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Avon Herve Leger Femme Eau de Parfum

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3 Reviews

Brand: Herve Leger / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    3 Reviews
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      19.10.2012 14:45
      Very helpful



      Smells as good as a bandage dress looks!

      I used to have a dressing table full of bottles of perfumes, but a few months ago I was gutted when I realised I had emptied all of them and had nothing left. I was browsing through an Avon catalogue and although I don't usually go for their perfumes, their double page on the Herve Leger perfumes really jumped out to me, mainly due to the fact that it wasn't an Avon one, but this was a serious designer, and secondly, at the time the perfume was on offer at £10 a bottle. Bargain!

      Herve Leger, if you don't know, are probably most famous for their 'bandage dresses'. Super tight dresses worn by stunning models and celebrities that look amazing. I am NEVER going to look anything but laughable in a bandage dress, so the appeal of at least being able to smell like on of those women was what pushed me to order the bottle.

      It arrived in a sleek, brushed effect silver box with Herve Leger Femme written in the centre. There is no fuss, just a very sophisticated looking box. Already I could tell this was a designer fragrance, and not just one of the celebrity perfumes, which seem to come in a cheaper looking box.

      Inside, is a stunning bottle. Yes, I am one of those people who likes the bottle too! I am drawn to perfumes that have eye catching bottles, and this one does not fail to impress. While it is a fairly simple design, there is something about it that is just...wow. The glass is cut pretty thick, and the bottle is a rectangular shape. There is a kind of criss cross shaped through the middle and the Herve Leger Femme branding exactly the same as on the box is in the centre. The lid is a smaller rectangle shape, that pulls off easily.

      The bottle does sound quite simple looking, and I cannot fathom why I think it looks so much more than it sounds. Maybe its the perfume inside that makes the look so much more. The fragrance inside is a lovely shade of pale pink, really pretty looking. Feminine, but not garish at all.

      So, what does it smell like? Well, officially, the top notes are pink grapefruit and magnolia, the middle notes are woodsy notes and African orange flower, and the base notes are vanilla, cypress, and benzion.

      The first time I sprayed this I thought I had made a huge mistake, it seemed very heavy, overpowering and strong. I am more prone to light fragrances, and this seemed way too much. Like a really heavy musky scent - now Im not too good at guessing a lot of these things - but I assume was maybe the woodsy notes?, but, in less than a minute, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief as the fragrance seemed to settle into my skin and become more subtle. For me, I think the smell I mostly pick up on is the pink grapefruit, but I do get the waft of what I can only describe as a sweetness, which I guess comes from the vanilla, but doesn't give off that strong vanilla scent. There are other scents mingled in, but if I am being honest, I have no idea what African orange flower, or benzoin smell like so I wouldnt be able to pick them out!
      I usually spray 3 blasts of this in a morning, two on either side of my neck, and one on my wrist. I then rub my wrists together. I do this before 8am every morning, and at 6pm I can still smell it on my wrist, not as strong as first thing but the smell is definitely still there.

      When I first bought this, because of the fact it was heavier than any of my usual fragrances, I thought I would keep this for nights out, but after a while I realised I couldnt resist spraying this every morning because I love the smell so much. My husband said this suits me much more than any of my fragrances ever have - he did say it suits me more as my older perfumes were maybe too young, and the fact they were still the kind of fragrances I had been wearing since my mid teens said that maybe it was time for a change. I think he pretty much told me Im getting old, but he buttered me up by saying how much sexier my new smell is haha!

      I do wear this out on evenings and nights out, too. Spritzing a few more sprays over the perfume I have been wearing during the day makes it stronger without being too over the top. My friends have pointed out many times how gorgeous it smells and I have recommended this so many times already.

      For just £10 for this 50ml bottle, its a bargain, and I would happily pay double for this bottle without hesitation. I just hope this is a regular in the Avon book so I can easily get a hold of it, as I use it so much I am already halfway through my bottle!


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        03.10.2012 02:40
        Very helpful



        Sophisticated floral fragrance - smells expensive.

        ***Can't squeeze into a Herve Leger bandage dress? Now you can at least wear the fragrance***

        ---Why I Buy This---

        I often tend to experiment with various Avon fragrances as I get the catalogues and if they are completely unsuitable they can be returned - so nothing lost - also Avon do little bottles of testers so you can 'try before you buy' if you wish.

        ---The Brand---

        Herve Leger was founded in 1985 by the designer currently known as Hervé L. Leroux.
        Leroux pioneered the creation of the "bandage" or "body-con (body-conscious)" dress, using materials traditionally associated with foundation garments to create dresses that would mold and shape the wearer's figure with its signature bandage-like strips. (Wikipedia)

        ---The Product---

        Herve Leger Femme was launched in autumn 2010, created in cooperation between Avon Products and Herve Leger.
        Fragrantica website states - 'a woody-floral fragrance combined of Chinese magnolia, Sicilian pink grapefruit, orange blossom from Morocco, honeywood, hot benzoin tears, cypress and vanilla'.
        50 ml eau de parfum.
        Comes in a clear glass bottle with transparent lid.
        Pale pink colour perfume.
        The bottle has a design which replicates the bandage dress that Herve Leger is famous for.


        Herve Leger Ete
        Herve Leger Homme
        Herve Leger Intrigue.


        I think it was £20 full brochure price - but is currently not stocked.

        ---My Opinion---

        I am not much of a one for designers, so although I knew of the bandage dress the designer's name meant nothing to me. However I like trying new fragrances and this was one of them. I have liked the Herve Leger Ete so thought I would try this Herve Leger concoction.
        It is quite strong when first put on but it does settle down after a few minutes to a more pleasant aroma.
        The first notes that hit you are very pleasant and sophisticated. It really does smell like an expensive and classy perfume.
        It settles down after a few minutes to a very nice feminine aroma which is hard for me to describe.
        I would call the perfume 'pink', it is feminine and classy without being sweet or sickly. It lasts a good few hours but it is not too heavy or overpowering as some strong perfumes can be.
        Looking at the list of notes above that the perfume is supposed to contain - I would say it is floral but I cannot actually detect any specific floral or fruity note - but the blending of them all together is a lovely combination.
        I wear this perfume whenever I wish - and even around the house - it is not too heavy for daytime but could also be used for evening.
        It is classy in a sort of understated way and while being very nice would not be too overpowering for either work or evenings out.
        A great all-rounder.

        ---Star Rating---

        5 stars.


        Looks like it is discontinued by Avon now but bottles can be picked up on Ebay for around £12.50.

        ---Would I Recommend?---





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          20.07.2011 17:24
          Very helpful



          Too peppery for me!

          The Herve Leger Femme perfume was a Christmas gift from my mother. It is a scent made exclusively for Avon and as she's an Avon rep I get perfume from her every birthday and Christmas.

          Herve Leger is a fashion designer, famous for the bodycon dresses favoured by celebrities such as Cheryl Cole. My poor mother, bless her mustn't have had a clue about this, as when she handed me it, she said 'It's by someone called Harvey Ledger...which band is he in then?' I had to laugh!

          The scent comes in a silver box and the bottle inside is gorgeous. In fact, I'd say the bottle is one of the best things about the perfume! It comes in a clear bottle, with a clean square shape and square lid. There is a criss-cross effect on the glass which gives the effect of one of the famous Herve Leger bandage dresses. I think it looks stylish, luxurious and feminine with the pale pink perfume showing through the bottle.

          The description of the fragrance on the Avon website is 'Enticing freshness, exotic florals and addictive honeyed woods wrap you in seduction'. It certainly all sounds very nice, but what's it like...

          Well like many of the Avon fragrances, no notes are displayed on the website, so I am using my own judgement here, and trust me when I say I'm no perfume expert!

          When first sprayed there is an unmistakeable floral scent to the perfume. It's rather strong and reminds me of lilies. There's a hint of an alcohol tone to it, but this disappears very quickly, along with the floral lily scent which is barely there before it's gone again.

          What I can smell next is a very warming, very spicy scent, which is unmistakeably black pepper. Granted it seems to be mixed with something a little bit tangy (possibly lemon or grapefruit), but still the overwhelming fragrance is of black pepper. Don't get me wrong, I like black pepper, but on a steak or a bowl of pasta, not on my skin! I can't actually think of anything else at all when I'm wearing this fragrance...it just smells of pepper to me and I can't quite get past that. My boyfriend actually wears Molton Brown's Black Pepper fragrance which is stunning...but on a man. This is in some ways a similar scent, but as a woman it's not a fragrance I want to wear.

          Even after several hours on my skin the black pepper fragrance remains, however I do think that after some time a woodiness comes out too and I can detect what I think is sandalwood in there.

          In terms of longevity the fragrance does have good staying power and on the few occasions I have worn it, it has lasted around the eight hour mark.

          As for which occasion this is suited to, I really don't know. The black pepper is too much for me and so I have rarely worn this despite having owned it for around seven months, but on the occasions I have worn it, it has just been to the shops. I don't think I would wear this on a special occasion or a night out as there is too much of a masculine tone to it, and it doesn't smell particularly 'special' to me. So, as for when to wear this, I'd suggest daytime, but I'm not sure I can be anymore specific than that.

          This fragrance costs £20 from the Avon brochure or online at www.avonshop.com making it one of the most expensive Avon scents available.

          Overall I was really disappointed with this scent. The bottle looks gorgeous, but the scent is just too OTT. The black pepper is very strong and not particularly feminine or sophisticated, which is what I expected the scent to be. It's a very one dimensional scent, aside from a burst of florals when first sprayed, black pepper is pretty much all I can smell and so I wouldn't recommend it and nor would I buy it again.


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