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Gucci Flora by Gucci Gracious Tuberose Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Gucci / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Contents/Size: 50ml / Gender: for Women

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    1 Review
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      15.11.2012 12:52
      Very helpful



      A pricy sweet short lived perfume from Gucci

      Gucci Gracious Tuberose

      Gracious Tuberose is from the perfume house of Gucci and is described as
      "This fragrance is luscious and pure, with an innocent character that leaves the memory of delicate petals on the skin."

      I have tried a few of Gucci's perfumes and on the whole they are appealing to me usually and so when they created this new collection I was keen to try them.

      House of Gucci is an Italian fashion house and this collection which was released in May 2012 was created under the direction of Frida Giannini.The collection is called Flora by Gucci Garden Collection. The collection recreates the five most important blossoms outlined on the legendary Gucci scarf designed by Vittorio Accornero for Princess Grace of Monaco. These five new editions are: Glorious Mandarin, Gorgeous Gardenia, Gorgeous Gardenia, Glamorous Magnolia and Generous Violet.

      Giannini says of the Flora perfume collection '"Creating The Flora Garden collection allowed me to express the depth of emotions of every woman. Each fragrance is distinct, yet together all the scents embody the beauty and allure of this muse.""

      This scent comes in a hexagonal tall glass bottle with a transparent stopper. The perfume is a pale green colour which shows through the clear glass bottle so it is best to keep it in the box otherwise the light will affect the scent over time. I have no idea why they have made this green as roses are usually pink or red so that would have made more sense.

      The box is very pretty and feminine with flowers and is actually quite classy and understated. The flowers are black and the box a white or pale creamy colour with green and black stripes on the base so a minimum of colours. I actually like the box more than the bottle which I think is pretty ordinary for this price of perfume.

      The scents come in 50ml and 100ml eau de toilette s and no eau de parfum is available. The 100ml spray varies in price from about £57 on line to about £70 in Boots and Harrods. The 50ml is £50 in Harrods and again cheaper in on line stores if you hunt around.

      Top notes: violet leaves and peach
      Heart or middle notes: tuberose, orange flower and rose
      Base notes: rock rose and white cedarwood

      Just looking at the notes you can see this is a light and sweet floral. The initial scent that I can smell when I first put this on is fresh and sweet, the peach is prominent and the violet leaves offer the light green aroma so it isn't heavy on the fruit but is more fresh and light sweetness. It reminds me of Touch of Pink by Lacoste as it is light and sweet and has a very rosy hint. It does remind me of the smell of roses with fresh dew on them in the morning.

      This scent stays with me quite some time and then after about ten minutes or so the perfume settles and warms on my skin. The lovely rose aroma begins to develop. The flower notes in this perfume are all rose related and so unsurprisingly this does have a very rose aroma. It does remind me of Morocco when we visited the rose oil production area. The shops were full of rose related products from essential oil through rose perfume to rose scented solid sort of lump that you could rub on yourself an get the lovely smell. I ended up putting the couple of these that I bought in my drawers and they made my clothes smell beautifully of rose.

      For all of you budding fragrance creators who have collected fallen rose petals and mashed them in water this far exceeds those rather unfragrant mushy concoctions.

      This is quite a romantic fragrance; sweet and gentle with all the natural loveliness of Tuberose. From the sweet dew-sprinkled petals of roses opening to the soft silky warmth of the cedarwood and rose heart this is a sweetly soft scent. It really doesn't change much from the start but does last reasonable well with the same rosy aroma.

      The heart notes are sweet and rosy with a little warmth from the cedarwood but not a lot of depth in my opinion. This is a light sweet uplifting perfume that cannot fail but make you smile when you wear it If you like La Coste Pink and Touch of Pink then this will appeal.

      This is not a complex perfume in my mind. It is fresh, light and sweet with lovely rose notes. It is a perfume that I would be happy to wear during the day anywhere and that is especially good as a spring and summer fragrance as it is fresh and light.

      It lasted quite a short while on me and I would say that about three hours later I could barely detect the scent on me. It is not a sophisticated heavy scent so might be more appealing to younger ladies although am not that young and do like the scent but just wished it hung around a bit longer as it isn't a cheap one.

      I like a range of scents I different situations but this is really so light that it is more of a body spray and lasts not much longer than the Soap and Glory body sprays which cost about £6. La Coste is also cheaper and if I wanted this smell I would go for that Touch of Pink instead as it is cheaper and smells very similar and lasts better on me.

      Some floral perfumes are too heady and one dimensional where this although most obviously sweet and floral is also light and refreshing. It is not a complex scent as there are few notes but they blend and work well together. It just doesn't last long enough for me.

      The floral notes of this I think are sweet light and fleeting so that it doesn't hit you on the head with headiness. The scent does have a very feminine touch and is certainly not old fashioned and Aunt Mabelish which is a plus.

      The overall effect that I get from this is that of a quite sweet, fruity, light uplifting and summery fragrance. It is sweet and rounded; the sort of scent that you have to keep smelling as it is so lovely and feminine .It is like walking through a sweet rose garden but sadly as soon as you leave the garden the scent disappears and this is what happens with this scent.

      Well I didn't buy this I got a sample and if I could afford the prices that this perfume is selling for then I think there are many others that I would choose before this. I do feel it is very expensive and that I can find other perfumes that I like for a lot less money. So in short even though this is a lovely light feminine fragrance but it is so short lived and grossly over priced for what you get here.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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    • Product Details

      A distinctively elegant tuberose in which a verdant overture of violet leaves and peach softens into the plant's silken blossom / a base of white cedarwood and cistus enhances the impression of refined charm / Gracious Tuberose embraces all aspects of the flower's loveliness its fresh green shoots dew sprinkled petals and lingering sillage / The effect is the most gracious aura / The Gracious Tuberose woman boasts a natural poise / She dances through life with a ballerina's elegance and her presence is a joy for those around her /

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