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Ferrari Black Eau de Toilette

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5 Reviews

Brand: Ferrari / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men

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    5 Reviews
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      15.12.2010 09:56
      Very helpful



      Great perfume

      == Ferrari Black by Ferrari ==

      Gender: Men
      Type: Aromatic
      Release Date: 1999
      Suitable for everyday wear and all occasions
      Made in Italy

      It was my husband's 51st birthday in November; I thought that I should make it a special one for him, so I considered getting him something different this time. I had always wondered about a certain men's perfume named Ferrari. In the past I had nagged my husband to buy it but he never did, simply because he is always a slave to certain brands. I found Ferrari on special offer in the perfume shop so I purchased it behind his back, get it wrapped and ready for the big B day.

      === Who is Ferrari? ===

      If you think Ferrari an Italian sports car manufacturer then think again!
      Ferrari is based in Maranello in Italy. The company was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1928 as Scuderia Ferrari. At the beginning, the company specialised in manufacturing race cars, and then they progressed into street-legal vehicles industry in 1947.

      Later on, Ferrari started to license new lines with the Ferrari famous logo such as sunglasses, writing materials, electronic goods, perfume, clothing, high-tech bicycles, watches, mobile phones, and even laptop computers with the same high standard quality.

      == Ferrari Black EDT spray ==

      The package and the bottle

      Matching the name of the Ferrari BLACK EDT, the box was all dressed in all BLACK with the famous symbol of Ferrari on the front. You can read the name of the perfume on the front of the box while on the side you can see the "quality seal" and on the back you read the complete list of ingredients.

      The bottle itself is pretty heavy bearing in mind it's only 75 ml but it was fairly heavy probably because of the quality of the material used. Again, the bottle was pure black with a polished Ferrari logo. The bottle does look chunky "short and fat" and masculine. The cap does look like a racing helmet actually the bottle looks like a man wearing a racing helmet.

      == Trying it ==

      I must admit that I had a little resistance from my husband when he first saw it. I promised myself not to buy him any more gifts in the future after his antics; anyway, he finally tried it before he went to work.

      When he sprayed it, big amounts of the perfume came out; I must say one or two sprays are more than enough to soak his face with the perfume.

      == Notes ==

      Top note: The perfume started with a top note of citrusy Lime, Bergamot, red Apples and plums.

      Wow was my first impression; I had never smelled something like that before. It smelled fresh, tangy and alive. I definitely smelled the sweet yet sharp scent of apples and plums, it was a very impressive combination that blended nicely into my husband skin. I couldn't stop smelling him to be honest, it smelled youthful and it was strong but pleasant.

      Moving slowly to the middle note of rather spicy and elegant scent of Jasmine Rose, Cinnamon, and Cardamom.

      We had our morning coffee together and I realised that the fragrance had shifted to another level; it was deeper this time with lots of spiciness in it. The citrus smell settled down and took the back seat on this level allowing other scents to appear especially the sweet and spicy cinnamon. I loved the smell on him and even my stubborn husband was a bit lenient about it and started to look more relaxed.
      The smell didn't fade at all; he went to his work and left the room with his "smell"

      Base note: Cedarwood, Amyris Wood, Vanilla , Amber

      After long hours work, he came back from work and surprisingly the scent was still there. Yes the smell faded a bit, it was less sharp and it did change a lot. It was still fresh and clear however the tanginess and spiciness were placed on the back foot and the main fragrance was crisp woods and an earthy scent along with it which I really loved. He didn't re-apply the perfume during his time out of the house so the perfume staying that long on his skin and clothes was a real advantage.

      I loved the final notes, the woody fragrance is my favourite as it's more masculine, seductive and sexy.

      == I TOTALLY loved this one, it's classy, sophisticated and aromatic perfume, that was my opinion but what did my "picky" husband think of it? ==

      Later on I asked him about his opinion, he was completely satisfied with it and he actually thanked me for breaking the same boring circle of perfumes he used to use. The perfume lasted for hours on his skin and his clothes. He even told me that the females at work asked him about his new fragrance for the first time. He told me that he left young and energised again.

      I hung his coat in the wardrobe and believe it or it, the smell stayed for days there. My 14 year old son sneaks it out of his dad's bedroom and sprays some of it to impress some girls at school but who he trying to kid? The smell is so distinctive that everyone is aware of it and so we caught him every time he used it. Next time I'm going to buy it for my son.

      == Prices and availability ==

      Ferrari Black is not expensive, I bought it from The Perfume Shop for £9.99, the price may vary from one place to another but it won't exceed the £15 mark for the 75ml EDT

      == The available sizes are ==

      * Ferrari Black for Men Eau de Toilette Spray 75ml
      * Ferrari Black Aftershave 75 ml
      * Ferrari Black Eau de Toilette (EDT) 125ml Spray - Ferrari Aftershave

      I give it 5 out of 5 Dooyoo stars, it will make the perfect Christmas and birthday gift, even for the pickiest people.

      Thank you for reading

      Mistee-Dreamz 2010


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        29.11.2010 02:06
        Very helpful




        The ferrari black fragrance is one that is a bit better than the dreadful ferrari red I got in a gift set last christmas. Stay away from the ferrari red if you can. Its a nasty smelling aroma. I had the black ferrari the year before why they didn't get me an actual ferrari instead I don't know.

        The ferrari black is much better than the red thank the lord. Its easier to wear and does not have that disgusting soapy pong that ferrari red has too much of. If you are thinking of getting one of the zillion ferrari gift sets that are about for a prezzie for the bloke in your life buy the black avoid the red.

        I think the black box and bottle are very plain but better than the ferrari red combo. The bottle is in black with the logo on. It looks a bit budget brand to me even with the ferrari logo on it. The fragrance is better than the bottle and thats what matters.

        When I had the ferrari red I used it as an air freshener and even then it was so bad I got rid of it. This one is not too bad and can be worn for few hours with no worries. The 75ml bottle I had will cost about £10 to £15 and I wouldn't want to pay more than £10 for it tops. There are better aromas you can get but this is ok.

        I think ferrari black has a fresh woody aroma and that makes it much more wearable than the red version. I don't get a cheap mouldy soap smell with this at all. The fruit opening is a citrus one but it fades very quick for me and leaves a darker mossy aroma behind.

        I don't mind the remainder of the aroma its not offensive but its not special either. Its better than the cheap room spray smell I got from ferrari red thats for sure. I think its a younger lads fragrance more than anything. It has no real style or quality and for me that puts it among the body sprays more than being a fragrance.

        This does have a bit of a spiced aroma to it and its a cinnamon aroma for me. Not all that intense and the smell does fade but its there when I wear this. I had this given to me and I did wear it and used it up but would not buy it again.

        I would say its a budget fragrance and misses a lot and has a poor finish. There are deo sprays which last as well and have this kind of smell to them that are much cheaper to buy. I don't mind this but I don't rate it as being all that great. I think its a low to mid range kind of fragrance for me and I won't get it again.


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        06.07.2010 12:54



        A nice, light, clean smelling fragrance, perfect for everyday use.

        I was a little dubious when a friend recommended this to me, but I handed over my hard earned cash in exchange for a little black ferrari bottle. And I'm glad I did!

        This is a great little fragrance. It's got a reasonably light smell; I think you'd have to put half a bottle on before it becomes overpowering! It's a fairly cool scent, and very difficult to find offensive. I use this as my day-to-day aftershave. It actually feels quite refreshing (and, dare I even think of saying this) smells refreshing. It's a nice clean fragrance, light enough to wear in the office without smelling like you're out to impress the new girl! I would actually call this a 'relaxed fragrance'.... what I mean is, whereas a really expensive aftershave would be saved for 'going out', this can be used all the other times with being pretencious.

        For just over £20 for a 50ml bottle, I think this represents good value for money. Using it every other day, it'll last you a good few months before you need a new bottle. And with it being such a light, chilled out fragrance, you'll want to wear it every day. Enjoy!


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        23.05.2010 21:00
        Very helpful



        It may be made by an automobile manufacturer but don't knock it when it smells this good

        I know what you're thinking, it's the same thing I thought when I was given it as a gift. Oh great, Ferrari make great cars so why shouldn't they be able to make a good aftershave. Honestly, I half expected it to reek of petrol and burning clutch!
        Thankfully however, I was wrong, very wrong.
        If you can get over the snobby attitude towards fragrances we all have then you won't regret purchasing this. I'm no perfumier but I own a large number of aftershaves and this is one of my favourites as well as being one of the cheapest. I have been through all the big brands thinking that they provided quality but avoided names like Ferrari. Please don't make this mistake, not only will you waste money you could have spent on better things but you'll miss out on this great fragrance.
        Now I can't tell you just how this smells, my palate is of course different from yours. However, what I will say is I don't know anybody that doesn't like the smell even though I tend to overdo the application of it.
        The only downside to this excellent aftershave is that it has a gaudy Ferrari logo on the front, that and people wil turn their nose up at you when you admit you wear a fragrance designed by a car manufacturer.


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        26.01.2009 14:24



        Good every day fragrance

        I was really pleasantly surprised by this eau de toilette, as to be honest when I got it as a Christmas present, I was a little unsure what it would smell like. I thought that it might smell cheap, like a fragrance you get in semi chem, but it smells really good.

        It is definitely a during the day scent, as it is quite light and I am happy to wear it in the office, as I know it is not so strong or heavy as to offend other people if they did not like it. To me it smells like a youthful scent, as it is not like something you would imagine your grandfather to wear (Polo!).

        As it was a present, not sure how much it cost, maybe £20.00 for 50 mls? It is not overlly expensive so I would be happy to get it again as a work fragrance. It is slightly woody, maybe even mossy or fruity smell to it. But is not so woody like Issey Miyake.


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    • Product Details

      Launched by Ferrari in 1999 this sharp, woody fragrance possesses a blend of woody and mossy notes. This set comes with a model Ferrari Racing Car Model F126 C2.

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