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Jimmy Choo Flash Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Jimmy Choo / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Contents/Size: 60ml / Gender: for Women

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    4 Reviews
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      14.08.2013 15:26
      Very helpful



      laid back, casual scent for everyday wear

      After being on the search for a new casual, everyday perfume I came across my friends jimmy choo - flash and decided that is was the laidback perfume I had been looking for.

      I bought the 40ml jimmy choo from Superdrug at £35.00. Superdrug also retails the 60ml at £45.00 and the 100ml at £56.00. It's also available in many other retailers including boots which the 40ml is priced at £36.00, the 60ml at £41.40 and the 100ml at £62.00.

      The appearance of the perfume really lives up to the name "flash" as it is very flashy and glitzy. It comes within a sparkly, silver box with flash jimmy choo written across it. The perfume comes in a clear, ribbed box which allows the perfume inside to be seen - handy for gauging how much perfume is left inside. "FLASH Jimmy Choo" is written on the front in silver matching the round, silver lid on top. The perfume is expelled by taking off the lid and pushing on the spray at the top of the bottle. The container is very sturdy, but also quite chunky meaning it's probably not good for transporting, and is more of a dresser perfume. The appearance of the perfume bottle isn't one of my favourites, and was a bit of a letdown compared to the appearance of other perfume bottles.

      When I first tested this perfume, I expected it to be very girly and fruity, but that's really not the case. The scent is very musky and floral, which is not usually my kind of perfume, but this seemed to be an exception. The perfume is a combination of White Flower, Turbose, Pink Pepper, Tangerine, Strawberry and Powdery Woods. The most dominant scents are powdery woods and the more floral scents, the fruitier scents I'm not able to pick out. I would say the scent is more mature, floral and musky. It is feminine and not too overpowering a perfume, but definitely long lasting as it stays on throughout a whole day in my case. I would use it more as an everyday perfume, rather than a night out perfume which it was designed to be as it's more of a summery, laid-back and casual scent. I found that it is a universal scent and can be used by people of all ages.

      Is it worth purchasing?
      This perfume I think I would purchase again. Although the appearance of the perfume isn't my cup of tea, I think the scent is gorgeous. It's not overpowering, and it's a nice change from the usual fruity and girly scents that I usually use. It's a more mature, feminine scent which I like for everyday use. I think it is quite good value for money as it lasts for a long time and I would recommend this perfume to anyone looking for an everyday, musky and floral scent.


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        25.07.2013 22:00
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Bit like marmite I reckon

        I paid £34.99 for a 40ml bottle of this fragrance from the famous shoe designer, it also comes in bigger sizes right up to a 100ml size.

        The packaging is quite nice and stylish, a silver glitter box that contains a squareish bottle with curved edges and a large glass stopper. The sides are textured with some stylish lettering on the smooth surface of one of the sides. It is not the most stylish of bottles however it does have a rather distinctive look to it.

        This is what I would describe as a heavy musky fragrance and one that is best suited to evening wear, it has some strong woody, almost earthy tones to it and this certainly screams night time wear to me, it is a fragrance that sort of grows on you over time however it does lack a certain quality that I would expect from a fragrance that is not exactly cheap.

        The top notes are very fruity with strawberry and tangerine tending to dominate and the sweetness of the strawberry is offset by the citrus of the tangerine, the heart notes of tuberose, jasmine and white flowers are rather muted by the base note of powdery wood which is not something that I have come across before and in this fragrance it really does dominate all of the other notes.

        For me this is rather too over powering and is a fragrance that I will only be using sparingly on the odd occasion for a change. It is a long lasting fragrance which does not wilt throughout the evening and can still be detected in the morning. I'm not entirely convinced that it warrants the price tag and it is probably one of those fragrances that will divide opinion so I would certainly recommend trying. the tester for a while before buying.

        Personally it is a fragrance I will use but probably not one that I will buy again. A middling three stars from me.


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          16.07.2013 10:48
          Very helpful



          Great all round fragrance

          With this fragrance, Jimmy Choo says you can 'be the shining star at every party with the ultimate accessory from Jimmy Choo, the perfect companion for the party girl in us all'. I don't know about that particular claim, but I do know that this newest fragrance from his collection is actually quite nice. I wasn't blown away by the original scent (the one in the pink box and bottle); I thought it was OK but nothing special. Flash is in fact very similar, but it has a bit of an edge that for me makes it better.

          ===The Bottle===

          Not usually one for describing the packaging, I think it is important to give it a mention with regards to perfumes as the packaging and bottle is important to some people. This is where the perfume lets itself down for me because I don't like the bottle. It looks cheap and tacky to me to be honest and I don't know what the connection between it and the name or the selling angle of party accessory is to be honest. The bottle is square with a fairly large rounded lid that looks like a UFO perched on the top of it. The bottle has a light purple (maybe even lilac) colour to it and it has little dents in it. Perhaps it is supposed to look like a camera flash maybe. In fact that is probably it. If you aren't a photography expert and you squint your eyes when you look at the bottle, maybe it does look like a flash. I don't like it though.

          The box that it comes in is quite funky though and does fit the party girl image more. It is a small perfectly square box that is silver in colour with a glittery effect to it. It would make it a great gift or treat for a special occasion.

          ===The Smell===

          *Heart Notes*
          White Flower, Turbose
          *Top Notes*
          Pink Pepper, Tangerine, Strawberry
          *Base Notes*
          Powdery Woods

          Obviously this is the important bit and, like I said, I think it does smell fairly similar to the original fragrance, but this one is a little bit more special to me really. I think it is quite a universal fragrance and it would suit most people. It is floral but not overly so. I'm more of a fruity fragrance kind of person and I find floral perfumes a bit sickly, but this one is not too strong and so I really like it. Presumably this is the tangerine and strawberry of the top notes taking effect and I think it works really well, whilst I can't actually detect the individual smells of the fruity bits, they clearly are present in a way that they balance out the flowery other notes, which would probably be too strong and overpowering without them.

          To me it smells a bit like a toned down bouquet of flowers but combined, but one that is sat next to a bowl of fruit. I know it might seem a like a bit too much in one smell but it works really well because neither of the separate smells overpowers the other and they are both quite natural smelling.

          I think the perfect combination the heart, top and base notes means that it is a fragrance you will like whether you prefer fruity or floral scents to be honest because they are a perfect balance to my mind (and to my nose!) and they work well together to make it a fragrance that will suit either preference.

          It think it is a scent that you can wear day or night too. It is natural enough thanks to the fruity touches that you can wear it during the day and especially during summer without it being too heavy or overpowering. It is strong enough though that you can wear it on a night out without it getting lost and it also the slightly heavier floral notes mean that it is suitable for winter months too - what more can you want from a perfume?!

          ===Lasting Power===

          This is another area where Jimmy Choo Flash gets a thumbs up from me because it really does last well, especially when you compare it to other fragrances. It is an Eau De Parfum, so you would expect it to be a bit stronger, but even so it has an admirable durability. For example, yesterday I sprayed a little bit on either wrist when I started work at 5am and I my mum commented that I smelled nice when I went to give her a hug last night at about 9pm. I don't know about you, but I was pretty impressed with that because, whilst it doesn't smell overly strong when you first spray it, it was certainly still strong enough to smell indirectly a good 16 hours after applying it. The last fragrance I had was the Marc Jacobs Daisy and that didn't last anywhere near as long as this one does. The fact that I can still smell Flash on myself hours after I have applied it is a good sign for me because I can very rarely smell perfumes on myself even after just a couple of hours of wearing them, so I was very impressed by this.

          ===Availability and Price===

          As is usually this case, this fragrance is available in various sizes, prices and places. You can expect to pay an RRP of £36 for the 40ml bottle, £46 for the 60ml bottle and £62 for the 100ml bottle. At the time of writing, you can save 50p on each of these prices and get a free gift with the two bigger bottles at the perfumes shop or go to Debenhams and save up to 16% in their sale on all three bottles. You can save considerably more obviously if you are going on holiday and you get it either on the plane or in the airport, where it is widely available because it is such a new fragrance to the market. Look at spending around £30 on the 40ml bottle in either of these places - well worth looking out for! It isn't the cheapest product on the market but I think value for money wise it really is excellent because it is so long lasting and you really don't need very much of it at a time.


          I would absolutely recommend this fragrance because it is a really flexible and universal fragrance in my mind. If you liked the original, I am pretty sure you will like this and if you don't know what the original smelt like, I don't think you can really go wrong with Flash because it is very nice smelling and not at all overpowering, it isn't overpriced and it lasts really well. Recommended.


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          03.03.2013 16:02
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Worth your cash!

          I really liked Jimmy Choo's first fragrance, Jimmy Choo and it was on my list of perfumes to buy when I first heard about Jimmy Choo's second fragrance, Flash, which was to be released in January 2013.

          I like to think that I am a bit of a photographer. I have always been known among my friends as the one who always carries a camera around with her and I am getting more and more into my photography.
          When I saw that Jimmy Choo's new fragrance was to be called 'Flash' and to be released in a bottle made to resemble a flash cube from an old camera I was really excited and I planned to buy the perfume whether I liked the scent or not (I get obsessed like that).

          I first saw it in Superdrug as I was walking past in my local shopping centre, so I went in and picked their bottle up for a sniff.
          The woman gave me 2 samples and I cheekily headed to Boots, where I was hoping to build up a few advantage card points!

          Luckily (because I was buying it anyway), I really loved the scent of it and not just because I really wanted to love it.

          In Boots they told me they wouldn't be selling it until the following Wednesday so on Tuesday I went to my local Boots (a different store) on the off chance they would have it in and they did! I asked the woman behind the till when they got it in and annoyingly she said they'd been selling it in that particular store since the week before so I had had to wait unnecessarily.

          ~ Price ~
          My 100ml bottle of Flash eau de parfum cost £62.00 in Boots, but it also comes in a 40ml bottle priced at £36.00 and a 60ml bottle priced at £46.00.
          It has only been released as an eau de parfum.
          I have not seen what size the 40ml or 60ml bottles are, but I'd love to see the 40ml bottle as I bet it's really cute.
          You can buy this perfume at Boots, Superdrug and most department stores.

          ~ Bottle ~
          The bottle is gorgeous. It is sort of cube shaped and is about 6cmx6cmx6cm.
          Each face of the cube is circular with rounded edges that flow into the next circular face of the cube.
          The front of the bottle has 'FLASH JIMMY CHOO' in black letters on the glass. The left, right and back sides of the perfume bottle have angled patterns indented into them, which reflect the light. My sister said that the shape of the pattern reminded her of a meat tenderiser and I had already thought the same thing myself.
          The lid of the bottle is flat and circular and made from clear plastic. It has a silver band around the rim of it and the lid fits securely onto the top of the bottle.
          The perfume itself is slightly tinged a light blue colour.
          I think the bottle is really nice. It is chunky, a good size and an interesting shape.

          ~ Scent ~
          The scent is truly unique. I have said that about other perfumes in the past, but this is the one scent that I could confidently identify on anyone. It is very distinctive.
          It smells very fresh and clean. It is uplifting and feminine. I can detect white flowers, but it isn't your typical floral fragrance at all. It is a little bit sharp, but it is very inoffensive and I consider myself to be quite easily offended by sharp notes in perfumes.

          The top notes are strawberry, tangerine and pink pepper.
          The heart notes are tuberose, jasmine and white lily.
          The base notes are heliotrope and blond wood.

          I personally find it difficult to detect any fruity elements in this perfume.
          To me it is a fresh, clean, crisp fragrance with quite a defined white floral edge.
          It is very difficult to describe. Being a white floral fragrance you may expect it to be a day time scent, but this is a scent I have chosen for nights out as well as wearing during the day.

          The manufacturer says, 'FLASH is a solar floral, based around a bouquet of white flowers. It is both effervescent and sensual and evokes the promise, excitement and high octane atmosphere of going out.'
          As soon as I tried this perfume for the first time it reminded me of nights out. It has a real depth to it that makes it so much more than my attempted description of it.

          I think it would suit women in their 20's all the way up to women in their 50's and 60's. I think it smells expensive.
          I'd also say it is suitable to wear any time of year.
          It has good sillage and it lasts around 10 hours on my skin and even longer on my hair and clothing.

          I really love this perfume. It is one of my favourites and I could see it being my signature scent. I think this is a classic and I can imagine it being on sale for years to come! I would recommend everyone to try it. It is really unique and hard to describe. I think the bottle is really nice and I think it would make a fantastic gift.


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        • Product Details

          Jimmy Choo Flash EDP For Her / Be the shining star at every party by stepping out in the new ultimate accessory from Jimmy Choo, the perfect companion for the party girl in us all / Sparkles of Pink Pepper, Tangerine and Strawberry introduce a flash of White Flowers and Tuberose to this Eau De Parfum fragrance.# Intoxicating and dangerously sexy, the scent parades on a catwalk of addictive Powdery Woods.

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