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Hugo Dark Blue Eau de Toilette

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3 Reviews

Brand: Hugo / Manufacturer: Hugo Boss / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men

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    3 Reviews
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      29.11.2010 10:27
      Very helpful



      The perfect Crimbo gift for the man in your life

      While spending some hoarded Maximiles points I chose a bottle of Dark Blue by Hugo Boss for Mark, he doesn't have many fragrances so I like to keep him topped up! The picture of the bottle above is obviously wrong, that is the very feminine Boss Femme bottle and Dark Blue comes in a masculine blue bottle with large silver lid.

      Dark Blue is a fragrance for men, not particularly an after shave. It comes in a spray bottle which seems to dispense the perfect amount each time. It's quite a strong scent when you first spray it but will settle down quite quickly, I don't ever think it's overpowering when Mark uses Dark Blue and the smell is amazing from the second it leaves the bottle.

      It's quite spicy to begin with but this will develop into a more oriental scent, I love the fact that although the fragrance will obviously fade it never completely changes so the sexy woody and musk notes linger throughout the life of Dark Blue. The fragrance (I don't want to call it perfume! lol) is very full bodied and has excellent staying power.

      There's a nice ginger fragrance which begins as soon as you spray Dark Blue, this combines with slightly floral notes as the time goes on and together they will leave your man smelling sexy and well groomed. After Mark sprays himself with this I always think it has the same type of fragrance as Lynx, only with a much smoother finish and less of a harsh scent. I love the zesty fragrance which comes through initially, it mixes with the warm ginger notes to leave a fresh and very attractive scent.

      The staying power of Dark Blue is excellent. I would guesstimate that Mark gets at least seven hours of good strength fragrance from one application, but the scent lingers to a fainter degree for another couple of hours on top of that. It reminds me of denim, I know that might sound silly but whenever Mark uses Dark Blue I think of rugged denim jeans on a sexy cowboy.

      This fragrance would suit any man in my opinion. Mark is possibly the man least in touch with his feminine side that I've ever met, he's anti-metrosexual and doesn't give two hoots what he smells like. My perfume collection looks so overboard compared to his poxy two bottles of fragrance, both of those I bought for him as he would never think to replace an empty after shave bottle.

      I think you might have guessed by now that I love the smell of Dark Blue, I've got a soft spot for Hugo Boss fragrances (for men and women) and this is definitely a keeper. When asked Mark will always say he likes it, but then again I could buy him a bottle of Umbro after shave from Poundland and he'd be equally enthusiastic. In fact, he was!

      He's just walked past me in the kitchen and I can tell this is the fragrance he's used, I know it doesn't sound like much of a deduction when he only has three after shaves to his name but I honestly believe I'd recognise this anywhere. I'd say it's good for daytime and night wear, Mark doesn't tend to wear smellies during the day as he works in a not particularly clean job but if he has a day off he will make more of an effort as we'll usually go out for lunch or to do some shopping. This is when I appreciate the gorgeous smell of Dark Blue as it always feels like he is bothering more even though I know he doesn't really want to.

      I've never noticed another woman eyeing him up, which is what the advertising will make you believe. Good job too because there would be trouble and I'd never buy him a nice bottle of fragrance again!

      £27 (50ml bottle) from Boots.


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        02.07.2010 19:23
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Try this one before you buy - 4 out of 5 stars

        Hugo Boss: Hugo Dark Blue, Eau de Toilette

        Hugo Boss do a very good trade from our household, both me and the hubby love their fragrances. Hugo Boss dark blue is no exception, it is a slightly musky, rich but masculine fragrance that is perfect for casual everyday wear.

        --The fragrance--

        Hugo Boss dark blue has often been described as woody, mossy and bright. Personally, I find that this is a lovely yet appealing masculine smell. This is one of the few bottles of fragrance that my husband has purchased for himself by himself and I was pleased that he chose such a good option.

        The olfactory notes that make the individual scent include -

        The top notes are of ginger, cardamom and a hint of lime.

        The middle notes are of geranium, cypress and sage.

        The Base notes are of patchouli, buckskin and benzoin.

        This fragrance doesn't have the same staying power as some of the other Hugo Boss fragrances, but it does stick around for a few hours and if anything it smells that bit nicer as the time goes by.

        However, be forewarned a little goes a long way with this scent, if you spray too much then it can be a bit overpowering. Personally, I think this scent smells best after it has settled for a few minutes, on first spray it can be too strong and a bit cloying. It really is a very pleasant and masculine smell, but only when used in moderation, when it is applied too strongly I don't like the smell.

        This is a great causal fragrance and it is one that my husband tends to wear all day and all year round. This is not his favourite fragrance but it is a regularly used one, he uses it for every day outings while saving his favourite choices for more special occasions.

        Another word of warning, this scent is easily transferable, after giving my husband a bit of a hug I sometimes find that I can smell this one on me. This isn't really a problem because it smells nice but it is not something you always want to happen.

        --The bottle--

        Completely ignore the picture above as that is nothing even close to resembling the bottle. True to its name the bottle is deep blue in colour and a very simple unfussy design, which suits men's fragrances. The easiest way to describe it is like it resembles a cocktail shaker. Personally, my husband prefers his fragrances to look smart but as unfussy as possible and this one suits hit perfectly.

        --The cost--

        This typical retails for around £35 - £30 for a 75ml bottle, but as with all perfumes it is good to shop around and see what bargains are available. I think this puts it in the middle price range and with bottles being 75mls they do really last quite a while and it is best to use this one sparingly.

        --My overall impression--

        Hugo Boss dark blue deserves a four out of four, it loses one point because it really does smell better after it has settled. However, if I could the scoring would be more like three and a half out of five. It is a nice masculine fragrance but just be warned not to be too heavy handed when putting this on, less is more! I would recommend giving this one a try before you buy because it seems to be a fragrance that often gets mixed reviews. Personally I find this a really attractive fragrance for men but not everyone seems to like it.


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          17.01.2009 17:32
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Not one of my favourites but I will wear it if I have nothing else

          Firstly I must point out that I did not give the link to the picture for this product - it was already in Dooyoo's catalogue and it is quite clearly wrong. Now I have cleared that one up back to my review.......................

          It was my older sister that introduced me to Hugo Deep Blue. It was coming up to my birthday and my mother asked what aftershave I wore.

          I told her the original Hugo Boss or the original Issey Miyake but not the Issey Blue. Mother being mother got really confused and, bless her, ended up telling my sister that I wore a blue Hugo Boss.

          Obviously my sister had no idea and ended up buying me Hugo Deep Blue.


          The bottle is packaged in a sturdy and good quality box that is a rich dark blue colour. On the front of the box there is a label with a picture of what is inside. The box, whilst not really necessary, is stylish and suggests that there is a good quality and premium branded fragrance inside.

          Compared to other fragrance bottles Hugo Boss bottles are generally drab and boring in comparison, usually consisting of plain transparent glass with a bit of writing on it.

          This product bucks the Hugo Boss trend and comes in an attractive dark blue bottle that is semi transparent. "Hugo" is printed in red.

          The bottle itself is cylindrical and tapers down towards the bottom. Whilst it is not original or different it is very functional and is really nice to hold. The bottle fits perfectly in the hand and does not feel at all awkward, unlike other Hugo Boss bottles.

          The lid is silver and tapers in towards the top. The silver colour scheme is continued underneath the lid where the nozzle is also silver.

          I think that the dark blue and silver really compliments each other and the overall packaging is really nice.

          This fragrance is available in the typical 75ml and 125ml bottle sizes.

          ****Scent and durability****

          Fragrance Direct states " Hugo Dark Blue is a refreshing, mossy, woody fragrance. A blend of citrus oranges, oakmoss, sandal wood and patchouli".

          In my opinion the ingredients fuse together to make a pleasant, but strong, fragrance. Whilst I can definitely smell the orange in this fragrance I can also identify other scents (although I cannot separately identify them) that dilutes what would be a powerful citrus smell.

          The smell is strong and not much is required, otherwise it ends up too over powering and makes you smell like the proverbial tart's handbag. I find this is the same with all Hugo Boss fragrances.

          This is definitely not one of my favourite fragrances, since I do not really like citrus that much, but it is one I would wear if I had run out of everything else.

          This is a fragrance that is suitable for all occasions. It is good for a night out, as well as wearing for work.

          With regards to durability this scent lasts a long time and does not require re-application. This can be said about all Hugo Boss fragrances and should come as no surprise.

          ****Target audience****

          It is difficult to tell the target audience for this fragrance. It is not floral like Le Male or Issey Miyake and is in no way feminine. It is not your typical alpha male scent, like Brut or Old Spice, either. This scent is a bit of a half way house.

          This is a scent that would suit men in all age groups, from all social backgrounds. In my opinion this is sensible marketing as the fragrance market is fierce with many big players all fighting to gain market share. In such a market it would be stupidity to aim your fragrance at a niche group.


          This fragrance is only available in an eau de toilette (i.e. with a spray nozzle). I find this fragrance is so strong that only a few squirts are required. In addition, the nozzle on all Hugo Boss bottles seems to be bigger and deposits more fragrance per spray than any other fragrance manufacturer.

          I find two full squirts on my neck and a half squirt on each wrist is more than enough to last all day.

          The small amount of fragrance required makes Hugo Boss fragrances the best value for money of all fragrances. A 125ml bottle lasts me months.

          ****Cost and availability****

          As with all fragrances this product can be bought from many offline and online retailers.

          At the time of writing a 125ml bottle can be bought for £28.50 (excluding P&P) from Fragrance Direct. Whilst it is not the cheapest fragrance around it is not the most expensive and can be considered as a middle of the road fragrance.


          Hugo Deep Blue is a strong, but pleasant, fragrance. It is not a subtle floral scent and has a distinctive citrus smell about it. It is a strong scent and you don't need too much otherwise it can be very over powering.

          As far as Hugo Boss bottles go it is attractive, neat and fits in the hand a treat.


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