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Girard Provence Spring Eau de Toilette

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2 Reviews

Brand: Girard / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      06.07.2011 00:50
      Very helpful



      A budget fragrance

      ~Less spring - more spritz!~

      The range of fragrances produced under the 'Girard' brand, which includes the light and slightly watery feeling Provence Spring Eau de Toilette, are a budget range of scents that are sometimes pleasant, yet never make you feel like you have spritzed on anything special. As an EDT the fragrance lacks real style, polish and substance and I feel it works best as a light and fresh body spritz that can and does fade all too quickly.


      The sale prices I have come across on the high street for this fragrance (as a 30 or 50ml bottle) can and do vary, with prices being found from around £10 plus for a basic gift set, to a little less at times for the EDT as a stand alone product. My feeling is that I wouldn't want to purchase this fragrance for much over £5 on its own, as there are better body sprays and every day scents that are on sale that can and do work far better. At the time of purchase I spotted several Girard fragrances including this one in a well known store at a reduced price of just £4.99 for a gift set that included the EDT as well as some matching body products. I felt it was worth trying Provence Spring as it was something I had not tried that was cheap to buy when compared to many other fragrance products.

      ~How well did the fragrance perform?~

      Having worn the fragrance over the course of a few months on and off, I found that over all the fragrance feels very light and almost too airy on the skin after a short time when sprayed lightly on. The watery, slightly lemony and green yet floral scent the fragrance emits after it dries down on the skin is inoffensive on the nose and has a light day time feel that may suit those who like a lighter feel to their fragrance. I was not all that keen on the short lived light and barely there scent that resulted after a very short wear time when using the fragrance. I found that over time the fragrance wore off far too quickly which led to it having to be topped up with refresher sprays that were required frequently, which ultimately meant that the contents of the bottle wore down more quickly than I expected.

      ~Top, middle and base notes~

      The lemon and ylang ylang opening notes of the fragrance were milder than expected and the promise of white and pink roses smothered in heady jasmine seemed well hidden in the mid notes of the fragrance, with them managing to remain rather mediocre and uninspiring. The base notes of the fragrance sound divine with musk, vetiver, sandalwood, buchu essence and warm vanilla blended to offer strength, depth and longevity. Sadly I found that the fragrance base notes were unable to provide any real sustainability to the fragrance once on the skin and the faded effect that came all too quickly was something I came to expect when wearing the fragrance during the day.

      ~Value for money?~

      Having bought the fragrance cheaply I feel that the value for money offered was about right, as the effect of the fragrance was in keeping with the price paid. The body products that came as part of the gift set were a nice bonus, although they failed to extend the life of the fragrance on the skin by very much. Had I paid more for the fragrance I would have expected far more from it in terms of style and longevity and would not have been happy with the staying power and depth of fragrance offered. As an under £5 purchase the price seemed about right.

      ~Product presentation and ease of use~

      The presentation of the fragrance is simple with the fragrance bottle being a clean unfussy shape that sits well enough on a dressing table or flat surface with minimal risk of it tipping over. The glass bottle is smooth to the touch, being easy to pick up and handle when wanting to spray on a little of the product. The spray applicator delivered a fair amount of fragrance that could be directed as required and did not clog or seize up when in use. The plastic lid that sits on top stays in place as it should, with minimum effort required in order to remove it from the fragrance bottle and set it back in place after use. The light fresh aqua and mauve colour scheme that has been used on the both the product box and fragrance bottle give a simple and clean yet slightly budget feel to the fragrance. I feel make this lack of finesse makes the fragrance a poor choice to give as a special gift as it lacks wow factor, with the finished look being of a basic daily wear product.

      ~Product rating~

      As a light cheap to buy day wear fragrance that is easy to wear and inoffensive on the nose the fragrance works well enough. If you are expecting more from the fragrance then prepare to be rather un-amazed with it, as it really is very basic and doesn't stand out from the many other more interesting fragrances of this type you can buy. A fair rating for this fragrance is around 2 to 2.5 stars as it works well enough as a light body spray for day time wear, yet fails to ignite the senses as a full blown Eau De Toilette.


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      23.04.2011 10:52
      Very helpful



      A great choice of floral type perfume if you want something a little bit more unusual and uncommon!

      I originally bought this perfume on the way back from a holiday about 4-5 years ago. Yet again, the first thing that attracted me to this particular scent was its packaging; its fairly simple but in nice colours, exactly as in the picture really, and I just thought it looked pretty! It fits comfortably into the hand and is easy to spray, producing a fine mist everytime without any dribbles! The cap fits well and has never fallen off in my handbag, something of a first in my own experiences with perfumes!

      At the moment I have the 50ml size of the eau de toilette, but it is also available in 30ml and 100ml sizes. As far as I can remember I paid about £18 for my original 50ml bottle, but Amazon are currently retailing it via another seller for £5.09 plus £1.95 p&p for the 100ml size which I think is a bargain! It definitely holds its own against more expensive scents, and the nice packaging means it would make a lovely gift as it definitely looks like it would cost more than a fiver!

      The manufacturer describes this scent as opening "with notes of lemon and ylang-ylang, followed by the heart of white and pink rose, jasmine and clove and the base of sandalwood, vetiver, musk and vanilla. " I personally can detect some but not all of these; I have never really been that much of a fan of either ylang ylang or musk, as I find they can make a perfume a bit overpowering, but these are very subtle in this scent. The predominant fragrances to me are definitely the floral tones; whilst I can't honestly detect the rose as a stand alone note, the jasmine is fairly prominent, and I think the rose and vanilla just help to soften that scent a little bit, whilst the clove adds a pinch of spiciness but again doesn't really stand out as a solo fragrance in the overall blend. The citrus note of the lemon is barely detectable to my nose, but there is a definite tanginess on the upper edges of this scent. I really like the way the fragrances in this product all blend together, making each individual one less immediately identifiable and giving the perfume a little bit of mystery!

      I think this is a very versatile scent, suitable for a wide range of ages and occasions, from everyday wear with jeans to an evening out...the only people I would say it probably wouldn't particularly suit would be younger teenagers, as it definitely has a "womanly" rather than "girly" feel to me. It is definitely floral but with other subtle tones which make it interesting, and has great lasting power; if I put some on in the morning and don't respray all day I can still detect a hint of it on my skin when I get home in the evening, although if you were wearing it all day a top-up at lunchtime probably wouldn't do any harm!

      The only negative I can think of is it can be a little bit overpowering for about ten minutes or so after you put it on, but this soon dies down.

      I would definitely recommend this scent to people who generally like floral type perfumes and want to try something a little bit different that you don't smell very often! It has good lasting power, lovely packaging and an unusual fragrance, and good overall performance.


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