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Juicy Couture Peace Love & Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum

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5 Reviews

Brand: Juicy Couture / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    5 Reviews
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      26.01.2014 18:49
      Very helpful




      I recently bought Juicy Couture's fragrance, Peace, Love and Juicy Couture as a 100ml eau de parfum.
      I wanted to buy all of the fragrances from the Juicy Couture range and this and Couture Couture completed my set, although I don't have the new release Viva La Juicy Noir yet.

      ~ Packaging ~
      The bottle comes in a pink coloured box with, 'Peace Love & Juicy Couture' scrawled across the front in blue graffiti style writing.
      The bottle itself is made from chunky glass and it is rectangular shaped. It is a similar design to the others by Juicy Couture.
      The front of the bottle has the Juicy Couture logo stuck to the front made from metal with a heart shape in the middle, with a peace sign inside of the heard.
      The lid is big and bold. It is a silver plastic cylinder that fits over the spray release button. A turquoise set of beads is wrapped around the lid twice, which you can take off and wear as a bracelet. There is a gold safety pin attached to the bracelet with a 'J' shaped metal charm and a heart shaped metal charm with the peace sign in the middle.
      There are also 3 small pink tassels attached to the bracelet in 3 different shades of pink.
      I think this bracelet and the charms are a nice touch.
      The top of the lid is a chunky clear jewel, which alone is more than an inch tall.
      I like the bottle. I have had 100ml bottles of perfume before that looked too big and made the perfume look cheap. This bottle is huge, but does not look ridiculous or too big. I'd say it looks quite cute and pretty!

      ~ Price and availability ~
      This perfume is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles.
      The 30ml bottle is available from cheapsmells.com for £16.40 (Recommended Retail Price £35.00).
      The 50ml bottle is available from cheapsmells.com for £22.60 (RRP £47.00).
      The 100ml bottle is available from cheapsmells.com for £31.45 (RRP £63.00).
      I bought the 100ml bottle in June for £30.95 from cheapsmells.com. Their prices change all of the time, but if you were to buy this in Boots or Debenhams you would pay the full recommended retail price.

      ~ Scent ~
      This perfume has a very green scent with a touch of citrus and there are some harsher floral notes present in this fragrance.
      The top notes are Meyer lemon, wild hyacinth, sweet apple and black currant buds.
      The heart notes are blooms, Sambac jasmine absolute, star magnolia, Malibu poppy, honeysuckle and linden blossom.
      The base notes iris root extract, patchouli blossom and musk.
      I wouldn't have been able to pick any of the notes out individually, but the fresh, sharp florals dominate the fragrance.
      I have found the staying power to be rather poor so I tend to spray on more than usual. I apply two sprays on each wrist and at least five on my neck, which gives it a bit more presence. After these extra sprays it lasts around 6 hours on my skin. Otherwise it would only last on my skin for around 2 hours, which I find to be very poor especially for an eau de parfum.
      The fragrance has quite a harsh floral scent, but I like it. I can imagine some people would find the sharpness to be quite offensive, but it is quite subtle on the skin so I can't imagine its presence would irritate anyone too much.
      It definitely isn't my favourite scent by Juicy Couture. I much prefer the fruity-florals from the Viva La Juicy range.
      I wouldn't say the scent is particularly young although the bottle design suggests that it could be aimed towards a younger audience.
      It is a pleasant scent, but it is not my favourite. Being quite harsh I feel like I have to be in the mood to wear this perfume.
      I'd say this perfume is best suited to day time wear. I can't imagine choosing it for a night out or special occasion as it is nothing too special.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I like this fragrance.
      It has quite a harsh, floral scent, but it is quite subtle on the skin. I have found that it isn't very long lasting, which is quite disappointing, but I find if you spray plenty on to begin with it will last for significantly longer.
      I think it is very reasonably priced from cheapsmells.com.
      I don't think it is a particularly young perfume although the bottle appears to be aimed towards a younger market with the removable bracelet and bright pink tassels.
      For the price I would recommend this perfume, but it might be worth trying before you buy as the harsh florals won't be to everyone's taste.


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      19.07.2013 21:15
      Very helpful



      A great summer perfume

      I love having a variety of perfumes for different seasons and occasions and recently bought this Juicy Couture Peace and Love perfume to wear during the day in the summer when I am out and about and relaxing. It is an ideal perfume for the summer when the sun shines due to its light, fresh scent and fun relaxed vibe.

      The perfume was first launched in 2010 and the promotional material states that it was created "to capture the free-spirited and sun kissed vibe that takes you back to the 60's."

      The main scents in the perfume include "glowing fresh apples, dazzling Malibu Poppy and warm musk's." The title of the perfume "Peace, Love and Juicy Couture" reflects the tongue in cheek take on the hippie movement of the past and the sense of fun it creates.

      On purchasing the perfume the first thing I noticed was the beautiful bottle. It is made from heavy glass in a rectangular shape with a large diamond shaped bottle top which looks like a small crystal decanter. It is decorated round its neck with turquoise beads, pink tassels and a small heart-shaped pendant with a peace sign, and has the signature Juicy logo emblazoned on the front of the bottle. You can also take the decoration off and wear it as a bracelet round your wrist if you want to. The whole look is very colorful and eye catching on your dressing table and the bottle itself is a work of art.

      The top notes of the perfume are meyer lemon, wild hyacinth, sweet apple and black currant buds.

      The middle notes contain sambac jasmine absolute, star magnolia, Malibu poppy, honeysuckle and linden blossom.

      The base notes are iris root extract, patchouli blossom and sensual musk.

      On spraying the perfume the first scent is a mixture of the lemon and floral scents which are very light and refreshing. The smell is gorgeous and then settles on your skin to bring out the more musky and jasmine scents. However it does not become too musky and still stays as a very fresh and clean perfume which really does smell like a summer's day when there is a light refreshing breeze.

      The staying power of the perfume is really good and I find that once I have sprayed it the scent lasts for most of the day, although the fresh top notes do fade after time.

      The perfume is available form a variety or high street retailers including department stores such as Debenhams and John Lewis. It costs about £45 for 50ml but can often be found cheaper at places such as Amazon. I would definitely recommend it if you want a really fresh and light perfume with an element of fun.


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      14.05.2013 15:10
      Very helpful



      I wish I had come across this fragrance sooner. I absolutely love it

      I was never a big fan of juicy couture but after going into a fragrance shop and smelling Juicy couture's peace, love and juicy, I fell in love immediently. I am a person who loves very girly scents but hate the ones that are very sweet, like celebrity fragrances. This perfume was the perfect balance. Not too sweet, not too musky and not too strong.
      Peace love and juicy comes in a glass bottle with a huge diamond shaped lid. It also has a turquoise wrap around bracelet with two little pendants and tassels hanging off giving it a very fancy look. I love this bottle and it looks very glamorous on my dressing table. I know I am going to have a hard time throwing this away when it is finished. It also has the Juicy couture logo glued on top, almost like a trophy. It is a pretty heavy glass bottle which also gives it the feeling of being a very expensive perfume. I have not felt this excited about a perfume since a long time and even though I love my other perfumes, this has to takes the cake because it is amazing in terms of fragrance and packaging.
      With notes of Meyer lemon tree blossom, wild hyacinth, sweet apple accord, blackcurrant bud, honey suckle, musk and a couple of other hard to pronounce and spell notes, it is the perfect combination for the girl who loves floral scents and ones that last.
      I was pleasantly surprised when I sprayed a single spray on my wrist to test and it lasted me the whole day. I kept getting a whiff of it and that makes it worth the hefty price! A couple of sprays is more than enough and will last the entire day. It cost me 35 pounds for 50ml which isn't cheap I have to admit but considering it will last me quite a while and I don't have to over spray, it is wroth investing.
      I would recommend this perfume 100 percent for any girl. It may be too much for under 15's and over 40's but within that age range, it is perfect. If I had to choose one perfume to live with then this peace love and juicy by Juicy couture would be it without a doubt.


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      30.12.2012 20:40
      Very helpful



      A light and fresh and funky fragrance by Juicy Couture

      Juicy Couture Peace Love And Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum

      I was bought a bottle of this perfume and a body cream set for Christmas this year from my partner's mother. She usually does a lot of research and smelling before she buys a perfume so I was sure that it would be lovely. I have not had anything by Juicy Couture before but know it to be a very fashionable and glamorous brand.


      My perfume came as a set with a 250 ml body cream. The perfume and body cream came in a lovely bright pink box with a luminous pink bow and some funky multi-coloured artwork all over it. The items were set in a velvet casing that kept them safely set in place. The perfume set looks really fun and jazzy and expensive.

      The Bottle

      The perfume bottle is gorgeous and really stands out set alongside my other perfumes. The bottle is a heavy and thick glass that is rectangular in shape. On top of the glass perfume holder is the spray nozzle that is inside what I can only describe as a sort of cut glass bottle stopper. The set looks a bit like a mini crystal decanter.

      On the front of the bottle is the Juicy Couture gold crest that is set into the glass. Also wrapped below the stopper on the neck of the bottle is a sort of bangle with pale blue stones, pink tassels and the peace and love sign hanging off as a pendant. I guess this I to wear but I really like the look of it on the bottle.

      Peace Love and Juicy Couture Scent

      This perfume is absolutely gorgeous to smell! It is light and fruity and floral but in a delicate balance that work really well. On the first spray you get the aroma of lemons and the wild hyacinth coming through foremost which are really fresh and remind you of the crisp spring mornings. After this first burst the fragrance settles down and the more musky and jasmine scents come through and settle on your skin. The staying power of the latter is quite good but as I said the first fresh bursts don't stay too long

      The exact notes are:

      Top Notes: Meyer Lemon Blossom, Wild Hyacinth, Sweet Apple, Blackcurrant

      Heart Notes: Sambac Jasmine, Star Magnolia, Malibu Poppy, Honeysuckle

      Base Notes: Orris, Patchouli, Musk

      This scent is said to be based on the laidback hippie style of Malibu in the 1960s which I cannot comment on but it is certainly fresh and groovy once on your skin. It is quite a sweet perfume which can be slightly overwhelming if you spray too much on at once, but once on it settles down into a more mellow smell. I wouldn't wear this perfume every day, I would say it is more of a spring and summer outdoor fragrance and will definitely be making the most of it next year!

      I have the 50 ml bottle and this retails for £46 RRP, but it is often on offer and in gift sets at a more reasonable price in department stores and high street shops. 4 out of 5 stars for this from me!


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      24.10.2012 21:06
      Very helpful



      inviting, fresh cut grass

      I bought this perfume on a complete whim when it first came out in 2010. I read an article about it and fell in love with the bottle design so it was a must buy from there. I am not usually a fan of Juicy Couture; I find their fashion a little bit over the top but this perfume seemed quite different. When I smelled it for the first time in the shop, I loved it and found it to represent everything that juicy Couture is not. It is a really simple, hippie chic, green perfume whereas Juicy Couture is bling and a little pretentious.

      ==Price and availability==

      The regular EDP in 30ml costs around 26.00 which is slightly overpriced in my eyes. I bought the first bottle in 2010 and although I really liked the fragrance; I have not replaced it. Discussing it again though has reignited my love for it though and I will consider buying it again for my next Spring scent.

      ==Description and scent==

      The bottle is unique and I liked the way it looked on my dressing table, the bottle looks and feels weighty; like an old apothecary bottle but hippified with beads, tassels and little charms featuring a heart and peace symbol. The bottle has the signature Juicy logo emblazoned on the front of the bottle. This is what the designer states is in the scent, "Meyer lemon, wild hyacinth, sweet apple and black currant buds in the top notes. Middle notes of Sambac jasmine absolute, star magnolia, Malibu poppy, honeysuckle and linden blossom. In the base there is iris root extract, patchouli blossom and sensual musk." Yada-yada jeez, how many ingredients? You would not believe the scent was so complicated as in my opinion it smells so free, earnest and simple. I would have guessed at Hyacinth and iris root but the overall scent just smells like grass and fresh air (I know you don't really want a perfume to smell of fresh air) It is so inviting and fresh.


      I really enjoyed this perfume and talking about it now makes me remember it's really lovely scent and how much I enjoyed wearing it. It had that really clean feeling to it and as soon as I showered and sprayed some of this on, I just felt really good. It is delicately floral, like walking through a meadow.
      I would say that this perfume is perfect for a spring and summer's day. It is not one I would wear for a night out but for day time use, this was pretty wonderful. In terms of staying power, this one needs plenty of reapplication so the bottle does tend to disappear fast!
      Peace and Love guys, peace and love.


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  • Product Details

    Peace, Love and Juicy Couture is created in a massive flacon made of heavy glass, with wonderful decorations on its neck (turquoise pearls, fluffy pink decoration and a small heart-shaped pendant with peace sign).Its composition was created by Givaudan perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux of such notes as Meyer lemon, wild hyacinth, sweet apple and black currant buds absolute in the top. The heart blooms with floral kisses of Sambac jasmine absolute, star magnolia, Malibu poppy, honeysuckle and linden blossom, while the base features iris root extract, patchouli blossom and sensual musk which rounds up the composition as a non-chalant embrace.

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