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Guerlain Idylle Eau de Parfum

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3 Reviews
  • lovely bottle
  • lasts extremely well
  • nothing unique or special about it
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    3 Reviews
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      02.03.2015 21:19
      Very helpful


      • "lovely bottle"
      • "lasts extremely well"
      • "smells pleasant"


      • "nothing unique or special about it"

      The bottle is better than the scent!

      Guerlain Idylle is an Eau de Parfum, whcih as far as I can tell is only available in the 50ml size which I have, priced at £65.

      My thoughts

      I love the bottle for this perfume, it's what originally drew me to the perfume. It looks really classy and expensive and I love the unusual shape of the bottle. It does have a really high quality expensive feel about it which I think makes it worth the price.

      The scent is described as the embodiment of the moment when everything begins, an explosion of the senses which lasts for one day or forever, because even when love vanishes, the scent of love remains. A rather strange description which doesn't really mean a lot to be honest!

      The top notes are a 'mist of flowers', including lily of the valley and lilac, the mid notes are a rose blend and jasmine, and the base notes are patchouli and white musk. The overall scent to me is a light, fresh floral, but strangely I can also smell a peachy type scent within it.

      I do enjoy this fragrance, though it's not one of my favourites. I find the freshness of it is nice, but I think it's quite similar to a lot of other perfumes really, there's nothing unique or special about it. It is versatile and can be used equally effectively as a day or night time perfume, but there's nothing to make it stand out and I don't get compliments on it when I'm wearing it.

      It is a scent that would suit anyone, no matter their age, as it's quite classic and safe It does last incredibly well. I spray just a couple of sprays in the morning and I can still smell it after my shower the following morning if I don't make a conscious effort to actually scrub the scent away!


      I'm undecided about this one really. It's a pleasant scent, but there's nothing special or unique about it to make me really want to recommend it.


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      18.07.2013 22:25
      Very helpful



      A wonderful heady scent of rose and wood that is sophisticated and lasts well

      One of my presents at Christmas was a bottle of Guerlain Idylle Eau de Parfum. It is a wonderfully sensual perfume and it was a great gift to receive.

      The bottle the perfume comes in is wonderfully curvy to look at and resembles a tear drop. It is very tactile to the touch as it is so smooth and well-formed so when I am applying the fragrance it sits very comfortably in my hands. The bottle has a lovely golden quality to it and the cap slots into the bottle effortlessly. The atomiser gives a lovely fine mist of the perfume and is very easy to target where you want to apply the perfume to as it gives a great controlled burst.

      Guerlain describes Idylle ('Love Dream') as "Like a mist of petals on the skin, a fresh floral bouquet warmed by the sensuality of chypre" now that does make it sound very appealing and I have to say in this case I do think it lives up to the claims made by Guerlain.

      The top notes of the fragrance are described as Bulgarian Rose, Raspberry Litchi and Freesia. Now personally I have to admit I have never detected at any point in the wearing of this perfume any raspberry or Litchi (lychee) notes at all. What I do notice straight away on spraying this perfume is the rose and freesia fragrance. The rose is a warm deep scent that gives the fragrance a full bodied scent that is balanced out by the lighter notes of the freesia. What it reminds me of is going round so traditional country gardens at National Trust properties and the heady scents that you can get in some of the rose knot gardens. These last well and even throughout the day it is still possible to get a lot of these rose notes.

      The heart notes are described as Rose, Peony, Lilac, Jasmine and Lily of the Valley these come through quite strongly and it is the mixture of rose and peony that I like. I find it hard to detect the jasmine and Lilac if I am honest but it really does feel like a flora bath of scents like sniffing a large bouquet of flowers in the middle of a florist the stronger scents just dominate.

      The base notes are White Musk and Patchouli and these come through to give the perfume warmth and to offset some of the floral notes nicely and give it a more sophisticated depth than a pure floral scent in my opinion. These musky and woody tones give it a nice earthy balance that I like as I personally find pure floral often can make me sneeze but there is no danger of that with this heady blend.

      Overall this scent is a wonderful rich floral perfume with a deep rose scent that is balanced with some freesia and peony to lighten it slightly. The warmth from the musky woody tones I think gives it a sophisticated edge that some other floral perfumes are lacking in.

      The stay power of this perfume is very good and it certainly lasts throughout the day from application in the morning.

      I actually think this perfume is more suited to woman in their 30's and above as I don't think it is light enough or fresh enough to be what I would call a girly perfume. As it can be quite a heady blend I equally think this perfume is not generally a work perfume but more of a perfume for romantic nights out or days out with your partner. I have worn this in the summer when the roses are out and it has felt right to do so to match the seasons. Equally I have worn it in the winter months when I want to remember the heady scents of gardens in full bloom so I don't think the perfume has a seasonal quality to it.

      I would definitely recommend this perfume to other women who want a sophisticated woody floral scent as it lasts well and creates a lovely heady mix on the skin. It is available on line from places such as Amazon and House of Fraser it retails at around £42 for a 35 ml bottle thought you can often find it a bit cheaper on offers.


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        21.02.2012 14:28
        Very helpful



        I love it

        I collect nice looking pefume bottles and I'm not too bothered about the prices I pay as long as it's a good design and I will pay more for a unique designed bottle, but this Guerlain Idylle Eau de parfum is around the average price you would expect to pay for a bottle of eau de parfum .

        This cost me £34.00 from Boots chemist in town and I have seen it in shops for £34.99 and online for a little cheaper but with everything online you have to pay for postage so you end up paying the same price anyway or maybe saving a little money.

        The bottle is a nice elegant shape that tapers at the top, it's a loverly colour of gold and has the name Idylle in large lettering on the front.

        This is a 35ml bottle and you only need a little dab behind each ear or on your wrists as it is quite a nice flowery scent and can be smelt most of the day, it does last long yet isn't too over powering.

        It has a nice combination of top tones which are Freesia, Rose, Raspberry and Lychee.

        These are all nice strong smellling flowers and fruits and you get the fisr scent when you first put this on i think the fresia comes through more but you can smell the rose too.

        The middle tones are some of my favourites as I love Jasmine and it's in here along with May Bells, Peony and Lily these added to the other flowers give it a light but fresh noticable scent, so you don't need to use a lot which makes it value for money.

        The base tones are like most perfumes Musk and Patchouli these two seem to be in most other perfumes as they are such long lasting scents.

        I love musk and jasmine in my perfumes so tend to look for them when buying, but mostly I buy for the design of the bottle if it's something special I can add to my collection.

        This is one of my favourites and I have bought it before for myself and for friends as a present, it seems to go down well with most ladies and it can be worn on every occasion.

        I'm happy to recommend this to you .


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    • Product Details

      Guerlain ; creates a fragrance for women who dream of love / Idylle ; is the embodiment of the moment when everything begins, an explosion of the senses which lasts for one day or forever / Because even when love vanishes, the scent of love remains.. / A Chypre Floral Eau de Parfum Idylle is a bouquet of fresh and sensual flowers: lily of the valley, peonie, freesia, lilac and rose / The Bulgarian Rose, the star ingredient, is balanced by patchouli and white musk to give a sensual base to the fragrance / Idylle is like a mist of flowers on the skin. The Idylle bottle is like a jewel, a precious works of art / The curve of Idylle represents a drop of perfume, a drop of gold, a drop of love.

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