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Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style G Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Gwen Stefani / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      10.03.2012 12:42
      Very helpful



      not the most amazing EDT but pleasant enough

      Harajuku Lovers is a range of perfumes designed by Gwen Stefani. This range is based around 5 Japanese themed characters (I think they related to her dancers) which each have their own style. This range of perfumes is split into collections such as 'Wicked Style' and 'Sunshine Cuties'.

      ~Wicked Style~

      Wicked Style is a collection of 5 fragrances which focus around the wild fashion streets in Tokyo. This collection features all 5 characters - Baby, Lil Angel, Music, Love and G.

      G of course represents Gwen herself. G is described as a fruity-floral scent. This perfume is only available in an eau de toilette.

      ~Design and Scent~

      Normally I would split these categories up but the bottle design has a lot to say about the scent of G EDT.
      The Wicked Style collection features some stunningly designed bottles and this one is no exception. The perfume itself is tinted and has a golden appearance. It is presented in a round, thick glass bottle which is transparent and features and has an indented appearance. The lid for the bottle is the character doll itself which is made from hard plastic and features fabric hair.

      The G character doll is very pretty and stands out. It turns a simplistic bottle into a gorgeous collectable and one which I am proud to have sitting on my dresser at all times. G is perfectly dressed in fasionable clothing. She wears a green pinnafore dress with red and white buckled shoes. She is finished off with beautiful blonde hair tied in bunches.Each bright colour on this doll represents a main fragrance note within this scent.

      *Top notes - Granny Smith Apple (the dress), peach and pineapple (the hair).
      *Heart notes - Watermelon (her shoes), butterfly blush and peony.
      *Base notes - Raspberry (her red lips), musk and water.

      ~Price and Availability~

      G EDT is available in a 10ml and a 30ml sized bottle. The rrp is around £10 and £20 though offers can be found online and on the highstreet.

      *www.escentual.com - £6.50 and £10.00
      *Superdrug - £15.99 (30ml only)
      *Amazon - £11.49 (10ml only)

      ~My Thoughts~

      Over the past few years, I have resisted buying the various collections of Harajuku Lovers scents as I thought they were all the same just different designed bottles - I was wrong! A few weeks ago, I was browsing in my local Boots and spotted the Wicked Style collection reduced. The 10ml bottles were reduced to £5.00 each and the 30ml were £10.00 each. I ended up treating myself to the full collection of 10ml bottles (except for G as there was only a 30ml bottle left).

      I love the bottles and will keep them for display purposes once they have all been used up. I personally wouldn't pay as much as £20 for a bottle of Harajuku but I feel £5 for 10ml is an excellent price as I go through perfume so quickly and I knew 10ml wouldn't last me long.

      I was first introduced to G when I received a bottle from one of the other collections. It was coconut based and I loved it so I thought this Wicked Style scent may be quite similiar. It is very different and definitely has its own character. The doll is well made and looks really girly. It is a nightmare to carry around in my bag though (unlike the other 10ml bottles I have) so this one is reserved purely for keeping at home.

      ~Dressing Up - G Style!~

      I would describe Wicked Style G as quite a modern, fresh scent. The first spray didn't excite me at all and I wasn't keen. It appeared a tad muddled and a bit too cloying with an alcohol scent being the most prominent. My initial impression was that the scent had a cheap smell and was totally different from the delightful coconut aroma of the other collection.

      Thankfully the scent settles to reveal a gorgeous fresh and fragrant fruity blend. The apple is the most prominent fragrance note and offers a juicy burst with a sharp sweetness. The peach and pineapple combine to add an exotic twist to the apple - an interesting combination of fragrance notes and very sweet with an airy feel. The top notes are noticeable but not too strong and sit neatly on my skin for 30mins or so.

      The sweetness from the fruity opening notes linger further as the heart of G becomes noticeable. I have no idea what butterfly blush is supposed to smell like but I can pick up on the peony and the watermelon mingling together. The overall scent remains light and airy. The watermelon is subtle but add sweetness which is boosted by the other fruity notes. The peony offers a very strong powdery, floralness which I'm not keen on. It appears to intensify at random times and cancels out the sweetness.

      After 3-4hours, the heart and the sweetness of the top notes start to fade away. A whisper of the base notes reminds me there is more to come. The base of G is very subtle and hard to detect unless I have a good sniff on my skin for it. I wish it was a little stronger as it is lovely. The musk is barely noticeable but the raspberry is there - sweet with a slight sour edge. I feel the water (or aqueous) dilutes the scent and takes away the strength. This reduces the time I can even detect this faint scent to around an hour maximum.


      Whilst Wicked Style G is a pleasant scent, it isn't anything special and doesn't have an amazing strength. It doesn't live up to the individuality of the character doll that rests on the bottle. G EDT is nice as a Summer scent as it is lovely and light. It would suit most age groups in my opinion.

      If I had paid more than a tenner for this perfume, I would have been quite disappointed given the staying power and strength. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy this version again but would buy the coconut G from the other collection without a doubt. It is a nice scent but it doesn't have the WOW factor for me. It is a bit simple and not really me though this doesn't stop me from recommending it if you can buy it cheap enough. I do love the bottle though so 4 stars from me.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        27.02.2012 20:23



        definately worth buying for the lovely, individual smell and the quirky look of the bottle.

        I absolutely love this perfume!
        I first tried one of Gwen Stefani's perfumes a few years ago which was the 'Harajuku Lovers Gwen'
        I was in town and a woman walked past and all I could smell was coconut and I fell in love with the scent! I had to ask her what she was wearing and when she told me I went out and purchased it straight away.
        Ever since then my family have always given me one of Gwen Stefanis cute little perfumes as a birthday or christmas present. Last Christmas I was given this one, 'Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style G' and loved it the most.
        It has a gorgeous fruity scent that's not too overpowering, it's subtle and sweet but definately noticable.

        The only downside, as with her other perfumes, the fragrance fades away quite quickly and at roughly £20 for a 30ml bottle you can find yourself going through it quite quickly.


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        16.12.2010 14:45
        Very helpful



        There's no doubt I'm loving this perfume!

        *** No doubt ***
        I have been on the look-out for a new perfume recently but have been watching my pennies. But when I spotted the Harajuku Lovers perfumes on sale in my local branch of Boots I couldn't resist checking them out. The perfumes are £20 at full price and the bottle measures 30ml.

        *** Can I have it like that? ***
        I have always loved singer Gwen Stefani's style - often more so than her music! Even in the video for her most well-known song - Don't Speak with band No Doubt - she looked amazing in a little tea dress with bare feet, red lippie and a bindi (but watch out for the live excerpts in the video where her look is pure punk).

        *** Haraj-who-ku? ***
        When Gwen left No Doubt and launched her solo career, she did so with four back-up dancers, stage names Love, Angel, Music and Baby - also the name of her first solo album. Gwen launched her original fashion line L.A.M.B. back in 2004. The Harajuku Lovers line was launched the following year, and was a more Japanese-inspired range of clothing, accessories, stationery and perfumes (Harajuku is an area in Tokyo that Gwen says influenced her style and music).

        *** Love, Angel, Music, Baby ***
        The original five perfumes were named Love, Angel, Music, Baby and G (for Gwen), and the Wicked Style perfumes have the same names but different scents. I checked out all five perfumes before selecting G. It was a tough choice between this and Baby, but G just pipped it to the post.

        *** Let me blow ya mind ***
        The box the perfume comes in is very funky. The main colour is yellow with a picture of the Harajuku styled character on the front. There is also a black and white checkerboard pattern on either side which is a nice reference to Gwen's love of ska music (although her solo music is very poppy, some of No Doubt's music had a more obvious ska influence).

        *** Just a girl ***
        When I opened the box I had a fantastic surprise. The testers in Boots had merely been the bottles, so I had no idea that each bottle's lid was actually a small doll of the character on the front of each box. I thought this was a really lovely touch. The plastic doll is about three inches high and of good quality, and is dressed in a green smock dress with six little buttons and sandals. Like Gwen herself, she has bright yellow hair that is soft to the touch with two little pigtails. I think the doll is adorable and I'll definitely keep it on my dressing table after the perfume is finished - and I would actually be tempted to buy the others in the range just to have the whole set!

        The bottle itself is flat and round and is also quite an unusual shape. It says Harajuku Lovers on the front in black, with a G underneath to indicate which perfume in the range it is.

        *** The sweet escape ***
        Onto the scent itself.

        Top notes: Granny Smith Apple, Peach, Pineapple
        Mid notes: Watermelon, Butterfly Blush, Peony
        Base notes: Raspberry, Musk, Water Aqueous

        I am no perfume expert but this is a fresh, light and fruity scent and, without looking at the ingredients beforehand, I would certainly say it is the fruitiness that stands out. It's quite a summery fragrance and I think it's a good one for younger people. I would also say it's more suitable for day than night, and it's perfect for frequent use. My only complaint is that the fragrance wore off quite quickly which was a real shame. I guess this is to be expected with cheaper perfumes - however, I do think this is a negative point and it knocks a star off for me.

        *** What you waiting for? ***
        Overall I think the packaging is what makes this perfume so special as it's really unique, cute and quirky. The scent is lovely but, although I do like it a lot, I don't think it's particularly unique.

        I think this would make a lovely gift, especially for an older teenage daughter, sister or niece.


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      • Product Details

        Gwen Stefani launched Wicked Style Harajuku dolls in Autumn 2010, dedicated to the wild fashion of Tokyo streets. Every girl has a "wicked style" on her own, expressed by cheerful coloured hair, clothes and super cute shoes. Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style G is a floral, fruity fragrance with aromas of apple, peach, pineapple, melon, peony, tuberose, raspberry, musk and aquatic notes. G is a fashion icon, very Gwen Stefani.

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