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Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Givenchy / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    4 Reviews
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      18.03.2013 14:41
      Very helpful



      gorgeous scent which is let down by the strength

      ~Givenchy Le Secret~

      Launched : 2009
      Fragrance family : fruity floral

      Le Secret is part of the Givenchy Ange ou Demon fragrance collection. This Eau de parfum was promoted by Una Thurman and is described as 'embracing both sweetness and strength, provication and purity'.

      *Top notes (the initial scent) - green tea leaf, winter lemon and cranberry
      *Heart notes (the main scent) - white peony, jasmine sambac and aquatic flowers
      *Base notes (the finishing scent) - patchouli and blond woods


      The bottle of Le Secret follows the same design as the original Ange Ou Demon perfume. The bottle to me, looks like a gem stone of some kind with its faceted appearance. The back of the bottle has little indents and the complete design is unusual and quite stylish in appearance. The glass is clear and perfectly shows off the pretty, peach liquid inside.

      ~Price and Availability~

      Le Secret EDP is available from various websites in three different sizes - 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.

      *www.escentual.com : £36.90 - £73.35
      *The Perfume Shop : £38.99 - £55.99
      *Amazon UK : £35.80 - £68.79

      ~My Thoughts~

      Le Secret EDP is part of my miniature collection of perfumes and I am currently on my second bottle. The miniature can be bought from Amazon for under £10.00, I am a fan of Givenchy perfumes and in particular, the Ange Ou Demon collection so I was pleased to add this EDP to my growing collection. I have previously owned Le Tendre and the original Ange Ou Demon but there is an elixir version of Le Secret available too which I really must try.

      I love the bottle design of Le Secret. It is a confident, attractive design and looks very expensive. Scent wise, Le Secret is a beautiful scent which has a lot going for it. I apply a dab of the perfume to my neck and wrists. The initial scent is quite strong but it quickly reduces a pleasant level. I wouldn't say that Le Secret has the strength of other Givenchy perfumes. It is more EDT in strength than EDP but is still noticeable on my skin and others can detect it if they are standing near to me.

      The top notes of Le Secret are beautifully fruity and fresh. The lemon is the main note here and combined with the cranberry and green tea leaf accord, a refreshing, sweet scent is evident. It is very natural smelling and has a fizzy sort of zing to it without being sharp - it is well balanced. It isn't too heavy but simply a light, sweet aroma which comes through as being uplifting. I find it to be quite pleasant and not at all complex. It reminds me of cool, fruity flavoured tea.

      As time goes on, the heart of Le Secret becomes evident. The sweetness from the lemon remains on my skin and is joined by a soft, light floral scent. This sweet, floral blend is very delicate and clean smelling. The lemon comes through a little sharper in the heart and my nose can pick up on the peony and jasmine. I would have liked the jasmine to be a bit stronger as I like a sensual jasmine note but it was a little too subtle to reach its full potential. The scent is flirty and feminine.

      Unfortuantely, Le Secret EDP doesn't last all that long. The base notes come through and only 2hours or so and aren't very strong at all. I can still detect the lemon but now it is joined by a whisper of light patchouli and a delicate woody note. The scent sits very close to my skin and could have been much stronger. After an hour or so, the scent is all gone from my skin which is rather disappointing.


      The lightness of Le Secret makes it ideal for day time use and it would suit being used on a warmer day as it is an airy and quite bright scent. It isn't complex or long lasting enough to be considered an evening scent. Le Secret is quite a youthful scent but would appeal to women of any age in my opinion.


      Whilst I love the way the scent flows and it is quite a unique scent with the tea note being there. It works but it isn't executed well. It is too weak and doesn't last long enough to be worth the high cost in my opinion. I adore the scent when it is on my skin but it is disappointing when the scent fades so quickly. I just wish it was a little more concentrated as it would likely be one of my favourites. It just isn't special enough for me. The quality is lacking.

      I would recommend buying this if you come across it very cheap but don't expect a lot from it.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        27.06.2011 20:44
        Very helpful



        The only intriguing thing about this perfume is its name!

        I first came across Givenchy's Ange ou Demon- le Secret last Christmas, when I received it in a set of miniatures. These little bottles have proved a great way of familiarising myself with different scents, which I wouldn't normally have tried- I'd certainly never heard of Ange ou Demon before, so there's no way I would have picked it out myself to try.

        My first impressions were mixed- I was intrigued by the name, but the bottle looked slightly tacky. Its angular, elongated pentagonal shape is reminiscent of a cut diamond, which is a nice idea but doesn't have the effortless elegance of some of the simpler perfume bottles I've seen. It also has a faint pink tinge to it, which again doesn't look particularly classy. The overall appearance of the bottle didn't seem to have any connection with the name, not a particularly important factor in choosing a perfume, but if I was going on appearance alone, I certainly wouldn't be drawn to this in a shop.

        On smelling this perfume for the first time, I was fairly neutral about it. It was pleasant enough and I knew I'd be happy to wear it, but it didn't stand out or have the wow factor that some of the other bottles in the set did, and it took me a while to get round to actually wearing it. When I did, I was a little more impressed, although still not blown away. While the scent was pleasantly sweet, with a fresh hint of citrus, there was nothing really distinctive about it. From the name, I'd expected quite a striking fragrance, but there certainly isn't anything epic or supernatural about this scent in my opinion!

        For those of you who are more clued up about perfume than I am, here are the notes as listed online:

        Heart notes:
        Jasmine sambac, white peony, aquatic flowers
        Top notes:
        Winter lemon, cranberry, green tea leaf accord
        Base notes:
        Blond woods, patchouli

        I'd say that this perfume is quite youthful- I know I'd have happily worn it in my late teens and early twenties. It's also versatile, and seems equally suited to day and night, summer and winter, which is the plus point of its nondescript scent. As for its name, if I had to plump for one of the two I'd say this is much more on the angelic side of things thanks to its sweet fruitiness.

        The staying power of this scent isn't great- it quickly loses its initial punch and is virtually undetectable after the first couple of hours, leaving nothing but a hint of fragrance.

        It's hard to know how to rate this perfume; while there's nothing that I hate about it, it just lacks the memorability of a lot of the other scents I've tried and certainly isn't one to wear if you're looking to stand out from the crowd. On the plus side, it's completely inoffensive and could work quite well if you're after an everyday scent that's light and versatile. However, for its price (around £55 for a 50ml bottle of EDP), it's definitely not one I'll be buying for myself in the future.


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          19.04.2011 16:18
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A Lovely Fragrance - Shame About Its Lasting Abilities!

          As I keep mentioning in reviews lately just before Christmas me and my mom got quite a few perfume sets from Boots and ended up splitting the mini bottles between the two of us. However as my moms birthday is just after Christmas she ended up getting full sized bottles of most of the perfumes so I ended up with quite a few that I wasnt expecting to try out. This 'Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret' was one of the bottles I ended up with that I was quite looking forward to trying. Ive had mixed experiences with the Givenchy brand - some have been awful and others have been amazing - but this one I REALLY wanted to try out. Id seen the adverts on TV and wanted to try it for ages so I was glad when I finally got to - and I still am as this is an amazing scent.

          Useful Information:
          Price: 30ml bottle - Around £35
          Stockists: Amazon, The Perfume Shop. Boots, Superdrug etc ...
          Other Info: Also available in 50 & 100ml bottle sizes for different prices. This scent is a variation on the original Givenchy Ange Ou Demon scent - they probably smell similar (I havent smelt the original) but they will have some differences. If you like the original though you will more than likely enjoy wearing this one.

          - - - - - - - - -

          The Bottle:

          This perfume comes in a small light pink [the original bottle is clear so make sure you look for the different colours when buying this!!] prism type bottle. The bottle is kind of a tear drop shape but with jagged, jutting edges giving it a slight difference to a normal shape - it has a bit of an edge! In my opinion the bottle is stunning - its very simple but that fits in well with the overall design and theme of the perfume and brand I think. Its simple yet classy and understated which I really like - and it is typical Givenchy style in my experience. The bottle thankfully has a flat bottom so it means it can be displayed with ease without falling over all the time - and also the bottle is made from quite chunky and thick glass so when your carrying this around you dont have to worry about the bottle breaking or leaking which is always a positive in my opinion. The top of the bottle simply pulls off - it reminds me of a small vial of fluid in my opinion - and then with my bottle you dab the bottle onto your skin to activate the scent - although if you do own the full sized version it might have a spray nozzle. A stunning yet simple bottle - kind of like the scent really.

          - - - - - - - - -

          The Scent:

          Im pretty rubbish when it comes to noticing the individual notes in a perfume so I did do some digging around the net to find this list of ingredients:

          Top Notes: Lemon & Tea.
          Middle Notes: Jasmine & Peony.
          Base Notes: Woods & Patchouli.

          Thats a really uncomplicated perfume so I think most people will assume it doesnt really have any depth but they couldnt be more wrong. I think maybe the middle & top notes are backwards though as thats how they get to my nose when Im wearing this but who am I to argue with the experts ey? This is a stunning floral/fruity offering that is shy yet flirty and just boosts my confidence no end when Im wearing it. Light & Airy but it does pack a punch at times!

          In my opinion when you first apply this perfume the middle floral notes are the strongest because it is a very flowery scent when you first apply which is obviously down to the Jasime & Peony notes. The fruity top notes come through very quickly though and the White Tea & Leom really make this a much sweeter scent than it first appears to be. I love the scent of white tea so I like that, that note comes through quite quickly and both fruitier notes really compliment the floral ones without overpowering them - they work really well together without overpowering one another which is brilliant in my opinion. Lastly the bottom notes after a few minutes warm up the scent a little bit and give it a slightly heavier tone - not too much as the overall fragrance remians light but with a little bit of an edge which saves it from being a boring floral offering in my opinion.

          What I like most about this scent is you detect literally every note as no one is stronger than the others so they just all compliment each other really well. Its a really uncomplicated scent which cant be said for most perfumes on the market I dont think. Its a very 'everyday' kind of scent.

          - - - - - - - - -

          Other Comments:

          Staying Power:
          Now this is my one slight problem with this scent. On my skin this only lasts around 3-4 hours which is just below average in my experience so I do have to apply it quite a bit throughout the day to feel as if I still smell nice. That means the quite pricey bottle wont last as long - a * knocked off for that reason!

          Hmm. Id recommend this perfume for about 20's and upwards. Although I do think this would appeal to most age groups as its a versatile scent that can be worn all the time and has elements that will be to everyones taste.

          Day or Night? Summer or Winter:
          Id say this is 100% a day perfume as I personally like something a little heavier for night wear. I cant think of a type of weather or time of year this would suit more though as I reckon it is suitable for whenever.

          - - - - - - - - -

          I wouldnt hesitate to recommend this perfume to all you Dooyoo'ers because it is a stunning and uncomplicated scent that can be worn pretty much whenever or to wherever. Im knocking a * off for the price/bad staying power though as sadly is isnt amazing!

          Thanks For Reading.

          x0 Salz 0x


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            18.01.2011 08:16
            Very helpful



            A nice looking perfume bottle but the scent lets it down.

            This is another perfume which I was lucky to be bought for Christmas and for me it has to be the weaker of all of the ones which I got.


            The perfume comes in a glass bottle which is shaped rather like a diamond. There is a pink tinge to the glass which means the liquid inside has a pleasant colour and not the usual wee colour we get. The lid follows on from the diamond shape design of the bottle and it is made from plastic. It is very simple take on and off and under this we have the traditional trigger spray.


            When I first sprayed this perfume my initial thought was not good. It had a rather weak smell and reminded me slightly of disinfectant. After having another sniff I noticed that there was a hint of a floral scent but this was masked by another smell which I just cannot pin point. I have researched the notes for the perfume online and they are as follows:-

            Top notes - jasmine sambac, white peony, aquatic flowers
            Heart notes - winter lemon, cranberry, green tea leaf accord
            Base notes - blond woods, patchouli

            Unfortunately I have not been able to smell a lot of the noted which this perfume has and for me the blond wood is the most striking and am at a loss as to the cranberry and lemon it is supposed to have. There is a light feel to the scent and I think this may be due to the fact that the scent is weak and not very easy to smell.

            There have been no changes in the scent due to hormones that I have noticed but saying this I have only been able to smell this for a short time when I have worn it so there may be some but not that I can smell when doing the initial spray.


            I would say that due to the lightness of the fragrance then it is best suited to daytime wear and more so for the summer months when you don't want a heavy musky perfume on. There is a slight floral feel to the scent and maybe if it was stronger it would have given this an elegant feel. I have to say that this is defiantly not a perfume to be worn if you are going for an evening out or for a romantic occasion as it is not very noticeable.

            Due to the lightness of this scent and the slight elegant feel I recommend this is worn by the top end of the market, it is more suited to the over 50's as it only has a light smell. I don't think it is at all suitable for the young trendy market as there is a lack of smell to it and it just wont get you noticed.

            ~~ STAYING POWER~~

            There is a distinct lack of staying power to this perfume and I think this is due to the fact there is not much scent to the perfume. I have wore it a few times over the past month and despite being able to smell it when I initially spray it within an hour the fragrance has completely gone. I have also had to wear twice as much each time I have used this just to be able to get a good amount of smell and for it to be noticeable.


            This perfume is widely available and depending on where you shop you should find it priced at around £35 for the 30ml bottle. I think this price is awful considering there is a distinct lack of smell and staying power so more has to be used for each wear.


            This perfume has been a let down for me and I think hubby really did waste his money on it. The scent is a strange on and my initial thought was of disinfectant (not that I told him this!) On second smell I was able to notice a slight woody scent but it was very weak. The staying power is very poor therefore making the bottle poor value for money. It is more suited to the older end of the market as it has a weak yet slightly elegant feel. I can only give this perfume 1 star overall and this really if only for the bottle style as I do really like this part of it. If you are still undecided then I would recommend getting a sample as it does have a high price tag.


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          • Product Details

            Intensely intimate. Unsettlingly confidential. Enchantingly playful. Ange ou Demon Le Secret is Givenchy's radiant floral fragrance. With Ange ou Demon we have been showing an enigmatic expression of seduction- a dark visual, a distant woman, and a strong olfactory signature. Today, we uncover the angelic side, a fragrance as sensual as the skin, full of grace and elegance.The face of Ange ou Demon Le Secret, Uma Thurman, not only endorses Givenchy's value of aristocratic allure, but she perfectly embodies Ange ou Demon's secret alchemy. Embracing both sweetness and strength, provocation and purity, Uma confides the mystery of Angel or Demon.

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