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Fragonard Eau de Parfum Set Eau de Parfum

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2 Reviews

Brand: Fragonard / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      06.11.2010 14:08
      Very helpful



      Well worth a try if you're looking for longer lasting perfume

      The Fragonard Perfume Set is absolutely amazing and is my favourite perfume ever. It's a box of 10 tester sized perfumes of 2ml each so you can try out the Fragonard range and is guaranteed to have a few scents for everyone!

      I received my Fragonard set from my sister, who holidayed in Paris and visited the perfumery. She visited quite a few and told me that Fragonard was her favourite, hence she spent quite a bit of money on the set as a special gift for me.

      The ten scents in the set include:

      *Réve Indien
      *Lune De Miel
      *Eau Fantasque
      *Étoile du Sud
      *Réve de Grasse

      These are different to the other scents listed in the previous review of this product. I believe Fragonard vary the scents in these boxes as they update their fragrances.

      My two favourite fragrances from this box include Arielle (which leaves you smelling like the finest of fine French bath salts) and Réve de Grasse (which smells very fruity/floral, reminiscent of melons).

      The beauty of the Fragonard perfumes is that they are very long-lasting fragrances, lasting for 12 hours and especially good for people with sweat/BO problems. You will walk around all day in a daze, wondering why you never discovered such a wonderful product like this before. Additionally, the fragrances are feminine - subtle and soft and in no way overpowering, and men seem particularly attracted to them. I have had many seductions occur with the Arielle perfume in particular.

      The tester box lasted me a year as I had a dab daily out of each of the bottles.

      I highly recommend this sample box of Fragonard perfumes, as it is a good way to try what they have on the market without committing to a huge price tag. Trying each one over the 12 hours allows you to choose the best one. It's also a great gift idea!

      The price of this box varies depending on what's in it and where you buy it from. I received my second box courtesy of Ebay (unopened) for £6.30 which was a steal, but the regular price is around £25.00 or so.


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        18.06.2010 16:24
        Very helpful



        A amazing product - very highly recommended! A*************

        Fragonard: Perfume Set, Eau de Parfum

        Last summer I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise and one of the places we went to is Nice in France. While in Nice we went to a medieval village called Saint Paul, which had a fragonard store. I could have stayed in that perfumery for ages it smelt so amazing!

        I bought set gift sets one of them is this one and the other one is called eaux naturelles (which is really nice but not as nice as the other one that I have). I think they were about 20 to 25 euros each which is great, as Fragonard is like in my opinion one of the best perfumeries.

        The set contains ten mini 2ml bottles of different fragrances including:
        *Eau Fantasque
        *Ile d'Amour
        *Belle De nuit
        *Etoile Du Sud
        *And my favorite Capucine

        Quite musky and woody/earthy, a bit of an old style scent. But it smells 'classic' if that is possible. It smells a bit masculine because of the musky woody scent but it also has bit of a fresh citrus scent too, which are nicely balanced. It is nice, but not really what I would wear in the daytime.

        A very earthy woody scent, that reminds me a bit of the mens woodspice from Marks and spencers. A bit too masculine for me. It is quite earthy/woody but it has a tone of sweetness in it.

        *Eau Fantasque*
        This one is really quite 'citrusy', really fresh and sweet, but not overpowering. Very fresh and uplifting fragrance. Summery, 'airy' scent. And also quite floral. Citrus, floral, sweet,fresh and clean and fruity scent.

        *Ile d'Amour* - one of my favorites
        Very sweet again (but not a cheap smelling sweet), it smells a bit like summery berries and summer flowers in the garden. It is really nice and summery. Very fresh and clean scent - great for summer. A quite fruity scent.

        A bit of a strange mix of scents in this one but it is nice as well. It smells to me quite floral and it also has a scent of violet flowers in it and a very slight musky fragrance of sandalwood. A nice fresh daytime summer scent.

        *Belle De Nuit*
        A mix of floral and quite fruity notes that are nice to wear in the daytime. It si fresh and refreshing scent. It does have a very slight musky undertone to it, but it is nice.

        Really quite masculine, very musky and earthy and a bit of a 'spicy' scent. With some sweet floral and a bit of a fruity scent. I like this one but for me it is a bit too masculine/musky smelling.

        *Eclat* - one of my favorites
        Really really floral and fruity, it really smells like fressia and it is quite citrusy and lemony. really fresh and clean and refreshing. A very summery fragrance which is also really uplifting and quite addictive!

        *Etoile Du Sud*
        Again it is a bit musky smelling with quite a lot of floral notes though it and it is also a bit citrusy. It is very summery again and very fresh, like most of the other fragrances. It is very wearable like the others and it is like a mix of floral, earthy/musky and citrusy scents.

        *Capucine* - my favorite one out of the set
        It is a really light subtle delicate fragrance, it is floral, fruity with a slight woody note to it. It has a really nice balance of sweet (floral and fruity and citrus) and more musky notes (woody/earthy) which is really nice. It is really wearable and not overpowering. Really quite feminine.

        They are all very wearable, light and not overpowering, but about two of them are too masculine for me (the diamant and Miranda) but most of the fragrances are sweet/floral/'citrusy' and quite feminine which I like to wear.

        Also they do come in the small 2ml bottles and they are really really nicely presented in there box and they also have cute tiny labels on each of them. And each scent has a bit of a different colour/tint. They are all composed of different ingredients as they have a slight colour to them. For example, the Eclat perfume has a very slight red/pink colour but the rest of them are either clear or a pale yellow colour.

        *A great set composed of lots of different scents
        *Great for a change if you want to try something different
        *Small bottles and regular bottle sizes available
        *Very very high quality
        *Nicely presented - would make a great special gift for someone
        *all of the scents stay on my skin for most of the day and are not overpowering
        *Strong packaging and bottles
        *not very expensive

        I can not recommend this set and the perfumes highly enough, the are really amazing. My favorites perfumes by far! I would really like to give them a lot more than 5 stars.
        They are available to buy from their website which is in english but I think they only have stores in France. :(


        Thank you for reading my review


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