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Estee Lauder Azuree Eau de Parfum

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Brand: Estee Lauder / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2011 14:34
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      A well priced classic fragrance

      ~Fresh, green, citrusy, woody and much much more!~

      The classic green and citrusy, woody chypre style fragrance that is Estee Lauder's Azuree EDT has been around for a long time (since 1969 in fact) and whilst in many ways the fragrance gives off a slightly dated feel to many modern fragrance buyers, my feeling is that it is still the classic blend it always was. Of course when compared with many of todays modern fragrance blends, Azuree can seem a little out of touch with many of the lighter flufflier fruity floral scents that have been popular with fragrance buyers in recent years, yet still manages to retain a certain charm when worn with confidence on the skin from time to time.

      ~A classic in the making~

      The idea and inspiration behind the fragrance came from the mediterranean holiday home that Estee Lauder herself owned at the time, with Azuree being described as being like 'a golden girl, languorously basking in the warm mediterranean sun' a vision of womanhood who like the fragrance itself could 'spread sunshine everywhere'. In reality the idea behind the the fragrance and the blend of ingredients used has created a scent that some consider to be a niche fragrance which you will either love or hate. In wear I have found that the mix of ingredients used have an intoxicating and interesting feel from the very first spritz of Azuree on warm freshly washed skin, which do indeed either make you want to wear the fragrance time and time again......or not!

      ~Presentation and ease of use~

      As far as the presentation of the product goes, the classic Azuree fragrance is held within an equally classic looking glass fragrance bottle that has the usual Estee Lauder gold toned finishings to the bottle neck and lid. The simply crafted layered looking clear glass bottle has a rather retro feel to it, which would not have looked out of place on a dressing table in the late 60's and 70's. The bottle works well enough as it has enough weight to it to allow the bottle to sit well on a flat surface without tipping even when the fragrance level has diminished. The gold toned lid is easy to take off when wanting to spray on a little of the fragrance and can be placed back onto the bottle with as much ease after use. The spray applicator works well and only a small amount of fragrance is required to give a light yet fully fragranced effect that will last for many hours, perhaps even a full day if used only a little more generously.

      ~Top, middle and base notes~

      Estee Lauder describe the fragrance as being a 'sunlit citrus' based blend which is also 'earthy and rich' at the same time and this does convey a little of the what the scent is about as you certainly do get a fresh burst of beautiful citrus when spritzing the fragrance onto the skin. The crisp citrus effect that opens the fragrance is toned down by the use of green and woody notes that give Azuree its classic feel and flavour and the over all effect is one that has a good degree of depth. In wear there can be a slight powdery feel to the fragrance at times which does mean that you need to be in the right mood to wear the fragrance, although to be fair the effect is not always as prominent and on warmer days when the fragrance mixes in with the oils in your skin the darker more woody and green notes do come to the fore allowing the strength and depth of Azuree to come through.

      The top notes in this fragrance comprise basil, citrus and jasmine which give the fragrance its signature slightly herbal citrusy opening and these are quickly followed by the mid notes of sweet rose and smokey, slightly earthy green vetiver, along with green and herbaceaus smelling armoise. The strength of the fragrance comes from the use of amber, patchoulli and moss which give the fragrance a warmer long lived feel and help to tone down the strong bitter green notes that lurk amongst the fragrance blend in Azuree. In many ways whilst Azuree has plenty going for it is has to be said that it really is a fragrance for those who are fans of woody green blends and as such if you are not used to these kinds of fragrance then Azuree will not be your kind of thing.

      There is nothing young and fluffy about this fragrance, it has a grown up feel that exudes confidence and gives off an allure all its own with a strong fresh outdoor feel when first spritzed on which soon evokes more rustic woody, earthy and green tendencies. Fans of fragrances such as Chanel 19 and Estee Lauder's Alliage will find Azuree a comfortable alternative to ring the changes with and I would even go as far as to say that in may ways the fragrance could have almost been a unisex blend, as it works on so many levels for both male and female fragrance wearers.

      ~Price and rating~

      As far as pricing goes the fragrance is pitched at around £35 for a large sized 60ml bottle which I feel offers good value when compared with other well known brands that have a similar ingredient list. The lasting time of Azuree when on the skin is very good which means you don't often have to top up your fragrance throughout the day leaving you free to enjoy the way it changes on the skin over time, whilst also saving a few pennies along the way. This means that a bottle of the fragrance will last for some time even when worn on a daily basis, making it a fair buy as an all day fragrance to wear as the mood takes you.

      For some reason the fragrance is not always on prominent display on the Estee Lauder fragrance counter in high street stores, although I have found that in general there will most certainly be a bottle or two lurking somewhere. If you do have problems purchasing the fragrance then the Estee Lauder website would be a good place to order from as the fragrance is generally available at the price listed here (the delivery charge does add a further £3.95). As far as rating the fragrance goes, I feel Azuree is deserving of a 4 star product rating as it does have an interesting blend of ingredients, along with a good amount of staying power and is also quite well priced.


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