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Givenchy Play for Her Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Givenchy / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    4 Reviews
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      12.01.2012 08:49
      Very helpful



      A fresh fruity scent from Givenchy in a pretty pink bottle

      When it comes to buying perfume Mr Lools tends to play it safe and take me perfume "browsing" first before he buys me a perfume as I'm apparently fussy and difficult to buy for. However after 9 years together this Christmas he took a massive risk and decided he knew me well enough to buy me a perfume.

      ***Givenchy Play***
      The description of the perfume is "a radiant floral fragrance with warm, woody tones, a seductive fragrance that uses its boldness to surprise and captivate. A woody, fruity floral aromatic fragrance. A sparkling fragrance, Play for Her Eau de Parfum radiates smiles and freedom, leaving a delicate musky imprint on the skin."

      The perfume comes in a baby pink bottle. This is very much like an MP3 player. The bottle is a long thin rectangular candy pink coloured bottle and around the sides embossed with a sparkly silver detail. On the front of the bottle near the bottom is the words PLAY in the centre and a rewind symbol next to this , imitating an MPS player or remote control. The bottle is very plain but I really like the design as I think it is unusual and looks great displayed on a dressing table. It is quite a large heavy bottle in the 50ml size therefore not the best perfume to travel with. Because of the block coloured bottled you can't see the perfume inside therefore it is difficult to see how much perfume you have left.

      The perfume is available in a 30ml, 50ml or 75ml bottle. Givenchy Play is available from a number of retailers including Boots, Superdrug, John Lewis, Debenhams and House of Fraser. You can also purchase online from www.cheapscents.co.uk , www.fragranceonline.co.uk and www.theperfumeshop.co.uk . Prices for this perfume vary however it is still a relatively expensive perfume if considered to other fragrances from other brands. Boots sell a 30ml bottle of this perfume for £36.00, a 50ml sized bottle for £51.00 and a 75ml bottle for £61.00. Online retailers sell this perfume slightly cheaper than department stores and you can expect to pay around £10 less for each sized bottle when buying online.

      ***Wearing It***
      The description of the Givenchy Play Fragrance are "Top notes include pink peppercorn and orange blossom, followed by the heart of amyris wood, Tiare flower and orchid, wrapped with the base of sandalwood, patchouli, Tonka bean and benzoin. "

      When I first read the description of Givenchy Play I was slightly concerned. I prefer fresh, fruity scents such as Gucci II, Armani Code, DKNY Woman and Armani She and I felt this perfume from the description fell into the more floral and oriental scents. However I was pleasantly surprised when I sprayed the perfume to find it smelt a lot fresher and fruitier that I had imagined it to.

      When first sprayed onto the skin I felt Givenchy Play has a very noticeable fruity scent and you can definitely make out the top notes of orange blossom. This is quite sharp initially and citrusy however after 30 seconds or so the orange scent is a lot softer and sweeter and I feel there is a hint of berries despite this not being mentioned in the fragrance notes. The initial burst of fragrance reminds me very much of Gucci II.

      After 5 minutes or so the scent is a lot softer and very feminine but not at all floral like I expected. The sweet orange scent is still apparent and this is a very fresh fruity scent but there is a slightly sweet spicy type scent and I feel that you can make out a very slight sweet clean vanilla type scent. The notes of orchid are apparent but I feel this is a very clean fresh type orchid scent rather than a sweet flowery scent.

      When I wear this perfume I give my skin two generous sprays. The initial scent is quite strong however after 5 minutes they scent dies down quite dramatically and I feel this is a very light fresh scent and not at all heavy. With wear and after about an hour the fragrance does have a slightly more spicy and oriental scent and you can make out sandalwood but there is still a fruity sweet scent to the perfume. The overall scent is a lot fresher, sweet and feminine than I imagined and less musky and spicy which the description seems to suggest.

      I like this perfume as I feel the scent is very light and not the type of scent that you notice as soon as someone walks into the room. When it is initially sprayed it can be smelt for around 1-2 hours but after that you need to be quite close to the person wearing it before you can notice it. This is what I like from a daytime perfume, however for those that like a stronger more noticeable scent or one that is stronger for more special occasions Givenchy Play is probably not for you. Givenchy Play Intense is also available from Givenchy which is a stronger more "intense" version of Givenchy Play therefore if you like this scent but want a stronger more noticeable fragrance it is probably advisable to purchase this version of the perfume.

      Due to Givenchy Play being a lighter fragrance I do feel if you want a scent that is noticeable all day you would probably need to reapply during the day. I find that the subtle fragrance lasts on my skin all day but if I was doing something in the evening I would probably give myself another spray of this perfume to top up the subtle scent.

      I have been wearing this perfume daily for 3 weeks now and the 50ml bottle still feels that it has most of the perfume still left in it. However because of the bottle design it is very difficult to judge how much perfume is left. I would say that I use quite sparingly and when I apply I only use two sprays as I like my fragrance to be subtle. For those that like a fragrance to be more noticeable I feel you would probably apply 3 or 4 sprays to achieve a stronger scent therefore this may not be an economical choice especially as the perfume is quite expensive.

      This is a perfect fragrance in my opinion for people that like a light fruity, sweet type scent and I feel the scent of Givenchy Play is very similar to Gucci II only with a slightly fruitier twist. The scent is very light and fruity with the hints of orange blossom being the most dominant scent with a light sweet scent behind the fruity scent. From the description of perfume I would have been slightly apprehensive about buying this perfume because of it being described as a "floral and oriental" fragrance with the notes of orchid and sandalwood, however these scents are only very light. Although fresh and fruity the sweetness of the pink peppercorn makes this a very feminine perfume, and tied in with the candy pink bottle makes this a very "girly" option; potentially a little too pretty and pink for some.

      My main criticism of the perfume is the price, this is not a cheap perfume and therefore for those that like quite strong dominant scents they may find they need to use quite a lot of this perfume and this could work out to be quite an expensive option.

      A great day time perfume with the option to go for the stronger Givenchy Play Intense scent if you are looking to wear this scent for evening and more special occasions.


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        02.09.2011 16:56



        Not worth it, you might as well rub lemon juice on

        Givenchy Play for Her was released last year and was a bit of a flop. I was in charge of selling this and promoting it to the public and it was very hard to get anywhere with it.

        The packaging make the perfume look like a mobile phone or a glasses case a lot of the customers told me, and some say it was too gaudy to look at and that you could not tell how much of the perfume you have left as the bottle has no transparant guage so you can determine the level of liquid left.

        There is this one in the range and the more popular Play for Her Intense which has an entirely different smell of Tonka Bean and Vanilla that is much more memorable. This one just smells faintly of oriental rose and mainly lemony and orange blossom and it wears off unbelievably quickly. It is not a particularly strong scent in the slightest and is just more a body freshener than a perfume for the skin.

        At £32 for 30ml and reaching up to £58 for the 75ml, it really is not worth it, you can by air fresheners that smell better than this! (obviously I did not say that to the customers I was desperately trying to sell it to though.... not that I sold any as the product just is not good enough)


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        26.06.2011 13:20
        Very helpful
        1 Comment




        When I bought a different Givenchy Perfume I got a few samples of this 1 which allowed me to have a good few days test of this and figure out if I liked the scent of it. Since this was an expensive Perfume then I guess the reason for the generous freebies was in the hope that this would encourage people to buy the full sized bottles.

        The bottle for this looks the same as the picture. I think the bottle could have been made a lot nicer, as although I like the lilac colour of this bottle I think it looks a bit cheap with the plastic on it. It actually reminds me a bit of my Light dimmer switch - apart from that is a boring grey colour. It looks the same shape anyway.

        The notes that are in here are Pink Pepper, Orange Blossom, Orchid, Amyris Wood, Tiare Flower, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Benzoin and Sandalwood. So overall quite a woody, heavier kind of scent. When I first used this I ended up using about half the little sample bottle. This way because they are kind of fiddly to apply, and instead of wiping the little plastic stick part over my wrist and being there all day I just tipped the bottle at my wrist and certainly enough came out. I rubbed my wrists together anyway and the scent was pretty strong. At least with the spray you can control how much of this you use. The scent of this lasted a good leght of time and I could still smell this faintly later on in the day. I find that this is the case with most designer scents and find this brand to be pretty good in lasting well.

        The scent of this was alright. A bit too Wood-y smelling for my like. The main scents in here I could smell was the Pink Pepper, Patchouli and I think the Tonka Bean which I think has a slight Vanilla hint to it as well.

        I've only seen this for sale in a 50ml bottle and not seen it for under £36 anywhere. That's not to say that it isn't any cheaper than this, just what I have seen and since I wasn't a fan of this then I don't need to know the cost of this.

        It was an ok scent but just not for me and I think this is a bit expensive for such a scent anyway.


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          11.01.2011 20:44
          Very helpful



          An expensive but generic and sharp woody oriental fragrance

          Launched: 2010
          Group: Oriental Floral


          I test fragrances as a hobby and I was recently handed some samples of Givenchy Play for Her eau de parfum in a fragrance store.


          Unusually for such an 'haute couture' brand, Givenchy, Play comes in a pink bottle that's shaped like an MP3 player. I honestly didn't expect a packaging like this and it immediately sent some alarm bells ringing thinking it's aimed at the younger generation therefore possibly just another ubiquitous 'pink' scent: boring, unoriginal, synthetic and usually sugary sweet.


          Top notes: orange blossom, pink pepper

          The first impressions of Play after applying it on my arm are some fresh, tart notes combined with a fairly woody one that's persistent but at the same time feels light and transparent. However, some moments later the woody note is joined by just a moderately sweet, tart, lemony and almost berry-like note that together create a fresh and more mellowed accord that lasts for the next 15 - 20 minutes or so.

          Middle notes: amyris wood, tiare flower, orchid

          After a fresh start I expected the fragrance to develop a more dominant floral scent as its group would suggest. It wasn't to be. For the next 3 - 4 hours which was only the first part of the heart notes, Play had an increasingly woody feel to it, just like in the opening and was bordering on masculine had it not been for some of the floral tones that took off some of the sharp edge.

          The floral notes felt white, powdery and increasingly soapy, similar to lotus underpinned by a generous amount of musk. There was no sight of the sweet, rich, exotic and almost gourmand smelling gardenia (tiare) or the sweet and often also gourmand, vanillic orchid, or if they were present, they got blocked out by the woody accord and only allowed a secondary role.

          The woodsy-soapy-powdery, moderately sweet and now dominantly musky-clean accord stayed on for an impressive 5 - 6 hours.

          Base notes: sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin, tonka bean

          In the final phase, Play had a last surprise in store which consequently made me make my mind up about why I don't like this particular scent. It developed a light-weight layer of a mainly hay-like, spicy coumarin note from the tonka similar to that of a delicious crème brulée accord I so love where the vanilla, sugar and spices have that dark, caramelised effect.

          However, this cosiness was spoiled by an out-of-place and nose-tickling pepper note that enveloped and made it quite difficult to access the soft, sweet oriental facets. It puzzled me what the pepper note was doing here in the first place, it should have evaporated a long time ago. On subsequent tests, this woody-sharp powdery accord appeared again, which may actually be the way this fragrance settles on my skin and there isn't a lot I can do about that. Altogether, the base notes lasted for another 2 - 3 hours or so.


          I think the fact I tested this fresh and woody fragrance in winter thinking it was a young and sweet girly floral oriental scent plays a big part in the scent not being warm, sweet and floral enough for my liking. I already tried this scent last summer from a tester in the shop when it was being launched and it did feel warmer and slightly more floral too. In winter, I'm used to wearing naturally sweet oriental scents almost exclusively as they tend to suit the cold weather best.

          In terms of composition, there should have been more emphasis put on the florals and the vanillic base notes as they are the building blocks or oriental floral scents. Play was kind of aloof, even cold, sort of sophisticated but distant and not at all playful, sweet and loud as I expected it to be. I also do not see a point in putting it in a bottle like this: it looks like they just threw a bottle and a formula together that don't really have anything to do with each other.

          Just like many designer fashion brands, Givenchy seems to be playing the game of producing generic and non-descript fragrances with no concepts whatsoever they put in a young-looking crowd-pleaser packaging to get the sales in. The result is a sharp and powdery-musky blend that has no roundedness or sumptiousness about it let alone any playfulness it's trying to push so desperately across through its marketing.

          Due to its longevity, it'll probably make a nice and fresh fragrance to cool off in the summer heat (though nothing can beat Irresistible for that!) though if you'd like to wear something soft and oriental in the winter, go for one of Givenchy's classics like Amarige, Hot Couture or the recently released sibling Play Intense, a darker and more oriental version of Play for a warmer and more oriental touch.


          Available at Boots and fragrance shops in town or online for about £50 / 50ml Eau de Parfum, ouch!

          Thanks for reading.

          ©powered by lillybee also posted on ciao.co.uk


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        • Product Details

          Givenchy has created a radiant floral fragrance with warm, woody tones, a seductive fragrance that uses its boldness to surprise and captivate.A woody, fruity floral aromatic fragrance. A sparkling fragrance, Play for Her Eau de Parfum radiates smiles and freedom, leaving a delicate musky imprint on the skin.

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