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Guerlain Insolence Eau de Parfum

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Brand: Guerlain / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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    2 Reviews
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      03.01.2013 12:31
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      A strong and heady fragrance which is long lasting and will get you noticed

      I also receive a bottle of perfume that I've never owned before at Christmas time from my mother. Some are lovely and some end up in a drawer gathering dust at the back. This year's suprise bottle of fragrance was Insolence by Guerlain.

      The Background
      The name of the fragrance threw me a little bit because I have always understood the words to mean rude or disrespectful which isn't an aroma that I would aim to encapsulate. Guerlain however were aiming to enbody the fragrance of the modern women in a daring and unpredictible way. It is supposed to be sparkling and sensual which gives you a delicious burst of fruit mixed with flowers.

      The fragrance
      The product has floral notes right at the heart of Violet and Iris. It has yummy scrummy top notes of fruity red berries and some base notes of Sandalwood and Tonka bean to give the fragrance some body.

      Packaging and Price
      The product is contained within a very pretty bottle which shaped as a beautiful violet flower. The bottom half of the bottle is like half a sphere but when the lid is on, it becomes a flower. The lid has been created two layers of purple material which look like petals when placed together. It's very pretty, feminine and eye catching and it's a lovely one to have on display. The perfume will cost you around £30 for 30ml of the fragrance although it is also available in a larger 50ml bottle. It can be purchased from most fragrance stores, department stores such as Boots, and also from a range of online websites.

      Application and Performance
      The fragrance is released as a fine mist which doesn't overly wet the skin and mess with fake tan etc. You can smell the strength of the fragrance from the very first squirt and it is evident immediately that you aren't going to need to use much of the product at all. It is heavy scent that has a slightly chemical tinge to it that I don't like at all. What I do like is the fact that it smells like one of my favourite sweets, the Parma Violet but this is mixed with a fruity layer of strawberries and raspberries which shouldn't work but it does. It also has a heady depth to it brought by the Tonka bean which gives it some vanilla warmth.

      It is a really overpowering scent, which is not for the faint hearted or for those who like to blend into the background. The staying power of this perfume is one of the best that I've ever experienced. It is just as strong when I come home as it was when I left and I can still smell it on my scarf or coat the next day. It hasn't irritated my skin or caused me any discomfort. Because of the intensity of the fragrance, I would say this one is much better suited to the night time instead of the day. I'd also say it's more of a heavy warm winter aroma rather than a fresh light summer one. It is one that you are constantly aware of instead one that adds to your own personal smell.

      All in all, this is a heavy and slightly unusual fragrance. I like the fruitiness and the violet, and I even like the body and depth that it has... But I don't know what that chemical undertone is about! I would wear it in the evening on a night out but it's not one that I would wear all the time. I like that it's long lasting and that it remains very evident on the skin but it is a bit too strong and overpowering for me personally.


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        30.12.2012 21:34
        Very helpful



        A long lasting fragrance

        ~Gorgeous Guerlain!~

        I bought my very first bottle of Insolence, a super fragrance made by Guerlain, based purely on the fact that it was on sale for the bargain basement price of just £10! I feel my initial £10 was well spent as I really liked the sweet and sultry scent the fragrance gives off and was very pleased with how long it lasted on my skin. Having regularly bought and worn the EDT since then, I was delighted when I spotted the Eau de Parfum when out and about in a large department store, as I was keen to try it.

        The Insolence EDP is now also a firm favorite for me as whilst it shares all the warmth, depth and sultry sweetness of the EDT, it has just a little extra staying power when in wear. I find that when the EDP is being spritzed on to the skin I tend to use a little less of the fragrance too, which makes for better value for money, yet does not detract from the fragranced effect in any way. When I wear the EDP I feel that the depth of fragrance is really good and the amazing longevity the EDP has ensures this mesmerizing fragrance lingers for a good number of hours. Many people have commented on the fragrance in a positive way, when I have worn it.

        ~Product presentation and ease of use~

        I find that the shape and size of the fragrance bottle works well, with the spray action applicator delivering a good amount of fragrance to the skin without wasting anything. The product bottle is unique in its shape and I feel that the metallic glaze used at the base of the glass container looks very glamorous and also makes the bottle and its contents look really appealing to the eye. The EDT bottle has a silver and pale pink effect which looks pretty and feminine, with the EDP having a darker deeper and more grown up purple coloured design to the bottle that I feel makes it stand out well. The shimmery silver effect used on the base of the bottle allows light to reflect back in to the liquid fragrance within the bottle, giving a very nice appearance that makes the whole thing appear even more attractive.

        I find that as the bottle sits well on a dressing table and is not easily knocked over as it is well balanced and nicely weighted. The bottle lid works well enough and opens and closes with a simple push on or off. With the lid being made of plastic material it won't shatter or break if accidently dropped, (I have dropped these lids from time to time and they have been fine afterwards). The EDP comes in a silver etched box which looks very similar to the EDT box, although once again strong accents of purple are used to good effect in order to make the EDP stand out from the EDT. The product bottle itself was created by sculptor Serge Mansau. I like the bottle design with its slight dip at one side, as it shows a hint of naughtiness, in a very sleek and grown up way. The Guerlain logo runs 'Insolently' around the edge in a silver circle completing the stylish bottle design rather nicely.

        ~The gorgeous fragrance~

        In wear the Insolence EDP has a sultry, sensual side to it, that mixes with a strong floral sweetness. I really like the way that the EDP lingers on warm skin for a number of hours and doesn't simply fade away to nothing in an instant. Over time the depth of the fragrance is revealed and retained as it carries on giving off a confident yet feminine scent, for several hours without the need to re apply, which is a real bonus as far as I am concerned.
        Whilst Insolence is a strongly scented floral based fragrance it does have a deeper, smoother appeal than many of the other floral fragrances you can buy in my opinion.

        The combination of iris and red fruits do seem slightly hidden by the striking violet scent that is the main stay of this fragrance, which may not appeal to everyone, although I like the deep violet effect and don't mind that some of the other notes are a little hidden at times. Other influences such as citrusy bergamot, orange blossom and tonka beans give variety to the fragrance, yet to me it is the inclusion of violet that works so gorgeously in this fragrance. Insolence is not one of the shrinking violets of the fragrance world and is also far removed from being like those old fashioned parma violet sweets (in liquid form) you can buy. I feel that the Insolence EDP has a feminine and alluring appeal that works really well making it a stand out fragrance that I enjoy wearing.

        ~Price/ product rating~

        Prices are usually around the £32/ £36 mark for a 30ml bottle and more for the larger 50ml bottle. Gift sets can be good value although they most often contain the EDT instead of the longer lasting EDP. I find that the EDP lasts all day on the skin, with the over all effect softening over time. My rating for the fragrance is 5 stars.


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      • Product Details

        Insolence represents modern femininity daring unpredictable and free / The fragrance is modern feminine and graceful / Belonging to the fruity floral olfactive family its 3 key notes illustrate the 3 facets of insolent femininity Extrovert and daring with sparkling violets; Brilliant and sparkling with glints of red berries and voluptuous and radiant with rays of iris / In a break away from the traditional pyramid structure Insolence is contructed around the first olfactive spiral / Rather than a slow progression from head to base the notes spiral and continue to circulate so that your favourite notes remain prominent from flight to finish / The ultra feminine and sophisticated bottle has been created like a work of art by French sculptor Serge Mansau /

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