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Hugo Just Different Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Hugo / Manufacturer: Hugo Boss / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau De Toilette

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    5 Reviews
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      02.03.2015 18:33
      Very helpful



      Hugo Boss Hugo Just Different Eau de Toilette

      The Hugo Boss Hugo Just Different Eau de Toilette is available from GBP 40.00. The scent is available as 40 ml, 75 ml and 125 ml Eau de Toilette with an accompanying perfumed body care line.

      The Eau de Toilette was launched in 2011.

      The Eau de Toilette comes in a black glass bottle with a silver fastening. On the glass bottle is the product name. The glass bottle contains 75 ml.

      The Eau de Toilette is described as follows. "HUGO Just Different is an innovative, masculine fougère fragrance that gets its inspiration from the high-contrast urban environment where the HUGO man is at home. The startling interplay of disparate ingredients, a surprising combination of refreshing cool and pleasurable warmth are characteristic for the fragrance."

      The Eau de Toilette is fresh with an aromatic scent. The fresh scent of apples and mint can be noticed. The scent of freesia follows, although the scent is soft. An intensive scent, that reminds of musk can be noticed. The scent is not too intensive, the intensity is moderate. The main accords are fruity and aromatic.

      The top note is iced mint. Followed by the middle notes basil, freesia and coriander. The base notes consists of cashmeran and patchouli.

      The Eau de Toilette is long-lasting. The longevity is moderate.

      I can recommend the Hugo Boss Hugo Just Different Eau de Toilette, as the scent is long-lasting. The main accords are fresh and aromatic, the scent is not too intensive. The scent of apples and mint can be noticed.


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      20.01.2014 15:53
      Very helpful




      ===Nasal treats===

      From around October time I stop buying myself things just in case anyone decides to get me stuff for Christmas. Not all things, obviously. Food still gets bought, though I could probably do with going on a bit of a pre-Christmas fast. On the list of items that stop being bought are books, games, DVDs and aftershaves. Usually I have plenty eau de toilettes kicking about, but this year I managed to finish all of my supplies before Christmas came. Rather magically this was also the one year no-one decided to get me any smellies. I had a problem. As I was a bit fed up with my usual scents, I now had to brave January in the shops to find a decent, new smell!

      After about an hour of looking shady in Debenhams, spraying stuff on every available part of me and then sniffing before turning to the sample cards, I finally settled on my left inner elbow. I was pretty certain that was one of three scents so went over to them all and sprayed them on tester cards. After mixing them up a few times and re-spraying on new testers, I finally decided on Hugo Boss Just Different.

      ===Who is Hugo?===

      Hugo Boss are a designer company based in Germany. They were founded by Mr Hugo Ferdinand Boss in 1923 after he'd taken over his mother's lingerie shop in 1908. He was born in 1885 and died after WW2 in 1948 of a tooth abscess. Most interestingly, the founder was part of the Nazi party a few years before Hitler was and the company actually made the SS, SA and Hitler Youth uniforms. He got off with a fine after the war for his support of the Nazis. He was also banned from voting and running a business so his son in law took over the business. Later, after legal proceedings in 1999, the company was forced to issue an apology for the use of slave labour during the war. Apart from making Nazis look splendid in their little leather booties (as if they needed more gay jokes thrown at them) they have been making designer clothes and accessories. Their first scent "Boss Bottled" came out in 1984. Since then the perfume side of the company is under the control of Proctor and Gamble who are quite the collectors of brand names!

      If you want to contact Hugo boss, you have a few options, Ouija board probably being the best one. If you want to contact the company, they have a much easier route by going to their website www.hugoboss.com which is in German but can be translated by your browser and has a contact section! The address on the box can also be used to write to P & G:

      P & G
      Prestige Beauté
      EC1A 4DD

      ===The Bottle===

      A designer scent deserves a designer bottle and I have to admit, the bottle for this Eau de toilette is sexy. It is bold black with a silver screw top lid held on by a fabric strip. It looks almost like a canteen that you'd take camping full of water so it definitely has that rough manly feel to it. That being said it also looks sophisticated and stylish thanks to the solid black colour of the bottle with the blood red HUGO brand on the front. The screw top hangs by the fabric strip when you take it off so you're never going to lose it. It has a good flat bottom on it so it's very sturdy when you pop it on a surface so you won't have to worry too much about nudging it. Given the company's history, I have to now raise my eye at the design a little, but I'll still admit it's stylish. Maybe I'm just reading far too much into it!

      While the design of the bottle looks fantastic, it does come with a few practical problems. The main issue I have is that I simply cannot tell how much is left. I've tried holding it up to the light and looking through the bottom of the bottle but there really isn't any way to tell what's left other than shaking it. That will only tell you that there is still some in there and won't be very useful in telling me how quickly I'm getting through the stuff. The only other slight nuisance is the cap. As it's attached to the neck of the bottle it can sometimes get in the way of the spray. This, however, is easily solved as the spray button swivels so it's an idea to make sure it's pointing away from where the cap dangles before applying.

      The spray nozzle itself works perfectly, dispensing a decent amount each time you push it. I'd recommend not holding it too far away though, as it is quite powerful and I've seen a lot of this stuff go right over my shoulder.

      ===Sniff it===

      Top Notes: "Frozen" Mint Accord
      Middle/ Heart notes: Coriander, Feesia, Basil
      Base Notes: Cashmeran, Labdanum, Oilbanum, Patchouli

      I was interested in Boss anyway thanks to my partner Allan having a secret stash of one of the scents in his drawer at work. He sometimes comes home smelling like it on days where he's felt the need to freshen up and it's lovely. After walking around with the tester card in my pocket and periodically sniffing it I was slowly falling in love and/or getting high from the scent. The initial burst is quite fresh and spicy with a hint of alcohol in there. It very quickly dies down into a rich, warm and spicy and gently floral but manly scent. It is not overly heavy. It stays somewhere between fresh and warm, giving the best of both worlds. I can't say that I detect any mint at all, but there is something just a little different about this scent that I really love. It reminds me of Calvin Klein's "Crave" and Joop's "Joop" but without the really heavy, dirty punch that both of those scents come with. It has a lot of the spicy notes without being overpowering or losing its freshness.

      ===Last Place===

      As it doesn't have the really heavy spicy scents that come with Joop and Crave, I was wondering how well this would last. The scent from the tester card lasted for hours and hours of walking around and smelling it so I was a little won over by this. Unfortunately, when you're wearing the scent yourself, it doesn't seem to last as much as it did on the card. It's not the weakest scent I've found by far, but it really doesn't hit the staying power of Joop or Crave. It is still detectable on my jumper and it is currently six hours since I put it on, but the scent is only very slight. I have noticed, however, that my woolly jumper smells really nice even a couple of days after having been sprayed so obviously some fabrics hold the smell better than others. What I can smell is still fresh, slightly spicy and floral which is a plus, as I've found that the leftovers of the other stronger scents I've worn can smell quite unclean after they've been left all day on your clothes.

      ===Notice Me===

      One thing I really enjoy about any scent is if people notice what I'm wearing. Me and my friends are quite huggy people so if I'm wearing a nice smell that is noticeable they'll usually ask what it is or comment on it. This scent hasn't really been noticed, though I'd also be told by my friends if I smell bad so not being noticed is still better than not smelling good at all! When I've forced my partner and his cousin to sniff me they've both really liked the scent. Yes, I'm aware how weird that sounds. My dad noticed it the other day, but I had literally just applied it a minute or two before he got there It might not be incredibly noticeable but it does make me confident that I'll smell nice up close which is always a good thing. It's also not as weak as other scents I've had in the past which practically disappeared minutes after application. This hangs around, you just need to know where to look. It's just a shame it's not a little more noticeable!

      ===The price===

      There are three sizes of this scent, 40ml, 75ml and 125ml. I wandered the streets all day finding the best deal which ended up being in the perfume store which had a set that comes with a shower gel along with a 75ml bottle for £28. Elsewhere you'll be paying around £36 for the 75ml bottle alone. Just be aware that there are deals out there so have a good look before you buy or you might not get the best price. I've been using it for a month and I haven't ran out, but I honestly can't even guess at how long this bottle is going to last thanks to the black bottle blocking my vision. I'd hazard a guess that it will last about as long as most other good scents as I don't need to apply a lot.

      ===The Ingredients===

      If you tend to explode unexpectedly, congratulations for still being alive. Also, here is a list of ingredients that may or may not trigger an explosion (be it on your neck or in general, as the ingredients are flammable; best not to put this on while smoking. Though there's no point in wearing a scent if you smoke anyway, you'll just smell like smoke regardless and that's a waste of your time and money).

      Alcohol denat, Aqua (water), Parfum (fragrance), ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, diethylamino hydroxybenzol hexyl benzoate, bht, limonene, linalool, butylphenyl methylpropional, geraniol, alpha-isomethyl ionone, citral, citronellol, coumarin, eugenol.

      ===The Verdict===

      I really like this scent. It's fresh, spicy, floral and manly and makes me feel like I smell great. While it does last a fair amount of time, I have to admit I'm a little disappointed in the staying power as I really did expect a bit more so I'll have to take a star off for that and another for not being incredibly noticeable unelss you've just put it on. That aside, it's still really nice so I'll make this scent a regular fixture in my box of smelly tricks. Three stars out of five from me!


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        27.12.2012 16:32
        Very helpful



        A great scent for men.

        A few months ago my boyfriend very subtly hinted that he was running out of aftershave. I had planned on getting him some for Christmas anyway but was a little stuck on what to get him. That's when I remembered that a few months before he had been flicking through a magazine and come across one of those fragrance sample pages for this aftershave. He had said how much he liked it and I'd try to keep it in mind for the next birthday/anniversary/Christmas.

        The previous aftershave he had was also Hugo Boss so I knew it would probably be something he would like anyway, but it is always good to know someone has specifically said they like it. I also had a little look online and felt that this fragrance offered the best value for money anyway, and had the nicest bottle of the ones available.

        The fragrance comes in a little black bottle which is made to look like one of those survival drinking bottles with a grey coloured cap on the top. The actual bottle is made from a black frosted glass and has the brand name across the front in red letters. Though the black matte glass does give it a really masculine feel as a woman I still think it looks very stylish and would happily have it displayed in my bathroom. My only issue personally is that you cannot see how much is left inside the bottle but I'm quite sure this does not bother my boyfriend in the least.

        Now I do quite like wearing a male fragrance from time to time. I know that sounds weird but I really love the smell of a man's aftershave and there is something really comforting about wearing it or praying it on your clothing, especially when it is a scent you associate with someone you love. This fragrance is actually quite soft and smells very fresh so it isn't totally inconceivable for a woman to wear it too. I also really love it when my boyfriend wears it because it smells very clean and manly on him.

        In the scent there are notes of mint, mixed flowers, spices such as patchouli and a bottom note of musk. I love the combination of these smells, especially the mint which give it a very punchy initial smell that then fades into a more musky overtly masculine scent. The name of the fragrance is just be different and I have to say that there is something very unique and distinct about this scent which sets it apart from others in a really nice way.

        For men I think that wearing a different perfume for evening and day is not really a thing so I wanted to make sure I got my boyfriend a scent that would be appropriate for both. This scent certainly works well for both day and evening so I'm pretty happy to have him wear it wherever.

        I got my boyfriend a 40ml bottle which cost me £19.95 from fragrance direct. I also used a cashback site from which I got about 50p back on my purchase which isn't bad. There are probably cheaper scents out there but I wanted to get something both of us would really like and everytime I smell it it gives my a little smile.

        Overall, a lovely fragrance for men (and women).


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        04.10.2012 22:40
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A superb scented spray for thos with deep pockets!

        Hugo Boss has a reputation for quality in the competitive men's fragrance industry, having been founded in 1924 they very much cater for the luxury end of the market. It strikes me that although Hugo Boss retails it's products in about 110 countries around the world, everyone wants to be associated with the quality that the brand is synonymous for. The facts and figures for the company are staggering; the profit levels sit at £148,000,000 in one year during a time of severe of global recession. The evidence suggests that the company are certainly during something right, so are they?

        The Just Different fragrance certainly has to live up to considerable expectations as it is the long term replacement to the original Hugo Boss Man which has been the industry benchmark for the last sixteen years. The marketing states that it is 'unconventional' but has a 'confident style' and I must say that I can find no reason to doubt this, the scent is subtle and refreshing. I always think that if a men's fragrance is too powerful and strong then it can come over as a bit cheap and as though you are trying too hard to get noticed, Just Different does not fall fowl of this simple rule. As an experiment I decided to put equal amounts of this and one of the latest Lynx products on at the same time just to see if it was drowned out but I am pleased to report that although it was not as strong, it was still detectable, which is good to know as Lynx is the strongest fragrance that I use (the things I do in the name of product reviews!). The box states that it is 'a vibrant fragrance with a cool twist to inspire whatever you do', this leaves me a bit cold to be honest because the 'whatever you do' seems a bit cliché and too similar to the mass of cheaper products that engulf today's market, it is almost as though it is trying not to alienate young or old but in an attempt to do this it has not exactly made the brand stand out.

        With regard to the all important smell the top note is apparently 'ice cold mint', it is a correct claim that mint is detectable and the fragrance is cool but I am not sure I would go as far as to say that it is 'ice cold'. When it is applied to the skin you do not get a sense that it is a cold fragrance and it certainly didn't cause me to shiver as 'ice cold' would have you believe. On the other hand I guess that 'ice cold mint' sounds better than just mint. The heart notes of the spray are described as 'basil and freesia' which are two smells that are the epitome of the great outdoors and everything natural. The prevailing scent of the two is undoubtedly the freesia and it is the one that will last the longest. I personally like the smell as it is a bit different from the typical lemon and orange smells that are so common. The freesia makes the fragrance seem less as though it has been made in a factory and more as though it was bottled up with wild ingredients, even if it was made in a factory! The base note is Cashmeran and I have to confess that before looking it up I had no idea of what it was, according to the internet it is a 'musky scent' that is designed to evoke the feel of cashmere, this left me rather more confused than I was originally but I honestly don't believe that it adds anything to the fragrance, then again I guess it is only a base note. The scent is not the longest lasting of all those on the market but I guess it is designed for evenings rather that everyday so that does not seem to be an issue for me. On average I would say that it lasts around 6-8 hours. All in all the different scents come together to form a natural and comforting scent that most of all reminds me of the countryside, this is always comforting after a long day in the town.

        They say that first impressions are everything when it comes to making a product stand out amongst so many others nowadays. The box for the Just Different fragrance is concise and not cluttered without being lavish and extravagant. I would almost go as far as to say that the box is efficient and businesslike in it's presentation. The front of the box features an outline of the bottle for the spray which is a slightly lighter shade of black to the rest of the black, the outline of the bottle is white which makes it noticeable and stand out. The range of Hugo Boss products that eau de toilette is from is the Hugo range and this is clearly displayed about two thirds of way down the front of the box. The logo is large enough to easily be able to read and is set on a red background with black text which quickly drew my attention. A small banner underneath the Hugo logo states that the product is called Just Different and this has a white background. The back of the box is once again black but this time it has grey writing on it although there is some red that is at the top centre and states the website which is www.hugo.com. Details included on the back are all of the scents that I have previously mentioned as well as the ingredients. Hugo Boss do deserve credit for the fact that the contact details for the company are included as well as the made in the UK information that I believe adds credibility to the product and gives a sense of quality as many cheaper sprays do not give details of where they are made. The actual box is made from very strong and high-quality cardboard which makes it ideal for long distance transportation if it has been bought in duty free in a different country.

        The 100ml bottle is distinctive and I am convinced that I have never seen another product with a similar design. For some reason that I cannot comprehend why the bottle is black and you cannot actually see what is inside or more importantly how much product is left. I think that it is ridiculous to not make it transparent because how can you tell when you are getting towards the end and need to buy a new bottle; I am left playing a guessing game and often find myself shaking the bottle to try to find out how much is left. The Hugo logo is once again displayed and it is in red which fits with the red and black colour scheme. The cap of the spray is a plastic screw top and is very easy to open, however it not possible to lose the top as it is attached to the bottle by a 7cm long piece of fabric, in my opinion this is a great idea that separates this product from the mass of product on the market. The cap is very effective at stopping any leakage although it is still possible to smell a scent when the cap is on, but no more than usual.

        Now comes the painful bit, how much it costs to buy! I am sad to report that there are no nice surprises to produce here, the standard price fluctuates between £30 - £40 for the 100ml bottle that I am reviewing. Amazon retail the spray at £29-45 while if it is bought from Hugo Boss then be prepared to pay a staggering £48-00! If you haven't passed out and are still reading it is possible to order a sample from the company so that may be worth doing if you like to try before you buy, and with such a big cost it is a good idea to make sure that you like it. The website also has a snazzy marketing video that is nothing special, all it shows is a man staring into a bottle and turning it around, not all that convincing.

        Ingredients: alcohol denat, water, parfum, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate, bht, limonene, linalool, butylphenyl methylpropional, geraniol, alpha-isomethyl ionone, citral, citronellol coumarin and eugenol.

        Overall, this is certainly a key player at the luxury end of the market and it has a lovely scent but I question the extravagant price tag. Personally I would willingly pay between £25-£35 but I would make it last, it is not an everyday product. The chic and stylish presentation makes it ideal as a gift if you require something in that price range. At the end of the day the most important factor has to be how it smells and it passes that test easily!

        This review may also appear on Ciao under the username chrisbriers567.


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          11.06.2012 23:19
          Very helpful



          a great fragrance from hugo boss

          Hugo Boss Just different

          Hugo Boss (1885-1948) started in 1923 in the fashion world and brought a whole new clothing on the market. His company was based in the German town of Metzingen. Currently the Hugo Boss brand is known around the world and has been expending in terms of perfume. The brand is even split into secondary brands such as: Boss Black, Boss Selection, Boss Orange, Boss Green and Hugo Baldesarini.

          The eau de toilette comes in a black bottle that looks like a survival bottle with a similar cap. It is a black frosted glass bottle with red letters the brand Hugo by Hugo Boss. The dark matte glass gives a mysterious but real male status. The fragrance is available in an eau de toilette, shower gel, aftershave balm, deodorant spray and stick.

          The fragrance is soft, fresh and mixed with spicy accents. In the beginning it is the fresh mint fragrance that gently but recognizable present, mixed with flowers. The spicy I can recognize the patchouli and musk. The aroma is balanced and not overly exuberant.

          When I applied the fragrance it gave a very soft and fresh floral fruity smell. It has also has a woody spicy character, but it remains soft. A masculine scent. The scent remains firmly and hold up to 8 hours. Afterwards the intensity decreases quickly and then disappears. For an eau de toilette this is acceptable.

          As we are accustomed from Hugo Boss the masculine is also in the design of the bottles.. It is an eau de toilette that has a smell that is certainly very well and is softer than I am accustomed from Hugo Boss. The scent holds for many hours, which is good for an eau de toilette. A pleasant fragrance and for me four stars.


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      • Product Details

        Hugo Boss Hugo Just Different is for the man who takes inspiration from everything around him / His journey is unusual and the route he takes seems random; at every step his movement is fast, energetic, spontaneous / He sees the unexpected and he know tha