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Joop Splash Men Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Joop / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for men / Type: Splash

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    3 Reviews
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      26.08.2011 14:20
      Very helpful



      A summary, fruity scent that is very pleasant but not quite offering anything new

      Well I consider myself to be somewhat of an amateur expert on fragrances these days, having been an ardent user of men's fragrances consistently for the past 16 years, and doing much research on a product before I (excuse the pun) splash the cash!

      The original Joop has been a consumer favourite for many years now and used to be one of my favourites, but it has quite simply become dated and overused far too much to be a stand out contender any more, so when a new Joop fragrance is released I am always very curious to see the end result. For this latest Joop offering I would of liked something a bit edgy, a departure away from the fresh fruitiness that seems to be the core of every Joop scent up until now, but I guess with the name Joop splash that was never going to be the case, and it isn't! That's not to say it's a bad fragrance, just not that different to any of it's predecessors.


      The bottle itself is cute, nothing spectacular, ergonomic in it's design I guess to represent water, it's a medium green/blue colour glass bottle with a silver plastic lid, and it does stand out amongst the other bottles on my shelf. This scent comes in 40ml, 75ml and 115ml sizes. In terms of pricing this is a mid range fragrance product, prices varying between £24 - £40 for the various pack sizes, prices are in more detail at the bottom of the page.

      The scent:

      The scent itself is definitely more of a summer fragrance as the name would suggest. When sprayed onto the skin the first thing you will notice is an overwhelming melon type scent, this is due to the mixture of the top notes of cassowary fruit and coriander, it is a very pleasant and fresh scent as long as it is applied sparingly as it can be too strong. After 30 minutes or so the top notes dry down quite nicely to reveal the hearty middle notes of calypsone and cardamom, these really are the heart of the scent and are fresh but velvety, spicy but still retaining the fruitiness of the top notes. After a few hours when dry down is fully complete you are left with the base notes of labdanum and cedar, again this is a very pleasant smell, woody but again still retaining some of that fruitiness in the form of almost a chocolate orange type smell.

      Overall this is a very pleasant fragrance, very fresh and fruity with woody undertones and I would think it would please most consumers. It does however lack the impact that the original Joop had on the fragrance market but as one of fragrances all time top sellers the original is always going to be very hard to beat. And splash does go against the current trend which has seen a return to the scents of the 70's, the smoky, woody, peppery, very masculine type fragrances which have been a welcome change to the saturated fruity fragrance dominance of the male fragrance market.


      As I have said, this is a very pleasant fragrance and one that I wear mainly for daytime use, it stands alongside many of it's fruity competitors and holds up well against them but the downside is that this, is yet another fruity scent that is in no way edgy or unique enough to be a stand out leader in the male fragrance market that is shifting towards a more masculine earthy trend. For me it is not really elegant enough to wear as evening scent but is definitely a fragrance worth wearing in the daytime.

      Joop Splash eau de toilette is available from all good fragrance outlets, though amazon is the cheapest I have found at the time of writing this review.

      Amazon prices for the Eau de toilette spray are as follows: £24.45 for the 40ml bottle

      £31.45 for the 70ml bottle

      £39.95 for the 115ml bottle

      also available in aftershave splash and deodorant.


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        05.08.2011 02:40
        Very helpful



        Great Joop fragrance


        I had always liked Joop Fragrances but had not owned one until recently when I purchased Joop Splash after trying a tester in Boots and also Debenhams. I suppose the reason why I hadn't owned a Joop fragrance despite liking them was at the time I had another fragrance which I was using so didn't feel the need to replace one. A few months ago I ran out of the Emporio Armani Diamonds fragrance which I bought around Christmas time as it was in the Christmas sales. Anyway looking for a new fragrance I noticed the new Joop Splash which I remembered trying a couple of times before and liking it. So I bought a bottle online from The Fragrance Shop, I bought the 40ml size and it cost £25.50 which is around what you would usually pay for a fragrance like this. You can also find deals on the gift set which also features a tube of shower gel.

        **Joop Splash**

        Joop Splash was released in the beginning of 2011 is available in three different sizes, 40ml, 75ml and 115ml. You can also get the fragrance in as 115ml after shave, 200ml shower gel, 75ml fresh and cool deodorant stick. This is pretty standard nowadays with most fragrances also having different products in the range. This particular fragrance is described as "A fresh and cool fragrance". This is a fruity and fresh fragrance which has hints of woody notes and also a little spice to it. The fragrance was designed by the perfumer Louise Turner. The fragrance was created in collaboration with Coty Prestige. The bottle is an interesting design and looks different from the usual fragrance bottle. I like the look of the bottle. Joop say the unusual shape is reminiscent of water flow.

        **The Fragrance**

        Top Notes

        The fragrance opens with the notes of Cassowary Fruit & Coriander. For those who don't know, The Cassowary fruit is a Tropically found Plum. It mixes well with the coriander to make an interesting and fruit fragrance which starts the fragrance off well. This typically lasts for two to three hours before blending into the middle notes.

        Middle Notes

        Next up we have the middle notes and with the middle notes are Salty Sea notes & Cardamom. This gives the fragrance a little kick and makes for a really interesting change. I really like the middle notes of the fragrance. These typically last for another two to three hours before blending into the final base notes.

        Base Notes

        We end the fragrance on a woody, spicy note thanks to the combination of Cedar & Labdanum, these give the fragrance a woody scent which also contains hints of amber and it also has a sweet slightly musky feel. There's also a tiny hint of leather. This compliments the fragrance well and typically fades after two to three hours.


        When it comes to suitablity of a fragrance it's fair to say that some are simply too strong for daytime wear and others are not suitable for other situations, so how does this particular fragrance fare?, Well This is an excellent fragrance which will be suitable for a varied number of occasions. It's ideal for nights out but it is also suitable for just about every occasion which makes it a very versatile fragrance. It's a great fresh fragrance and the fact that it will last a long time makes it also suitable for daytime wear, Maybe at work or on a day out. It's an all round fragrance suitable for many different occasions.


        I really do like this fragrance, It's fresh and fragrant and due to it's varied suitability it also benefits. This is a lovely fragrance from Joop and one of the best new fragrances of 2011. I'm sure it will continue to be a big hits for many years, just like other Joop fragrances have been. As you can find this fragrance as part of a gift set and also a deodorant stick as a free gift in some places it is certainly helpful to look around at the various deals as you might be able to pick up a bargain on this great fragrance. An excellent fragrance which I'm sure will be another big Joop hit following on from the likes of Joop Go, Red and of course the Original Joop. Joop Splash is another excellent fragrance in the range.


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        20.04.2011 20:10
        Very helpful




        I am not normally one to review mens fragrances but I do sometimes like to buy my boyfriend them as gifts so this is why I decided to take a look at this. I don't really like the Joop range at all and usually don't buy it but I liked the colour of this packaging and decided to have a closer look. This eau de toilette was only launched this year so is a very new and current scent.


        This comes in a green metallic box which has a splash like pattern on the front of it to tie in with the name. It also has a green bottle which has the Joop logo on the front in a yellow colour which does look a bit cheap. The bottle design is nothing special but the green stands out a lot compared to other brands on the shelf and it isn't too bad as well in terms of pricing.


        Now, this fragrance to me smells just like a man but obviously I will have to be more specific. I think how I'd first describe this scent is that it is quite refreshing and quite clean smelling which I do like. It smells a tiny bit fruity on smelling it but then the smell does seem to tame down a lot and it just smells fresh and it is hard to pin it down. It is not a fragrance that smells in any way cheap and it is quite rich and very soothing and I definitely like the smell it reminds me of something from Abercrombie & Fitch.

        Now, to go into more detail on what creates this Splash scent, it has a base note of Ciste Wood and a heart note of Casowary Fruit. It lastly has a top note of Calypsone and is in my personal opinion almost quite spicy smelling but it is definitely an attractive smell and it is one that I'd definitely notice a man wearing. It is quite sexy and powerful but doesn't seem too heavy but noticeable enough that you would be aware of it.

        This is not a fragrance which needs a lot of sprays at all. I think this is a scent for a man of most ages as it is quite adaptable. Having not been a fan of Joop in the past I do think that this may be an exception to the rule and I am glad I picked this scent to buy. Even if you do not want to buy it right away it is worth going to the counter and taking a closer look to seeing it and seeing the true smell.

        I think this fragrance seemed to smell better the more it set in as it first it was quite strong. Once it had been on for about ten minutes it seemed to smell completely different but in a good way that it had a fresh but musky smell. This fragrance I would imagine most would like and compared to some men's fragrances that I have come across this is definitely a good one.


        This eau de toilette costs £25.50 for the 40ml bottle, £36.50 for the 75ml bottle and £46.50 for the 115ml bottle. The after shave is also sold at the Perfume Shop like the rest for £26.50 which is a 115ml bottle and the 75ml deodorant stick is £14.50. These are the cheapest prices I have come across as of yet for this particular product but if you look on eBay and places then you can sometimes grab yourself a really good bargain or look out for gift sets etc.

        The fragrance has a official website at http://www.joopsplash.co.uk/


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