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Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint Eau de Cologne

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Brand: Jo Malone / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Cologne / Gender: for men

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    1 Review
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      21.03.2011 11:20
      Very helpful



      one to buy

      Jo Malone started her career giving facials. Her company became a global success after giving special customers a special bath oil and more customers followed. The company is based in London and offers fragrances, body products, homeware products and gifts.

      *~*Jo Malone Fragrance*~*

      The Jo Malone fragrances as Colognes. They are designed to be versatile for every occasion. Jo Malone also recommend using certain fragrances together to create a new scent and these are recommended on the website www.jomalone.co.uk. Mixing and matching is down to personal choice. The line up of fragrances are split into categories including Citrus, Fruity, Light Floral, Floral, Spicy and Woody. Each category has a few different fragrances including Pomegranate Noir, Amber and Lavender, Vanilla and Anise and Wild Fig and Cassis. The choice is endless and there are no limits.

      *~*White Jasmine and Mint*~*

      This cologne is described as being "an elegant, crisp fragrance, evocative of a sun-drenched morning in an English country garden". Its blend of fragrance notes claim to stimulate and enchant the senses. Jo Malone recommends that if you wish to create a Bespoke fragrance by blending two scents, go for Fresh Red Roses or Vanilla and Anise.


      The bottles are all the same from Jo Malone. The smaller bottle is tall and rectangular, made from a thick, weighthy glass. It is finished off with tall, silver lid and a creamy coloured label confirming the brand name and scent. The larger bottle is wider with a stronger, rectangular frame and finished off with the same label but a round, silver lid.


      White Jasmine and Mint has been carefully created with a blend of fragrance notes. Each set of notes comes through in stages changing the overall scent as it progresses.

      *Top notes - an aromatic opening of fresh mint leaf.
      *Heart notes - a seductive heart of Heirloom Jasmine.
      *Base notes - a clean base of South American Mate Leaf.

      Hints of lily, rose and orange flower claim to be present in this scent.

      *~*Availability and Price*~*

      This fragrance can be purchased directly from www.jomalone.co.uk or from the Jo Malone Boutique. 30ml will set you back £34.00 and the 100ml is priced at £68.00. To layer up the scent, you can also purchase matching body and homeware products :

      *Body and Hand Wash 250ml - £30.00
      *Bath Oil 250ml - £38.00
      *Body Creme 175ml - £48.00
      *Home Candle 200g - £38.00

      *~*My Thoughts*~*

      Jo Malone isn't a brand I was overly familiar with until recently. My sister took me shopping in Glasgow recently and she was feeling flush. We went into Princess Square which is home to shops such as Cath Kidston, Space NK and FCUK. This isn't a place I visit often as its a bit out of my price league (eg £4.40 for a small block of tablet from the sweet store!). My sister was in to buy some perfume from Jo Malone and I fell in love.

      The shop itself is worth talking about as its beautifully laid out in a simple yet classy manner. All the bottles look the same - a bit like when you visit a Chanel counter and the staff were very friendly which surprised me. As they wrapped my sisters perfume in a gorgeous, bow tied box, they gave me a little Jo Malone gift bag with lots of perfume samples in it! I was so chuffed moreso for the bag if anything else and left with a smile on my face. I had intended to put the samples on ebay but decided I wanted to use them myself and here I am. One of the scents I received was the White Jasmine and Mint. I received a few spray vials and want to tell you all what I think!

      *~*Initial Impressions*~*

      I think its a far gone conclusion that I love my perfumes. Over the years, I have favoured sweet and fruity scents but have widened by nose to more possibilities. The name White Jasmine and Mint had me wondering how Jo Malone would pull this one off. Mint isn't a note that I have experienced much in perfumes but jasmine is one I am familiar with. It can't hurt to try and put my mind at rest.

      *~*Minty Fresh*~*

      Spritzing a small amount of this scent onto my wrist and neck, I was immediately impressed. Not knowing what to expect, I was took by surprised by the scent that welcomed my nose. A light and fresh floral tone is certainly detected at first spray. Within a matter of seconds, the mint pushes forward to take over the overall scent. It is clean and refreshing with an aspect of peppermint about it. I expected it to smell cheap and menthol like chewing gum but it is has a strange, soothing and high quality aroma about it.

      The minty aroma blends out with an slight undertone of lily and a unique herby twist. It is very unusual and like no other scent I have ever experienced. It held my attention and senses like a hostage and although fairly powerful, didn't give me a sore head. Gradually descending to a reveal a light floral and sweet heart, the mint remains blissfully in the background allowing the freshness to carry through the heart. Whilst the mint carries out its role, the jasmine provides a sensual and enchanting heart which is essentially divine and very wearable.

      The base notes become apparent sum 4-5hours after initial application. The mint and florals smooth through to a lovely if unusual base. Swaying far away from the usual sweet, woody bases that many scents offer, I am greeted with leafy fresh aroma. It isn't too earthy but possess a familiar sweetness that I cannot pinpoint. It is very clean but distinctive and lasts for a few hours but slowly fades through wear.

      *~*Bespoke Scents*~*

      Had I not read the website, I would have never have considered using 2 different scents together. I actually have the recommended blending scent to White Jasmine and Mint, which is the Vanilla and Anise. My curiosity got the better of me and I had to take the chance. After I applied the White Jasmine and Mint, I immediately spritzed a tiny amount of the Vanilla and Anise on.

      Wow what a change this provides. The minty freshness is blended with a warm and slightly spicy aroma which is very indulgent and ever so slightly creamy. As the scent is worn, I can witness a bit of everything from both scents coming through and smoothly blending together. It doesn't smell confused or overpowering but a lot of thought has clearly been taken over creating a unique scent.


      Using the White Jasmine and Mint alone would be perfect for day time use during the warmer months due to the freshness it provides. Adding a touch of Vanilla Anise changes its tactics and allows it to suit evening wear or during the colder months. This scent could be worn by any age due to its inoffensive nature and its versatility could allow it to be used for parties, going out or work.

      *~*Recommendation and Conclusion*~*

      I fully recommend the White Jasmine and Mint. It certainly attracted me from the first spray and is perfectly suited to me. I loved the idea of mixing and matching the scents as know of no other brand that allows their fragrances to work so well. The scent progresses well on my skin and lasts a reasonable length of time. I am seriously considering purchasing this scent in the near future and it comes with a high recommendation from me.

      Thanks for reading x


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