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Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Love Eau de Toilette

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    2 Reviews
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      29.06.2014 13:18
      Very helpful


      • Cheap
      • "Cute Bottle"
      • "Nice scent"


      A wicked fragrance

      My friend bought me this perfume a couple of years ago as a Christmas present and as it is one of my favourites, I tend to keep this one for special occasions or for when I want cheered up, as there''s something positive in this scent as well. It also has one of the cutest perfume bottles that I have ever seen and looks fantastic sitting on my dressing table. The Perfume This isn''t a perfume that I had smelt before I received my bottle as a gift, but the bottles had really caught my eye in the past, and I have actually bought some of the range as gifts for friends, simply on the strength of how cute the bottles were (I figured that even if it was a horrible scent, it was a nice bottle and would look nice on the dressing table). The notes of this scent is made up of the following scents: Top Notes of this scent are nectarine, mangosteen and pear Middle Notes are orange blossom, lotus, violet and osmanthus Base Notes are woods, musk, sandalwood, patchouli and praline While I hadn''t heard of mangosteen before writing this review, a quick google found out that it is a tropical evergreen tree which is grown mainly in Asia and has a peachy, citrus fragrance. When you first spray it on, there is a very sweet, fresh burst of fragrance. If you aren''t a fan of sweet scents, then this one definitely isn''t for you. You can really detect the fruity notes in this perfume, and pear seems to be the strongest scent. It does seem quite novel having a burst of pear scent, and the pear does seem to linger on the skin as well. The combination of nectarine and orange blossom as well means that this has a citrus tinge, and as citrus is one of my favourite scents, this one really appealed to me. The Bottle The bottles are what really appealed to me with this range of perfumes. The bottles are all on the shape of a character, and each scent has it''s own character. The area where the spray is is cleverly concealed by a statue. The one that I have is a Japanese cartoon character with what looks like a traditional Japanese style dress, including shoes, and with purple dreadlocked hair. The hair is a felt like material and feel quite soft, and the rest is made of what I assume is a ceramic material. When you lift the character up, the dispenser is clearly seen underneath. While I do love the bottle, it''s size and weight does mean that you can''t easily throw it into your handbag like I have done with some other bottles. I also found that because the dreads were a felt like material, they are fantastic dust catchers, and over time there has been a slight accumulation of dust, which when you try to dust the bottle, it damages the look of the dreads. My thoughts I do really like this perfume. It has a really lovely sweet, fresh scent and I find that this scent does fade from the initial burst, but the base notes do linger on my skin for around 4 hours, which is a decent enough longevity for me when it comes to perfumes. The incredibly cute packaging is another bonus and this one looks really nice just sat on my dressing table. While I would describe this as a young fragrance and probably not really appealing to more mature females, I would really recommend this to anyone who likes sweeter, fruity scents and is looking for something different. Price and Availability This perfume isn''t readily available in most stores, so it''s not easy to sample this to know if you would like it, which is a shame, as I know it''s not a scent for everyone. You can still buy bottles on Amazon and eBay though. The 30ml bottle is available on both Amazon and allbeauty.com for 11.95GBP with free delivery when you buy from Amazon, which I think is a great price for a nice scent.


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      08.01.2011 14:51
      Very helpful



      A pretty fragrance with an over the top lid!

      ~' Love ' those wicked floral fruity fragrances!~

      Having worn and liked a good number of the Harajuku Lovers fragrances from the range promoted by singer Gwen Stefani and experienced the ever changing looks of the Harajuku dolls on the tops of the bottles (which seem to change more often than a set of traffic lights) I was not at all surprised when I came across another new seasons variation on the same tried and tested theme. These newer fragrances have not only an updated Harjuku girl sat proudly atop the fragrance bottle as per usual, they also have new fragrances within the bottles, which include the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Love EDT.

      After having sampled all of the fragrances from the new range I wanted to review them here on Dooyoo and share my thoughts about them, so after a quick product suggestion or two the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Love EDT has been added to the database. I feel that the true appeal of the fragrance is perhaps rather firmly based around the pretty Harajuku dolly that adorns what must be the biggest fragrance bottle lid in the fragrance universe. Although I can see that this fragrance is most certainly aimed at the younger fragrance buying market, I feel that for those who like a pretty girly, fruity and fluffy kind of fragrance it really doesn't matter how old you are, as the bottles are quirky and funky enough to give as a fragrance gift with a difference.

      ~All about the fragrance~

      Although I will touch a little more on the presentation later in this review of the product I feel that in this case its best to get down to the nitty gritty about what the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Love EDT really smells like when you wear it, as that is what is most important in a fragrance review. When I first tried this fragrance I was reminded of the long forgotten 'Dewberry days' of the past when anyone and everyone was slapping on the man made Dewberry fragrance like it was going out of style. I really liked the Dewberry fragrance that the Body Shop produced and as soon as I sprayed on some of the ' Love' fragrance I was reminded of it. Although there are a number of similarities I feel that this fragrance has an updated feel to it and has done away with the black currant used in the Dewberry fragrance, which leaves a more prominent pretty peachy feel here that I rather like.

      For those who dislike the overly sweetened Dewberry scent I would say that the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Love EDT is not going to appeal to you at all. For those who love the sweet and synthetic Dewberry and peaches scent I would say that this fragrance uses the Dewberry theme with a slight twist that you will either find really cute and sassy or over sweet and headache inducing. Having spritzed on some of the fragrance for the purposes of this review I have to say that the fragrance has a slightly soapy powderyness (ooh is that a word?) about it that lurks in the background and wafts in and out of the floral fruity mix although it does get slightly tamed a just a little much later on. If you don't like that powdery texture then once again this won't suit you as the longer the fragrance sits on the skin the more the warmth of your body effects this powdery and slightly soapy feel as the the fragrance oils seem to warm up and it does take some time to subside.

      ~The high and low notes~

      The 'hit me with it' opening notes ~ Mangosteen, nectarine and some rather well hidden juicy pear

      The 'fruity floral' mid notes ~ Osmanthus, violet, lotus and orange flower

      The 'long lasting' base notes ~ Sandalwood, musk, blonde woods, praline and a hint of hippy chick patchouli

      ~Ok so its a little like Peachy ~Dewberry, so what gives it a twist?~

      The first burst of fragrance that you get when spraying on the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Love EDT has a slight hint of peachy smelling mangosteen mixed with nectarine and some rather well hidden juicy pear. The mangosteen fruit is not something I have made up for this review (in case its a new one for you) it comes from a tropical evergreen tree and has a distinctive peachy and citrus kind of fragrance with a sweet yet tangy hit. I feel you will either love it or hate it as it does add to what is a very sweet blend already. The fruity peachy berry feel of the fragrance also seems impart a slightly coconutty (another made up word) scent on an off, although I know there is no coconut within the fragrance notes I do feel it has that kind of feel at times.

      With the mid notes of the fragrance comprising osmanthus which has a touch of apricots mixed in with jasmine scented soap about it, mixed in with lotus flower, violet and orange flower you do kind of wonder where the berry scent in this fragrance seems to be coming from. Although the main theme of the fragrance seems to be embracing all things peachy and nectarine based, this fragrance really does seem to have that Dewberry berry feel about it that runs all the way through the fragrance. Maybe my nose is confused a little, as try as I might Dewberry really doesn't want to leave my thoughts when I wear this fragrance. Over time this sweet berry feel does subside just a little and the peachy fragrance begins to come through more keenly as the fragrance softens and mellows a little once the soft hippy chick tones of patchouli seem to wrestle it into submission.

      I have found that the fragrance has a good degree of staying power to it that was rather surprising to me when I first wore the fragrance, as I fully expected it to be a shot lived fragrance when on the skin. The longevity of the fragrance really is rather good and although the initial tangy berry and peach feel does subside over time, the soap and powder feeling tends to die down a little more too, as the strength giving base notes swing into action giving the fragrance a warm musky, slightly woody, sandalwood and praline scented base. I feel that if you can get over the sometimes slightly over sweetened feel of the fragrance you may come to appreciate it it once it has settled on the skin. The longer it is on the more it seems to waft gently over you every now and then reminding you that you are wearing it, giving a very pleasing effect.

      ~Product presentation~

      A large part of the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Love EDT has to be the presentation of the product and this is something you will once again either love or hate. The funky and cute girly looking Harajuku dolly that sits on top of the fragrance bottle seems to be the main selling point of the fragrance as far as I can see, as the look changes each time an updated fragrance comes onto the market, giving fans of the brand a chance to collect a new version of the same theme. The main draw is that the little Harajuku characters, which are based on Gwen Stefanis real life backing troop, seem to take up almost the entire bottle as they sit rather imposingly on the teeny tiny almost hidden fragrance bottle.

      The Harajuku doll is not just a pretty face mind you as she is also the mega super duper sized lid to the super teeny fragrance bottle underneath and although you might think you are getting plenty for your pennies you are in the main buying the funky character bottle lid. These updated versions from the 'Wicked Style' range have the bonus of touchable hair which makes them slightly different from previous versions. The touchable hair is something that I feel makes the fragrance bottle look more like a childs toy than anything else and I find it isn't to my tastes, although the lid still sits as firmly in place on the fragrance bottle as it ever did. In the case of the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Love EDT the hair of the doll is in vivid purple and clashes insanely with the red toned dress (if you can call it that) sported by ' Love ' in this instance.

      Apparently ' Love' is wearing the 'Sweet Lolita' look which is a rather questionable look for a product aimed at the teen and pre teen fragrance buying market in any case. In reality I feel that ' Love' looks rather cross as her expression is a little jaded and well, really rather bored looking. I could be wrong of course, although I do feel that all of the newer 'Wicked Style' dolls seem to have less attractive faces than they did before. Her outfit is at best rather odd, although the bold splash of colour is attractive to the eye if you are a fan of cute and girly things such as this. There is a down side to having the huge dolly sat on top of the fragrance bottle though, as once you have admired the lid of your bottle and taken it off (which is easy enough to do) you are soon greeted with the reality of what is a very, very small looking fragrance bottle.

      ~My view about the bottle/ box~

      Although you do still get 30mls of fragrance within the teeny bottle I feel it looks very poor indeed once you have taken off the huge lid as what you are left with is..... sooo very small looking. I find that the small glass part of the bottle is easy to grip when spraying on a little of the fragrance as the squashed and flattened shape seems to be a good size to hold in one hand, which is the only real bonus in terms of its small stature. The spray applicator on these bottles works with just a light push down on the top, although I do find that the spray is not very fine and the effect you get is more like having had the fragrance sharply spat out at you, rather than enveloping you in a fine and softly scented mist. I find that the spray applicators on these bottles don't seem to get clogged up or blocked at all which once again is a plus point. I will briefly mention the fragrance box here as it has had a slight update although it is basically the same type of thing with purple writing on to match 'Loves' wacky purple fluffy hair. The box works well enough and seems to protect the bottle and its massive lid well enough when in transit from shop to home and the presentation works well with the theme of the fragrance bottle.

      ~Price and rating~

      The cheapest I have seen the new Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Love EDT on sale for is at £16.95 from an online store which I feel is probably the cheapest price around for this fragrance at the moment. Most often the price seems to sit at closer to £20 for this 30ml bottle, which I feel is a little high for the fragrance and as such my top tip would be that if you find you like it, keep your eyes peeled for reductions a few months down the line. In my experience, as sure as night follows day there will be a newer updated version on sale for summer time and these 'Wicked Style' bottles will be reduced in stores such as Boots etc before the new ones go on sale.

      I most often tend to buy my fragrances when they are reduced and I was able to pick up the last batch of Harajuku Lovers fragrances for as little as £10 a bottle in Boots, which is closer to what I feel I don't mind paying for them. As far as rating the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Love EDT I feel it is quite a pretty, if rather sweet fragrance, that will suit women who like a fruity floral fragrance with plenty of staying power. I rather like the fruity floral feel of this when I am in the right mood and as such feel I want to give it a 4 star product rating, although I would have liked a larger amount of fragrance in the bottle to go with the super sized bottle lid.


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    • Product Details

      Gwen Stefani launched Wicked Style Harajuku dolls in Autumn 2010, dedicated to the wild fashion of Tokyo streets. Every girl has a "wicked style" on her own, expressed by cheerful coloured hair, clothes and super cute shoes. Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Love is a floral - fruit fragrance made of nectarine notes, mango, pear, orange blossom, lotus , violet, osmanthus, blond wood, musk, sandalwood, praline and patchouli. Her style is inspired by the Rococo, with white sock, blouses, and petty coats.

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