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Boss Femme L'Eau Fraiche Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Boss / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      10.01.2011 01:15
      Very helpful



      a delightful aroma which is sure to tempt

      Hugo Boss is a German fashion brand specialising in menswear and womenswear. They follow 5 different lines of fashion and each line is aimed at different consumers.


      As with the majority of fashion brands, Hugo Boss have a range of fragrances for men and women. The fragrances available for the ladies include names such as Hugo XX, Deep Red and Pure Purple.


      Boss Femme is available in 3 variations..each one holding its own unique properties and value.

      *Boss Femme - a floral and oriental scent which forms sophisticated feminity.

      *Boss Essence de Femme - a radiating scent for night time wear.

      And then we have Boss Femme L'Eau Fraiche.

      *~*~*Femme L'Eau Fresh*~*~*

      Supplied to us in the lightness of an Eau de Toilette, Femme L'Eau Fraiche is described as adopting a romantic theme blended to perfection with peace, tranquillity and relaxation. Femme L'Eau Fraiche is build upon a few of the fragrance notes used in the original Femme but in a much subtler form.


      The bottle housing this scent captures the image of the original Femme. It is rounded and perfectly smooth. The glass is thick and allows the bottle to become extremely weighty. It adopts a strong stance being small in height but makes up for it with its chunky width and weight. The glass is clear and delicately shows off the pink tinted liquid inside. The lid sits at a slant and its clear nature allows the silver sprayer to be visible through it. "Femme L'Eau Fraiche" is smartly printed near the base of the bottle.


      L'Eau Fraiche has been carefully created using a blend of fragrance notes.

      *Top notes - mandarin orange infused with unknown fruity notes offer the initial blast of scent on the skin.

      *Heart notes - the heart of this scent is stephanotis flowers and this can be detectable for several hours after application.

      *Base notes - the scent is finished off with the classic choice of amber.

      *~*~*Availability and Price*~*~*

      Femme L'Eau Fraiche appears to be more difficult to locate than the original Femme but the following online stores stock it :

      www.fragrancedirect.co.uk : 30ml - £22.50/50ml - £30.50/75ml - £39.95

      www.escentual.com : 50ml - £26.45/75ml - £48.00

      *~*~*My Thoughts*~*~*

      In my last lot of samples I receive a few vials of Boss Femme L'Eau Fraiche. The original Femme is actually my Mums signature scent and I have had the opportunity to use it before. I actually believed that this is what my samples were until I discovered that L'Eau Fraiche is an EDT and although similar notes are present in both, they aren't exactly the same so I was keen to try this out and distinguish the difference between both scents.

      My vials come prettily packed in a cardboard sleeve which is pink and silver with the familiar bottle adorning the front. The bottle itself is almost identical to the original and I find it to be simple yet beautiful and very fitting of the Femme title. It is very heavy though which makes me happy to be carrying around the vials as opposed to the heavy bottle! It would add a touch of class to any dresser and screams quality!

      I have been wearing this scent during the day as I much prefer EDP for night time due to needing a heavier scent. So I apply a little on my wrists and neck and I am good to go. The opening scent of Femme L'Eau Fraiche is a great strength to be noticeable but not overpowering. I am invited into a notion of exotic indulgence with the mandarin being prominent and zesty. The other fruit notes involved aren't specified but my senses pick up on a touch of peach which adds a beautiful sweetness to the zesty opening. The exotic natures of the top notes takes me to a beautiful place in my mind where my troubles are gone and I can relax and enjoy a cocktail or two..well a girl can dream can't she?

      The treat first tickled my senses soon evaporates and gives way to a unique floral experience and one which I am not entirely familiar with. Having a search online, I discovered that Stephanotis is a range of flowering plants which grow in tropical woodland in Africa. The plants are specifically grown for their fragrance. Before researching this, I couldn't pick anything significantly special about the floral heart of this scent. It is natural and clean in scent and offers a subtle and ever so slightly enchanting experience which rather than being sensual is fresh and inviting.

      The heart of Femme L'Eau Fraiche remains prominent on my skin for around 4hours before the gorgeous base seeps in and takes the scent to a whole new level. Amber is a note that I can pick up a mile off and I am used to it being infused into a base with the classic vanilla/musk combination. Here though, it comes into its own bringing a fresh and floral scent to a relaxing base. The amber may be the only note concluding this scent but it is more complex than it would bring you to believe. It is indulgent and splendidly warm with a touch of creaminess which offers a dreamy and creative base and finishes the scent off with precision. Its delightful aroma continues to treat my nose for a further 3hours before disappearing never to be witnessed again..until I top it up of course with a further few sprays!


      Femme L'Eau Fraiche develops and transforms on many levels despite its small collection of fragrance notes. It is sophisticated and ultra feminine and would suit a mature young lady and mature lady alike as it isn't specifically designed for a certain age group. Its fresh heart makes wearing during Spring the ideal time and day time is best as it isn't heavy enough for night time use.

      *~*~*Conclusion and Recommendation*~*~*

      I am pleased to have received some samples of Femme L'Eau Fraiche. Its likeness to the original Femme is evident though this is a subtler and less heady option which allows it to be worn by more people. Its lasting quality on my skin is good and the notes which capture my senses are delightful throughout its time on my skin.

      I fully recommend Boss Femme L'Eau Fraiche and coincidentally, will be adding it to my "buy when I have spare money" list.

      Thanks for reading x


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        31.12.2010 15:31
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Highly recommended you have a whiff of a tester

        Usually at Xmas I request a bottle of perfume from my partner as I tend to run out every 6 months, once on my birthday in June and again in December. For years now I've worn Hugo Boss Femme and for some reason this year my partner managed to pick up the wrong bottle. Note to perfume companies, if it looks very similar and the name is very similar men will not check! Anyway, so on Xmas day I opened what I expected to be Hugo Boss Femme and found instead Hugo Boss Femme L'eau Fraiche. I'd never heard of this one before and apparently it's a new one in the Hugo Boss range. I guessed from the name it was supposed to be a lighter, fresher scent than the original Femme and hoped I'd like it.

        The bottle is identical to Femme with a round glass spray bottle and a chunky glass lid. The colour of the box is a light pink but otherwise it looks exactly the same as Femme which is clearly how my partner picked up the wrong one by mistake. The writing on the box has Femme in large letters and L'eau Fraiche in small letters so again pretty confusing for someone who isn't going to spend time reading the box. Price wise this costs anywhere from £27 for 75ml up to £40. I had to check that as it was a gift. It's also available in 50ml and 30ml sizes.

        The top notes to Femme L'eau Fraiche are mandarin orange and fruity which had me worried as I don't like fruity smells. To be honest though it doesn't smell very fruity when first sprayed and I can only just detect the faint scent of oranges. The middle notes or heart notes are something called Stephanotis. I'd never heard of this before and had to look it up and found it's a flowering plant. What it smells like I couldn't tell you but the perfume smells slightly floral after an hour or so but not as floral as the original Femme. The base notes are just amber and this is the fragrance we're left with once it has completely settled down and reacted with our skin. I find this smells very similar to the original Femme and it also reminds me alot of Ralph Lauren's Romance but it's a bit more feminine than Romance. While it lacks the very floral scent of original Femme it has a crisper fragrance to it and isn't so musky after it's been on my skin for a while.

        I've been wearing Femme L'eau Fraiche since I got it and I actually rather like it. I still prefer the original Femme by Hugo Boss but this one is lighter and fresher and not as floral so people who don't like floral scents would like this one. It manages to just avoid smelling unisex with the slightly musky scent of the base notes but when first sprayed does have a masculine smell to it. As for lasting power, it doesn't last anywhere near as well as Femme which I can still smell on my wrists the following day as long as I haven't made a point of scrubbing them with soap and water. Femme L'eau Fraiche lasts a few hours but as it's lighter it needs reapplying at least once during the day if you want to continue to smell of it.

        I actually think it is also a fragrance that suits all ages, a woman in her twenties could easily wear this just as a woman in her fifties could carry it off too. It's very versatile and light and probably better suited to daytime wear rather than evening wear but it's not so light and subtle that you couldn't wear this for a night out and get way with it as long as you took a small bottle with you to top up the scent.

        Overall it's light and fresh and only slightly floral but with a pleasant musky scent that lingers on the skin. It doesn't have fantastic staying power but a few hours for a light fragrance doesn't seem unusual to me. I do like it but I prefer the original Femme. I would recommend Femme L'eau Fraiche to women who don't like heavy fragrances or floral fragrances and the only downside for me is having to reapply during the day.

        4 stars for this new fragrance in the Hugo Boss range, one is lost for the level of staying power but I still like this fragrance and recommend you have a sniff of a tester if you get a chance.


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      • Product Details

        Boss Femme L`Eau Fraiche announces spring and romantic feelings, with simplicity and accentuated cleanliness.Enlightment of a moment, peace, tranquility and relaxation, light and easiness of movement characterize Boss woman, who wishes for gentle, light, refreshing and cheerful accords to accompany her style and temperament.Top notes shine with luminous accords of mandarin which is mixed with fresh, fruity notes. A heart introduces feminine Stephanotis flowers, whereas base notes incorporate creamy and soft amber.

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