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Escada Taj Sunset Eau de Parfum

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Brand: Escada / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    1 Review
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      04.08.2011 19:56
      Very helpful



      Mango perfume - Yum


      It's been several years since I first became acquainted with the Escada brand of perfumes. The bottle initially caught my attention, it was so colourful and vibrant and the name 'Rockin' Rio' conjured up all sorts of visions of carnivals and fiesta's, and happy times enjoying oneself on holiday. Therefore it was very apt, that this chance meeting was at a Duty Free lounge, as I was waiting for a flight to the Algarve.

      Although I didn't purchase any at the time, I desperately wished I had, and hoped to buy some on my return. Two weeks passed in a whirlwind, and having arrived home with a 'stowaway' (my daughter), thoughts of this captivating perfume were forgotten amongst the excitement of my pregnancy.

      ~~~Summery Fragrance~~~

      That being said, one year later, almost to the day, we were at the same airport, going to the same destination and fate came knocking. There, in all its glory was Escada perfume, once again. The bottle was the same, the vibrant colours were the same, and the holiday-ish name was the same. It was now called Pacific Paradise, and the fragrance was slightly altered, but it had the same unmistakable notes to it, a sweet sugariness. This time I wasn't leaving until I had it, and I purchased it there and then.

      Now, this has become my summer fragrance. Every year I buy the new Escada perfume; usually with some birthday money that I've been lucky enough to receive. Last year's was Ocean Lounge, but there have been Ibiza Hippie and Tropical Punch in between. I told you they all sounded like something to do with holidays. :)

      ~~~About Taj Sunset~~~

      This year has been no exception. I recently purchased this year's offering - Taj Sunset. Only available as an eau de toilette, its 50ml (1.6 fl.oz.) bottle is large enough to last the whole summer long, even when you wear it every day.

      The box is a traditional cardboard style, which is easily detectable on the shelf in the store. Its vibrant colours simply shout out 'look at me'. The fuchsia, mango, lemon and teal colours are unmissable.

      The bottle, as always, is an upside down teardrop shape. Where it would normally be a point, this is flattened so that the bottle stands up easily.

      Spraying the tester in Boots the chemist earlier (why, when I knew I was going to buy it anyway?) I was initially disappointed by the lid. It has a horrible grey, plain lid, and although it didn't put me off purchasing, I was happy to find that this was just for the tester bottles, and to detract anyone from wanting to steal them. I was pleased to see, upon opening my box, the iconic silver long tubular lid.

      The bottle is translucent with just a hint of orange. Where the glass is thicker, it gives a more intense colour and therefore you get a graduating effect. Escada Taj Sunset is written on the reverse of the bottle, and a design reminiscent of an Indian Henna tattoo is applied to the front.

      ~~~The Fragrance~~~

      Enough waffling about the bottle, I hear you say? What does it smell like? According to the Escada website, this a sweet and smooth scent with a tropical mango fruit note and a velvety cream twist, a contrast that perfectly embodies the adventure and exoticism of summer in Goa.

      While that is all well and good - what initially hits you is the sweetness. If you do happen to try a tester, please try it on your skin, and not on the cardboard tester strips. The sweetness is intense and reminds me of oranges, and mangoes; Fruity with a tropical sharpness.

      Within moments this dies down, and the middle tones come through. These are still fruity but with a floral edge. I can't say to my untrained nose what these are but a glance at the Escada website tells me that this flirty scent is due to watery blossom and sweet pomorose. This is mellowing on the skin wonderfully. It almost becomes a dessert scent, rather like peaches and cream.

      The final layer is subtle and totally at the other end of the spectrum to when it was first applied. It's said to be coconut cream, musk and sandalwood. It's warm and captivating, and yet mysterious. I absolutely adore it. This is summer in a bottle, not an English summer, I admit, mores the pity.

      This is definitely a day time perfume, or even going out with friends. For evening use, this is too light, and fruity.

      ~~~On Promotion~~~

      At the time of writing this review (31st July 2011) this is currently on promotion in Boots for £22.00 rather than its usual £33.00. A saving of £11.00 is not to be sniffed at. Another saving gives you triple points, if you have an advantage card, due to this being a 50ml sized bottle. This would equate to a further £2.52 saving and would make this perfume even more of a bargain.

      ~~~My Thoughts~~~

      In conclusion, the Escada ranges of perfumes are my summer signature scent, I absolutely love them. This one has got to be one of the best though. I just hope you can get past the initial sickly sweetness, and give this a go, as the fragrance that lingers longest, is the most wonderful, warm, summery scent imaginable.

      More details and a free sample should you wish to apply for one, can be found at the following website: http://www.escada-fragrances.com/tajsunset/en/about.php

      A big thumbs up and 5 out of 5 from me.

      Many thanks for reading my review.

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      © elysia2003 July 2011


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