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Jean Paul Gaultier 2 Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Jean Paul Gaultier / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    4 Reviews
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      25.03.2013 03:30
      Very helpful



      well worth trying to see if you like it

      This is one of my favourite fragrances. It is a man's scent but it could definitely work on the right woman.

      it was one of the first 'wow' perfumes I ever tried, one spray and I never touched 'addidas' or 'lynx' again.
      The scent is of spice, and peppar, very musky, and incredible, it just smells incredible sexy and seductive- definitely one to wear on a night out, but you can wear it in the day too, although it might be too much. it is pretty potent, and lasts for a very long time, so be aware of that as you won't need to spray much on.

      The bottle looks pretty cool, a tall glass recepticle containing the golden coloured liquid and a golden top, and you can buy it in a pack with 2 40ml bottles that stick together by magnetism. This is really fun, but the reality is that it's actually quite useless, and when you travel with it metal objects will stick to your aftershave, and this can cause the metallic print on the back of the bottle to easily scratch off, making the bottle look a lot worse- so be careful!

      Cost is about in line with most good perfumes, it's about £40 for 40ml, so about the same price as the 50ml for £50 scents.

      This makes a good present, but it is a bit of a risky present as it's so personal- I love it, but not everyone will feel the same.


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      17.11.2010 14:26
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A nice perfume but I'm not sure if it is unisex and it is not as sweet as I would like it :)

      Jean Paul Gaultier2

      I bought a miniature set of four gaultier perfumes from amazon a while ago. It came with two male scents, the classique and then this one. I love the classique scent and I like this brand but I was unsure about this scent as it was described on the site as unisex, so I was not sure what to expect. As I do like really floral and sweet scents and this one was probably not, but I was a bit surprised.

      *About the product*
      I have a miniature version of the perfume in the same bottle but just smaller. I have the 3ml or 0.1fl oz bottle which looks just the same as the regular size. I got it in a set but you can also buy it individually. It is a unisex scent so it is designed for both men and women to wear.

      *My opinion of the fragrance*
      I like the bottle, it is simple and it is really cute - especially in miniature, but it does look a bit too old fashioned in my opinion which does not reflect the fragrance. I don't like the bottle design but I do like the colours used as they are warm golds and beige which reflect the warmth and softness of the scent.

      The main notes in the perfume are Vanilla, musk and amber, which have been and still are main notes in perfumes. They all come through really well. I don't really like musky scents too much as I prefer sweeter ones, but the vanilla adds some extra sweetness to the perfume and lifts the scent - making it less musky and less granny-ish and making it modern and sensual, rather than old fashioned.

      I don't wear this during the day as for me it seems a little too strong, and I like to wear a light floral sweet fragrance during the day but this is great for evening as it is more musky and sensual. As it rests on my skin the fragrance changes slightly and it seems to loose a little bit of the musky notes and become slightly sweeter and a bit more subtle.

      It does last for quite a while and it lasts for most of the evening. It does not really need touch ups either and it does not get boring as the scent does seem to change during the time it stays on my skin too. It is great for evening wear as it is quite strong - but not overpowering.

      I bought mine as part of a mini set which was just over £20 from amazon which is amazing for four miniatures in their own little cases so that they could be given as mini gifts themselves. Or you can buy the fragrance its self, for example,

      cheapsmells.co.uk: £24.95 for 40ml edp
      Debenhams.com: £57.60 for 120ml edp

      Good points
      *good prices
      *scent lasts for a while on my skin
      *Nice vanilla/amber scents
      *Nice bottle colours - reflect the warmth and softness of the perfume
      *Scent changes after a while on my skin into a slightly more sweeter scent
      *Great for evening
      *Widely available
      *clean, crisp scent
      *Strong but not overpowering
      *Good brand
      *Unisex - but I'm not sure whether men would wear this?

      Bad points
      *I don't really like the bottle design - for me it is a bit too 'old fashioned'
      *A little bit too musky for me, but it is a nice perfume

      For more information: www.jeanpaulgaultier.com

      Thank you for reading my review


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        30.12.2008 18:19
        Very helpful



        All time favourite perfume

        I love this fragrance. It is a unisex frangrance and therefore for men and women, but I think it is more suitable for women. It has a musky smell, that lingers all day.

        Scent is a very personal thing and smells different on everyone. So I would recommend that you go to a shop to try it, but from my own experience if you like musk, then you will love this perfume.

        I would say the cost is average for a good perfume (around £40).
        I personally use this frangrance all the time. I use it for the day and also if I am going out in the evening. It is suitable for both.
        The bottles have a magnetic bit on them, which as far as I am concerned serves no useful purpose.

        I brought a set of two once and they were stuck together. But I never left them together after that and never used the magnetic option on anything else.


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        23.12.2007 03:01



        One of my favourite fragrances ever

        How can one write aboute a fragrance? Should he list the ingredients? Can you really tell what's pachouli and what's ylang-ylang? And does it really matter what's in the upper note and what's in the lower note? I believe emotion is what matters here. The best thing about a fragrance is that it creates assosiations and captures memories.

        I wanted to try Jean Paul Gaultier 2 because I love unisex fragrances. The way it blends with the smell of my skin and the smell of his skin and we smell like each other - it just turns me on.

        Call it love from first sight. Or, should I say, from the first smell. For me, it smells incense sticks and burning tyres. I've got no idea what they put in there, but it smells like an evening in Goa. The buddist monks wandering around burning their incense, and unwashed indian kids fiddling with an old motorbike. It's a sexy summer fragrance, good for going out and clubbing after a day on the beach.

        I think you can only love it or hate it because this fragrance is quite special and distinctive. Not another fresh-floral-citrus-everyday one. I love all fragrances by JPG, but this one is my favourite. And I keep it for some special occasions when me and my man are far away on an island sipping tropical cocktails and kissing under the moonlight.


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