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Escada Island Kiss Eau de Toilette

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5 Reviews
  • tropical scent
  • very summery
  • doesn't last long
  • too sweet for some
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    5 Reviews
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      21.10.2014 08:49
      Very helpful


      • " nice bottle"
      • " very summery"
      • " tropical scent"
      • " exotic"
      • lovely


      • " too sweet for some"
      • "doesn't last long"

      Island Kiss

      Escada’s Island Kiss is a fragrance I have wanted for ages and I finally purchased a bottle earlier this year.

      Price and availability
      It is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles.
      The 30ml bottle is quite difficult to find. It would normally cost GBP22.00 and is currently out of stock on the Debenhams website.
      The 50ml and 100ml bottles are available in larger Debenhams stores, but they are not on the website.
      The 50ml bottle can be purchased from allbeauty.com for GBP24.95 (RRP GBP32.50).
      The 100ml bottle is available at allbeauty.com for GBP29.25 (RRP GBP44.50).

      The fragrance comes in a bright blue and pink box with a cartoon silhouette of a woman on the front. It also has, ‘limited edition’ in small letters underneath the fragrance name, but it was a 2011 release and is still in stores in 2014.
      The packaging seems very young and fun, but I don’t think of Escada as a cheap or childish brand.
      The bottle itself is different to that shown. It is a lovely bright blue colour. It is quite tall with curved edges and it has a lovely, chunky, cylindrical cap, which is silver to finish the bottle off.
      ‘Escada,’ is in large white lettering across the front of the bottle, but the name of the fragrance is not shown on the bottle and is not even on the tiny label on the base.
      There is a pink ribbon around the neck of the bottle and there is a small, silver palm tree charm attached to it.
      I like the bottle. It is bright and fun and I really like the shape.

      The fragrance is available as an eau de toilette.
      It has top notes of orange, passion flower and mango.
      It has heart notes of peach and magnolia.
      The base notes are listed as woody notes and sensual musk.
      The fragrance is really light and fruity. It has an exotic, tropical smell, which I think comes from the passion flower.
      The orange in this fragrance is not overpowering or intensely citrusy. I hadn’t noticed the fragrance had an orange note until I read through the list of notes and then gave it another sniff.
      It is a very sweet, fruity scent. I don’t tend to find sweet, fruity scents sickly sweet, but I can imagine some people would find this one a bit too much. It is quite intense for an eau de toilette.
      I really like the scent of this. I think it is one that I have to be in the mood for and it is definitely one I associate with spring and summer more than the cooler autumn and winter months.
      Although it does have quite an intense scent at first it doesn’t last too long on my skin. I’d say it lasts around 4 hours before completely wearing off and although the bottle isn’t the least handbag friendly I prefer not to carry full size perfume bottles around with me so that I can top up throughout the day.
      I still like to use this fragrance as it provides a lovely boost of freshness and it is lovely while it lasts.
      I can’t honestly detect the woody or musky notes in this fragrance even as it wears on. There doesn’t seem to be anything taking away from the vibrant, fruity notes in this eau de toilette.
      I imagine this fragrance is one that younger girls will love. It is quite girly in no way mature. I am in my late twenties and I love this when I’m in the mood for it.
      I think my niece who is 11 would love it, but I think more mature women might find this a bit too sweet. I usually find sweet scents very bearable and quite enjoy them, but occasionally do find myself thinking, ‘Wow this one is sweet!’ when I smell Island Kiss. It is lovely, but I do have to be in the mood for it.

      I enjoy using this fragrance. It is lovely and refreshing and has a lovely, fruity scent for summer. I am glad I bought this and I would consider buying it again if my bottle was to run out. I also like the bottle and think that the fragrance is reasonably priced.
      I would recommend this fragrance particularly for teens or younger women.


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      09.04.2013 09:14
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      brings back memories

      When I was at university I always used to walk through Debenhams to pass some time between lectures and it would always result in me trying out different perfumes. I'm sure the people on the perfume counter must have been fed up of me so sometimes I didn't just try them I would buy them too and this was one of the perfumes which I bought and still buy today. Whenever I wear it it brings back memories of my university days, it's amazing how a smell can bring back such powerful memories but it really does. For this reason this is one of my favourite perfumes.

      The bottle

      The bottle is probably what first attracted me to try it in the first place. I never tried the perfumes that came in ordinary, plain bottles. This is nice and colourful and a bit different. The bottle is quite tall and has heart shapes on the glass but only very subtle so it doesn't detract from the actual colours. The bottom of the bottle is pink and that blends gradually into a rich turquoise blue at the top. The neck of the bottle is then pink and the lid is blue. This makes it look very pretty. It's quite a wide bottle towards the top and I think that makes it feel nice and sturdy when holding it.

      My only criticism with the bottle is the lid. On the first bottle that I had it was fine but on my two subsequent bottles the lid doesn't stay on properly. I don't suppose this matters too much as it does sit on top of it and I don't have the bottle in my bag or anything so for it just standing on my dressing table it's fine but it is a bit of a problem if Hope gets hold of it and then starts trying to spray it around.
      The smell

      I am not a perfume reviewer so I don't understand all the different 'notes' of the perfume so I apologise now if i describe the smell in a less formal way! The smell to me makes me think of summer holidays in hot countries and I can really see where they get the name from! It does smell like exotic flowers and fruits and has a warmth to it that is really lovely. It is sweet but not sickly sweet. I can smell really sweet fruits like passion fruit and raspberries but there is also something floral there too in the background like sweet roses. It's such a lovely smell and together they blend beautifully really making me think of a summer holiday.

      I used to wear this on a daily basis and thought it was a lovely day perfume as it isn't very heavy or overpowering yet it would last the whole day. I would wear it before going to lectures and return home to my house mates who would ask what I was wearing so they could still smell it on me. It was the kind of perfume you could wear without people thinking it was too strong. Now I just tend to wear it when we go out for a special occasion and whenever I put it on I am reminded of the laid back university days and it's really quite nice to be transported back in time like this.


      This is a really lovely perfume which is quite sweet but not heavy so it's nice to wear during the day but now I just tend to use it in the evenings. I am disappointed that the lid hasn't stayed on on my latest bottles, however, I have just had a look on Amazon to check out the prices and I see that the bottle now looks different so perhaps the new style bottle won't have this kind of fault. The new bottles look a little more up to date come to think of it, now that I look at this bottle it does look like it was more appropriate for the Britney Spears days! Now the new bottle does look more simple and elegant, I wonder if I would have tried it... I think this is more of a fragrance for younger people but maybe that's just because it reminds me of when i was younger!

      It costs £24.99 for a 50ml bottle which i don't think is bad value for money at all.
      The name of this product I think is really appropriate, if you want to feel like you've been kissed in an exotic island then try this!


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        01.07.2010 20:03
        Very helpful



        Not to my personal taste

        I got given this perfume as a present from my mum. She had bought at duty free whilst on holiday and brought it back for me as a present. Now, I am never one to be ungrateful of a present, especially a free fragrance, as I love my perfumes! However, I found it very dificult to use this one up and I certainly wouldn't buy it again - I just pray my mum doesn't think I liked it and bring me back another one from her next holiday as I didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't great! I personally found the scent too sweet and too fruity. To me it smelled like a watermelon and if I wanted to walk about all day smelling of watermelon then I may as well just buy one and pour the juice over me - its a lot cheaper anyway! I know this is slightly ridiculous but really the scent was as fruity as you could get.

        * Scent Specifics *

        This perfume was released in 2004 by Escada. It combines exotic fruit notes with florals and is definately a summer fragrance as it is so fruity. I personally did not find this fragrance lasted on my skin all day and usually the scent had worn off by lunch time.

        * Packaging *

        The perfume comes in a cardboard cuboid shaped box which is mainly white in colour. The box has the brand name 'Escada' on the front, a cartoon like picture of a woman in a bikini top and skirt, and a lipstick kiss shape at the top of the box. Everything on this packaging promotes this perfume as one for young girls wanting to have some fun in the summer. The bottle itslef also promotes this marketing theme as it is shimmery blue in colour at the top and fades into shimmery purple at the bottom of the bottle - representing the colours of sun and sea. Overall, I do like the vibrant colours of the packaging and I like the fact that, although the bottle is coloured, you can still see through it to tell how much perfume you have left.

        * Price *

        In store expect to pay around £30 for 30ml and around £40 for 50ml. However, this perfume can be found cheaper online so check ebay, amazon and online perfume stores for the best price.


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        15.11.2009 14:23
        Very helpful



        10/10 for this beautiful perfume.

        Escada Island Kiss

        I got this perfume in a Collector's Edition pack of 5 Escada Perfumes; Island kiss, Rockin' Rio, Pacific Paradise, Sunset Heat and Ibiza Hippie.

        I first heard of Escada when I bought Pacific Paradise on the Ferry on the way to Italy, from then on the smell always reminded me of that holiday, and became one of my favourite perfumes. So when I saw this pack for £12.50 for 5 small bottles (4ml each), I just had to buy them to try them all, so I could choose my favourite one!

        And I must say they were all delicious! With such strong fruity smells which stuck around all day, my only problem was there wasn't enough of it in the bottles, and I tended to use half a bottle each time I used it!

        But it gave me a great experience of using them all so I could choose which ones I wanted in larger bottles rather than wasting my money on perfumes I might not like!

        == Smell ==
        Of course perfume is all about the smell, if the smell is disgusting but it comes in a pretty little bottle, then it's not really worth the money, but Island Kiss is absolutely delicious in smell!

        Upon opening the bottle, you get a strong smell of that Escada smell which they all seem to have the same of, I don't know what it is, but all Escada perfumes have it!

        Island Kiss is much "tarter" than Pacific Paradise and Ibiza Hippie, and gives me a kind of feeling of tropical fruits unlike the others which are more berry based smells.

        The smell is quite tangy, which I love in a perfume as sometimes the sweeter smells can get a little sickly as the day goes on, and if your not feeling too well one day, it can put you off the perfume for life! Whereas this perfume has a sweetness which is subtle and behind the tartness of the tropical fruit smell which is much like Passion Fruit, and kind of like the smell you get when you open up a bottle of Tropical Fruit juice, only with a more alcohol smell to it, with a mix of flowers in there too!

        _But what about after half an hour?_
        All perfumes start to smell differently as the day goes on, as the smells start to separate and you start getting used to it, and this perfume is the same, the perfume doesn't stick to your skin all day I must admit, and after around half an hour you can't smell it yourself anymore, but I have comments about it long after I have stopped smelling it, so that is just my nose getting used to the smell of it!
        The smell of Island kiss goes much sweeter as the day goes by, with the tangy smell disappearing after half an hour, and turning much more like its predecessors.

        == How Long does it last? ==
        As I just said, you yourself kind of forget you're wearing the perfume and stop smelling it. But others can still smell it subtly on you, rather than been completely over powering all day and smelling like a perfume shop, it is just subtle undertones which keep on coming out to say hello as you move around throughout the day!

        It lasts around 4-5 hours as with most good perfumes, and after this you do need to give another spritz to keep it going all day, but it is perfect for a night out, or day at school/college as it tends to last the right amount of time for these occasions!

        == When can I wear it? ==
        As with all Escada perfumes, it is perfect for all day wear, rather than been specifically for day or night, this has a sophisticated enough smell to it to wear on a nice night out, but isn't too sophisticated that it can't be worn during the day.

        This is good in the way that you can wear it whenever so you only need one perfume, but it also means that the perfume goes very quickly! Even though you don't need much of it each time you spray, you tend to use it everyday and every night, making it last just a couple of weeks! Especially when it only comes in a 30ml bottle!!!

        == What is the packaging like? ==
        The bottle is the traditional love heart shaped Escada bottle, which is normal with all of their perfumes, with a bright blue plastic lid, this same bright blue continues onto the bottle and halfway down until the bottle turns to a transparent light pink colour. The bottle is exactly the same as the Pacific Paradise perfume bottle, but the opposite way around, although it has the same blue lid, bottle is pink on top then blue below, this tells me that Escada made the perfumes alike with a slight difference, which to me is the tanginess!

        The box is a simple rectangle, the bottle is light blue going into a darker blue with a sea/wave pattern, with a big kiss mark in the right hand corner, then the name of the perfume. Below this is a girl in a bikini, there are pictures of jewels all over the bottom part of the box.

        The box is more "fun" than the Ibiza Hippie box, and so maybe it is a sign it's not as "serious" a perfume, and maybe more for the daytime than the night in Escadas eyes.

        == In Conclusion ==
        Island Kiss is a very pretty perfume, and I really like it! I think I like it enough to buy a bigger bottle of it, although I have never seen it in any local fragrance shops, so may have to buy it off the internet!

        On average the perfume costs around £35 a bottle (this is for a 30ml bottle), which is quite expensive really for a small bottle of perfume. And currently the perfume is not on Ebay.

        All in all a god 10/10 for this delicious perfume!!!


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        07.12.2008 21:58
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Get the scent of summer, even in the depths of winter

        Every spring Escada bring out a new limited edition eau de toilette, which is light and fruity and ideal for summer. Island Kiss was the first that I found, about 5 years ago.

        It is discontinued in the shops now but is still available online, and at quite reasonable prices. You should expect to pay around £25 for 30ml and £35 for 50ml.

        Island Kiss has a fruity yet floral scent with tropical fruits and flowers with a hint of musk. Whenever I wear it I receive a complement, as once it settles it smells delicious.

        When I wear it I can't help but think of sunny beaches and hot summer days- even if our summer days are more grey and dreary!

        If you want a light fruity summer fragrance- buy this. No-one else will smell the same as you (except me!) but if you prefer heavier more musky fragrances then this will probably not be your cup of tea!


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      • Product Details

        Escada Island Kiss is a fragrance inspired by Caribbean beaches, fragrant coasts, salty air and lush notes of fruit and flower. Top notes include orange, passion flower and mango highlighting that this is an exotic edition refreshed with aquatic, juicy and fruity peach notes combined with magnolia in the heart. The base adds woody notes and sensual musk.

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