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Juicy Couture Viva La Fleur Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Juicy Couture / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: For women

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    2 Reviews
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      12.04.2013 17:22
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      This is a nice perfume but it is expensive

      WHAT IS IT?

      A floral fragrance from Juicy Couture.  


      I like this bottle very much because it is very feminine and attractive.  It is made of thick glass and is a long oblong shape with a very pretty rose design that is printed on the front of the bottle.  The lid is made to look like a big diamond and the bottle has got a pink ribbon tied round the neck and a gold coloured Couture logo that is made of metal and looks like the bottle is wearing a tiny necklace. 


      I am surprised that I like this fragrance because I have not liked any of the other Juicy Couture perfumes that I have tried.  I think this one smells very much more grown up though and the fragrance suits me a lot better.  I like that it is a bright and sparkling fragrance because of the citrus fragrance that is all the way through the perfume but I think also that the fruity and flowery notes are very good together and they make it a very interesting perfume. 


      I can smell mandarins very strong in La Fleur and I think that fragrance is the strongest out of every note in the whole perfume.  It smells of citrus all the way through and I like that because it makes the perfume smell fresh.  I can smell berries also and a flowery fragrance that must be water lily even though I thought it was honeysuckle. 


      I am happy to find out that there is honeysuckle in this perfume but I still think that the water lily smells of this other flower in the top notes.  I do not think the jasmine smell is very good because it smells very false and I think this of the gardenia also, the best fragrance of all the flowers is honeysuckle because that smells quite natural even though it gives the perfume a bit of a powdery fragrance that I think is a bit sickly. 


      I cannot smell any of these in the perfume and when the flowery part finishes the perfume goes all together. I think there is a sweet smell that might be vanilla but that is at the start with the mandarin fragrance so I do not know why it is listed down as a base note.  


      I like So Juicy So Fleur but I do not wear it very often because the fragrance does not last for me very well.   I can only smell the perfume properly for one hour and that is not good enough for me, my husband told me it wears off a lot too quick and that he cannot smell my perfume very well even when I have sprayed it on recent.  

      It does not smell like designer perfume but it is not cheap either, I think it is a very usual fragrance that is not anything special but I do like it.  I will not replace this bottle when I have used it all up but I like to wear it sometimes and would not waste the perfume.  


      A 40ml bottle if this perfume costs about £32 but I think that is too much for it. 

      3 Dooyoo Stars. 


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        28.02.2013 22:48
        Very helpful
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        One day after work I was feeling really fed up so I decided I was going to blow some cash to cheer myself up. I had a quick check online for the prices of a few different perfumes I had my eye on and then I headed to Boots, only to find that they were all more expensive in Boots and the one I really wanted regardless of the price (Jimmy Choo - Flash) would not be in launched in Boots until the following Wednesday.

        I spent a good half hour spraying and sniffing at the testers in Boots, which was where I first tried Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy La Fleur.

        The tester bottle was gorgeous - really large and made from chunky glass. The sticker on the bottom of the bottle revealed that this was a whopping 150ml! I noticed that Boots didn't sell it in 150ml bottles and they didn't have any smaller bottles on display so that I could see what it'd look like in the smaller bottle.
        I also thought it was the nicest Juicy Couture scent out of the ones they had.

        Despite my intention to buy a few perfumes that evening, I went home empty handed.

        ~ Price ~
        The following day I tracked down and purchased a 150ml bottle of this perfume from Cheapsmells.com for just £38.50 (RRP £62.00). The fragrance only comes as an eau de toilette.
        The 75ml bottle is also available on Cheapsmells.com for the slightly more expensive £38.99 (RRP £45.00).
        The 150ml bottle was out of stock for a period in between the end of January and now, but is now back in stock so if you want it I'd recommend buying it soon.

        ~ Bottle ~
        The bottle with lid is around 7 inches tall.
        The bottle itself is made from chunky clear glass. It is tall and square shaped. It has 'Viva La Juicy La Fleur' in gold lettering on the front.
        The back of the bottle has the outline of two flowers printed on it in dark pink.
        The lid is large and bold. It is a silver plastic cylinder that fits over the spray button. A pink organza ribbon is wrapped around the cylinder with a gold coloured safety pin pinned through it with a 'J' shaped charm and a necklace charm with the word 'couture' in gold.
        The top of the lid is a chunky clear jewel, which alone is more than an inch tall.
        I really like the bottle. I have had 100ml bottles of perfume before that looked too big and made the perfume look cheap.
        This bottle is huge, but does not look ridiculous or too big. I'd say it looks cute because of the deliberately giant size!
        This perfume had not even been on my want list, but it has become one of my favourites because the bottle is so amazing.

        ~ Scent ~
        This perfume has quite a unique scent.
        It opens with a delicious, juicy, fruity scent and then you are hit with a light fresh white floral heart.
        The fruity scent does not disappear. I'd describe this as more of a fruity fragrance than a floral.
        It is really nice. It has a very distinctive scent, different from any other perfumes I have tried.
        The top notes in this fragrance are wild berries, sparkling mandarin and water lily, with heart notes of honeysuckle, gardenia petals, jasmine sambac and base notes of caramel, creamy vanilla and sandalwood.
        I cannot detect the caramel scent in this fragrance at all.
        I think this fragrance is beautiful. It is really juicy and fruity with a light floral element that does not mask the fruitiness whatsoever, which is something I sometimes find with fruity, floral fragrances.
        This is the perfect summer scent as it is really fresh and crisp.
        Being an eau de toilette, it does not last as long as an eau de parfum might. I'd say it wears off after about 5 hours, but like I have found with most fragrances, it lasts longer if it is sprayed onto your clothing or hair.
        I'd say this is more of a day time fragrance, but I love it so much that I wouldn't let it stop me wearing it on a night out. I can imagine wearing it on a warm summer evening in a nice beer garden.
        I find this a really exciting fragrance and I can't wait to wear it in the summer and make some memories with it.
        I think it smells fairly expensive and a 150ml bottle is easily worth £62.00, but I think I would grumble a bit if I had to fork that much out after getting such a great deal at cheapsmells.com.
        I would definitely buy this fragrance again as it really sums summer up, despite having only ever tried it in the snowy months of January and February!


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      • Product Details

        Uplifting / Playful / Dreamy / Inspired by the blushing aura of being in love, Viva La Juicy La Fleur is a breathtaking new fragrance that captures the dreamy, ethereal feeling of lovees first embrace / Top notes: Wild Berries, Sparkling Mandarin, Waterlily / Heart notes: Lush Honeysuckle, Gardenia Petals, Jasmine Sambac / Base notes: Caramel, Creamy Vanilla, Sandalwood /

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