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Estee Lauder White Linen Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Estee Lauder / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      01.01.2013 21:05
      Very helpful



      A useful spring/ summer fragrance

      ~White Linen or washed out muslin?~

      Amongst the varied range of Estee Lauder fragrances that I have had the pleasure of trying is White Linen which has been a fragrance that I have worn on and off over a number of years as the mood has taken me. The range of White Linen scented products Estee Lauder make include this fresh and easy to wear fragrance along with a matching body lotion ideal for fragrance layering. There is also a slightly thicker body cream, a light bath and shower gel ideal for more subtle fragrance matching and a very nicely presented and softly scented body dusting powder, which if you are able to afford, at an eye watering £30 plus, is a very nice way to complete the White Linen fragranced body product collection.

      White Linen EDT is a light and easy to wear fragrance in my opinion, which Estee Lauder say is a 'modern classic to live in all year long' and although I do agree that you can wear White Linen at any time if you really want to, I feel the fragrance really is more at home on a summers day or a spring afternoon than it is on a cold and snowy winters day when a warmer more enveloping fragrance can be of more benefit. If I may quote what Estee Lauder say here they tell us that 'White Linen captures the very essence of a perfect day, early spring breezes tinged with the fragrance of fresh flowers and endless blue sky' and that for me does rather sum up the whole feel and ethos of this easy to wear fragrance, as I too feel it evokes a fresh spring time air that I rather like to wear now and then.

      ~What inspired the White Linen fragrance?~

      Using Estee Lauders own words to describe the idea behind the White Linen scent the fragrance house tells us that, 'the more complex and pressured a women's life becomes, the more she prizes simplicity and ease. White Linen is that calming element that can lift spirits and make a woman feel cool and calm'. If only life were as easy to fix as that we would all be splashing on the White Linen with wild abandon and going about our daily life without a care in the world. Doing the washing up would no longer be a chore, hoovering would be a thing of rare beauty and ironing would be THE most treasured and enjoyable activity we could all immerse ourselves in, whilst drenched in a hefty amount of White Linen of course and sipping on a very cool G &T, never breaking a sweat and looking like we had just slipped out of a very high end fashion magazine.....Ah if only ladies, if only!

      Estee Lauder would also like us to think that White Linen is a fragrance that reminds us all freshly washed crisp white bed sheets and linen suits, evokes thoughts of elegant white flowers and crisp freshly cut leaves and stems and generally sends us into White Linen induced springtime frenzy. Whilst I cannot say that I have had those kinds of extreme feelings when I have worn White Linen I can certainly say that I do like it very much at times and it can remind me of a lovely spring day with just a small spritz of its fresh and clean fragrance. Since the 1978 inception of White Linen it has been a staple of many a womans fragrance stash and has on and off been a fragrance that I have bought and worn. This fragrance I am sure has been bought by many White Linen devotees each each springtime to wear and enjoy, when I feel its pretty fresh powder like fragrance works at its best throughout the early days of summer. If you are able to sample its delights you will soon be able to understand just why White Linen has been around for such as long time, as it really is very wearable and can take care of itself once on your skin.

      ~ My thoughts and those of Estee Lauder~

      Estee Lauder said of her creation ' a mother can have eight children and no favourites, but I must admit that White Linen was a particularly cherished child. White Linen is simply one of the most gorgeous, unforgettable scents in the world'. Now that really is fighting talk, a very bold and confident statement from someone who has created a range of varied and well loved fragrances that we all know so well, but can White Line really compete with the true greats of the fragrance world?

      The fresh, crisp clean linen scent was a fragrance that took 4 years to perfect and I feel that there is an amount of timeless elegance to White Linen that is very familiar and easy on the nose when you wear it. I cannot fully agree that the fragrance is able to completely 'transcend the seasons' as the fragrance would not be my first choice on a very cold day as I find its mix can feel a little less than perfect for wear during colder weather. I find that I tend to think of this fragrance as being a warm weather fragrance for some reason, however that said, there have been times when I have worn White Linen on a winters day and enjoyed the fresh feel I get from it when out walking in crisp freshly laid snow, or caught a glimpse of its lovely fresh powdery floral tone when enjoying the falling autumn leaves in all their russet toned beauty. Perhaps Estee Lauders 4 years worth of work on the White Linen blend has been worth it, as in writing this I do recall how the fragrance has worked for me on those occasions, although I quite possibly may have simply picked up the first fragrance that came to hand, rather than thinking 'oh this one is perfect for colder weather'.

      ~Top, Middle and Base Notes~

      ~ Top Notes ~ Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine, Muguet (Lilly of the Valley)

      ~ Middle Notes ~ Violet and Orris

      ~ Base Notes ~ Vetiver, Moss, Amber

      ~Fragrance Type~ Fresh crisp floral

      ~ When to wear it~ Best worn as a day wear fragrance

      ~The reality of how it smells~

      The top notes within this fragrance are Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine and Muguet which give the fragrance a floral rose toned entree with a hint at the fresh crispness that will remain on the skin as the fragrance softens and changes. Muguet being the lovely green fresh scent of the Lilly of the Valley flower is well suited to this fragrance and certainly allows the fragrances crisp fresh feel to come through on my skin when I wear White Linen. At times White Linen does fall very close towards being a scent that reminds me of the many clean and fresh scented household cleaning products that abound in order to lure us into enjoying the mundane task of doing the washing and keeping a clean and tidy home. I have often wondered how White Linen walks so very close to that edge and then manages to draw back from it, showing its more thoughtful and complex side and thus drawing me back towards enjoying it again.

      The concentration of the EDT fragrance is very pleasing when I wear this and I find that I rather enjoy the full on first few moments of the fragrance being fresh and new on my skin. I like the sharper opening that is there for just a second or two, that then becomes a slightly softer powdery based fresh clean scent that holds my interest just enough to make me want to wear the fragrance again. The initial floral freshness is backed up with mid notes of Orris which is a well known fixative used in fragrances and adds a longer lasting note to the White Linen scent and Violet which may seem surprising, yet when you think about it can be clearly sensed amongst the florals in the fragrance with its signature sweetness and when combined with Orris gives off a dual pronged violet scented fragrance. The strength and longevity of White Linen is brought to us with the use of warm Amber, Moss and Vetiver with its smoky earthy feel that lies in the background of the fragrance and simmers away allowing the fragrance to remain active on the skin for some length of time.

      ~ The look, the price~

      When I think of the White Linen fragrance my thoughts turn towards the simple yet classic looking box and the overly plain and simple bottle. The look of both do not appear to have been altered over the years and what was a classy and simple design when new does look a little dated and staid these days. I feel that the light toned box complete with gold central shell shaped logo and navy blue edging does age the fragrance and yet perhaps also gives it a more classic appeal for more mature fragrance wearers. The bottle that White Linen comes in is heavy but not overly so and has a simplicity to it that is a little disappointing. As with many of the Estee Lauder fragrances the bottle is not the centre piece of the fragrance at all and we are left feeling that almost all the effort here was put into the fragrance itself. The bottle functions well enough, the lid stays in place as it should yet the look falls rather short of being a true classic fragrance bottle.

      ~Summary/ product rating~

      As far as rating White Linen I do feel it has a fresh feeling classic scent, although the slightly dated presentation may put off younger buyers and that ought to be a consideration if buying this as a gift. I feel that White Linen is still a very wearable fragrance that sits in the mid way price band making it an affordable luxury to buy every now and then. I do rather like it and every now and then when the mood takes me I know that I am able to spray it on and let it take care of itself. Over al I feel that White Linen is very close to being what Estee Lauder hoped it would be and as such it gets a 4 star product rating.


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    • Product Details

      White Linen Perfume by Estee Lauder Launched by the design house of estee lauder in 1978 white linen is classified as a sharp gentle floral fragrance / This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh florals including jasmine rose berry moss and amber / It is recommended for daytime wear /

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