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Escada Margaretha Ley Eau de Parfum

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Brand: Escada / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    1 Review
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      05.09.2002 18:30
      Very helpful



      She waits eagerly for him to return from work. She knows he will be exhausted after a long hard day and she thinks about how she can make him feel special when he comes home. She can't wait for him to hold her in his arms and tell her that he loves her more than life itself and that the day is so long without her. She imagines him nestling his face against her cheek and slowly caressing her neck. He takes a deep breath and inhales the aroma that is 'Escada' and he is overcome with passion. He lays her down on the floor to make love?.. What a load of balls! He comes in, takes is shoes off. Stinks the house out and asks; what's for dinner? You're lucky if you get a 'hello love, how are you?' and as for noticing you are wearing a new perfume? There's a fat chance of that. So why is it that every fragrance advertisement we see portrays a mad passionate encounter with the mere whiff of some concoction of flowers or spices? For centuries we have used our sense of smell and even the most basic mammal has a good sniff of its mate. Now I don't know about you but I don't really like the smell of sweaty armpits and I prefer the aroma of a nice aftershave or perfume to 'the natural smell' I know we all have our own scent and that's all well and good but there?s something special about a fragrance that makes your body tingle with anticipation and makes you come out in goose bumps. I don't know if it's the same for men but I know plenty of women who can get turned on by certain fragrances. I remember me and my friend going to Boots, inhaling 'Mandate' and having visions of some fantastically gorgeous guy asking us out for a date while purchasing a bottle. No such luck! When choosing a fragrance for ourselves it?s slightly different of course, we don't want to be having an orgasm every time a gust of wind blows the scent in our direction (or am I wrong?) we want eit
      her something that makes us feel feminine, sexy or both. In order to decide which perfume suits us it is necessary to try the perfume on, now this may sound silly but perfumes can smell different on other people. I didn't try it before I bought it because when I was watching bid-up.tv when they were auctioning some Escada perfume. I had heard of it before and a friend of mine said it was her favourite so I went along with my instinct and placed a bid. I actually got a 30ml bottle of Escada Loving Bouquet, 75ml of Escada Sport Country Weekend, 75ml of Escada Sport Feeling Free and a tube of body lotion for the grand price of £17.00 and £6.00 p&p. Now that's a bargain! I'm not going to bore you this time by reviewing each of those products. The fragrance in question for this review is 'Loving Bouquet' The packaging itself doesn't jump out at you and you may think that it is more for the mature woman by looking at the box alone. The name ESCADA is emblazoned across the box vertically from top to bottom in purples, greens and pinks. Directly underneath you have 'MARGARETHA LEY' Margaretha Ley was the co-founder along with Wolfgang in 1976 and was the chief designer of the fashion house until her death in 1992. In her mind the identity of Escada was one of clean, sleek and sophisticated. She tried to achieve this both in the fashion house as well as in the fragrances they produced. As this particular scent is 'Loving Bouquet' the box is adorned with purple flowers. Not so much in a bouquet but more of a cascade still attached to the stems running up from the bottom to the top. This is why I think it gives the impression as a perfume for a mature woman as it reminds me of the kind of birthday card I would send to my mum or grandma. They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, or in this case a perfume by its packaging so I?m going to have to test this out and s
      ee for myself. There is a cellophane wrapper on the outside of the box to protect it and an inner cardboard packaging. As I slide out the bottle it feels very light. The lid is a golden colour and has a ridged effect. The word ESCADA runs around the lid with love hearts in between each letter. The main part of the bottle feels like it's frosted and is of a lilac/purple colour with 3 love heart shapes in the middle encompassing each other. It gives me the impression of a cheep bottle but that maybe because of how light it feels and the texture of the bottle itself. If you hold it up to the light you can actually see through it and check how much perfume you have left. The lid comes off easily and it is a spray bottle (vaporisateur) if we're being posh! It is an eau de toilette and not a parfum which is apparantly stronger. You don't need to press too hard and you get a fine mist spray that easily covers the wrist area, I always rub my wrists together rather than spray on each wrist. It is definitely floral; you can't mistake it, quite sweet and light. I asked my daughter how far away she was before she could smell the fragrance and it was about one foot. I was concerned that because it was so light that I would need to spray a lot before anyone would notice it. I think that balance is just right. You can smell the fragrance from a short distance but it wouldn't overpower you in a small room. If you place the wrist under your nose it doesn't make you sneeze either. I can be quite sensitive to perfumes and some set me off sneezing straight away. A couple of hours later I was still aware of the scent on my skin so it lasted quite well. I do think that women of all ages would wear it, as it isn?t too flowery that it would instantly remind you of your grandmother. For me it would be more of a daytime fragrance due to the floral tones and I think that in a pub/club with everyone wearing some kind of scent you mi
      ght find it difficult to notice. I can see the romance in it also and it conjures up an image of Paris and a romantic meal with a partner so I can understand why love hearts feature in the design of the bottle. The little leaflet inside says that it is a limited edition for 1999. Like a breath of fresh air bringing joy in to your heart, softly rustling the folds of your dress fabric around your silhouette, 'Loving Bouquet' is a fragrance full of charm, romanticism and lightness. Romantic and light, Yes, but I think they go overboard with the joy into your heart bit! I'm not going to analyse it like a vintage wine but I would say that if you're not a flowery person then stay away from it. It is not strong, spicy or musky at all. This is one of many fragrances that Escada produce and since Michael Stoizenburg succeeded Margaretha Ley a more youthful and modern perspective has appeared in the Escada collection. The official Escada website says that he brings new idea's with classic design. I imagine that this is where the sport range comes in but you'll have to wait for my next op to find out if he has us 'young girls' (well we can pretend can't we?) converted to the Escada way of life.


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