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Ghost Captivating Eau de Toilette

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7 Reviews

Brand: Ghost / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women / Contents/Size: 75ml

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    7 Reviews
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      24.03.2013 18:34
      Very helpful



      A very feminine and fruity scented perfume, great for day wear.

      I received a bottle of Ghost Captivating at Christmas as a gift. Until then I had never really heard of it or smelt it before, but I am a fan of a couple other Ghost fragrances so I had high hopes for this one too.

      "Ghost Captivating eau de toilette spray for women is a floral, fruity scent, opening with top notes of bergamot, mandarin, guava and freesia, blending with a heart of rose, peony, magnolia and jasmine, atop a base of orris, sandalwood and musky notes."

      I don't usually have a particular scent that I go for in perfumes, I just smell it and if I like it then I will buy it or ask for it as a present sometime! As I mentioned though I had never even heard of this one until I received it as a present. When I tried it out the first thing I noticed is the citrus scents to it, it reminded me of fruity flavoured sweets straight away. I am a huge fan of citrus scented products and so I am very pleased with the scent of this perfume. The mandarin notes is definitely one of the most detectable and powerful scents in this perfume and so if you like these kinds of scents there is no doubt that you will like the smell of this perfume.

      I apply this on a morning and as I have only recently started wearing it and it is a new scent for me, I have received a few compliments by people and have been asked what perfume I am wearing. However, even though I have received compliments when wearing this, I don't think the scent lasts very long on the skin. By the afternoon I can hardly's get a whiff of the citrus scent on me, that is very noticeable in the first half of the day. I previously used Ghost Sweetheart and that lasted all day without the need to reapply any more. I do prefer the scent of Ghost Captivating to the Sweetheart one now though and so it's just a shame it doesn't last as long.

      Ghost perfumes are often on offer and are available from many retailers such as Boots, Superdrug, The Fragrance Shop and from many websites online. It is available in 30ml usually priced at £24 and 50ml priced at £33, however the latter is on offer in Superdrug at the moment for £24.99.

      I love this perfume I would just like it that bit more if the scent lasted all day, like other Ghost perfumes can. I won't mind reapplying this occasionally though as the bottles can be quite cheap, so a very good everyday perfume. I would recommend this to anyone who loves citrus scents.


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      18.07.2011 11:09
      Very helpful



      I am Captivated!

      Ghost is one of my favourite fragrance brands and I've now tried almost every scent from their range and it is very rare that I come across one that I don't like, so I was expecting the Captivating fragrance to be just as delightful as all the rest. It was actually my partner that bought me this as a gift as I'm always going on about the Ghost perfumes!

      The fragrance bottle is very simple and similar to many of the other Ghost perfumes which I think is a shame really as a more unique design for each of their fragrances would really set them apart, make them a lot more attractive and also make my Ghost collection look even better on my dressing table! But aside from the plain bottle, I really have only good things to say about this perfume. The scent is so rich and fruity which is exactly what I love in a fragrance so this one has definetely hit all of the right notes for me! It does have hints of Floral in there as well but the Fruitness is a lot more noticeable.

      The richness and the beautiful smell has great longevity too and I've found that the scent lingers with me all day which is what I mainly look for in a perfume. I do think that this perfume is maybe a little bit too rich for a more casual occasion, but perfect for nights out and special occasions. After only having had this perfume for a couple of weeks now, it has already attracted many compliments and I think the Captivating name for this product is perfect and describes it to a T!

      This is one that I'll more than likely buy again and again. The 2 different Sizes that I've seen available are 30ml for around £22.99 and 50ml for around £29.99 - worth every penny spent!


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      24.06.2011 00:35
      Very helpful



      A very welcome gift

      On my birthday in May, I was lucky enough to receive, as a gift, not one, but two, 'Ghost Captivating' fragrance sprays; one as an individual 30ml eau de toilette spray and the other was part of a boxed gift set given to me by my brother and sister-in-law.

      Although the first fragrance I received was part of several items presented to me by three of my four children (My eldest had another gift idea) it was chosen by my youngest daughter. I know she had been out present shopping with her friend, another eighteen year old, and they had both had a good try of perfume testers in Boots and had eventually picked out this one with me in mind.
      I hadn't tried this fragrance until being presented with it, twice in one day, as a gift. In case you're wondering, I didn't let on to my sister-in-law that it was a case of 'snap' when I opened her gift. My daughter was present when I opened the second spray, but I truthfully told her later that I really don't mind having two of the same, and in this case, I did like it. But, although I hadn't sampled it, I had heard some good things about it and so was interested to try it for myself.

      Since May, I have worn Ghost Captivating several times. If my daughter happens to be around whilst I'm preparing to go out she will often enquire as to which perfume I'll be wearing. I know that what she really means is; do I like the one she bought enough to be wearing it. And so, partly for this reason, I will often choose to wear this particular aroma and also will sometimes select it because it seems to me suitable for many occasions.

      Ghost Captivating was introduced in 2010. It is said by the manufacturer to be a fruity and a floral fragrance.
      Ghost fragrances are manufactured by P&G (Procter & Gamble) Prestige Beaute and made in the United Kingdom.


      ~Top notes:

      Top notes are of bergamot, mandarin, freesia and guava.

      ~ Heart notes:

      The heart notes are of jasmine, soft peony, classic rose and magnolia.

      ~Base notes: These are of sandalwood, musk and orris.


      On first applying this fragrance, I feel it has a refreshing, fairly light and rather fruity smell. Once the middle notes take effect, I then feel that a deeper fragrance can be detected and this means it becomes more floral than before. After wearing for around twenty minutes or so, I then consider the smell to be much more subtle and gentle but still with an interesting undertone, which I feel must be the more exotic smell of the base notes. I would say that generally the smell is light and gentle, but as said, something slightly stronger in essence.


      When I have been out wearing Ghost Captivating, I have felt that it doesn't last too well but, for the purpose of this review (I have actually been indoors for most of the day) I sprayed a small amount of this EDT spray on my inner wrist in the morning, after showering. I kept sniffing to see if the aroma was still in evidence and actually, although the smell altered throughout the day, the fragrance was still noticeable for many hours. True, it wasn't that strong, yet a pleasant fragrance, did last quite well. I would say that it isn't the strongest smell and so will probably need topping up to be at its nicest, but the fragrance will remain for several hours, although only in a fairly subtle way.

      ~WHEN TO WEAR~

      I honestly think that this fragrance will not be out of place for wearing on most occasions and is suitable for evening wear BUT I do feel that if the occasion is particularly special then this would probably not be the best perfume for this purpose. I would be more inclined to use this as a daytime fragrance or for early evening. It would however be suitable to apply if going out for a meal as, at these times, I personally like, if wearing perfume at all, to wear something light.


      In my opinion this really is one suitable for women of all ages. It is great for younger girls right through to the more mature female.


      The box is an attractive green/turquoise colour with red and white lettering on it.

      The bottle is tall and slim. I would think the design started from a drawing of a spirit- like female form, as seen in tiny silhouette form on the box lid.

      This bottle is easy to hold; attractive in a fairly plain and simple way. It is quite modern in appearance and wouldn't look at all out of place either on a minimalist dressing table or one of a more traditional type.


      This fragrance is available in different sizes in EDT sprays as well as gift sets. Other fragranced toiletries are available from this range.

      It is a reasonably priced fragrance making it popular with many.
      Ghost Captivating can be purchased from many high street chemists and fragrance stores, as well as online.

      Here is a selection of prices:


      EDT 30ml spray: £21
      EDT 50ml spray: £28
      EDT 75ml spray: £40


      EDT 30ml spray: £24.00
      EDT 50ml spray: £21.66 (sale price-was £32.50)
      EDT 75 ml spray: £44.50


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        07.04.2011 17:13
        Very helpful
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        See past the Lily Cole advertising and try this out!

        I know it's silly, but I'm always affected by marketing, especially on TV. So when my first impression of this perfume was seeing an advert with Lily Cole, I instantly decided to stay away from it - I just don't like her, and she doesn't look like she smells nice anyway. When I went perfume-testing with one of my best friends several months ago, I didn't even try it, although I did test Ghost Sweetheart and liked the smell of that.

        Anyway, for Christmas my friend bought me Ghost Captivating, and it was silly of me to judge it based on Lily Cole because it actually smells lovely. It has fruity hints to it which I love, and it's a nice fresh scent. I don't like spicy scents or overly floral scents, so Ghost Captivating is great because it reminds me of summer.

        The bottle is quite tall and unusually shaped with grooves in the side. I personally think it would look better without the grooves and it's not the nicest bottle of perfume I own but it has the advantage of not looking tacky either. It has the brand name 'Ghost' in fairly large letters just underneath the lid, and it's made of clear glass. The perfume is transparent as well, and it looks like water in the bottle. To use, you simply pull off the glass lid and spray. The lid fits on firmly and sits solidly on the bottle. The glass is also pretty tough - I accidentally dropped it on a wooden floor from a height of about five feet and it didn't suffer from any damage at all.

        For those who are interested, the underlying scents are:

        Top notes of bergamot, zesty mandarin, fresh freesia and exotic guava.

        Heart notes of evocative jasmine, warm magnolia, soft peony and classic rose.

        Base notes of opulent orris, sensuous sandalwood and deep musk.

        The fruity scents are the easiest to pick out, although there are minor floral hints in there as well. I would say that it's quite a distinctive smell that would suit teenagers upwards, although it possibly wouldn't appeal as much to an older market.

        I've found that the scent isn't particularly long lasting and will last for maybe four hours. After the initial spray it smells very strong, but settles down within a few minutes. Although it's listed as having a good range of notes, this perfume is one that actually smells the same the entire time I'm wearing it (at least to me), so there aren't really any changes in scent other than the fading away.

        The perfume is available in two sizes, 30ml or 50ml, and you can expect to pay between about £25 and £45 depending on where you buy it from and what size you pick. I received my bottle as part of a gift set along with some body lotion, and it's a well-presented gift and the packaging is good quality, so if you're buying perfume as a present look out for the gift set.


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          04.02.2011 16:02
          Very helpful



          One I would recommend

          As you may have seen from previous reviews I do have quite a few different perfumes and am always keen to try new fragrances. Recently I went to a local wedding fayre, and as with most wedding fayres you get given several bags full of information and often free samples. In one particular goody bag, amongst other things I received a free sample of the perfume Captivating Ghost. Ghost is not one of my regular perfumes and I have never actually tried this particular one so I was interested to see what it would be like.

          The sample was actually of a decent size, the bottle was not so small that you only get enough of the perfume to wear it once, with the bottle I received I think I will probably get between 6 and 10 wears out of it (obviously depending on how much you put on at once) The perfume came in a small clear glass bottle, allowing you to see the very pale yellow liquid inside. The bottle is not very detailed at all, but I didn't expect anything else with a free sample. It does have the words Ghost, Captivating Eau de toilette written around the bottle in black writing, but that it literally it. The bottle has a small black plastic lid, this simply pulls off and pushes back on again. The bottle came attached to a dark shiny green card folded in half which had to be opened to reveal the bottle of perfume inside. On the front of the card were the words Ghost written in large red letters across the top of the card and Captivating this was written a little further down but in white writing. Right at the bottom of the card was the words Eau de Toilette again written in slightly small writing. There was a small amount of information on the back of the card but this literally consisted of a list of ingredients and a statement saying that this was a free sample and not for re-sale, all of this information was written in white making it stand out and very easy to read on the dark green background. The only other information on the back of the card are small symbols at the bottom of the card stating the product is flammable and to recycle the packaging once finished with it. The packaging is quite basic, but it is a free sample after all, I would not have expected anything too fancy.

          I was pleasantly surprised with the fragrance, as I have mentioned Ghost is not one of my usual perfumes of choice and I had never even smelt this one let alone tried it. When I first removed the lid the perfume did not smell too strong or overpowering so I applied a small amount to my wrists to try it. Once applied to my skin I did notice that the fragrance was a little stronger than I had first thought, but not in an unpleasant way at all.

          Top Notes - Bergamot, Mandarin, Freesia, Guava
          Heart Notes - Jasmine, Magnolia, Peony, Rose
          Base Notes - Orris, Sandalwood, Musk

          When I first applied this particular perfume I did notice that it did have quite a floral smell to it to start with so I was not surprised to find that some of the top notes included freesia, however No way can I detect mandarin or guava, Captivating is described as a fruity/ floral perfume, personally I think to start with it is more floral, this is definitely the dominating fragrance. After wearing the perfume for a while, the floral notes did tone down a little and were much more subtle, however with the middle notes being mainly floral again needless to say although more subtle the floral fragrance continued to be dominate. It was after wearing this perfume a few hours that I particularly started to like it, the notes of musk and sandalwood really started to show through toning down the floral fragrances, whilst I did like the perfume when I first applied it personally I would have preferred it to be a little less floral. Musk certainly over took the floral notes and became the dominate and in my opinion preferred fragrance. I feel that had the perfume remained predominantly floral I would not have been as keen on it, but with the more subtle notes of musk and sandalwood it gave it a slightly sweeter fragrance which in this case was more suited to me.

          I applied this perfume in the morning before work, and although the fragrance had faded quite a bit it was still noticeable towards the end of the day after a days work. I had only applied a small amount so was pleased with how well it had lasted, however I do think that I would need to reapply if I wanted the fragrance to last into the evening as well as throughout the whole day, but compared to some perfumes I have tried this did prove to be quite long lasting in terms of fragrance, I only applied a small amount and I could smell it throughout the day. However the bottle my sample came in was not the most economical, I had to be very careful if I tipped the perfume out onto my skin, the opening of the bottle was quite wide meaning the perfume poured out a little too easily resulting in it being wasted. I have tried to avoid doing this so far and have wiped it on my skin using the small plastic spatula type thing attached to the lid, this has meant that the sample has lasted me a long time so far.

          Since trying Ghost Captivating I have had a look around at the average price for this perfume, my local Boots (and Boots online) sell this perfume in 3 different sizes including -
          30ml for £23.49
          50ml for £31.66
          75ml for £43.92

          I feel that this is about average for perfumes this size, however it may be able to be bought cheaper from places such as cheapsmells.com or Perfumes Direct. Other perfumes shops, drug stores and some large supermarkets also sell this particular perfume in various sizes, but as normal the price depends on where you buy it, but it is widely available.

          Overall I would recommend this perfume, I feel it would be suited to most people although the floral notes in this one may not be for everyone. It is a perfume which would be suitable for any occasion, a day at work or a night out, it is also reasonably long lasting, however you would need to re-apply should you wish to wear this throughout the day and night. It is reasonably priced but could be bought slightly cheaper should you wish to shop around for the best price. I would recommend this perfume to anyone who enjoys a floral but slightly musky perfume.


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            12.12.2010 00:46
            Very helpful



            confident and feminine

            Ghost is a range of perfumes and aftershaves. The brand was founded by Tanya Same and is now owned by P&G Prestige Beaute. Since 2000, there have been 14 female perfumes released with some being limited edition releases. The current retail line up available includes :

            Deep Night

            ***Captivating My Senses***

            Captivating is the most recent Ghost release. It became available in 2010 and is available in Eau de Toilette form. A matching body lotion. Captivating is described as being a fruity, floral fragrance which captures femininty, modern elegance and charm.


            I have been using a few sample vials of this perfume but have had a peek at the bottle in Boots. The design of the bottle keeps in tone with Ghosts classic fragrances with little adaptions to tell the bottles apart.

            Captivating is housed in a tall, cyclindrical glass bottle which nips in at the middle, creating a feminine body appearance. Ridges run up the sides for easy handling and the silver sprayer is contained under a clear lid. The perfume is tinted with a slight yellow colour to add a touch of class.


            Captivating is built on a bed of fragrance notes. The notes blend together in stages to create a continuous fragrance from the outset until it disappears from the wearers skin.

            ~Top notes open up the fragrance. Captivating treats us to fusion of bergamot, freesia, guava and mandarin.

            ~Heart notes create the body of the fragrance. Here we welcome a host of floral notes to include magnolia, rose jasmine and soft peony.

            ~Base notes leave the final trace of fragrance on the skin. We complete the fragrance with a classic combination of sandalwood and musk with a touch of orris.

            ***Availability and Price***

            Ghost perfumes are generally well priced for the quality and the gift sets are available at Christmas giving a cheaper gift option. Current prices for online and offline include.


            30ml @ £23.00
            50ml @ £31.00
            75ml @ £43.00
            GIft set including 30ml EDT and 50ml body lotion @ £23.00
            This same set has also been spotted in Superdrug at just under £18.00.


            30ml @ £19.95
            50ml @ £24.80
            75ml @ £34.95
            200ml body lotion @ £18.75

            ***My Thoughts***

            I have been a firm fan of the Ghost perfume range since I was a teenager. The original Ghost was one of the first perfumes to grace my now huge perfume collection. My favourite has and always will be the Deep Night one but I am always open to trying new releases. I received a few sample vials in Boots recently and have had the pleasure of sampling Captivating.

            The bottle is pretty and would fit in nicely with my more expensive perfumes. My vials are the type with the stick inside for rubbing onto my wrist and neck but of course a spray would be most convenient for an even application.

            When I first apply Captivating, the alcohol aroma is quite present and does pack a punch. At first, this was all I could smell but I persevered and allowed the notes to come through. This didn't take any great length of time and was worth waiting for anyway. I am a fan of fruity perfumes and Captivating captures my senses perfectly from the opening accord.

            A sweet and exotic combination of notes treat me and pull me in to experience a desirable and modern scent. The mandarin is most prominent and combined with the guava and bergamot, a fresh and sweet aroma is acheived with a hint of zestiness. The freesia is not apparent to me but I feel it has probably been significantly overwhelmed by the fruity notes. Although the initial alcohol aroma suprised me, I was content with the strength of the top notes as they were noticeable but didn't take me aback.

            Within minutes, the heart notes make an appearance and invite my senses to appreciate a fresh and delightful floral blend. I was never a fan of florals but I have came to desire them as they can be pleasant and with the right combination, can be truly beautiful on my skin. Jasmine is quite a sensual note and it blends with the magnolia to be dreamy and quite creamy. These notes are quickly joined by the rose and peony to lighten up the scent and allow it to be fresh but sophisticated at the same time.

            The heart notes remain at a consistent strength for 3-4hours before the base notes start to envelope my senses. Captivating edges away from the freshness of the florals and developes into a rich and precious base. The sandalwood and musk combine and are smooth and utterly indulgent. The base is spiced up which is quite unusual but certainly not unwelcome. I have no idea what note orris is so perhaps this is owed to this and if so..I wish to thank it as it added a perfect edge to the rather basic notes which are so common in the perfumes I currently have. The base notes lasted well and the overall fragrance lasted on my skin for around 6hours.


            Perfumes can be quite individual and one which may suit one person may not suit another due to the way out bodies operate. I always recommend testing a perfume before comminting to purchasing and allowing it to fully settle on your skin to check it suits you.

            I would say that Captivating is a confident and sophisticated perfume which would suit a young, mature female perhaps to wear for a formal occasion. It is light but detectable and won't overpower those around you but will create a confident aura. If you want something stronger and for night outs or romatic occasions, the original Ghost or Deep Night is advisable. Others in the Ghost range are more suited for daytime and casual use so there is really a perfume for everyone.


            Yes! I fully recommend Captivating as it is a delightful and suprising perfume which captures my senses and makes me feel better about myself. It lasts a reasonable amount of time on my skin and can be picked up at a fantastic price. For this reason, I plan on purchasing the gift set should they be reduced in the post Xmas sales!

            Thanks for reading and merry christmas everyone!


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              17.10.2010 12:11
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              The new fragrance from Ghost

              Ghost have just bought out a new fragrance called ghost captivating which is a very nice fragrance and smells very nice as even though it has a musky scent it is not an overpowering scent but is very light and refreshing.

              The notes in ghost captivating is a right mixture of top notes, heart notes and base notes the most common base note used in it is sandalwood, the most common heart note used in it is rose and the most common top note in it is bergamot as well as a few other notes used in it but these notes used together really give it a lovely sweet musky scent that lasts all day.

              I found that the fragrance itself was really refreshing and light and had a lovely musky, sweet smell to it and that is why I decided to wear it on my wedding day as it was not an overpowering scent but it lasted all day.

              The fragrance is one that you could wear in the day or at night time as it has a refreshing smell to it that just lingers off of you.

              The perfume comes in different sizes ranging from 30ml -75ml you can also get body lotions and shower gels in the ghost captivating as well. Prices range from £23-£35 in the perfume and in the shower gel and body lotion the price is about £20.

              You can buy the fragrance from most retailers such as Superdrug, The perfume shop and Boots but prices will vary in these shops.

              The bottle of the perfume is very simple with a twisted look about it and just has ghost written on the bottle in orange.

              The packaging is also very simple but eye catching as the box is a turquoise colour with ghost written on in a bronzed orange colour and the box has a metallic look to it so it will really stand out on the shelves.

              I would definitely recommend this perfume to friends and family as it is definitely would make a good present and ghost have done well again with bringing out another fantastic fragrance with the smell of the fragrance being just right.


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            • Product Details

              The essence of captivation, magical and feminine / Delicious enticement, a mesmerising glance across a crowded room / She's a vision of beauty and refinement, with a heart of gold / Ghost ventures into the mystical with Captivating, a fluid bouquet of florals accented with the juiciest of fruits / Top Notes:; Bergamot, Mandarin, Guava, Freesia / Heart Notes:; Rose, Peony, Magnolia, Jasmine / Base Notes:; Orris, Sandalwood, Musky Notes.

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