 30ml and £42 for 50ml. I think this is a fair price as perfume tend to be pretty expensive and Escada appears to be a luxiurious, expensive brand.


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          15.04.2012 22:16
          Very helpful



          A nice summery fragrance

          I do like my perfumes, and whilst I have a few that I use on a regular basis which are my favourites I am always on the look out to try out different fragrances. A few weeks ago I received a free sample of the perfume Especially Escada, to be honest the Escada perfumes were ones which I hadn't heard a lot about and I didn't really know anything about them, however I was keen to give it a try to see if it was one to add to my collection.

          As I have mentioned I received this perfume as a sample rather than the full sized bottle, however I have done a bit of research into this brand as it was one I knew very little about and if you buy the perfume it comes in a very attractive bottle. The bottle is quite flat and wide in shape, it is made from a thick clear glass allowing you to see the perfume inside, the word Escada appears on the front of the bottle in gold. This lid is an oversized gold E shape which sits on top of the bottle, however as I have said mine is just a free sample so does not come in a pretty bottle to have standing out on the side. The bottle comes in a bright pink rectangle box which really makes the perfume stand out on the shelf, I would definitely be happy to have this perfume standing out in my bedroom both in and out of the box.

          I had no idea what to expect from this perfume so I was keen to try it straight away, when I first smelt the fragrance before applying it to my skin I noticed it had a strong floral fragrance to it but I was keen to see how this developed.
          * Top Notes - Pear, Ambrette Seeds
          * Heart Notes - Rose Petals & Ylang Ylang
          * Base Notes - Musk

          When I first applied this perfume I have to admit I could not detect the top notes of pear and to be honest have no idea what ambrette seed is supposed to smell like, for me the dominant fragrance I could detect as soon as I applied the perfume was the Rose Petals, this was the strongest fragrance and did definitely dominate, this gave the Especially Escada perfume a floral fragrance. The floral notes lasted for quite sometime, however after a while I did start to notice the base note of musk start to creep in, this gradually became stronger, and rather than covering the floral fragrance of rose petals the musk scent mixed with this giving the perfume an overall floral musky smell to it. I wore this perfume all day at work and found that it did last reasonably well, towards the end of the day the fragrance was beginning to fade slightly, however it was still detectable.

          In my opinion I would say that Especially Escada is more of a summery fragrance especially with the dominant floral notes, this perfume would be perfect to wear on a warm summers day. I would say that it is suitable for most occasions, however personally I think this is probably a perfume I would wear more in the day time rather than on a night out, when the base note of musk comes through I would say it is more suitable for an evening occasions, however the strong floral notes when first applied for me makes it more suited to day wear. I would say that Especially Escada isn't aimed at a particular ages group and would say that it is suitable for anyone depending on your personal preferences.

          The Especially Escada perfume is available in a variety of places such as department stores as well as online from sites such as cheap smells.com and theperfumeshop.com. The price varies depending on where you purchase the perfume from, on The Perfume Shop website this perfume is sold for
          *30ml Bottle - £31.50
          *50ml Bottle - £44.50
          Personally I would say that this perfume is fairly priced and the prices for the different sized bottles is pretty much in keeping with this type of product. I would say it was worth the money as it does last well, you do not need a lot of this perfume in one go a few squirts is plenty so I would say it is good value for money.

          Overall I would definitely recommend Especially Escada, it is a lovely summery fragrance ideal for wearing all day. The fragrance in my opinion lasts well and I found that I didn't need to reapply during the day at all. This perfume is perfect if you like a floral summery fragrance, although this does mix with the musk base notes as the fragrance develops. I would say it is fairly priced and would definitely consider purchasing it myself in the future.


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      • Product Details

        Especially Escada; is the gorgeous new fragrance from the House of Escada; a luxurious and feminine scent inspired by the spirit of today's joyful, spontaneous and glamorous woman / Her attitude is positive, she lives to have fun and her happiness is her strength but she always remains true to herself / Especially Escada is built around a delicate rose accord / The result is a refined and sophisticated perfume that expresses soft femininity / Especially Escada says luxury but in a modern and light-hearted way.