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Giorgio Armani Sensi Eau de Parfum

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3 Reviews

Brand: Giorgio Armani / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      21.03.2015 19:25
      Very helpful



      After all these years it's still an amazing scent x

      This is a fabulous fragrance from Giorgio Armani, that has not lost its sparkle!

      This is a classic in the range that has been around for a while but has not lost its place in the market. Despite all the changes, a good scent like this one remains and out does them all.

      The note here are:




      This is a very light, floral west meets east fragrance. The scent is also very sensual in a classy way.

      This is definitely a scent to go for if you would like to step away from the crowds, try something different and by a well-known brand.
      I would say they have not updated the product's look at all and this somewhat is a little offputting if your buying this new [this was launched 2002]
      However, if like me, you've seen this for years this is reassuring and the notes are wonderfully still the same.

      This is a fragrance, as most should be, applied lightly, too much and it will become sickly but even after one or two spritz of this you will smell is enough to tease not overwhelm or cause a coughing fit.

      This is not widely available however and many places mention it's been discontinued but through AMAZON and EBAY you still get bottles of the gorgeous stuff at a good price without any threat of it running out!

      I would still after all these years recommend this fragrance.xx


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      24.06.2008 14:18
      Very helpful



      Add to your feminine charm!

      My mother gave me this, she bought it but decided she wasn't keen on it after wearing it a few times. I have tried to find a price on the net but have found it very difficult, it is more commonly sold in smaller bottles with a 50ml bottle usually costing around the £40 mark. It also doesn't seem all that widely available.

      I love this scent for work, it is sophisticatedly different with its powdery oriental scent. It isn't too strong without being to light to be noticeable. It has a definite vanilla scent as it's main scent. I am not usually a lover of vanilla based scents but this one pulls it off well. It is not old fashioned or too young.

      I have had rather a few comments on this perfume, I am told it is very lady like without being overtly sexual.

      To me this is a perfume which will add confidence, you wont be worrying about if people will like it or if you are stinking of it to the point where people will think you have tried too hard.

      This is rather an expensive scent but it is an EDP and not an EDT, the scent lasts on the skin well, I can usually still smell it when I get into bed at night.

      A great perfume for the daytime!

      I don't know if I will replace this when it is gone or not as there are so many out there to try still but if I was given it I would be amazingly pleased!


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      19.06.2008 02:07
      Very helpful



      an allround scent without being generic

      I started using this perfume some four years ago. But in the last year I've been testing and wearing many others that got me distracted from it. Last week a draft in the bedroom brought a hint of the fragrance to my nose. Now my addiction is back with a vengeance. So I may as well share this really special fragrance while I'm at it.

      Sensi was released by Giorgio Armani in the spring of 2003. It is described as vibrant and sensual. This perfect balance is achieved by initial sparkling notes, followed by soft and warm notes. To my perception the scent is consistently exotic, even oriental, but without ever being heavy. The fresh top notes are also spicy, the later sweet/woody ones are soft and stay close to the skin.

      If it makes any sense, exotic places have a warm climate in one's mind. That's why I like wearing complex and warm fragrances even when it's warm. Among these Sensi is the most wearable, and yet it is quite unusual in it's category. At the same time, the perfume's mild sweetness makes it a soothing comfort blanket for lousy weather. The EDP concentration gives it excellent staying power, regardless of the temperature. As further reference, one might compare it to Casmir by Chopard, but in a toned down version. As I overdid that one in its time, it's good to have a more agreeable alternative now.

      There are also body products available; shower gel, body lotion and perfumed deodorant. A year later, a seasonal version was released, called White Notes. I haven't had the chance to test it, but descriptions indicate a white floral, despite a number of notes in common. To me it sounds like a step down, I can do without florals, but I'm still curious. I can't find out what concentration it is.

      The whole range is hard to get hold of in the UK, but apparently it has not been discontinued. In mainland Europe, airports and online stores, the products seem to be available without problems.

      I'll add lists of the RRPs for all the products I could find and also all the fragrance notes. It's well worth shopping around, there are lower prices available.

      EDP 50ml/100ml £45/£60
      shower gel 200ml £23
      body lotion 200ml £25
      deodorant 100ml £20

      top notes: Kaffir Lime, Acacia
      middle notes: Cape Jasmine, Barley
      base notes: Palisander Wood, Benzoin

      I realize, I'm actually struggling to describe this scent adequately. So if you'd like to know more, please ask.

      Thanks for reading.


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