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Gucci Eau de Gucci Eau de Toilette

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    1 Review
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      18.01.2009 23:43
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      5 stars for it although not my ideal perfume!

      I do love the Gucci brand! It goes without saying I can't afford much from the range to be totally honest with you but I can occasionally afford a splash of fragrance! I have owned a few Gucci offerings in my time from within the range of fragrances so when I saw this particular bottle (I'd never heard of before) I simply felt I had to try it of course! Now before I bang on about it, it really isn't one I've seen on sale in a lot of places. I purchased my bottle for £20.00 in 'The Perfume Shop' and was told at the time I purchased it that it was on offer from it's usual price tag of £35.00. So if interested really I'd look in that particular shop or online for it opposed to Boots or Superdrug or anywhere like that, it's just not that readily available and more than likely one you'll just stumble upon when not looking for it lol.

      From what I've read about this fragrance (research for this review lol) is that this particular fragrance from Gucci was brought to us in 1993 and is classified as a refreshing flowery scent and most suited for day time wear (but of course that's up to you!).

      The Packaging:

      My bottle came in a plain white box. Looking at the packaging of this perfume (again on line) boxes seem to slightly vary which is quite odd. As I say though at the time I purchased mine it was in a white box with a small amount of black writing on it which simply tells me who it's by and what it's called and the size is stated at the bottom. That's it and it's a nice enough, simple to look at, classy box.

      The Bottle:

      Well my bottle in tall, chunky, thick, see-through glass with a ridge pattern you can feel on it and it's rather heavy. It has a light gold push on/off lid that goes over a matching gold push button sprayer which is of course situated to the top of the bottle and on the front there is a small cream label and on that I'm told it's Eau De Gucci, Natural Spray. On the base of the bottle there is a small clear sticky label on there and on that I'm told it's Eau De Toilette, the size is stated (in my case it's 100ml but it is also available in a 50ml size), I'm told it's made in Germany, contains 80.9 volume and that's it in the information stakes.

      Now I like the bottle but as I said it is chunky and heavy (even when you don't have a lot of fragrance in it). I do like the see through bottle (that Gucci don't always give us) so I can see how much of the light gold coloured liquid I have left) and I do actually like the old fashioned bottle as it's sophisticated looking. There is nothing trendy or young about it to look at, it makes me think of yesteryear lol. The ridges within the glass give quite a grannified look to the whole thing. It reminds me of when I was kid looking at my Granny's dressing table to look at however it is nice and feels like a little bit of luxury to look at rather than a cheap modern looking bottle though you simply wouldn't want to cart this out and about with you!

      Using It:

      Well you push the sprayer and fragrance yourself as desired! It goes on slightly wet and dries immediately leaving no mess or sticky residue and it's incredibly simple to apply.

      Smell wise Gucci say this is a blend of tangerine, jasmine, violet, vanilla and hints of sandalwood and vetiver. To my nostrils it's very floral but not in an in your face, cheap way and not one ingredient rules the fragrance so it is very well blended indeed. I can very much smell the jasmine entwined with the sandlewood and the rest of the ingredients subtly hover giving it a sweetness. It isn't harsh smell wise with any real top notes cos it's so well blended but although delicate ingredients seem to be used and blended incredibly well it is strong when applied and softens over time only slightly meaning you don't need to use loads of this to get the smell on your skin, making it a long laster in the bottle and on you. Once you've applied it the smell stays firmly put all day long and doesn't fade very much at all over time.

      This is a very classy and sophisticated little number and not one I can imagine young people wearing to say a nightclub! Really it makes me think of very well heeled older ladies wearing this and the bottle depicts that. It is fresh, floral and classy but I do say do try this before you buy it. I'm heading towards my 40's and feel this fragrance is a little too old for me and not modern enough but my Mum is 65 and I'm sure she would love it. I'd feel very comfortable buying this for an older lady of who's fragrance taste I didn't know all that much about because really there is nothing to dislike about it at all, just not for me as it isn't modern enough.

      It isn't a head turner. It doesn't get compliments but it is a surprisingly classy offering from Gucci and lovely for a more mature lady than I, in every sense of the word lol.

      Matching bath and body products are available for this but like the fragrance you really do have to look for them and the best bet for them is online purchasing because when it comes to them products I have never seen them at all!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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