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Etienne Aigner Too Feminine Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Etienne Aigner / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2011 20:06
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      Fresh & Fruity

      I was given a bottle of Aigner: Too Feminine Eau de Toilette as a gift from a relative (I suspect from the duty free following a recent trip abroad). I love trying new perfumes out and this is not one that I had heard of or seen before so was really pleased to receive it.


      I was unfamiliar with Etienne Aigner and had certainly not come across any of their range before, so for those that are feeling likewise, I'll provide a little bit of background. Etienne Aigner is actually a specialist in leather goods - bags and wallets, established first in Paris then moving to America. The range has since developed and extended into sunglasses, jewellery and, of course, perfume. This probably explains why I was unfamiliar with the perfume previously, as I tend to purchase from more well-known perfume-focused brands.


      The bottle is quite attractive and modern looking. It is very thick glass, which just shows at the bottom, and predominantly a silver metal that incorporates the spray nozzle. This swoops down over most of the bottle at a slant to reveal just a little of the glass (difficult to describe but the picture above illustrates this perfectly). Through the glass, you can see the perfume which is a beautiful light pink in colour.

      I find the bottle quite hard to store as it is particularly tall, I have a drawer filled with perfumes and this is far too tall to stand in here, so it has to be laid on it's side. On the plus side, the way that the bottle is designed means that the nozzle is very secure and no leakage of the perfume is caused by this. Of course, the bottle could be stood on my dresser - it certainly is attractive enough - but I'd rather not have the clutter (and inevitable dusting!).

      I find that the metal part of the bottle is rather prone to gathering finger prints and dirty markings, which detracts from the initial 'new and shiny' appearance that this has. This is obviously, by the nature of the product, hard to avoid as you can not apply without touching this, but means that the bottle develops a 'used' appearance quite quickly.


      Aigner Too Feminine was launched in 2006 and is described as a 'Floral Fruity fragrance for women'. I love fresh, fruity perfumes and find floral fragrances can be a bit more traditional and slightly less to my own personal taste, so the idea of combining the two is really interesting to me.

      Looking at the notes that are used to make up this fragrance, there is definitely quite a mix, and certainly a lot more to this fragrance than I had originally thought! Top notes are passionfruit, grapefruit and watermelon. Middle notes are indian tuberose, tunisian orange blossom, parma violet, magnolia and egyptian jasmine and, finally, base notes are orris, sandalwood, amber, musk, oakmoss and vetiver.

      Looking through that list of ingredients, I don't even know what some of them are so perhaps it's not too surprising that I can't detect them all when I spray the scent. I would describe this perfume as fresh and fruity, rather than particularly floral although there are a few hints of the floral notes once it wears off a little. On initial spray, there is a light, zesty scent which definitely makes me feel fresh in the morning - this is definitely one more for daywear than the evening as it is quite light. It lacks the sophisticated, sexy edge that I look for in an evening perfume. I definitely can't detect the smokiness that sandalwood usually provides to perfumes.

      To some people, this scent may be sickly - friend of mine think this smells of strawberries or raspberries (which don't seem to appear in the make-up of the fragrance at all), but I don't smell this. I definitely smell a fruity fragrance with a few light floral undertones - it is more tropical to me though - it's a really soft and, as the name suggests, feminine scent. I think it is gorgeous!

      I find that, once applied to the skin, the fragrance lasts all day and I frequently get a new waft of scent throughout the day, which is really refreshing. The scent also seems to change subtly throughout the day, as the initial fruity burst slightly wears off and you begin to detect the more subtle floral tones.


      Like I have stated above, I received this as a gift so I am not sure what price this was purchased for. After a quick search online, it appears that this currently retails at around £35 for the Eau de Toilette. There is also a spring version of the fragrance available now that I wouldn't mind trying, as well as a body wash so you can layer the scent if you choose to.

      I really love this scent, although appreciate that this is a very personal thing. This won't be to everyone's taste as it will be too sickly sweet for some people. Personally, I find it a fresh, feminine scent that is great for daywear and is one that I always take on my holidays, so when I smell it now it reminds me of summer days! The fragrance is long-lasting too and keeps me feeling happy and fresh all day when wearing it - a real mood lifter.


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