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Brand: Golddigga / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2013 14:27
      Very helpful



      A lovely light zesty aroma that lingers when worn

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**
      I am a big fan of fragrances and own a large amount, mainly through purchases I have made myself, but also my family and friends know when it comes to buying me presents for Birthdays and Christmas that perfumes or gift sets will always be well received.

      For my birthday last year (in late November) one of my best friends always puts together a little hamper of goodies and in amongst the gifts was this fragrance by Golddigga. Having used this now on several occasions throughout last month I feel I can share my thoughts and experience of wearing what is simply titled Golddigga EDP..

      **Golddigga who?**
      Golddigga is known primarily as being a young fashion brand, and was bought from administration a few years ago by Sports Direct. The brand is mainly associated with fashion sports wear but have now branched out into the fragrance department with this self titled EDP.

      "..From teen to woman this brand new fragrance is sure to be girls best friend.."

      **Price, packaging & availability**
      The packaging for Golddigga is very eye catching - the bottle is made from a highly polished golden coloured glass which is upright standing. The bottle has a cylindrical base before widening towards the neck where it squares off and is finished off with a matching golden (plastic) lid which protects the nozzle underneath.

      There is the golddigga logo in a bold black font on the front with Eau De Parfum in swirly black font underneath but apart from this there is no other decoration and quite frankly no more would be needed as the golden mirrored glass is enough to make this extremely aesthetically pleasing on it's own. I don't normally give the outward packaging a mention as I don't feel it is really necessary though I must admit the box this EDP is presented in is equally attractive, being gold and black which then slides open with a clear panel to view the bottle. I can't bring myself to throw this away as it's just too pretty and because of the sturdy card it is made from will be ideal for storing small cosmetics such as nail varnishes in.

      The fragrance comes in one size which is 100ml and is an EDP spray. This was a gift though I have recently seen it myself available to buy in the Studio catalogue costing £14.99 and also the more purse friendly £4.99 from Home Bargains stores, though availability may be limited from the likes of HB stores as they tend to alternate and refresh stock on a regular basis so if interested it's one of those products that you really have to keep your eyes open for and buy when you see it.

      **The fragrance itself**
      The composition of Golddigga is made up of the following notes:

      Top notes:

      Heart notes:
      African orange flower

      Base notes:

      **My thoughts on wearing Golddigga**
      I have to admit that the notes used here to make up this fragrance are really not my obvious choice when it comes to choosing a perfume at all as I'm not a fan of floral hearts or any kind of citrus notes as a rule and if I were to read about this EDP it wouldn't be one I'd be drawn to at all by the description.

      As my friend had kindly included this in my 'goodie bag' for my birthday I was interested to see how it would smell on my skin and whilst the bottle was incredibly enticing with it's glossy mirrored finish I can honestly say that a floral/ citrus fragrance wasn't really what I would have chosen to wear on my birthday but I decided to test it out there and then on opening my presents.

      On removing the quite tight fitting lid I was met with a large golden coloured nozzle and was quite surprised that there were only a few tiny pin pricks for the fragrance to be released via. On pressing a few times to activate the fragrance within the bottle I was met with a fine mist of spray which emitted at a rapid pace and covered a wide berth (so if spraying on the neck beware that the EDP doesn't end up in your eyes!).

      The first thing I noticed about this fragrance was how beautiful it actually was. I suppose I'd already (incorrectly) made my mind up about it before I'd even tried it and I was surprised at what a delectable scent it offered.

      The opening notes of lemon were very noticeable as I expected them to be and offered a zesty, fresh aroma though I have to say I couldn't detect the neroli at all but it's not something I'm familiar with so don't know what it actually smells like - nothing different stood out for though. What stops this EDP from being overly citrusy is the raspberry that is also present in the opening notes. I liked the fruit element here as it added a richer element and combined with the lemon I thought it worked very well and it reminded me of lemon sherbet.

      The fragrance starts to develop more once the dry down begins and the heart notes start to show themselves around 20 minutes later. To my relief the floral notes weren't too overwhelming and the jasmine and gardenia took more of a back seat and were subtly in the background with the pretty african orange blossom taking centre stage. It's beautiful aroma had an almost exotic feel to it and I have to admit I was becoming impressed with this as the day wore on.

      The EDP ends by sitting on a bed of warm base notes and I really love how the patchouli and honey work together here to create a musky warmth with a sweet twist (courtesy of the honey).

      I have to admit I have been really impressed with this fragrance from Golddigga and have worn it several times a week since it was given to me. I have found that though the fragrance is quite light and fresh once sprayed on to my skin the scent lingers for a good 5 or more hours and this is down to the fact that it's an Eau de Parfum so is more concentrated than just an EDT. Though I've used far more premium EDP's which don't carry the strength for this long so for a 'cheap' perfume this is very good and I've been impressed with it's longevity on each occasion I've worn it.

      I really like this fragrance though because of it's light zesty aroma it's not really suitable for evening wear (well that's my own opinion as I prefer deeper oriental perfumes for nights out) but for general day to day wearing it's perfect. Although this was given to me for my birthday in November it wears very well due to the warm element once the aroma has settled but overall I would say this is best suited to the warmer months as it would make a perfect Summer scent and ideal to take on holiday.

      Golddigga EDP has been described as being 'tacky' and cheap smelling but I can honestly vouch for it's beautiful fresh fragrance and it smells anything but tacky and cheap! I've had several compliments from friends when I've worn this asking what it is and they've all looked at me daft when I've said the name as they've never heard of it. I've owned Golddigga clothing in the past myself but had never heard of this EDP and I'm just very glad my friend decided to include a bottle in amongst with my other beauty items.

      Although I've stated that this is best when as a daytime scent, I wouldn't really recommend taking the bottle out with me during the day. Despite the neat design of the actual bottle it's size means it's rather cumbersome and clunky and although the glass seems sturdy I just wouldn't feel comfortable knowing it was banging about in my bag as to me it has the potential to smash (I don't know why but I just don't 'trust' it in my bag as if it were to break there is a lot in a 100ml bottle to leak and potentially spoil other items). Due to the longevity once spritzed though top ups shouldn't really be needed.

      I wouldn't say there is a particular age bracket either for this fragrance as it's quite an easy going scent that is versatile enough to be worn by any age really despite it's youthful and club inspired appearance.

      I've been very impressed with this light zesty fragrance and will continue to use it as an everyday perfume and will be keeping an eye out in the future for another bottle of this, and also hope that Golddigga release another scent as this one is really beautiful.

      5/5 for me as it ticks all the required boxes.


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