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Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologone

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Brand: Jo Malone

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    2 Reviews
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      04.07.2013 00:03
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      An amazing all year round fragrance - smells fabulous!

      Jo Malone has been one of my favourite perfume brands for a very long time and over the years i have had many of their fragrances. Two of my particular favourites were Vintage Gardenia and Verbena de Provence, both of which were fabulous, however I was very disappointed to find out last May that both of them were being discontinued at the same time!!!!!!! What was i going to do!!!!!!

      Back to square one for me, so I started my search for a new favourite and I didn't have to wait very long, Jo Malone launched last Autumn their new fragrance Blackberry & Bay. On first smell I loved it - it was fabulously fruity and after trying it on my skin for a day, always best to make sure it suits you before buying, it is amazing how often i smell a perfume love it then try it out and hate as it does't suit my skin, however I needn't have worried the Blackberry & Bay smelt amazing.

      The fragrance top note is overwhelmingly Blackberry, bursting with fruity juiciness and a tart accent, the heart notes are Bay Leaves bringing a green aroma to the perfume and the base note is the mossy inspiring Cedar Wood. The fragrance is clean, refreshing and juicily fruity just like you are in a field of blackberries picking & eating them. The fragrance comes in two sizes, the first is the 30ml cologne which is perfect handbag or travel size and comes in at £39, the larger size a 100ml cologne is probably better value but not quite so portable and comes in at £78. Both come in clean minamilist glass bottles with silver lids. (If you are flying through Heathrow there are several Jo Malone shops in the various Terminals including 5 where you can pick up all the products at duty free prices, which makes quite a considerable saving).

      Also available in the range is the Body & Hand Wash in a 250ml plastic bottle which looks similar to the perfume bottles and comes in at £32. The very luxurious Body Creme comes in a 175ml jar and is priced at £50, a fabulous gift to receive, and finally the last in the Blackberry & Bay collection is the Home Candle at £39 for 200g.

      The Blackberry & Bay is an amazing all year round fragrance and also is recommended to combine well with Jo Malone's Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne. I love my new fragrance and am keeping my fingers crossed that they don't discontinue it any time soon!


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        02.10.2012 11:01
        Very helpful



        I love this cologne!

        Jo Malone is a beauty boutique which originated in London. Jo Malone mainly focus on unisex colognes but also offer a range of scented body and bath treats and expensive candles.

        *~Blackberry and Bay - Introducing The Scent of Innocence~*

        Blackberry and Bay is the newest Jo Malone release. The Blackberry and Bay collection includes the cologne, hand and body wash, body cream and a scented candle.

        The official description of this cologne is..

        'Childhood memories of blackberry picking...stained lips, sticky palms. A burst of deep, tart blackberry juice, blending with the freshness of just-gathered bay and brambly woods. Vibrant and verdant.'


        Jo Malone cologne bottles are all identical in design with the exception of the fragrance title on the label. The 30ml bottle is a tall, slim affair - clear, thick glass with a simple cream lable and silver lid. The larger 100ml bottle is a chunkier but similar in design and is completed with a round, silver lid. I find the bottles to be of a high quality, simple yet fairly attractive and not gender specific.

        When you purchase instore, your bottle is tissue wrapped and placed inside a Jo Malone branded box, tied with ribbon and then placed in a cream bag. The bag is then sprayed with your chosen cologne making it the ideal gift for someone special.

        *~Price and Availability~*

        Blackberry and Bay cologne can be purchased from your local Jo Malone boutique or online at www.jomalone.co.uk.

        *30ml - £38.00
        *100ml - £76.00
        *250ml body and hand wash - £30.00
        *175ml body cream - £48.00
        *200g candle - £38.00

        *~My Thoughts~*

        Last year I mentioned that myself, my sister and our Mum attented a birthday party for my sister at Jo Malone in Glasgow. My sister received another invite this year as she is such a loyal customer. I am on the mailing list and receive regular updates and samples so when a beautifully presented envelope dropped through my door a few weeks ago, I got excited! I was invited to come along and sample the newly released cologne - Blackberry and Bay and received a towelette sample within a lovely booklet too. Furthermore, I received an invite to come along for a hand and arm massage - not many companies offer this now do they?

        Anyway, my sister remembered we still had her birthday invite so we called up the Glasgow store to book in for last week meaning we could combine the birthday party with the 'tasting' session of Blackberry and Bay. We really enjoyed it and received sweeties and cupcakes before indulging in a hand and arm massage with the products from the Blackberry and Bay collection. I received quite a few samples in a goodie bag too and my sister decided to treat herself to a bottle of the cologne.

        *~Sweet For My Sweet...~*

        Jo Malone colognes are marketed as being unisex and I find this to be true of most of the colognes whilst others seem to verge on being more feminine. Blackberry and Bay isn't overly feminine but I wouldn't say that many men would appreciate it unless they like the scent of blackberries as a rule. I personally love this cologne. The matching body products are amazing and really enhance the overall scent. We got to use the body/hand wash and the body cream - very luxurious and whilst purchasing the entire collection would set you back quite a bit of money, it would make for a stunning gift.

        The cologne itself is highly fragranced and I find that one squirt on my neck and wrists plentiful and not overpowering. This is a high quality cologne and I find that the scent remains consistent and noticeable at a desireable strength for its duration on my skin though others may have different experiences as everyone has different skin types. During our taster session, we were presented with two bottles - blackberry being one and bay being the other. I didn't recall previously smelling bay before so it was interesting to witness both scents before being blended to form this cologne.

        Blackberry and Bay is an addictive, natural scent which greatly appealed to me. I can understand the 'innocence' reference as this cologne does encourage childhood memories and is simple yet enticing. When I first spray this onto my skin, I am greeted with an intoxicating, rich blackberry fragrance which isn't at all synthetic. It is succulent, juicy and refreshing. The sweetness of the blackberry shines through perfectly and I feel Jo Malone have captured this natural, fruity scent which oozes ripeness and is suitably tart.

        The blackberry scent remains prominent for the whole cologne experience but changes as it mingles with the less noticeable fragrance notes. After 2 hours or so, the initial, fresh and vibrant blackberry is joined with the bay leaves and loses a tiny bit of its sweetness and becomes more fresh and slightly earthy. The natural juices of the blackberry are pulled back a little and the heart of the scent is quite appealing.

        After several hours, Blackberry and Bay loses the bright, fresh feel when cedarwood chips in. Here, the blackberry reaches a beautiful depth and comes across as a warm, comforting sweet concoction with a rich, woody undertone. The base of Blackberry and Bay is stunning and really is the making of the entire scent. It rounds off the cologne perfectly and the overall scent lasts a good 10 hours on my skin which I find brilliant.

        *~Bespoke Fragrances~*

        The beauty of Jo Malone colognes is that they can be used together to create different scents. Jo Malone recommend 'Lime Basil and Mandarin' for a fresh twist or 'Orange Blossom' for a warm combination. Whilst in the boutique, I took a shine to 'Dark Amber and Ginger Lily' from the Intense collection. Spraying this over the top resulted in an amazing blend of fragrance notes coming through and an overall, rich and spicy sweet fragrance which lasted the whole day. I also sampled 'Nectarine Blossom and Honey' which livened the scent up making it perfect of warmer days.


        Blackberry and Bay is quite an intense cologne but I feel it would be suited to any age group providing you like the scent of blackberries. I find it perfect for afternoon through to evening use and as it is quite a warming scent, it is perfect for the Autumn season in my opinion.


        Overall I can highly recommend Blackberry and Bay. It lasts incredibly well, can be adapted with other scents, is very naturally scented and is absolutely gorgeous. I feel confident and content whilst wearing this cologne. I have added it to my list of colognes to buy this year and feel £38.00 isn't too much to pay for a high quality scent. Being a Jo Malone customer definitely has its benefits.

        Thanks for reading :)


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