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Jasper Conran Woman Eau de Parfum

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  • Fresh fragrance
  • Doesn't last
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    4 Reviews
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      17.08.2015 17:36
      Very helpful


      • "Fresh fragrance"


      • "Doesn't last"

      A lovely fresh perfume

      My boyfriend's parents bought this for me for my birthday, they obviously must know I am an avid collector of perfume. It was launched in 2003 and to be honest I never knew that Jasper Conran brought out a collection of perfume. You learn something new everyday I suppose.

      ... The Bottle ...

      Jasper Conran Woman is brought to us in a stylish yet simplistic bottle. Rectangular with a rectangular white lid. It has not got any design to it so it can easily fade into the background when it comes to what perfume to pick for the day.
      The packaging as well is simplistic, a simple white box. Mine was in a gift set, easy enough to open, looked okay, although there was a lot of packaging for such a tiny bottle and body lotion.

      ... The Fragrance ...

      Jasper Conran Woman did smell better than I expected. It is a scent that I haven't smelt before. The notes are as follows:-

      Top notes:

      Heart notes:

      Base notes:


      I could tell as soon as a sprayed it that there was lemon in there. The lemon is extremely powerful but unfortunately it blocks the smell of the ginger.
      I am not going to complain too much about that though because it is such a fresh fragrance and gives you a fresh feeling when you put it in.
      I would say one for a nice hot summers day but you would be able to wear it day and night. Which is always a plus.

      ... The Value ...

      I do not know personally how much it cost but from what research tells me you are looking to be paying around £20.00 for the bottle or the gift set. That's amazing.

      ... Overall ...

      I wouldn't buy this perfume myself but it was a very lovely present to get. Maybe you could consider it as a present as well?


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      04.07.2011 09:52
      Very helpful



      A surprisingly great scent

      At Christmases and birthdays I am often given sets containing miniature bottles of fragrance and as such I have built up quite a collection of them. One in my collection which I'd never really used until recently was the Jasper Conran perfume, although now I've 'discovered' it, I'm using it quite regularly.

      Jasper Conran is a fashion designer and is more famed for his collections of clothes than he is perfume. This alone made me slightly sceptical about this fragrance, and it is possibly something to do with why this has sat, barely used, in a drawer for goodness knows how long.

      ---The Bottle---

      The bottle the fragrance comes in is very simple, and although I usually prefer prettier, more jewel like designs, I actually really like the bottle. The glass front of the bottle has simple horizontal lines running across the top and bottom, and always makes me think of venetian blinds! It's actually quite masculine looking I suppose, but like I say, there's something about it which I really like.

      ---The Fragrance---

      According to the Fragrance Shop website, the top notes of this perfume are lemon and ginger. Just to clarify, the top notes are what you can smell when the perfume is first applied to the skin. There is a rather sharp, zesty fragrance when I first put this on, and I can detect lemon in there. I don't really notice the ginger at all, but there is something else - a green, almost leafy scent - which seems to be there in the background. For me personally, I think when this is initially applied, the scent is a little too intense, and also a tad masculine. My boyfriend sometimes wears Lacoste Red and the scent reminds me of that, although he says I'm crazy and the two fragrances are nothing like each other!

      The heart note of the fragrance is said to be lime. The heart notes are what you can smell once the fragrance has settled down on the skin. I feel like I have said it a lot in my reviews recently, but I absolutely adore anything that smells of lime, so perhaps that's why I like this fragrance so much. It's not overly limey, and it's certainly not as sharp or intense as most lime scented things tend to be, but there is a wonderful citrusy scent to this fragrance, which has warm undertones that make it smell very feminine and slightly luxurious to me.

      Base notes of the fragrance are amber and patchouli. These are the notes which can be detected once the fragrance has been on the skin for several hours. Personally I cannot really detect the patchouli, a positive thing for me, as it's not one of my favourite fragrances. The amber comes though well however, and I can also smell something a tad spicy to the fragrance, and I wonder if it may be the ginger which is supposed to be a top note! I also think there is a very slight floral - it almost smells like a powdery rose scent - to the fragrance after it has been on the skin for some time, which takes the edge off, and makes it smell incredibly feminine.

      ---Staying Power---

      The staying power of this fragrance is excellent. There have been so many times I've found an amazing fragrance, only to get it home and realise that within ten minutes of application it has completely evaporated! This one in contrast, lasts well and the scent stays strong without being overpowering.

      Another thing I like is that I can smell this when I'm wearing it. Often I'll apply a scent and then find I can't really smell it on my own skin. This one I get wafts of throughout the day, so I know it is there, but at no point does it ever feel 'too much' or sickly.

      ---Who? Where? When?---

      To me this is a fragrance which is suited to most age groups. I wouldn't say it's a deep fragrance in particular, but I think younger women (I'm thinking girls in their late teens) might prefer something a bit lighter. I think this is ideal for women in their twenties upwards though - I'm 26, but I think this is a scent my mother and aunts who are in their fifties would also be happy to wear.

      This is a fragrance I have been mainly wearing during the day, however I would also be happy to wear it on an evening out. I'd say the intensity of this scent is perfect, as it's not too light, nor too strong, which does make it suited for any occasion. I don't think it's too strong for wearing at the office, and I've been shopping in this, and worn it when out for meals this last week and never felt the scent was out of place.


      This fragrance is reasonably priced. A 30ml bottle with matching shower gel can be picked up from The Perfume Shop for just £12.50. I have looked for the perfume on it's own, and found it at Amazon for £23, and it was also a similar price on other websites, so it seems that The Perfume Shop's deal is the best one available at the moment.


      This fragrance really surprised me. Other than trying it when I first got the mini bottle I don't think I'd ever really worn this fragrance until about a week ago. I wasn't expecting it to be amazing, but I love it. It's feminine, fairly classy, yet not too old fashioned or OTT, it has great staying power and is suited to most occasions. I think this is a really lovely scent, and I'm sure my miniature bottle will be getting much more use from me over the weeks to come.


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        25.01.2011 20:21



        a lovely warm perfume

        I purchased this perufme about amonth ago and it pleasantly surprised me. Upon smelling this perfume in the shop I was unsure if I should buy it but when I looked at the price my mind was made up and I rushed to the till. This perfume retials for about £12.99 for about a 30ml bottle, great value and incredibly reasonable.
        Heart notes of the perfume are : Lemon, ginger, amber and patchouli so this scent is a warm and powerfule scent. This perfume lasts a good 4 hours but I can still smell it albeit slightly faintly by the end of the. I have been usuing this perfume solidly for about 3 weeks? just under amonth and I have almost used a quarter of the bottle. This perfume will last me ages and I'll be sure to repurchase it. The packaging is very simple, a bottle with little indentations making it appear slightly delicate. This fragrance is warm, and wil make you feel feminine yet so glamourous.


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        08.11.2010 23:53
        Very helpful



        A lovely fresh fragrance

        ~ Why did you buy it? ~

        My first brush with Jasper Conran Woman was at the reduced section of the fragrance counter, where I came across a few gift packs of the fragrance all priced up at £9 per box. I had never sampled the scent before and had no clue what it was like. I stopped and admired the way the whole thing was packed and presented and purely on the recommendation of the sales assistant, who informed me it was 'nice and lemony' I bought some blind.

        I was looking for gifts for xmas that were well presented and of a good quality and decided to buy a few of the fragrance sets for that purpose. When I got them home I was rather tempted by the pretty boxes (well who wouldn't be?) and opened a pack to see what the fragrance was like. I have to say that was a big mistake, as the lovely little fragrance gift sets never made it under the xmas tree that year, or any year! I am ashamed to say they remained with me, for me to use them and enjoy wearing the chic fragrance within.

        ~ How much does it cost? ~

        When I wanted to review Jasper Conran Woman it wasn't listed on Dooyoo and a product suggestion had to be made to allow me to do so. I feel that with the festive season soon to be upon us again, now is as good a time as any to review this light and chic fragrance, as even though my own gift sets were not given as gifts, I do feel they would make a very good present for ladies of all ages. Just a word of warning if you do buy them as gifts, DON'T open them or you too will be hooked and will never want to give them away!

        When I looked into the normal price of the sets I had purchased, I saw that in many stores the fragrance on its own could be at least twice that, yet on the other hand many stores had the same or similar gift sets for not much over £10.99 and no more than £15.99. Amazon are listing the fragrance on its own at £23.99 right now which means that stores like Boots and Debenhams which stock the gift sets for less are good places to buy from. An average price for this as a stand alone 100ml bottle would be £19 to £25 at most.

        ~ Would it make a nice gift? ~

        There are many different reasons that we buy fragrances and my reason for buying the Jasper Conran Woman sets was slightly side tracked by the fact that what I found inside was very chic. I am glad I sampled the delights of the Jasper Conran Woman fragrance, as it is very easy to wear and not expensive to buy. The box that everything came in was rather lovely as it was a compact cube type affair that held a bottle of fragrance and a tube of shower gel inside it. It made a change from the flat rectangular sets that hold fragrances for xmas time and I feel it would make it harder for the recipient to guess what they were being given prior to unwrapping it.

        On the outer layer of the box there is a removable sleeve with a very glamourous red haired woman lounging bohemian stylee on a scrummy pile of floral cushions and throws, looking every inch the part of a woman who doesn't have to put any effort into looking that good and smelling fantastic..EVER! Now, of course I blame her 100% for the fact that I just HAD to open one of the gift boxes and have a naughty sniff to see what the scent was like. Had she looked like she had just fought her way out of the back of the tumble dryer, after spending the day doing the washing, drying and ironing.... I probably wouldn't have been so intrigued and tempted to have a peek. Therefore its not my fault I ended up falling for Jasper Conran Woman. Its most definitely hers and Jasper Conrans!

        ~ What does the scent bottle look like? ~

        The scent bottle that you get your Jasper Conran fragrance in is very simple, very habitat minimalist, very chic. Its understated easy to look at and doesn't look out of place where ever you leave it. The glass bottle is heavy with a chunky yet elegant feel to it. The only real nod to a design of any kind are the series of simple indented lines that run horizontally around the bottle. I feel that it is so simple yet cleverly done that the bottle remains eye catching because its so plain and uncluttered.

        The lid is made from a very touchy feely plastic material that has a soft touch peach skin effect to it. Yet again its very understated and simple, but it really works well with the pale toned liquid scent within the bottle. The Jasper Conran logo is placed on the top of the lid and runs along the entire length of it. I really feel that the sleek and stark look is very well done and compares wonderfully to some of the very ornate and over blown designs of other fragrance bottles, that seem to shout from the fragrance counters of the world in order to get noticed. Jasper Conran Woman is a classy scent within a classy bottle and it needs none of that to be seen, worn and enjoyed.

        ~ Is the fragrance similar to anything else? ~

        If you are a fan of soft and sensual citrus based fragrances such as Lancomes' O de Lancome, or long to be able to wear a similar scent to your man when he splashes himself all over with Diors' Eau Savage, then Japser Conran Woman is the one for you. The lovely simple soft lightness you get when wearing either of those is replicated and enhanced with a little twist to make up the Jasper Conran Woman fragrance.

        The fragrance is light and easy when on your skin and the delight carries over to your purse, as it is very well priced and will allow you save, yes save your pennies and spend them on other more frivolous items that you didn't know you needed.. Until you began to wear Jasper Conran Woman that is!

        ~ What kind of scent is it? ~

        When I wear Jasper Conran Woman I find that it is a lovely soft scent that goes on to my skin easily and can be worn for day time wear without causing a distraction. In order to get the best from the fragrance I find that if I use it on freshly washed skin it lasts longer and sinks into my skin quicker and more deeply. The initial lemony feel comes from the gorgeous lemon verbena plant. I love this smell and as I have grown lemon verbena in the past I knew in an instant that was within the Jasper Conran Woman scent.

        The lemon balm scent from lemon verbena is soft, warm and enticing. I find that it is enough to lift your mood and give your senses a boost without being too sharp and tangy or overly zesty. The lemony scent is enhanced with ginger which is widely used for medicinal purposes as well as cooking, but in this case it blends perfectly with the lemony over tones in this fragrance to add a spiced and fragrant feel which I really like. I feel that the scent given off is both feminine and soft yet gently stimulating and awakening without the sharp notes that many lemon based scents have to spoil the mood.

        ~ Who would enjoy wearing this? ~

        I feel that anyone who loves to wear O de Lancome will see a similar yet different vibe in Jasper Conran Woman that makes it interesting enough to buy as well as the other fragrance. The amber and patchouli base notes in this fragrance add to it and create a depth that would be lacking in this without them. I feel that without the amber there would also be a lack of warmth to the blend and without the patchouli the longevity and depth would be rather compromised.

        When you wear a fragrance like this it gives off a chic and understated feel that is both glamorous and seductive. It doesn't need to be loud and overly sweet and it isn't covered in full on girly florals that would over power it. I really like that fact that Jasper Conran Woman is soft and light and is understated and easy to wear. The way the scent drifts slowly away when worn on my skin is natural and gentle and even when the fragrance is in its last dying moments I still enjoy what is left of it.

        ~ What kind of fragrance is it? ~

        I feel that Japser Conran Woman is every inch as sexy and glamorous as the many in your face fragrances that shout and pout from the perfume counters of the world. The ease with which this can be worn in almost any situation make it a simple and yet classy fragrance. Ever since that naughty red head on the outer sleeve of my first gift set forced me to open the box and sample the lovely fragrance within, I have kept a bottle of this in my fragrance collection.

        Sometimes its nice to be able to spray on a fragrance and let it take care of itself, to not worry about how long it lasts or how it will smell a few hours later. I find that Jasper Conran Woman is one of those easy to wear fragrances that I can wear and allow to fade gently away. When I wear it I know that there will still be a little of it lingering and giving a hint of the original beauty of the freshly applied scent. I also know that if I want to top it up and experience the initial fresh and light lemony scent, I can do so without having to worry about how much each and every teeny spray will cost me.

        ~ Hurry up and sum it up! ~

        In summary I feel that Jasper Conran Woman is an easy to wear timeless fragrance that is very well priced. It gives off a light and feminine appeal that can be worn by women of all ages and is not in any way complicated or over stuffed with a jumble of ingredients. The initial fresh tones of the fragrance make way for more woody influences and allow the scent to linger for many hours before you need to consider spraying on a little more.

        When you factor in the cost of a 30ml bottle with a complimentary 100ml body wash being sold for under £12 the fragrance becomes even more alluring and easy to enjoy. If you are looking for an interesting fragrance gift to give this xmas you could do far worse than consider a set from this range. I really like this fragrance and I am very pleased to have found it. Its such a change from the many other fragrances I have and is so easy and light to wear that I want to give it a 5 star rating.


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