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Far Away Exotic Eau de Parfum

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  • smells nice
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    2 Reviews
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      10.08.2014 15:12
      Very helpful


      • "smells nice"


      my favorite far away scent

      **Reason for purchase**
      I actually purchased this as a gift for someone else but the perfume smelt really bad on them but nice on me so I got it back :P
      The bottle design is like the original -an oval glass bottle . The lid and the tassle on it is what is different from the original since it is purple and cream instead of the pink.

      The first scent is quite floral and quite strong
      I think that this perfume is quite strong at first anyway and heavier than other avon perfumes and would therefore be a good day or night perfume. You are then hit with a more sandalwood and mandarin smell which I think of as being more exotic. This does have hints of the original scent and it shows how just even a slight change can make all the difference in a scent.

      As the far away range goes this is one of my favourites.
      Unlike many other perfumes that avon have brought out this one is still quite widely available on amazon and ebay etc
      The scent is quite flowery with a slight musk tone.I think that this is suitable for most age groups because whilst quite strong it doesn't have either a young person or an old person smell.
      The recommended retail price is £13 but it is on amazon for £5.90 for the 50ml bottle.
      I would say buy this only if on offer as like a lot of avon scents the smell is nice but it doesn't last that long.

      This can be purchased from amazon , ebay ...


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      18.04.2012 20:08
      Very helpful



      A nice uplifting scent, perfect for summer.

      Before getting down to the nitty gritty I had to admit that I wasn't expecting much from this perfume because I don't like the original Far Away but I surprised myself as this one is actually quite nice!

      My Avon rep gave me 3 mini sample vials of this perfume with my last order, one was taped to the front of the new brochure and the other 2 were in the bag with my order, as soon I saw that it was Far Away I grimmaced, but then I looked a little closer and saw that it was in fact for the new release Far Away Exotic.
      I prised off the little black cap and had a sniff and it actually did smell very exotic, the first smells I noticed were a mango/orangey scent which smelt really fresh and welcoming, I dabbed a little on my wrists and had another sniff, I could detect the mango and orange and also a nice hint of coconut coming into play.
      Unlike the original which I find too musky this one has a much fruitier exotic scent that I find lighter.

      Top notes ~
      Mandarin Orange, Mango and spices.

      Heart notes ~
      Jasmine, Rose and Coconut.

      Base notes ~
      Musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Amber.

      Like I have already said the mango and orange are really noticeable, sweet and uplifting, through this I can really smell the coconut and this dies give it the exotic twist, these scents mixed together are so tropical. This blends later to a more flowery scent that is really quite nice.

      I only dabbed a little of this on my wrists and could detect it still a few hours later. I have always found Far Away to be a more 'grown' up scent - more suited to older ladies but this one has the fun and flirtiness for the younger generation.

      I have placed an order for the full sized bottle and am quite looking forward to receiving it. I think this is a great summery scent.

      It is available from Avon and is currently on an introductory offer at the price of £8, the normal rrp is £13.


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