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Ghost Sheer Summer Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Ghost / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      16.05.2010 14:30
      1 Comment



      A good buy for day to day wear

      I received this perfume as a present at Christmas one year. Its not normally the type of fragrance i would go for myself, however it is a very nice scent. The scent is quite fruity and sweet and also smells like there is a scent of rose in there as well. It kind of reminds me of being in a sweet shop, so to me it is quite a youthful fragrance suitable for the younger woman.

      Its a very girly fragrance and is definatley suitable to wear for any occasion. However, Its quite a light fragrance so i don't think it holds up for a night out. I like to wear a stronger scent that is a bit more musky for a night out. I prefer to wear this fragrance throughout the day and at work as its not overpowering so does not gas out your fellow employees! As its an Eau de toilette i find it doesn't last all day and i have to reapply it half way through the day.

      The packaging is very distintive in the moon shaped pink bottle and fits in perfectly with my collection of perfume bottles on my dressing table. The perfume itself is also a pink colour which adds to the girlyness of it. The price is also reasonable. You can normally get a bottle of this for around £20 depending where you shop but often can be found cheaper.

      Overall i do like wearing this fragrance, but when my current bottle runs out i won't be rushing to buy another. There are other fragrance i would prefer to spend my money on.


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        16.08.2008 20:47
        Very helpful



        An excellent, fresh and musky floral scent.

        Launched: 2005
        Group: Fruity floral

        ~ Introduction ~

        I discovered Sheer Summer at a London airport in August 2005 when going on holiday. Before I became interested in perfumery and collecting scents, I only bought fragrances in duty free shops at airports then I usually wore my choice for about a year before my next buy. Sheer Summer was a serendipity buy as I hadn't known about Ghost fragrances at the time. I stood in the shop, looked around and started walking towards a croissant-shaped pink bottle. The next thing, and I was just as drawn to the scent as the bottle, as if the scent was a natural continuation of the 'scent' of the bottle itself, you know what I mean? As if by looking at the bottle it was evident what scent it contained?

        ~ The packaging ~

        Ghost may well be the first and only company to introduce croissant-shaped bottles, at least I haven't seen any other fragrance donning such a flacon. The bottle itself is very intriguing and stands out and the reason why I noticed it in the first place. The outer packagin is a transparent, plactic case that has the negative shape of the croissant that nestles inside as the two halves are secured together. The glass botle of Sheer Summer is pink-tinged where the colour of pink is darker towards the lower half. The bottle itselft isn't fully shaped in order to make space for the atomizer, it's the pink plactic lid that completes the entire moon shape.

        ~ The fragrance ~

        Top notes: apple, pineapple, sweet pea, plum

        Upon application, Sheer Summer is powerfuly tangy, almost sour but sweet at the same time. I immediately recognice a apple aroma, though it's not the apple aroma of DKNY Be Belicious or Eclat D'Arpege. It's sharper, reminds me the tartness of slightly unripe apples but blended with a cheerful and also tangy, sparkling pineapple aroma, it's definitely not the sweet, syrupy type. A few minutes later there's a twist; a sweet waft developes, that's slightly floral, maybe jasmine or cherry blossom, I'm guessing.

        ~ Middle notes: jasmine, freesia, white peach ~

        After a powerful start, an hour later Sheer summer develops its heart, which is very similar indeed to the head notes, only somewhat sweeter and more floral. I start the identify the peach aroma, that was lurking somewhere previously too, but not to an extend to be identifiyable.

        Sheer Summer has a remarkable staying power and also keeps the remainder of its top notes to be enjoyed four (!) hours later. An amazingly nice and balanced blend, the heart notes do not play the game on their own, tarty and fresh top notes mingle with the emerging sheerness of musk and gives the fragrance even more staying power.

        ~ Base notes: driftwood, amber, musk ~

        With only a few squirts in the morning, I'm still able to detect the last notes of the fragrance in the evening. Sheer Summer has now dried down into an intimate, but not least weak musky base, that's warm and glows with a certain dried spiciness, that's hard to pinpoint, it's very similar indeed to the musky udertones of Benghal only a lot more present.

        The ever so slightly dry and woody base notes are comforting, and after all those hours still have the fresness of an eau de toilette balanced with that touch of exotic dryness. Sheer Summer is an ideal summer fragrance that is unlike many, has its very own mind throughout.

        ~ Conclusion ~

        Sheer Summer is a scent that I've never spotted anyone else wearing it and is truly 'my' scent, in a way I identify with no other scent I owned before or after it in the same way. This hidden gem of Ghost's line of fragrances has a unique, unspoilable aroma, which takes it beyond the thousands of grapefruit-mandarin summer fragrances (including Dior Addict 2 however beautiful fragrance, it's just plain boring) and creates a sillage that's refreshing, vibrates with energy and holds an extremely feminine and gentle fragrance inside its heart. A pure, simple delight.

        There are two other limited edition fragrances from the same range, Summer Dream and Summer Flirt.

        ~ Price / where to buy ~

        EBay or occasionally chemists having old stock of these, prices may vary. I bought my second bottle last autumn for £14.99.

        ~ Additional rating ~

        Staying power: 5 / 5
        Composition: 5 / 5
        Value for money: 5 / 5
        Overall value: 5 / 5
        Thanks for reading.

        ©powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao! UK


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          15.12.2006 21:20
          Very helpful



          Sheer summer for a light fragrance that is suitable for work or holiday

          Last year when in the terminal at the channel tunnel my sister was buying some very expensive face cream. She asked me if I wanted anything and while she was choosing I sampled several different perfumes. The one I really liked was called Ghost Sheer Summer and she bought it for me.

          An nice present. I haven't seen this in the shops in this country so also an unusual present.

          Ghost make aftershave and related products for men and a few womens fragrances which are accompanied by shower gel, talc and body lotion. The sheer summer one is pink.

          Sheer summer is a limited edition eau de toilette spray, I have looked it up on Ebay and there are several buy it now ranging from £14.00 - £29.50 which is quite a bit less than we paid last year.

          ***So, what's it smell like?***

          Haunting, light, fresh, subtle, slightly fruity with musky undertones, the descriptions I have read about this fragrance names various fruits, I wouldn't go that far myself, but it is a fragrance that surrounds me with a subtle hue of something, it lingers all day and as I move I get whiffs of it. But this isn't a harsh in your face fragrance, just a whisper of loveliness, there is a hint of white musk in there but only just a hint.

          ***So where do I get this?***

          Probably eBay is your best bet, this is a limited edition fragrance and I haven't seen it in Boots or any of the high street shops that sell the better known fragrances.
          I have looked at some of the adverts on the buy it now's and some of the cheaper ones are unused testers, I guess that would be fine and a real bargain but not suitable for a present.

          ***Would I get another bottle?***

          Well, I will think about it, my bottle is finally empty, you don't need to use much of it at a time and it lasted over a year, now I have seen it on eBay I just might get a bottle after Christmas, I really did like this, and once or twice someone at work said to me "Something smells nice, it is you?"

          Thanks for reading, I have gone on a bit.



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        • Product Details

          2005 Limited Edition

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