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Jovan Musk Men Eau de Cologne

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Brand: Jovan / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Cologne / Gender: Gents Aftershave

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    2 Reviews
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      10.06.2012 19:33
      Very helpful



      I need another bottle

      Although I do say so myself, I am a good-looking bloke, and I have never had any problems at all in attracting the opposite sex. I have been told my strawberry blond long hair and 47" beard (at its longest point) are my best features, though I reckon that even without these physical attributes, I can still charm the 'laydies'. I have no idea why, I've been like this since I hit puberty! Sometimes, though, I still think that a bit of a splash of 'something nice' helps, and my dear other half bought me a year or so ago a great bottle of Jovan Musk Cologne Spray. I was over the moon. The bottle came in a bright orange box and looked quite manly and not at all feminine or girly.

      My dear wife knows I can be extremely fussy when it comes to wearing 'smellies, so she'd put a lot of thought into what I might like, and I appreciate her for this. She can be quite thoughtful, when she tries. It's a great smell. Quite exotic and spicy and woody - just the way I like to smell. Also, I am sure that whenever I wear this, I must be emitting some kind of pheromone, because I can see the women at work eyeing me up out of the corner of my eye. It's a great masculine, heavy musky smell, which I think, suits my own body's chemistry - even my other half cannot keep her hands off me when I wear this. I need another bottle though because I went through this in next to no time! Hint to wife here!

      I think this fragrance is quite subtle but to be honest I like to splash it all over - and I mean ALL OVER ladies! It stings a bit, especially if I am freshly shaven but it's a clean, smell and not floral or flowery or girly at all, thank the Lord. The smell lasts for ages too and I like to splash it on my fresh underwear every morning before I go out to work. The caretaker in our office building even said he could smell it on my saddle when he wheeled my bike across for me when I left the office the other week. It's ceratinly a smell that lingers and it wakens me up and makes me feel fresh and clean. It's the sort of cologne I am happy to wear either for work during the day or at night if I go out with my dear other half. Some colognes for men can be a littel bit too overpowering for daytime wear, but I find this is actually suitable for most occasions.

      Sometimes my dear other half has an annoying tendancy to 'try out' my colognes and sprays on herself. Not so with this Jovan Musk. She says that it is 'too masculine' for her and she prefers something a little less musky. A little goes a long way with this cologne too - a bottle will last for ages, so it's very economical as you'll find you only need a small amount for a great long lasting smell that lasts all day long!

      Overall, it's a great smell. It does help to make me 'more' attractive to the opposite sex (not that I need it) and I shall definitely have to go out now to buy another bottle. I have no idea how much it is though as it was a present but cost aside, I think this is now an essential part of my daily grooming routine.


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      24.01.2012 20:09
      Very helpful



      Jovan musk for men

      You know how it is come Xmas morning. You carefully rip open all those fabulously delicate parcels expecting all sorts of gadgetry, gimmickry and tomfoolery only to be confronted with nothing but bottles. And not the good (beer) kind. No, I'm talking soapy, smelly, unimaginative body grooming products. Is this some sort of hint?
      One such hint I got in my stocking this year (or should that be last year) was JOVAN MUSK COLOGNE SPRAY. Oh joy. Which proves the old adage, it's better to give than to receive (as the actor said to the vicar).

      Before we go any further, let's just get one thing straight..and I mean straight in the biblical sense. The Jovan Musk I'm referring to is the one for men - which is what I'm.


      Jovan comes in an orange box - no, not that sort of orange box, a cardboard one that is coloured orange, with JOVAN emblazoned across it... as opposed to JAFFA. Inside the box is a bottle and inside the bottle is the cologne - conveniently.
      The cologne is again, orange coloured. Actually, I think it's more like tangerine but I'm not sure if that's really a colour. Anyway, it doesn't taste like either tangerine or oranges. Take my word for it. It's quite an appealing colour though, and not at all tinged with pinkish hues.


      As this is a cologne, the most important part of this review must surely be about the olfactorial sensation. Or the smell. So what does it smell like? Well, according to them, "It's what attracts. The cologne works with your body's natural chemistry to make a sexy scent. A blend of exotic spices and woods meets with the seductive power of musk. The result is a masculine, powerful persuasive fragrance."
      Great. You fork out your hard earned dosh for a smelly and you've got to use your own body odours to make a sexy scent. I could do that for nothing.
      But I digress.
      To get a good sense of the scent, rather than sniffing the opened bottle, it's best to splash some on. So I did. It's quite floral but this is fairly subtle and in the background whilst spicy citric notes are predominantly dominant. There are woody tones lurking around as well but lemon/orange and pepper are what I sense most.


      It's hard to say. I can't argue with the pleasantness of the fragrance but whether it's masculine or not I wouldn't know. Certainly it's not all flowers and butterflies, but neither is it sweat and old engine oil. Does it attract? Again, hard to say. I didn't notice any increase in my seductive attractiveness - just the usual. Another thing that's hard to say is pietrisycamollaviadelrechiotemexity...if you know what I mean.
      Och, bottom line is that it smells nice and fresh.


      Hey, it was a gift and it would be rude to ask some chea... person what they paid for it. Or for that matter where they got it from. Besides, if you are that interested, just click on the product title and those lovely peeps at dooyoo will bombard you with places to buy it and what you can expect to pay. But to save you all that effort, it's around a tenner for a 90ml bottle from all good perfumeries, such as: amazon and ebay etc.


      I like it. In fact it's a knock-out (sorry), Seriously though folks, this is a pleasant and quite subtle fragrance and although I'm not a big fan of men reeking like a french hoor, there's nothing wrong with a little dab now and again. And hey, if'n it makes the girls go all swoony and ready to admire my masculine persuasiveness, then that's got to be a bonus.



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    • Product Details

      It's what attracts. The cologne works with your body's natural chemistry to make a sexy scent. a blend of exotic spices and woods meets with the seductive power of musk. The result is a masculine, powerful persuasive fragrance.

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