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French Connection FCUK Connect Her Eau de Toilette

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4 Reviews

Brand: French Connection / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    4 Reviews
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      20.11.2013 15:13
      Very helpful



      Great as a gift

      I got this perfume as a present off my partner last Christmas, I know that he bought it from B&M for only £10 which is a bargain, especially as it came as a gift set. It was in a silver cardboard box about the size of a small shoe box, inside was the FCUK connect eau de toilette 100ml and also FCUK connect body lotion 100ml. I found the same gift set on amazon for just under £19 so the offer in B&M was great. It would make a great gift for someone being a branded perfume within a lovely gift set.

      On opening the box the first thing I noticed the size of the bottle, although I was impressed that it was 100ml and knew it would last me ages, I didn't like the bottle design. The bottle is huge and really heavy, the outside is a silver metal while the middle is red glass. I like the red glass as I like to be able to see how much perfume I have left but the bottle looked quite manly. With it not being complete glass all over its good to know if I drop it I don't need to worry about it smashing, but I do need to worry about it landing on my toes as it could cause some damage from the weight of it. Its rectangular shaped with a big white button on the top to press to squirt out the perfume. Its really heavy which means I cant carry it round in my handbag like I usually do with perfumes.

      When using the perfume I found out straight away that its quite difficult to push the button down, you have to push really hard but as the bottle has curved edges there's nothing to grip hold of so as I push the button down my whole hand slides down too so I've found myself having to use one hand to hold the bottle while using the other to be able to push the button down. When I do manage to press the button a good amount of perfume comes out and sprays nice and evenly, you only need a few squirts before your dripping in perfume.

      Its a very unusual scented perfume, I like feminine floral perfumes which are nice and girly but this smells quite manly to me. On amazon this is what it says 'Connect for Her by French Connection, contains top notes of bergamot, muguet and water iris. Middle notes of barrigtonia flower, jasmine, peony and violet with bottom notes of golden amber musk, sandalwood and cedarwood.' I'm not too keen on the scent but I don't hate it so I've been using it for every day use but if I was going somewhere special like a party then I would wear a different perfume. When I first spray it then its quite strong but within a couple of hours the scents worn off and as it wont fit in my handbag this can be a problem if your going to be out all day.

      I've finally finished off the perfume after using it most days for around 5 months. I wouldn't purchase it again as it isn't feminine enough for me but if someone bought me it as a gift I would still use it.


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      22.02.2013 21:41
      Very helpful



      Its an okay perfume

      FCUK brought out this fragrance in 2004 and was intended to be a musky, seductive fragrance. With hints of beautiful flowers throughout this wonderful liquid. It will certainly get you some attention!

      This bottle comes in a reflective shiny silver box. It's quit simple but stands out. When you take it out of its box, the first thing you notice is that it's a heavy bottle. The bottle is a very unique shape. It's a shiny metal rectangle with rounded edges. The middle of the bottle is different, it's made from red glass so you can see how much perfume you have left.

      How about the smell?....
      The smell as stated is a real musky sweet smell. It is something completely different to what I would normally choose. As I said it is very very sweet and unique.

      Does it last?....
      Yes, it is one of the few perfumes that stays throughout the day. The smell sort of sticks to your clothing so it lasts for hours!

      What gives the perfume it's smell?....
      A mix of beautiful flower extract including,
      Water iris.
      Cedar wood.
      Amber musk.
      Barringtonia flower.

      How to use...
      You only have to spray this on your neck/clothing twice, and it will stay with you all day.

      I believe that to perfume is still widely available in shops like Boots. Online is the best bet for you to find it.

      Online for a 100ml bottle it costs around £10. If you are buying in store you will be paying £15 upwards.

      My experience.....
      I was given to as a present on my 20th, when I first put it on, I hated it. As time went on it began to grow on me, I find that this perfume smells different depending on the person who wears it and the smell of their skin. I do not wear it that often, but I wear it at special occasions, it's a very mature smelling perfume.

      The best bits....
      A very adult perfume you have to have the taste for it to be able to wear it.
      It does attract a lot of attention, back in the day before I was engaged, I didn't need any chat up lines, all I needed was this perfume.
      Very cheap for the amount you get.

      The not so good bits...
      I really have to be in the mood to wear this perfume, I still have half the bottle left after having it for 2 years.

      It's a good perfume, I have had better and I have had worse, but it does spend most of the time in the shelf.

      Would I recommend?
      I don't dislike it so much that I would not recommend, but before people buy it, I would just ask them to smell it first.


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      24.12.2012 08:36
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Affordable edt

      For a relatively cheap fragrance, I only paid £20 for a 100ml bottle of the eau de toilette by FCUK, the brand that upset by grandmother because she thought it was just an excuse to swear, and it is a lively refreshing fragrance which is quite sexy smelling and has pretty good staying power. Due to the fact that it is an eau de toilette means it is not as strong as a perfume however it is an ideal day scent for me you just have to be aware that it will probably need topping up during the day.

      The need to top up is not a problem as the bottle is not that heavy to carry around. It is a tall and slim bottle and it is well worth keeping the box rather than trying to stand it up on its own as it is easy to topple it over with only the slightest touch. It is a nice sleek, stylish design though which I like because of its simplicity. The bottle itself is a dark grey colour and is all in one piece, the spray nozzle is set into the upper quarter of the bottle with a plastic button set below it. This delivers a nice short blast of spray and is easy to use.

      The top notes of this fragrance consist of bergamot, water iris and muguet which is something I have never heard of, the middle notes are jasmine, violet, peony and barrington flower while the base notes are sandalwood, amber musk and cedarwood. As you would expect from these ingredients it is a flowery rather than fruity fragrance, this is not a heavy scent, more light and summery in my opinion, it has a nice freshness about it and while initially there is a youthful feel to it the more mature edge is provided by the sandalwood which does come through after a while.

      For an edt the staying power is perfectly acceptable and the only real niggle I have with this very affordable fragrance is the fact that on its own the bottle is not that stable however for using on the go it is great and even with the topping up you still get a lot of use for your money.


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        22.10.2012 14:57
        Very helpful



        I will not stop using the unisex perfume while it is available but this is a nice change.

        It is about 15 years since I started wearing FCUK perfume and my first bottle was free. We had gone out from work and the pub we went to was doing a promotion of a free bottle of FCUK with each 5 pints bought. As we had 5 male colleagues with us it was not long before we all got a bottle and while it was not this particular type I was given - it was the unisex one - I have used FCUK products ever since.

        Now to FCUK Connect and why I am using this as well. Although I really like the original one it is nice to sometimes have a change. This bottle is a decent size - 100ml - but it is a bit of a problem trying to fit into a lot of bags. The recommended price is over £30 but there seems to be a lot of online sites offering it for £9.99 and this does seem to be a big discount for a popular product.

        Having been used to the unisex version I found this a bit too flowery at first and while I am still using it now it took a while to get used to the girly smell.

        What is In It?

        Here is the boring bit - the ingredients. These were taken from the internet - Fragence Direct - as I cannot read what is on the bottle and I don't still have the packaging. FCUK have updated their bottles and now they are sold with a sort of mobile phone shaped surround with either the casing or the bottle being different colours. This is silver and red and looks really bright.

        Ingredients - alcohol, butylene glycol, parfum/ lactate, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, butylphenyl methylpropional, coumarin, linalool, escin, propylene glycol, limonene, , bht, cinnamal, geraniol, mentha piperita (peppermint leaf) extract, eugenol, zingiber officinale (gineger root) extract, citral 60730 (ext. Violet2), aqua/water.

        Firstly I cannot say which of the ingredients are the most prominent as there is no immediately recognisable smell. I always thought of Violet and Jasmine being quite strong but neither of them manage to make themselves noticed.

        It does have a fresh aroma and when I was in Spain recently I walked through a garden area and smelled something very similar but was not able to find out what it was. There is musk involved and again this must be very mild as it does not stand out.

        Like the other FCUK perfumes this is quite strong and when it is first used can be over powering. I tend to spray this as I am leaving the house as if it is done indoors or in the car then it will linger for far too long. The plus side to this is that once I realised I started using less so making it more cost effective.

        I wish we could have scratch and sniff as it would be ideal for a review such as this. I have given it 4 stars as it can be overpowering.


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    • Product Details

      Connect for Her by French Connection contains top notes of bergamot muguet and water iris / Middle notes of barrigtonia flower jasmine peony and violet with bottom notes of golden amber musk sandalwood and cedarwood /

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