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Kate Moss Lilabelle Eau de Toilette

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3 Reviews

Brand: Kate Moss / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette

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    3 Reviews
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      02.02.2014 13:26
      Very helpful



      A great girly scent that won't cost you a fortune!

      --- Introduction ---

      I was very vague about what I wanted for Christmas, as to be honest I didn't really have a clue. My family obviously thought I smelt, because they brought me mainly perfume sets, including a lovely little set with this perfume in. I had never really heard of this perfume before so I was very excited to try it out. The perfume is described as being perfect for 'girls who are just learning to be women, or women who still feel like girls'. I'm not sure what it says about me that my family picked this out for me! The perfume is very floral as is designed to be 'sophisticated and modern, with a hint of playfulness'.

      --- The Product ---

      This perfume is available in 30ml or 50ml and you can buy it at most high street perfume stores and in Superdrug. It is available very cheaply, Superdrug near me currently have 30ml for £9.99 so it is great for a stocking filler, a nice inexpensive gift, or to treat yourself to a new scent!

      The packaging is very cute, the box for the perfume is black and has pink flowers over it, with the name and the Kate Moss brand in gold on the front. I think it is very appealing, especially for younger people. It is never going to look like a Dior perfume, but for the price, I think it is very nice looking.

      The bottle itself is quite plain, but very classic looking. It is made from thick glass and is an oval shape. The pattern is simply small panes of glass that all link together to form the oval shape. It is basic, but I think it is quite a classy looking bottle. The perfume inside is a very pale orangey/gold colour, which compliments the golden lid very nicely. The lid is a metallic gold colour, with an embossed swirly pattern on the top. It is made from plastic, but looks more like it is actually made from metal. My only issue with the bottle is that the Kate Moss logo and the Lilabelle name are stuck onto the front on a sticker. The sticker is gold and does match it with the bottle, but it does make the product feel cheap. However, considering this is an inexpensive perfume, that is definitely not something that is a deal breaker for me.

      The scent of this perfume is very floral. The over riding top note is freesia and this is the scent that I find to me the strongest. There are also notes of jasmine and lily, making this a very floral fragrance. The packaging claims that there are notes of mandarin, sandalwood and amber, but I could not smell them in this perfume. The floral scent is very light and not overpowering, but it is strong enough that you can smel it on my skin and clothes for a good few hours after you apply it. I think this scent is very delicate and girly and is perfect for spring. The scent definitely lends itself to being worn during the day and it is definitely one that you can wear to work or just out and about. To me, this scent smells very clean and fresh and I think it is lovely for people who don't often wear perfume or don't like strong, overpowering scents.

      --- My Opinions ---

      I like this perfume a lot. It is not my favourite scent, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a lovely, fresh, girly, floral scent that is great to wear during the day. The floral scents make it perfect to wear in spring, but I think this perfume would also be lovely all year round. I am very impressed by the freshness of the scent and how light it is, considering the price. I have often found cheaper perfumes to be overbearingly soapy or musky, but this has a lovely balance of floral fragrances. It also lasts very well, meaning you don't have to apply it very often.

      I think this scent is great for younger people, who want to try out different scents without spending lots of money, or for people who really like light, floral scents. If you are someone who likes a statement scent or a very sophisticated scent, then I would say that this isn't the perfume for you.

      I really enjoy wearing this perfume to work and I have had several compliments about how nice it smells. It isn't a groundbreaking scent, but it is very pleasant and I am sure I will wear it a lot during the year.

      Overall, I wasn't sure what to expect from this product. I hadn't really heard of the scent before and it was a cheap perfume, so I was wondering whether it would be any good. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried this. It has a lovely floral scent that is easy to wear during the day. The bottle isn't anything special, but it is classic and I would happily display it on my shelf. I have been very impressed with this perfume and I think for the price, it is an absolute bargain!

      If you are looking for a reasonably priced, nice smelling scent then I would say this is perfect for you.


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        28.12.2012 18:17
        Very helpful



        Could do with rebranding.

        There is an amazing discount store near where my boyfriend lives and whenever I get the chance I always end up popping in there to see if there is anything new and exciting. Amongst rows and rows of crap they often have things like Elizabeth Arden or Clinique products for very low prices. They also have a perfume counter and that was where I discovered this perfume.

        I have had a few Kate Moss perfumes before and the original Kate is one of my all time favourite fragrances. This one is less of a classic adult fragrance and seems more of a perfume designed for the younger consumer, this didn't put me off though because I've liked every one of the perfumes from this range so I thought I'd give it a try.

        The perfume comes in a clear glass perfume bottle which is cut so that is has lots of exposed edges. It has a gold coloured metal lid and a beautiful pale pink coloured liquid inside. The whole look has a real vintage feel to it which I really like. The sticker with logo on the front slightly spoils the look of this one for me because the gold and hot pink cheapens the overall look and makes it seem a little more junior.

        The scent is much better than the appearance of the bottle though. Like all of the other Kate Moss scents I've tried this is another mixture of floral and woody notes that achieves a really elegant, timeless fragrance which has a real sense of being from a classic era like the 50s.

        The top notes are mandarin, osmanthus flower, freesia. The middle notes are white lily, jasmine and plumeria. The base notes are sandalwood, amber and heliotrope. This combines so many of my all time favourite scents to produce a super girly, feminine floral scent which is actually very beautiful. I heavily associate younger scents which being very sweet and sickly and this perfume manages to avoid that completely is very fresh, fruity and floral.

        The only thing that does bother me about this perfume is that it doesn't last all that long. Compared to the original Kate scent this has really poor lasting power and that is something that does annoy me quite a lot. I guess because it is designed for teenage girls and sold quite cheaply I probably shouldn't expect much longevity from it but compared to the other fragrances from this line it is a little disappointing.

        This perfume is widely available for around £15 for a 50ml bottle and cheaper for the 30ml. I got mine for £9 for the 50ml from the discount store and it seems as though this is cheaper than it can be found online. I am very impressed with the smell of this but the packaging and the longevity are a little disappointing, meaning I wouldn't pay any more than I did for it.

        Overall, a lovely perfume but packaged badly.


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        13.11.2012 12:01
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A surprisingly good fragrance - I have now used up the bottle

        Kate Moss Lilabelle 30ml Eau De Toilette

        I bought this perfume as part of a set earlier this year from the section on Boot.com called 'when its gone, its gone' and this set included the 30ml perfume and a shower gel - the set was priced at...£4.99! I have been using this fragrance on and off since I bought it and I have finally used it up now.

        - Product description (from superdrug)

        "A fusion of contemporary and classic. For young girls becoming women and women who want to be young girls! Playfully sophisticated and delicately loud. The Lilabelle fragrance is a floral woody musk. It is sensual, enveloping, voluptuous, feminine but fresh and sparkling with a very audacious character."

        - About the product and bottle/packaging

        I have the 30ml eau de toilette version of this fragrance which came as part of a set, from Boots.com. The fragrance comes in a clear bottle and the actually shape and design of the bottle looks quite vintage which I like but the cheap, tacky looking lid and sticker on the front make it look overall quite cheap. This perfume is one of 5/6 fragrances made by the model. This particular fragrance was launched in 2011 and it is aimed at a younger audience - which is surprising to me as after using this perfume for months now I would say that it is not really suitable/appropriate for a younger audience.

        - Notes

        Top/head notes: Mandarin, osmanthus flower, freesia

        Middle/heart notes: White lily, night blooming jasmine and plumeria

        Base notes: Sandalwood, amber and heliotrope

        - Scent

        I didn't know what to expect when I bought this fragrance and I hadn't tried the fragrance before I bought it - as it was so cheap and I think it was an online exclusive offer at the time. The scent is surprisingly good which was not really expected and it is a hit with my mother and sister as well. Firstly, a note on the packaging when using this product; the lid can come off in a way that it becomes separated with the other gold plastic coming away from the inner black plastic - this obviously shows how cheap the packaging is but this has only happened once/twice. On to the initial scent; when this fragrance is first sprayed onto the skin the first thing I notice is that it does smell really quite strong, a bit like hairspray and also a bit metallic - not the best start! After a couple of minutes the scent becomes more floral and it smells quite a lot like vanilla - even though vanilla is not one of the notes stated on the Kate Moss perfume website for this particular perfume.

        The fragrance doesn't really evolve into anything different after the initial change to a flower, vanilla scent. The scent is really quite strong (but not overly so, for me anyway) and the scent is an overall mix of floral notes, strong creamy vanilla scents and an overall muskiness. The scent overall is really nice in my opinion and it is not too generic as with most celebrity fragrances. I would say that this scent is not appropriate for younger girls or teens - maybe very late teens at the youngest as it is a fairly 'grown up' scent due to the muskiness which contradicts the cute, girly packaging which makes the fragrance look like it is aimed at younger girls/teens.

        - Longevity

        The longevity, as well as the strong musky/'grown up' quality of this fragrance, was quite surprising as I thought that this fragrance, given how cheap it is, to have very poor longevity. But the longevity is really good, in my opinion, as for my skin this fragrance lasts for a good five to six hours - on my clothing it lasts for about six hours. Also as an occasional room/linen spray this fragrance lasts really well too at about six to seven hours (at the most). Overall, the really good longevity was quite surprising considering how cheap this fragrance was and is now.

        - Price and availability

        I bought this fragrance as part of a set which included a body lotion for only £4.99 from Boots.com earlier this year (this deal isn't available now unfortunately) but the same set can be bought from superdrug for £18.99. This fragrance on its own is priced at £14.80 for 50ml at cheapsmells.co.uk (or £14.75 for the 30ml gift set), £8.99 for the 30ml bottle on its own from fragrancedirect.co.uk and this fragrance can also be found on amazon for only £10.98 for 30ml. Online pharmacy's and eBay may also stock this product.



        *Nice, vanilla floral scent (although vanilla isn't listed as a main fragrance note)
        *Very cheap!
        *Fairly widely available online
        *Really good longevity on skin/clothing - about five to seven hours


        *Cheap packaging
        *In my opinion, this scent isn't really suitable for younger girls/teens as it is far too musky and more suitable for the 20's to 30's age range
        *Initial strong metallic, hairspray scent but this goes away fully within ten minutes or so

        Thank you for reading my review


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      • Product Details

        Lilabelle is dedicated to girls who are just learning how to become women and women who feel like young girls / It is conceived as a blend of modernity and classicism playfulness and sophistication / The composition is floral woody musky fresh lush and sensual /

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