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Gale Hayman Delicious Chocolat Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Gale Hayman / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      23.10.2012 12:57
      Very helpful



      The gamble paid off for me.

      The chocolate note in Gale Hayman's DELICIOUS CHOCOLAT is prominent, but it is rich and clearly a dark chocolate, so it isn't milky and sweet. The juicy, softer fruit notes of plum and peach blend closely with the citrus fruit notes, again minimizing the sweetness of the notes down and giving the first ten or so minutes of the fragrance a tart, cool overtone.

      If I have any complaint about the fragrance, it is how the heart and base of DELICIOUS CHOCOLAT is pretty much the same for the majority of the perfume's wear; this is mainly because the floral notes used are on the watery side, so aren't strong enough to stand out from the chocolate and fruit notes. Then once the potent wood notes develop and mix with the fruits and chocolate the resulting effect is quite spicy, drowning out the white florals totally. I'm guessing that there is gardenia with the jasmine, but the florals are too weak for me to be confident with my guess.

      As the fruit notes finally die down there is a bit of difference between the fragrance's heart and base; DELICIOUS CHOCOLAT becomes a bit darker and more masculine, so I think that there is patchouli here, to give the blend a rich, earthy tone and perhaps there is some other spice/incense mix, such as saffron too. I can't tell which individual wood notes are used, there is just a slight smokiness underneath everything else. Unfortunately this change comes as the fragrance begins the drydown, so it goes close to the skin quite quickly.

      Official scent notes: Ozone notes, citruses, bergamot, lemongrass, plum, peach, jasmine, rose, dark chocolate, vanilla, amber, precious woods and musk.


      The sillage of DELICIOUS CHOCOLAT has a real punch to it, especially considering that it's a EDT. so if you don't like stronger, statement type fragrances, give this one a miss. I've removed a star from the rating, as the longevity isn't the best, five hours at the most, despite the impressive sillage.

      I'd recommend wearing DELICIOUS CHOCOLAT in autumn/winter, as the masculine kick to the woods is personally too much in warmer weather. it can be a bit overpowering to many people, as it applies strongly, and I find the patchouli too cloying in warmer weather.

      I may be limited to autumn/winter wear for DELICIOUS CHOCOLAT, but in those months I happily wear it any time of day; the sweeter notes makes it easy to wear on weekends, whilst the masculine side makes it sophisticated enough to wear to work - although if you are a nurse or similar, I'd rethink it. It is a unique fragrance, so it is something that stands out of the crowd at parties etc.

      I'm surprised by how much I like this fragrance, as I was expecting something overly sweet; DELICIOUS CHOCOLAT is the perfect balance between feminine and masculine, so doesn't lean in any direction too much. The divide between feminine and masculine is so close, that DELICIOUS CHOCOLAT is a fragrance that I'd class as almost being unisex. Actually if you're a bloke who likes sweeter fragrances, then go for it.

      I decided to buy DELICIOUS CHOCOLAT blind because a lot of people describe it as being similar to Aquolina's Chocolovers, one of my favorite fragrances, that sadly is out of production. Although I do like DELICIOUS CHOCOLAT, it doesn't remind me of Chocolovers - no matter how much I want it to. I see the resemblance between the notes, but the overall result is different.

      I must say that the bottle's leopard shaped lid is hideously tacky and it doesn't fit on the bottle tightly - I threw mine away.


      DELICIOUS CHOCOLAT is sold in 50ml and 100ml bottles, though the 100ml bottles are easier to come across.

      Selected retail sites, such as Amazon, Cheapsmells, QVC and Ebay stock Gale Hayman perfumes for between £16 and £27 [the prices and stock availability changes regularly].


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