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Boss Jour pour Femme Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Boss / Gender: for women / Type: Eau de Parfum

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    4 Reviews
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      27.12.2013 14:25
      Very helpful



      a lovely perfume but not one of my favourites

      *~Jour Pour Femme~*

      This Eau de Parfum is part of the Hugo Boss range of fragrances and is a fairly new release. This EDP is marketed as being an 'elegant floral fruity fragrance inspired by the first light of day' - taken from www.boots.com.

      *Top notes : grapefruit blossom and lime
      *Heart notes : white flower and lily of the valley
      *Base notes : amber and birch


      The bottle for Jour Pour Femme is simple yet stylish. The bottle feels solid and is white with a gold band around the neck. A clear lid allows the gold sprayer to be displayed and bottle has minimal writing on it. Whilst I favour fancy perfume bottles, I do like the neat design of this particular bottle. My only issue is that it is difficult to judge how much is left as the bottle isn't see through.

      *~Price and Availability~*

      Jour Pour Femme EDP is available from perfume shops and also Boots. This EDP is available in three sizes - 30ml, 50ml and 75ml priced from £34.00 up to £45.88 on www.boots.com. There is also a duo set available with a 30ml Jour Pour Femme and also a 30ml Nuit Pour Femme currently priced at £33.33.

      *~My Thoughts~*

      I have had positive experiences with the Hugo Boss fragrance range and Jour Pour Femme was a recent conquest after being drawn in with their advertising campaign. If you are looking to try this, I highly recommend a trip to your local Boots to see if they have the £33.00 duo offer as this is a fantastic deal in my opinion.

      Jour Pour Femme EDP is a gorgeous fragrance and one which I enjoy wearing as a day time scent so it has been well promoted. I have noticed that with two to three sprays of this EDP, my skin remains scented for around 5 or 6 hours whilst the perfume clings on to my clothing for a good while longer which I appreciate as I am able to detect the scent on my scarf and jacket the day after I have worn it.

      Jour Pour Femme is what I was describe as a modern, feminine scent which is not spectacular but does smell really nice. On spraying, the scent is quite strong on my skin initially but soon settles and sits nicely on my skin. The blend of grapefruit blossom and lime is pleasant. It is a refreshing and beautifully crisp scent which comes across as being quite lively and bright. It is fruity, mildly sweet and there is a slight zing to it which I like.

      After an hour or so, the fresh, fruity scent gives way to a delicate and creamy floral blend. I used to dislike floral scents but they have warmed on me over the years and I can now appreciate a number of floral notes when blended together. Hugo Boss have created a rather simple and basic heart here which sits quite close to the skin and doesn't have as much strength as I would personally have hoped for. My nose picks up on freesia and a light dose of lily of the valley but it didn't blow me away. It did, however, smell lovely and feminine despite being light on my skin.

      The floral notes start to disappear after a further hour or so and all that remains is the base notes. Amber is one of my favourite fragrance notes and it comes through quite well in this EDP. I haven't experienced birch in a fragrance before but the blend of amber and birch forms quite an unusual and appealing scent but not something that would appeal to all women in my opinion as it is quite confident and bold. The amber and birch combination is warm and slightly woody. This scent lasts on my skin for up to 3 or 4 hours and remains consistently noticeable without being overpowering.


      As I said previously, this is the perfect day time scent due to the fragrance notes used to create it. I would say that it would appeal to women of any age as a Spring or Summer fragrance but would recommend sampling it before purchasing as the base notes may not be your cup of tea. As with all fragrances, they do react differently on everyone.

      *~Final Thoughts~*

      Overall I would say that Hugo Boss Jour Pour Femme is a nice perfume and I enjoy wearing it as it is well layered. For me, it isn't one which I could see me purchasing time and time again as it doesn't last as long as I would have hoped for an EDP. I love the top and base notes but found the heart notes to be a bit of the weak and generic side so the perfume loses marks for this. I do like this perfume but it doesn't make my top favourites. Try it for yourself! Four stars as the positives outweigh the negatives so I feel this is a fair rating to give.

      Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas x


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      27.07.2013 14:44
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Not what I would expect from Hugo Boss

       I love getting perfume samples especially ones that give me 2 or 3 days wear to get a real feel for it, a while ago I received a sample of Hugo Boss Jour, already a fan of a couple of fragrances by Hugo Boss I was keen to try this one. 

      Jour is sold in a frosty white bottle with a clear lid, the Hugo Boss logo is done in gold giving it a simple yet elegantly designed bottle. 

      Jour is described as "A fragrance like the first light of day - full of beautiful possibilities" 

      The notes in Jour are:-
      Top -- Grapefruit blossom, Lime
      Middle -- White flowers, Freesia, Honeysuckle Lily Of The Valley
      Base -- White Burch, Amber

      When I got my sample and read the notes on the little card enclosed I was absolutely certain I would love this, I love floral fragrances and Jour contains some of my favourites, freesia, honeysuckle and lily of the valley, I couldn't wait to try it. 

      When I first applied this to my wrists I could immediately smell the lime, it gives a lovely fresh citrus blast which although is nice and fresh it is a bit harsh for a perfume however this settles very quickly as the floral fragrances become evident. These are sweet and given that the honeysuckle and the lily of the valley along with the freesia could be too sickly sweet it isn't, the citrus elements just seem to linger long enough to take the edge of the sweetness off. 

      By this point I was really pleased with this fragrance, it was lovely but unfortunately I cannot describe any further developments with the perfume as after approximately 30 minutes it had all but disappears. I could detect a slight musky sell if I put my wrist right up to my nose but it was extremely faint, I was disappointed. 

      At one point this promised to be a lovely light sweet summery fragrance that would be suitable for daytime and evenings however on me the fragrance just didn't last at all. Personally when I wear a perfume I like to get a quick whiff of it occasionally but there was no chance with this. 

      Jour is sold in most high street chemists and some on line stores, currently Boots are selling 30ml Eau De Parfum for £35.00, 50ml's is £49.00 and 75ml's will set you back £63.00. Online stores may be a little cheaper but postage has to be taken into account. 

      Over all I cannot recommend Jour by Hugo Boss, maybe the recent heat hasn't helped with it lasting very long but I'm not prepared to buy a full sized bottle to find out. 


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        04.07.2013 18:19
        Very helpful



        A disappointing eau de parfum from Hugo Boss

        Whilst I am forever purchasing new beauty products and cosmetics with a view to finding the perfect ones, I don't really experiment with new fragrances, as I prefer to stick with those that I know. However, a few weeks ago I received a free sample vial of Boss Hugo Boss Pour Femme with this review discussing my thoughts.

        I own a few eau de parfums that I repeatedly use; all of which contain musk; a real favourite of mine with it comes to fragrances. As a result, I wasn't too sure that I would like Boss especially as it is marketed as being light and fresh with its fruity and floral tones. I'm not generally a fan of Hugo Boss fragrances, as none of their fragrances appeal to me and I must admit that the marketing for this perfume did not win me over with it being created to show three faces of a woman, namely inspiration, composure and ease.

        The eau de parfum opens with the refreshing and uplifting blend of lime, which I found most favourable, particularly as it lacked any sharpness and I could easily have worn the fragrance with the top notes alone as it was light yet very feminine rendering it perfect for a warm summer's day. The heart notes swirled into recognition some five minutes or so later, which really brought the fragrance alive due to the enchanting aroma of white flowers, which included freesia, honeysuckle and lily of the valley.

        It was these notes that initially led me to believe that I would dislike the eau de parfum, as I can vividly recall being far too kind to a great aunt during my childhood when I informed her that I liked her freesia perfume, which had the most disgusting aroma. As a result, she purchased me gallons of the stuff for every birthday and Christmas and I simply did not have the heart to advise her that I hated it. However, despite my vivid memories, I adore the authentic scent of freesia and grow the pretty flowers in my garden. I had always considered both honeysuckle and lily of the valley to be old fashioned. However, they work together in perfect harmony with the freesia, which results in a beautiful aromatic bouquet, which cannot be described as cloying.

        It is the delightful base notes of white birch and creamy amber that deliver an element of intensity to Boss Pour Femme, which is the point when I began to develop an awful headache, which really disappointed me especially as I loved the overall aroma. Fortunately, the pain was short lived as was the longevity of the eau de parfum, as a couple of hours later I was only able to witness the scent by lifting my wrist towards my nose. I used the eau de parfum on a further two occasions; both of which caused me to suffer further headaches and as a consequence, I gave the remainder of the vial to my sister who loves the fragrance, so no doubt this will be on her Christmas list.

        Whilst Boss Pour Femme delivers a very favourable feminine aroma, it severely lacks the longevity that I would expect from a designer brand eau de parfum and as a result, I feel a two star rating to be appropriate. Boss Pour Femme is available in a 30 ml bottle, which will set you back £35.

        I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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          24.06.2013 14:28
          Very helpful



          A recommended purchase

          I was pleased to receive a bottle (sample) of Hugo Boss Jour pour femme in a recent beauty box as i have found the range of women's fragrances from Hugo Boss to be consistently good. Jour is described as a contrasting fragrance to last year's edition of Nuit. The perfume was launched Spring 2013 and is currently a bit hard to get hold of following its exclusive launch at Heathrow Airport.

          What's in it?

          The new fragrance was created to show three faces of a woman: inspiration, composure and ease, described with a beautiful blend of white flowers chilled with sparkling citrus. Lightness and freshness are presented with a combination of accented accords of lime and grapefruit blossom representing the liveliness of the first morning rays of light that radiate with positive anticipation. Inspiration is retold with a rich bouquet of white flowers, including flowers of freesia, lily of the valley and honeysuckle celebrating the femininity and beautiful diversity of life of every woman. Composure is described with a more powerful, masculine finish which includes accords of white birch and creamy amber.

          A 75ml bottle retails at £39 (Source: ebay) but it's worth looking around in case you can find a better deal. You can also buy body lotion and shower gel in the accompanying fragrance so look out for gift sets too.

          My thoughts
          I do like to try a fragrance without any preconception in terms of contents (although I do like recommendations too!) so I can get a clear first impression of a new fragrance. I love the summery infusion that this Hugo Boss perfume gives me and it reminds me of fresh meadows and the outdoors. It is quite light to wear so not an overpowering smell but nice and feminine and one that will probably suit most. I think Hugo Boss have got this just right and whilst it may not be my first choice for a night out on the tiles, it is great for everyday wear.

          Final word
          I think this is a fragrance that will suit most so it is a fairly safe buy if you were looking for a nice gift. Would I repurchase? Probably but it would only really be a choice for the summer months for me as I prefer a different scent during the colder months. This is definitely a pick me up fragrance though and brings pictures of girls wearing daisy chains on their heads and dancing around meadows in floaty dresses in to mind. Recommended.


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      • Product Details

        As a contrast to Boss Nuit Pour Femme, the house of Hugo Boss has launched Boss Jour Pour Femme, with a milky white flacon, shaped like Nuit. This fragrance shows the three faces of a woman: inspiration, composure and ease, described with a beautiful blend of white flowers chilled with sparkling citrus. Lightness and freshness are presented with a combination of accented accords of lime and grapefruit blossom representing the liveliness of the first morning rays of light that radiate with positive anticipation. Inspiration is retold with a rich bouquet of white flowers, including flowers of freesia, lily of the valley and honeysuckle celebrating the femininity and beautiful diversity of life of every woman.